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Developer Software Engineer

Northridge, CA
June 29, 2019

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Gil Yaary


** ***** ********** ** ******** Engineer with 7 years experience working for major Fortune 500 Companies like NBC Universal, JPL, DISNEY, Universal Music Group, Intuit, e-Harmony across many different industries and technologies. Outstanding problem-solving and analytical skills. JAVA EXPERT who is tenacious in solving technical problems and roadblocks. Exceptional mentoring skills.

Designing robust, testable, maintainable and well defined systems using latest open source framework and best design patterns and standards.

Long and Rich background in Web application Development in various technologies encompassing technologies of JSP, J2EE, java applications, SWING, STRUTS, SPRING, AJAX, JSON, JSON-RPC, applets, REST, Perl and JavaScript and the utilization of which in order to create sophisticated systems that interface and seamlessly integrate co-operate with Oracle Applications suite.

Implementing data science algorithms using Java and R. Using SPSS, Weka, R studio and various Java libraries (Deep Learning 4J, neuroph)

Constant use of modern technologies and frameworks including Spring, Hibernate, Struts, XML, SOAP, Web Services, REST and distributed applications.

Outstanding ability to find simple, elegant and original solutions to complex Object Oriented problems, and in the design and implementation of frameworks, tools and wizards.

Extensive in-depth knowledge of Core Java, JVM, Heap, Threads JEE and SQL. Analyzing heap dumps with tools and OQL and thread dumps.

Highly skilled in leading and mentoring developers in all aspects of J2EE development and design. Ability to explain complex concepts in clear and concise way to any audience.

Highly efficient as a developer/architect: Track record of 15 years of delivering high quality projects well before the due date with constant praise and satisfaction from all clients.

High fluency in all aspects Java /Javascript language.

Consistent use of existing technology and original ideas to create systems that are: Unit testable, decoupled, easily maintainable and well documented, scalable and robust.

Understanding of internet protocols and proficient in using wireshark


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: World College CIS Summa Cum Laude

Bachelor Degree in Analytics and MIS: Colorado University completing

Coursera Data Science course certificates from John Hopkins University

Areas of Expertise:

Java, JavaScript, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Docker, AWS, Microservices, MongoDB, GraphQL, Machine Learning, Mentoring, OOD/OOA, SQL, Linux, RabbitMQ


Operating Systems : Unix (Flavors of Linux, Solaris, etc) and Windows (all versions)

Programming Languages : JAVA, C++, C, JavaScript, PL/SQL, C#, Perl, PHP5, VB, Assembler, Python

Scripts : JavaScript, VB Script, Perl, VB Script, Unix (Korn, Bourne, C shells), DOS,

Python, Objective Perl

Markups : HTML, CSS, XML,

Technologies and Network Protocols : JSF, AJAX, DOJO, JAX-RPC, JQuery, JQuery -UI, JSON, JSTL, Oracle 11i,

OC4J 10.1.2, JDK1.7, Velocity templates, XSLT, JDEV, JSP, J2EE, EJB, JNDI,

JMS, COM, DCAM, COM+, ASP, ASP.NET, Custom JSP Tags Development,


Databases : Oracle 8i 9i, SQL server

IDE and Tools : Eclipse EE, SQLPLUS, TOAD, Visual Studio (C++, InterDev, VB), Front Page,

JBuilder 5-10, JDeveloper, Idea IntelliJ, CVS, Visual Source Safe, Subversion.

Professional Experience:

NBC Universal, Studio City Sep 2018 – May 2019

Senior Developer Senior Software Engineer

Designed and implemented SAML/JWT/LDAP highly scalable authentication and authorization system for microservices and CMS.

Maintained Bamboo CI systems

Supported release engineering

Developed and maintained CMS microservices deployed on AWS (EC2, S3, API Gateway, Lambda)

Common Securitization Solutions Apr 2018 – Sep 2018

Senior Developer

Maintained mortgage securities processing systems.

Fixed bugs in Java, JMS, XML based system

Created solution for XML schema template unit testing


Survey Sampling International Mar 2017 – Apr 2018

Senior Developer

Designed and Maintained high traffic on-line Survey Building Applications

Developed Spring security foundation to manage authorization and authentication from multiple authorization providers including KeyCloak JWT token access.

Developed S3 client to upload/download resources to S3.

Maintained/Extended the existing Survey Builder application.

Developed application to profile the application using AOP (Producing a call tree to allow analysis of call times).

Enhanced realtime event reporting capabilities

Developed RabbitMQ publishers/consumers to synchronize and notify reporting and survey building microservices.

Debugged and enhanced performance issues using New Relic and profiling tools (point 4 above)

Wrote Node JS engine to perform web crawling, fetch documents and apply transformations.

