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Fiber Optic Splicer Technician

Bogor, West Java Province, Indonesia
June 30, 2019

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Babakan Rawahaur RT **/** No.77

Babakan Madang, Sentul, Bogor

West Java, Indonesia 16811

Mobile 1 : +628**********

Mobile 2 : +628**********



The skills and experience I bring would enable me to make a solid contribution to your company as I am an efficient and effective qualified professional looking to provide solutions to business owners. I am comfortable in a fast paced environment, work well in teams and am dedicated to providing a high level of client satisfaction. I have a strong analytical and good problem solving skills. I uphold the principles of discipline,responsibility,honesty and on time.


Telecommunication :

. Responsible for designing and over seeing the installation of telecommunications equipment and facilities, such as telephone service facilities,optical fiber cable, and IP network.

. Identify, evaquate and find solutions to diferent technical problems. Troubleshoot equipment and technical defect that could occur in this field.

Fiber Optic Technician :

. Installation,troubleshooting,and maintaining all fiber optic system in business,home,school and other organization to ensure that they are working property.

. Measuring the signal strength of television, telephone, and internet connection to ensure that there is Adequate performance.

Computer and IT :

. Computer literate and competent with all Microsoft Office applications, emailing, internet services and multimedia thus providing support to range of customers from professional to private and community groups

. Experienced in configuring computers, installation of hardware components, technical computer repairs and servicing as well as data migration, recovery and backup. Software Applications :

. Broad background and experienced with database management from Microsoft Access (Basic to High Level) to SQL Server 2008 applications(Basic to Medium Level) Operating System: Microsoft Windows with an intermediate understanding of Programming languages Visual Basic and SQL


Fiber Optic Splicing :

. Also know as telecommunications line installer and repairers.Specialize in fiber optic cable, which the used in phone, television and data network.

. Involves joining two fiber optic cables together. The other more common. Method of joining fibers is called termination or connectorization.

Personal Attributes :



Self-motivated and self-directed, I work well both as part of a team and autonomously. Lots of energy and enthusiasm, with a real ‘can-do’ attitude, I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing things through to the end.



Love learning new things, new challenges and passing on what I know to others. Enjoy brain storming and finding solutions.

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Fiber Optic Splicing Technician

June, 2016 - CURRENTLY



ATM Field Technician


June, 2013 – January, 2016

Key Achievements

Installing more than 100 new ATM machines, from the system hardware and software. And are familiar with various brands of ATM machines such as NCR, DIBOLD NIXDROFT, HYOSUNG, and IBM Page 2 of 3

Travel to ATM sites to provide routine and emergency service as required.

Perform troubleshooting with standard diagnostic software tools on the laptop to isolate problem if hardware or software caused.

Reinstall software programs or adjust configuration settings.

Change and replace hardware components and bring to shop for repair as required.

Test ATM after repair to ensure that they are function as specified.

Operate machines in order to test functioning of parts and mechanisms.

Maintain and update records of ATM equipment maintenance work and provide updated repair stickers on ATM machines to indicate their latest repair and nature of repair. Involved in 3 company projects within 3 years as fiber optic splicing. That is Java Backbone, Jayabaya Cable System and Palapa Ring West to East. And all completed on time. Key Achievements

Installations, troubleshooting, and maintaining all fiber optic systems in businesses, homes, schools, and other organizations to ensure that they are working properly.

Measuring the signal strength of television, telephone and internet connections to ensure that there is adequate performance.

Creating sensors and performing inspections to make sure that the fiber optic systems do not have defects that could undermine performance.

Conducting regular inspections of the systems with the aim of locating and repairing any defects detected during the inspections.

Performing premises cabling and running fiber optic cables underground and underwater.

Determining solutions to any problems and issues that are preventing the fiber optic systems from performing optimally.

Constructing a proper slice case as well as preparing and maintaining records, diagrams and schematics relating to the splice case.


Production Administrator


Aug, 2010 – Feb, 2013

Include a mix of activities from placing orders,

Maintaining certain stock levels,

Receiving goods in deliveries

Maintaining various systems relating to the manufacturing process and personnel.

Sprays surfaces of machines, manufactured products, or working area with protective or decorative material, such as paint, enamel, glaze, gel-coat, or lacquer, using spray gun: Cleans grease and dirt from product, using materials, such as lacquer thinner, turpentine, soap, and water.

Applies masking tape over parts and areas that are not to be coated.

Fills cavities and dents with putty to attain smooth surface. INTERESTS

Sept, 2009 – August, 2010



Business Administration

Oct, 2013 - Currently

August, 2016

10 – 13 May, 2015

Sept, 2011

June, 2003 – June, 2006



Fiber Optic Splicer

Aug, 2010 – Feb, 2013

Sept, 2009 – August, 2010


Fiber Optic Network

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Basic Safety Tower Climbing


Social Sciense


Include a mix of activities from placing orders,

Maintaining certain stock levels,

Receiving goods in deliveries

Maintaining various systems relating to the manufacturing process and personnel. ASTRA OTOPART

Spray Man


Aug, 2010 – Feb, 2013


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