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Full Stack Developer

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
June 27, 2019

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Pansul Bhatt


EA-319, Maya Enclave, Hari Nagar, New Delhi, 110064

+91-997******* pansul-bhatt-1946389b Education Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat CGPA : 8.2 B. TECH IN COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING 2012-2016 Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram Percentage: 86.20

PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, MATHEMATICS & COMPUTER SCIENCE 2011-2012 Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram Percentage: 85.50


Experience Goldman Sachs Bangalore, India

ANALYST – SOFTWARE DEVELOPER May 2018 till present Working as part of the Investment Management Division Technology team at Goldman Sachs. Responsible for development, deployment and monitoring of massively scalable, resilient and optimized software and systems. In addition to the daily execution and production responsibilities, also ensure efficiency and accuracy while liaising with key technical and business teams. Key responsibilities and achievements:

• Leveraged existing systems to architect and develop scalable data-driven modules for handling business processes effectively.

• Implemented platform services which provided high availability, load balancing and zero data loss.

• Collaborated with globally-located teams for building user-centric cross-platform products.

• Developed data-processing modules by implementing advanced design principles and algorithms. HashedIn Technologies Bangalore, India

TECHNICAL ASSOCIATE – FULL STACK DEVELOPER July 2017 till April 2018 Awards: Best Project in Hashathon 5.0

Member of the ’Core Development Team’ and ’Technical Lead’ for various Projects. Responsible for development, deployment and monitoring of interoperable solutions while working closely with Pre-Sales Team for managing Projects. Key responsibilities and achievements:

• Designed and developed an Audit Logging system for monitoring, analysis and visualisation of customer usages and trends.

• Architected and implemented clusters which provided zero down-time and high availability.

• Key Project Initiatives for performance enhancement of Projects to make them faster.

• Developed a product for converting sign language into audio (Awarded Best Project in Hashathon 5.0). TECHNICAL ANALYST – FULL STACK DEVELOPER July 2016 till June 2017 FULL STACK DEVELOPER INTERN February 2016 till June 2016 Awards: Top Performer for H1-2016 and Best Project in Hashathon 4.0 Member of the ’Core Development Team’. Responsible for development and monitoring of various projects for different clients. Key responsibilities and achievements:

• Developed a Pricing Engine module to facilitate dynamic pricing solutions for the users using Python and Django.

• Designed and developed a module for Role Based Access Control for security enhancement using MySQL and Django.

• Key Project Initiatives for performance enhancement of Projects to make them faster.

• Designed and developed a product for speech recognition programming (Awarded Best Project in Hashathon 4.0). Ernst & Young Gurgaon, India

INTERN June 2015 till July 2015

Worked as part of the ‘Information Technology Risk Assessment’ (ITRA) Team of Ernst and Young, India. Helped clients on the “Contract Management Automation Tools” project for pre-award & post-award stages. Improved their risk strategy & optimized risk management functions, thereby improving Controls, Processes & Results. Key responsibilities and achievements:

• Developed prototypes for clients for increasing efficiency in Document Management, Personal Cloud & Workflow Management.

• Managed Statistical Analysis for multiple Clients. Also performed Contract & Operations Analysis for different vendors. Research Papers An Integration Framework of Three-Dimensional Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network with Cloud computing for Surveillance Applications

(PUBLISHED IN INDIAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (IJST) VOL 9(32) DOI:10.17485/IJST/2016/V9I32/100744, AUG 16) August 2016 The Paper presents surveillance monitoring in multi-floor buildings and marine environment through an integrated framework of 3D WMSN’s with cloud computing focused at distributed computing and resource allocation for processing sensor data and performance evaluation over various parameter-settings in a cloud environment. Green Cloud Computing - A Survey on Green Power Efficient Resource Allocation Algorithm for Cloud Infrastructure

(PUBLISHED IN INDIAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (IJST) VOL 9(44), DOI: 10.17485/IJST/2016/V9I44/105065, NOV 2016) September 2016 The Paper presents green computing optimization techniques for workload consolidation to conserve energy through Server Virtualization to improve the power efficiency of data centers by hosting multiple applications and assigning the tasks of multiple Virtual Machines to a single server.

Academic Projects Chat Server Website: Developed a Chat Server Website (Mar 2015 – Apr 2015) to facilitate faster and more efficient real-time communication between multiple clients with the ability to create different chat rooms. Immigration Website: Developed an Immigrations Website (June 2015-July 2015) to help students who want to study in Canada by making it easier and cheaper for them to obtain passports, tickets and other documents, with additional features such as UI/UX Responsiveness, Database Manipulation, Cryptography and Data Compression. E-Commerce Website: Developed an E-Commerce Website (Sept 2014 – Nov 2014) with basic functionalities such as ‘Add to Cart’, ‘View Items’,

‘Sign up’ and additional features such as Content Slider with Parallax and Magnifying images on Hover. Virtual Classroom Prototype: Developed a Virtual Classroom Prototype (Sept 2014 – Nov 2014) providing interactions for students as well as teachers, using HTML, PHP, JS and SQL database. Social Networking Site: Developed a Social Networking Site (Feb 2014 – Apr 2014) with features such as Document Management, File Sharing and used inbuilt functions like (Cryptography) SHA1 and Data Compression (blob data type). Computer Skills Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, Python

Markup & Style Sheet Languages: HTML, XML, CSS, SASS Scripting Languages & Frameworks: PHP, Django, JavaScript, Nodejs, Angular js, jQuery, React js, Docker js, Flask Database Languages: MySQL, Firebase, Redis, MongoDB Cloud Computing Services: AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Glacier, Jenkins, Nginx, Heroku Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/6/7/8/10, Ubuntu 14.04 Certifications: AWS Business Professional, AWS Technical Professional Coursera Certifications: The Data Scientist’s Toolbox, Data Science in Python, Neural Networks and Deep Learning Extra-curricular Activities and Other Information

• Awarded Scholar’s Badge in 2010 from Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, New Delhi

• Held 86


percentile in the Algorithm domain in HackerRank.

• Bronze Medal in HackerRank Contest- “Week of Code-18”.

• Mozilla ‘Student Ambassador’ & Technical Club Adviser for the University.

• Organized many Technical events & participated in various technical workshops for Android, MATLAB & PHP.

• Captain of I.C.S.E National Basketball Team. University Basketball Team ‘Captain’ & ‘Coach’, and later appointed as its ‘Sports Coordinator’. Organized various sports and other events for the UG University.

• In my free time, I pursue philanthropic pursuits to help underprivileged children by volunteering for ”Help Care Society”.

• Hobbies include playing Golf, Chess, Basketball & reading books (fiction).

• Languages: English & Hindi

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