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Social Work, MSW, MA

Rancho Cucamonga, CA
June 27, 2019

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Rancho Cucamonga, California *****

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Continue utilizing my obtained skills through present and past work experience, training, and education. Seeking opportunities for professional growth and promotion within my career field.


• Individual & group


• Therapeutic modalities

• Bilingual in Farsi and


• Advocacy for the


children, adolescents,

youth, adults, and

senior citizens

• Interpersonal skills

• Alcohol & drug counseling

• Rehabilitation counseling,

foster care, psychiatric,

hospice, and triage

• Case management

• Treatment plan creation

• Computer skills: Microsoft

Word, PowerPoint, Outlook,

and Excel

• Departmental collaboration

• Facilitating DV, parenting,

and anger management


• Crisis intervention

• Complying with State and

Federal laws and



Master Degree in Social Work,

ASW 81186


Master Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling,

CAL STATE University, SAN BERNARDINO – San Bernardino, CA Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology,


Mental Health Specialist San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health 06/10/17 to Present Provide crisis intervention, case management, psychosocial and, risk assessment to clients with diverse ethnicity and cultural background. Facilitate weekly therapeutic and educational groups refer clients to community and government resources. Assist clients solve problems with employment, housing, education, medication, homelessness, addiction, and family issues. Facilitate placement for clients and advocate for their needs. Collaborate with licensed professionals in recognizing and correcting personal, home, health, family, or community conditions contributing to mental health, medical health, and drug and alcohol problems within the Criminal Justice Mental Health Outpatient Program. Key Accomplishments:

● Conduct assessment and intake screening to link clients to County and community resources.

● Educate, empower, and rehabilitate clients and their families to help clients reintegrate back into the community after discharge.

Farida Kazemi Page 2

Social Worker (MSW Internship) ASANTE FAMILY SERVICES, San Bernardino, CA 01/2017 – 05/20/17 Provided psychological assessment, parenting, domestic violence, anger management, and psychoeducational classes. Supervise children and family visitation. Provided individual and group counseling, implemented individualized treatment and discharge plan reports upon completion of services. Provided crisis intervention, prevention, collaboration, and referrals to clients and their families to facilitate and promote an easy transition back into the community.

Key Accomplishments:

● Planned and conducted psychosocial, risk assessments, behavioral/mental health services, motivational interviewing, individual/group counseling, case management, client and family crisis intervention, individualized treatment, discharge, and follow up planning. Translator Gomez & Associates, Inc., Redlands, California 10/2016 – 06/10/17 Offered on site, face to face reliable and efficient translation including reading, writing, and speaking both English and Farsi within health care, court, private, and government agencies. Key Accomplishments:

● Assisted with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, conducted research to find needed information using internet and other resources.

Behavioral Health Specialist Delta -T-Group, Los Angeles, California 6/2016 – 06/10/17 Responsible for providing counseling and case management services to patients on a one-on-one or group settings. Responsibilities included: assessing patients' mental status through motivational interviews, assessment, or observations while developing treatment plans and making referrals for the appropriate services. Provide crisis intervention services to patients who are in danger to themselves or others. Monitor patients’ treatment progress and keep track of their mental health status. Documentation of all patients’ confidential records and interactions while collaborating with the primary health care providers and team for discharge purposes. Key Accomplishments:

● Provided behavioral and mental health individual and group counseling services, including substance abuse, crisis intervention, suicide intervention, anger management, grief recovery, and educational guidance for clients and their families.

● Educated, empowered, and rehabilitated clients and their families to help clients ease back into the community after discharge.

Translator New World Language Services, San Bernardino, California 1/2012 – 10/2016

● Undertook the same duties as shown above under Gomez and Associate. Medical Social Worker (MSW Internship) Pacific Grove Hospital, Riverside, CA. 11/2015 – 4/2016 Conducted motivational interviews, psychosocial, and bi psychosocial, and risk assessments in order to determine the appropriate services to offer to the mental health patients and their families. Developed care plans that include: counseling, support services, treatment methods and referrals, and periodically review patients and their family progress in order to make changes to the care/treatment plans. Facilitate individual and educational process groups on a daily basis for patients in an inpatient, outpatient, and secure setting to assess patients and develop individualized plans of care to promote an easy transition back into the community after discharge. Farida Kazemi Page 3

Key Accomplishments:

● Conducted psychosocial, bi psychosocial, risk assessment, motivational interviewing, substance abuse, individual/group counseling, case management, crisis intervention, individualized treatment with discharge and follow up planning.

● Case management and training, attended team meetings, answered crisis calls referrer callers to services provide informational and referral to callers.

Social Worker II Los Angeles County Child and Family Services, California 4/2007 – 6/2011 Responsible for providing a full-range of critical protective services such as: emergency response, investigate child abuse and neglect, mental health, drug and alcohol, and family issues and crisis, and develop action treatment plan. Intervention while implementing and supporting knowledge of Federal and State law regulations and court procedures requirement. Conducted interviews, home visits, attended court hearing and provided testimony, if needed.

Key Accomplishments:

● Conducted a full-range of client-related and case management services, risk and safety assessments, and investigations; enter data into various computerized systems; prepared a wide variety of documents; maintained a variety of confidential information. Collaborate with county counsel, attorneys, teachers, medical doctors, nurses, and other professionals in order to serve client best services.

● Offered client's various community resources; resolved day-to-day issues and challenges presented by a variety of individuals; wrote various job related Court reports. Social Worker Masada Foster Family Agency, California 2/2007 – 4/2008 Responsible for case management, counseling, and child abuse treatment while implemented and supported knowledge of Federal and State law, regulations, and court order. Facilitated placement changes for foster children. Evaluation and certifying foster family homes based on State Licensing Title 22. Key Accomplishments:

● Provided continuing education and parenting classes for foster parents, developed and managed case treatment plan. Designed and implemented behavioral intervention plans for children and families with respect to behavior, career, academic, personal, vocational, and family goals. Certification and Training:

Cultural Awareness and the Older Adults, Basic communication and Conflict Management Skills, Driver Awareness, Chart Documentation and Assessment, None Violent Crisis Intervention, Overview of Mental Illness and Addiction, Corporate Compliance and Ethics, HIPAA and Behavioral Health, Duty to Warn/Mandated Reporter Training, Customer Services in Behavioral Heath Environment, Seek and Safety, Simon Training, and Tittle 22 Training.



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