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Engineer Design

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
June 29, 2019

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Career Objective

As a RF Engineer, my Objective is to bring success to the company by being a highly competent member of the communication team & contribute my expertise in all aspects of running an RF system: RF Simulation(Ckt & layout),Design & Testing. One of my objective is to further my expertise in the field of RF engineering domain. I am confident I can do the best if I will be a part of a competent & innovative environment.

Educational Details

BE(Distinction with No history of arrears)-Electronics & Communication Engineering in Muthayammal Engineering under Anna University from Jul 2005-May 2009 HSC-Velasamy Chettiar Hr.,Sec., School, Omalur from Jun 2004- Mar 2005 SSLC- Velasamy Chettiar Hr.,Sec., School, Omalur from Jun 2002- Mar 2003 Total Professional Work Experience : 7 Years + in RF Design & Testing Professional Work Experience (Oct 2011-May 2012)

Company : National Aerospace Laboratories

Department: R & D (Aerospace Electronics System & Division) Duration : 8 Months

Role : Simulation, Design & Testing


Testing of different Dielectric Materials like liquids and plasma using dielectric probe, cavity perturbation, free space and Waveguide method with help of VNA.

Done lot of experiments in Transmission and Reflection Phenomena using Microwave waveguide components like E,H and Magic plane Tee, Circulator, Isolator, Directional coupler,Waveguiges(Rectangular and Circular) and Cavity

(Rectangular and Cylindrical)

Done measurement in dielectric Permittivity for Solid and Liquid with help of VNA(Vector Network Analyzer) in frequency between 4-12GHz using Dielectric probe(Coaxial Probe ) method to measure the EM material characterization

Done measurement of RCS and Radiation Pattern of the Horn Antenna (X Band) in MAC(Microwave Anechoic Chamber) Lab

Designed and Tested below 5 things are for C band Receiver (5.4GHz to 5.9GHz) using RO4350 in Agilent ADS2009:

1. RF SPDT and Driver Circuit for 700 Peak Power @ 5.4-5.9 GHz 2. Wilkinson 2 way Power Divider using Microstrip Circular Topology 3. Parallel Coupled Microstrip Bandpass Filter Design and the rejection @4.85

&6.45GHz is 30dB and the Rejection @DC-4.85GHz,6.45-12GHz is 50dB 4. 10dB Microstrip Coupled line coupler Design and testing with Insertion loss of 1dB max over the band

5. Design and Testing of Low pass Filter design @ Fc=6GHz and the Rejection

@ 7.82GHz is 40dB

Done experiment to measure dielectric permittivity of an unknown medium with help of VNA using Cylindrical Cavity with and Without Sample which is having different thickness and the computation made by MATLABR2007

Tested Multiple 7 Port Strip Line Directional Coupler with 30dB Coupling and insertion loss max 0.2dB

Design and testing of solar battery charger and power supply generation of +3.3V and +12V from +50 V using CadenceV16.0.

Made numerical computation, Algorithm implementation and plotting functional data to find er for an unknown dielectric medium using MATLABR2007 for below methods 1.Freespace method 2.Dielectric Probe Method and 3.parallel plate method and 4.waveguide method

presented the PD for EM parameter retrieval for Multi-layer Composite Material except Meta material

Designed microstrip Patch antenna at 2.4-2.5 GHz ISM Band which used in High Speed WLAN system using HFSSV11.0.

I have designed High quality Dipole antenna which is intended for GSM Network. And which has been designed and simulated using ADS2009. But final measurements are not what we anticipated and then changes made to tune the antenna into the correct center frequency as per theoretical calculation. Professional Work Experience (Jun 2012-Oct 2012)


Designation: Application Engineer(RF and Microwave) Duration : 4 Months

Role: ATE Test connection preparation, Testing & Measurement & then Document preparation

Project Name: Automated Test and Measurement System (ATE) Responsibilties:

Measured S22,S11,S21 & S22 /Spectral Power/Phase noise/EVM/ Harmonics & atc of any given DUT through Switch matrix where all equipments where connected through GPIB connectivity

I have prepared entire wired connection setting of ATE in document with ATP test procedures which are exceuted later a month except some delay time constrait between each measurement which was not able to meet the required spec .