Technologies Used:

Spring Boot, Spring data, Spring AMQP, Spring Security, SpringREST, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Team City (Continuous Integration), AWS S3, KeyCloak, New Relic, Splunk, Docker, Ansible, Mockito TDD, Gradle, Swagger, Microservices, GIT, JUNIT, Spock/Groovy for Unit Testing, TDD, Orika mapping and conversion framework

Exactuals Nov 2016 – Mar 2017

Software Engineer

Create Amazon Lambda, API Gateway application in Java

Wrote Node.JS application for asset management and copyright

Wrote applications running on AWS EC2 and Docker

Mojix Sept 2012 – Nov 2016

Architect Developer

Designed and developed reporting system including:

Multithreaded engine to collect and aggregate RFID tags data

Multithreaded Reporting system to create XML reports from queued RFID data

Multithreaded Transmission system to send generated reports to multiple clients using HTTP/TCP and json based protocols.

SOAP web service for the creation and maintenance of report specifications and report subscribers per EPCGlobal ECSPec recommendations.

Ajax based admin console to simplify the SOAP operations (at #4) and present various statistics about report transmission and generation.

Ajax based based report viewer monitor reports as they are generated by the system.

Exposed various admin statistics, settings and operations through JMX.

Using TestNG and EasyMock Designed and developed a testing framework to automate testing each and aspect of the system. All unit tests and integration tests configured with Spring and Maven.

Performance optimized the application profiling JVM heap and resolved PermGem and performance issues.

Mavenized older projects and exposed as JEE services.

Designed and developed multiple multithreaded drivers for company products implementing various network protocols.

Used JERSEY 2.0 Jax-RS 2.0 to expose services

Designed JMX solution to instrument and integrate the various JEE products.

Maintained/convert existing applications written in Objective Perl, PHP 5, Python and C++.

Initiated, designed and implemented JEE RESTFul CRUD service as a persistence interface for Java script Ajax client using JPA, Spring, Jerset, JAX-RS, Hibernate 4, Tomcat 7.

Converted PHP based control and admin console to AngularJS Javascript/html client which consumes the RESTful service above.

Designed and implemented driver for the company new receiver.

Mentored and supported engineers as subject matter expert. Resolved JVM memory leak issues, thread locks, performance tuning and profiling.

Implemented REST interfaces for all Java projects and Swagger UI.

Data Science: Helped in researching Deep Neural Networks, Restricted Bolzman machines, Convolution networks and other algorithms for company products. Used Java libraries to implement.

Used web socket to get data feed from 3rd party readers

Implemented multiple protocols for multicast discovery such as mDNS, and debugged issues with Wireshark.

Installed, Configured, Deployed and Used Jenkins for continuous integration.

Intuit Jan 2012 – Sep 2012


Design and development of backend maintenance data aggregation batch processes.

Maintained Oasis workflow engine and Java FairIssac Rule engine running on Web Sphere app server using Hibernate, Ibatis, Spring FW, EJB session beans and Spring JDBC Template. Developed Integration test framework built using TestNG, EasyMock.

Used Perforce for source management, Hudson for CI.

Refactored PL/SQL to Java. Mentored junior developers in Java 6.


Designed and developed a catchup process to perform historical aggregations on very large data size, Used: Spring FW, Java 7, JDBC templates, Oracle.

Designed and developed a test framework to perform Integration tests and Unit tests used: CGLib, EasyMock, DBUnit, Spring, Hudson, Open SCV.

Refactored loader process as part of DB infrastructure changes for Oasis WorkFlow engine. Used Oasis WF Engine, Java, EJB, RAD, WebSphere, Spring.

Maintained production environment for Oasis WF engine and Blaze rule engine.

Disney Jul 2010 – Aug 2011

Developed parts of the next generation CMS platform.

Implemented unit tests using EasyMock.

Conducted Code reviews for onshore and offshore resources, trained and mentored when necessary.

Implemented dynamic XML generation for Flash Maps from CMS data

Developed plug-ins for CMS to support business rules

Support and enhancement of the Disney Parks and Resorts web site

LAMP on Zend: Developed Resort dining reservations site for the Aulani Resort in a sophisticated PHP5 application using XML and JSON Web services and Zend platform. Implemented all web services communications and infrastructure.

Spring, Spring MVC, Disney CMS, Tea templates, Java6, PHP5, Zend Framework

Developed Commerce Restful services. Used EasyMock, Jbehave, jax-ws, jax-rs, Apache CXF, Continuous Integration with Bamboo, TDD, BDD and Hibernate.

Interfaced and coordinated work with offshore teams.

Tandberg-Ericsson Apr 2010 – Jul 2010


Designed and developed a Java JPF Plugins, EJBs and Simulators for Web Logic based j2EEE content management system.

Used the following technologies: JPF, Web Services (Axis 1), JMS, multithreading, Java 6 to architect and develop a complete solution.

Developed Simulators to make it possible to unit test the WS client and FTP parsers. The simulators have been very useful in development and QA.

Used JMS (JEE5), Service Beans (JBoss extension), and Session Beans.

ORM through Hibernate.

Used JMock for unit testing.

