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Industrial Engineer

San Antonio, Texas, United States
June 27, 2019

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P r o f i l e

Graduated in ISPJAE University (Havana City) me from Industrial Engineering where I could work in several projects with LOGESPRO department for multiple industries such as tobacco, pharmaceutical, and automotive increasing productivity, profitability, and reducing costs through data analysis and process design. Excellent skills to improve significantly operations and provide efficient resolution of production issues since initial phase to final product through the practical application of engineering science and technology. E d u c a t i on

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P r o f e s s i onal E xperience

Industrial Engineer / Electric Company of Havana (2010-2013)

Management and control of inventory. Ordering and distribution of supplies for an electric power plant. Determine and analyze the inventory costs, implementing strategies to minimize them, obtaining a 9% as a total reduction.

Statistical study of data to determine and evaluate causes of out of control variance in the energy distribution. Development of a plan to correct it.

Redesigning operation process to eliminate wastes in the work station in a power plant. Time and motion study. Operation Chart. Process time was reduced by 4% which increased production and efficiency.

Management of maintenance process of a power plant. Planning, control, and cost reduction. Certifications


Industrial Engineer

Proficiency with MS Word, Excel, Visio, Power Point, Minitab. Familiarity with Arena Simulation, MS Project, MS Access, Dreamweaver, AutoCAD, SketchUp.

Problem solving. Analytical thinking, planning.

Mathematical aptitude. Accuracy and attention to detail. Master new skills quickly. Proficiency in Spanish. Multiple projects for IPSJAE University:

Suchel Trans Company: Improvement of Supply Chain. Strengthening of relationships between nodes. Creation of alliances and integration. Cost reduction and efficiency increase through all the chain.

Automotive Services S.A: Analysis and development of production system and structure. Cost reduction. Increase of 8.4% in efficiency. Inventory management. Cost reduction and development of KPIs. Production flow management and logistic cycle.

Dryer of Blond Tobacco of Havana. Analysis and evaluation of elements of quality. ISO 9000 family norms. Quality control. Quality tools application.

Industrial Engineer / Higher Polytechnic Institute Jose Antonio Echeverria (2014-2017)

B.S. Industrial Engineering (2005-2010)

Higher Polytechnic Institute Jose Antonio Echeverria.

Diploma: Purchases and International Logistic. (2011-2012) School of the Ministry of Basic Industry.

ESL San Antonio College (2016-2018)

Direct Care Supervisor / Favorite Staffing (2017-2018)

Monitor staffing assignments. Plan, organize and supervise activities in accordance with daily activity schedule. Maintain documentation required by this position and ensure documentation required by the zone supervisors and direct care staff is completed. Implement safety protocols. Document all serious incidents, daily progress, changes and activities completely, accurately in a timely manner. Monitor, coordinate and delegate daily operations as needed throughout the shift.

C o n t a c t


1602 Jackson Keller Rd. Apt. 2306

San Antonio, TX, 78213

E.I.T Industrial and Systems (Texas, 2019)

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