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San Juan, Philippines
June 27, 2019

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Engr. Israel T. Agting


April ****


** *****, ****, **********

Career Objective:

To establish a career in electronics engineering where I can demonstrate the learning outcomes of the Electronics Engineering program of the Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP), a program accredited by the US-based outcomes-oriented ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology), Computing Accreditation Commision. Licenses:

Licensed Electronics Engineer (ECE Board Exam – April 2019)

Licensed Electronics Technician (ECT Board Exam – April 2019) Seminars/ Training Attended:

PCB Design Seminar by Artesyn Embedded Technologies Technological institute of the Philippines Quezon City September 26, 2017


Proficiency in electronics circuits and design (PCB design, schematic design/ layout, analog circuits)

Proficiency in programming langauge (c, c++, MATLab, LabVIEW)

Knowledgeable in the basic electronic communications system

Skillful in creating prototypes for electronic design projects.

Experience with Microcontrollers/Hardware(PLC, arduino)

Proficiency in Design and Simulation Software (Multisim, PCB Wizard, AutoCAD)

Experienced in being a leader in projects during undergraduate school Educational Background

Elementary Aruab Elementary School Class Salutatorian, Best in Math Secondary Saint Nicholas Catholic School of Anda Best in Math Tertiary

Technological Institute of the Philippines

BS Electronics Engineering (ECE)


Design Projects/ Researches/ Projects Completed:


(Design Project)

This project is a design of an automatic temperature regulation for Milkfish hatchery facilities that utilizes PID controller which regulates the temperature of 30 degree Celsius. This temperature is the optimal temperature needed by the Milkfish to spawn eggs throughout the year since Milkfish stop spawning during cold months. Data logging system is also included in this project. This data logging system records the temperature history of the said Milkfish spawning tank. The temperature readings can be seen through an android application using Blynk Platform and can be seen online through e-mail.

ACADEMIC INSTITUTION BUILDING WITH FIRE ALARM AND DETECTION SYSTEM AND CLOSED-CIRCUIT TELEVISION SYSTEM PLAN This project aims to design a Fire Alarm and Detection System, and Closed Circuit Television System for a 10-story academic institution building. The total lot area where the building is situated is 2900 square meters. The building includes a car parking at the basement, lobby, administration room, security rooms at the ground floor, classrooms, and laboratory rooms from the second floor up to the eight floor, an auditorium at the ninth floor and a sports area located at the tenth floor. PLC BASED AUTOMATIC CAR PARKING SYSTEM

Parking lot automation that utilizes PLC and LDR as sensor. This project is consisted of automatic toll gate and indicator if the parking space is free. BURGLAR ALARM SYSTEM

An alarm system when an intruder trespassed in a certain house. We utilize SCR as the control element of the alarm system. PASSWORD BASED SECURITY ALARM SYSTEM

A security alarm system that requires a password to enter a house. If the user failed to input the correct password three times, the alarm system will trigger. This system is programmed using assembly language. COORDINATES CONVERTER

A system that converts rectangular, cylindrical, spherical coordinates to each other. It utilized LabVIEW as its language. SPEECH RECOGNITION SYSTEM THAT UTILIZES LabVIEW

A system that is commanded thru speech usimg LabVIEW commands. We used signaling system of a car that is controlled by a speech. Work History:

Student Assistant

Technological Institute of the Philippines

938 Aurora Blvd. Cubao Quezon City

April 01, 2014 - October 17, 2015

Site Engineer (Intern)


Twin Oaks, Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City

April 17, 2017 - May 27, 2017

A site engineer that performs monitoring of the layout system of the FDAS and auxilliary system of the condominium. References:

Engr. Reginald Phelps T. Laguna

Electronics Engineering Instructor

Technological Institute of the

Philippines 091********

Engr. Alyssa Danielle T. Choa Sy

Process Engineer

Analog Devices Inc.


Engr. James L. Lindo

Network Engineer (UCaaS)

HKT Teleservices


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