Finally prepared Test report document for the components what we tested where tested data will be imported in CSV format in excel sheet Professional Work Experience (Feb 2013-Oct 2013)

Company : ANANTH TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD(RF and Microwave) Duration : 8 Months

Designation: RF Engineer

Role : Simulation, Design & Testing

Project Name: S Band DTRM in 3.1-3.5 GHz

Team: 2 members (i.e. have joined in middle and taken equivalent responsibilities) Responsibilities:

Analyzing & Trouble Shooting problems in the whole module (Tx and Rx Separately) and Digital control Card which has attenuation, Phase and Switch control to both Tx and Rx Module.

Cleared So many times the problems which arise from Drive amplifier which could drive the Tx Module and in RX Side LNA 5701

Integrated Tx and Rx with Controller Card to perform attenuation, Phase and Switch action electronically connecting through GUI.

Before doing integeration,Have done separate testing of each amplifier,attenuator,phase shifter, switch, LNA and PA used for DTRM

Designed and tested GUI Board to communicate with DTRM to PC through RS232 Communication

Finally achieved 30 dB Gain at Rx side and 50dBm Power at Tx side separately for each Channel Side (Channel 1 and Channel 2) and after integrating both also, we have achieved the same.

Very Good knowledge in devices which used in the whole chain of Tx and Rx Module Testing

Designed Equally split Wilkinson power divider at 2.2-2.3 GHz using ADS 2009.Here I have Stimulated using micro strip transmission line Circuit and layout stimulation .Finally I have Designed the layout and fabricated with the insertion loss of 3 dB.

Designed Schematic for Digital S band DTRM FPGA Board Hardware control card in Orcad and layout made in Allegro cadenceV16.0 and Fabricated in FR-4

Designed Schematic and layout using CadenceV16.0 for Gali-5, HMC-409, HMC- 327, Attenuator, Phase shifter, Switch and LNA 5701 in ADS 2009 and Fabricated and Tested.

Professional Work Experience (Jan 2014-Jan 2017)


Duration : Since 36 Months +

Designation: Deputy Engineer

Project: Radio Relay, IFF, RADAR & QPSK Receiver

Role: Design & Testing Engineer (Component & Module Level) Years:Jan 2014- Dec 2015


Designing and testing of 140MHz,210MHz,70MHz Band pass filter using Dianosys Software

Have Done Designing and Testing of below For Radio Relay Project 210MHz VCO + Amplifier(MSA1104) + PD Mixer+140MHz BPF (for 2 Channels).(ie.,Layout designed using CadenceV16.0 )

Designing and testing of 2.2-2.3GHz microstrip Hairpin Bandpass Filter using ADS 2009 and Rejection at1.82GHz is 60dB

Designed and Testing of Mode-4 and Opto Coupler PCB’s for IFF project using CadenceV16.0

Designed and Tested PA Biasing and Controller PCB for 2KW Power amplifier which has both GaN and LDMOS Biasing along with Temperature Compensation, Sensor Circuit and Capacitor Bank using CadenceV16.0

Designed and Tested PA Biasing and Controller PCB for 4KW Power amplifier which has Only LDMOS Biasing along with Temperature Compensation and Sensor Circuit using CadenceV16.0

Currently Doing Design and Testing of Customized Diplexer for IFF Project

Design and testing of Forward and VSWR monitoring Circuit using CadenceV16.0

Design and testing of Bite Oscillator and Exciter using CadenceV16.0 for IFF Project

Design and testing of Interroagtor Mother Board using CadenceV16.0 for IFF Project

Design and Testing of Comparator and Monostable Multivibrator Circuit for Pulse detection in Controller side using CadenceV16.0

Testing of DROs,Mixers,Circulators and Couplers along with Temperature and Vibration Cycling

Testing and tuning of 9.1-9.5GHz cavity Bandpass Filter Bank by varying Resonator height,tighting and losing the screws,changing different spacer holes and removing Dry Soldering in edge coupled cavity

Testing and troubleshooting of IFF Power Supply which can generate +3.3V,+5V,- 5V,+12V,-12V,+50V and -50V from +28V Supply With Current consumption of 280mA @ no load

Testing of SPDT and Antenna Switching Unit along with Driver Circuit for IFF project @1030MHz using CadenceV16.0

Designed and Tested Bite Injection Unit for Alpha Radar Project

Designed Microstrip Patch antenna for 2.25GHz using ADS2009 and analysis made using IE3Dsoftware with Gain of 6dBi and Efficiency is merely 75%

Understandable knowledge in Embedded Systems in HW & SW SIDE

Designed layout using CadenceV16.0 and Tested of 1KW Power Amplifier for 1090 MHz (ie.,Infineon 1KW Device )