JPF, Web Services (Axis 1), JMS, multithreading, Java

JPL Sep 2008 – Apr 2010


Designed and developed sophisticated, Data-Bound Ajax applications and framework using YUI components including: a tool for Menu creation using YUI tree, context menu, drag and drop capabilities to manipulate the menu tree and Custom Ajax RPC protocol and JSON.

Supported the lab projects and analyzed bottle necks and complex bugs.

Mentored and thought developers advanced Java

UMG Apr 2007 – Aug 2008

Team Lead Developer

Design and implement J2EE web application, heavy use of Ajax, JSON, JSON/RPC WebSphere, IBM Rational Application Developer v6.0 for Eclipse, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring WebFlow, DHTML.

Designed an AJAX application and framework utilities and mentored developers in their use. Designed Ajax data grids, Ajax searches framework, saved searches, Ajax based history, Ajax trees, Java script based drag and drop between trees and grids, Ajax validations, Cancellation of database searches using Ajax, Report formatting and downloads.

Extensive use of object oriented Javascript, Json, Ajax, XML, Xpath and JSON/RPC.

Implemented global drag and drop functionality for grid and tree Ajax objects.

Developed Quick searches foundation for easy data retrieval. Developed multiple ways to embed data in page as XML, and to synchronize with the middle tier.

JPL Mar 2006 – Apr 2007

Project Lead

Used J2EE, Struts, Tiles, XML, AJAX, DOJO, JSON, JSP, Ant, Servlets and JMS for various B2B projects.

Mentored and project lead Java Developers in various projects using OC4J 10.1.3, Toplink, JDeveloper 10.1.2. Duties included project management, ERD design, Struts MVC, Ajax, JSP, Taglibs, Servlets, XML, Unit testing, JDeveloper 10.1.3, JPublisher (reports generation), Ant.

Developed a security framework, SSO and menu system using STRUTS, ANT, AJAX, DOJO, JTS. For the creation and maintenance of internal and external users, roles, hierarchy, and responsibilities.

Developed File upload utilities for the uploading, storage and retrieval of different file formats.

Developed API for the uploading, parsing and storage in tables of Excel spreadsheets created the XML based mapping tools to define the relationship of Excel fields to the target Oracle tables.

Designed and developed a publishing API for XSLT transformation of queries to different report formats such as PDF, RTF, CSV and HTML. Designed Message Center for retrieval of messages and generated reports using AJAX, DOJO, JSON (Java Script - Java RPC) and MDB

eHarmony Aug 2005 – Mar 2006


Designed and Development of high traffic website using JSP, Struts, Hibernate, Tiles, JSTL, Velocity Templates, J2EE Design Patterns, XML, XSLT Custom Tags, JMS.

Weblogic App Server, Maven, Subversion, InteliJ Idea.

DAZSI Systems (Oracle Applications Partner) Mar 2002 – Aug 2005

Project 5 Dec 2004 – Aug 2005

Designed and implemented a robust custom MVC framework and extensions to facilitate a multi tier interface to Oracle Applications per J2EE specifications and design patterns.

Managed a Java team of 4 developers creating a complex Java /PLSQL web application for a major client.

Project 4 Jul 2004 – Dec 2004

Customized and extended Oracle Mobile Applications.

Provided custom code and integration to facilitate efficient warehouse tasks control through the usage of custom menus and procedures for the purpose of warehouse management with RF Gun scanners.

Developed an RMI interface to integrate Oracle's shipping with Fed-ex.

Utilized Java stored procedures, RMI and Distributed Java components.

Project 3 Jun 2003 – Jul 2004

Lead java Consultant for the Implementation of sophisticated extension to Oracle applications.

Developed and architect a JSP web application front end for a major garment industry supplier. The result was a unique state of the art application that handles the complexities of the Garment industry standards and extends the functionality of Oracle Applications for the special needs of this special client.

The system was custom designed to be hosted by for maximum efficiency, scalability and flexibility. Used Java, JavaScript, DHTML, PL/SQL, JSP, Custom Tags and the J2EE design patterns.

Project 2 Mar 2003 – Jun 2003

Designed and implemented a high end 3 tier TCP/IP java transactions system to facilitate the transmission of multiple payment methods credit approval requests between the company's Oracle Applications System and Paymentech's system.

Created a Multithreaded Java server program which converts packets to Paymentech's proprietary protocol and implemented the client in PL/SQL, Oracle's Java functions, XML and TCP to facilitate integration with Oracle and communication with VB clients.

The system was tested successfully under heavy transaction loads and functions flawlessly and efficiently.

Project 1 Mar 2002 – Mar 2003

Implemented a J2EE web interface to Oracle applications for a Major electronic component broker.

The system handle challenges such as sophisticated query mechanisms that make it possible to cross reference and match up requests for quotes from various electronics client specs to electronic parts offered by various vendors in the electronics industry.

The system offers a host of search possibilities handles the facile creation of purchase orders, sales orders, RFQ's Offers and on hand inventories capabilities and a complete tracking of which.

Also the system offers a browser based communication tool between the distributed offices and localization of times, currencies and the like.

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