Role: Sr., System Engineer (Component,Module & System level Design Testing ) Years:Dec 2015- Jan 2017


Stimulation,Design and testing of WIDE BAND TRANSECEIVER CARD only RF PORTION


Testing of of BPS System- QOSK Receiver and Transmitter card along with their GUI

Stimulation,Design and Testing of RADIO RELAY TRANSMITTER FILTER CARD

Stimulation and Testing of RADIO RELAY TRANSMITTER CARD

Stimulation and Testing of RADIO RELAY LO PCB for Both RX and TX


Software Tools : TRAXMAKER (Layout),Allegro Cadence V16.0(both Schematic & Layout),ADS2009(RF Design),HFSSV11.0(Antenna Design in 3D), MATLABR2007(Only Programming),NI MULTISIM for Analog Circuit Simulation,Dionysys and IE3D (for Antenna Analysis) Professional Work Experience (Jan 2017-Jan 2018)

Company : WIPRO Technologies

Designation: Sr., VLSI Engineer

Role:Component,Module & System level Design & Testing Responsibilities:

Worked on 4G LTE Radio DOTs like B1,B3, B7 &B8 testing measurement of Power level,ACLR,ACMA,ETSI,Spurious level,EVM for TX and NF,gain,Dynamic Measrement and branch Isolation for RX and along with each and every component level measurement for B1,B3,B8 and B7 RDOT

Preapared BOM for Radio DOT B1,B3,B8 & B7 and guiding on layout reviews like component placement,RF related stuffs & separation of RF with Analog/Digital Circuit to overcome interference issue.

Worked with tuning of B1,B3 and B7 notch filter for spurious measurement Testing.

Have Worked on RF PCB Layout rework in B8 for Both TX and RX

Worked with Phase 1 and Phase 3 variant Radio DOT like B1,B3,B7 & B8 testing over the temperature for Basic Sanity Test measurement.

Have Worked in stimulation of AWR in Band 8 Design for front end Modules of both TX & RX

Worked in Veepro Script which is similar like LABVIEW for ACLR,output power and EVM for automated testing measurements.

Present Work Experience (Jan 2018-till now)

Company :HCL Technologies


Designation : Lead Engineer

Role:Development Role


Have worked on requirement Specifaction preparation,Block Diaram Updation, component selection,HW architecture Update for TX &RX Chain analysis of DRU

Have woked on Link budget preparation of both TX & RX of LTE Band 1,3 and 7, SW & combiner Board with 2*2 MIMO technologies

Communicate with the Vendor for Part selection,Team discussion & finalise the part based on our requirement

Have worked on DRC Error clearation while importing layout file, Netlist generation & Schmeatic BOM preparation for both Electrical & Mechanical.

Giving input to Schematic & layout team for any component placement /TX & RX Ckt placement/any Ckt changes/tarce width/gap maintenance & etc and then assisting with Mechnical CAD team for RF Mechanical Module design.

Worked on Schematic Preparation in Mentor, assisting layout team for HW RF layout Design

Giving input to symbol creation team for symbol creation in both Layout & schematic and giving input to mechanical Team to design mechanical Module

Worked on Evulation board regarding component procurement,Schematic preparation,BOM creation,Layout guidance, Component Assembly & guidance and Testing for Band 1,3& 7 PA, Driver & Coupler Boards.

Worked in System level Testing of B1,B3 & B7, SW & combiner Board of 2*2 MIMO DRU application after testing of all FEM B1,B3 & B7, SW & combiner Board seperately.

Done Component level testing of all FEM Boards B1,B3 & B7,, SW & combiner Board

Test report preparation of TX & RX chain of DRU Unit

Worked in Combienr Board ckt simulation using Agilent ADS

Worked in PA Band 1,3 & 7 tuning in both Agilent ADS Ckt/Layout simulation level cum testing level

PROJECT : GSM traffic Recording System

Role: Testing & Debugging of TX,RX Boards cum System Responsibilities:

Worked on 2G Transmitter & Receiver Testing & test report preapration

Worked on 2G – GSM-900 and DCS-1800 band PA Testing & test report preapration

Worked on 3G Transmitter testing,3G -PA Testing & combination of 3G TX+PA testing cum documentation.

Identifying root cause analysis of RF board testing in component level

Worked on system level testing of both GSM TRS & Passive TRS PROJECT : BT(BlueTooth) Testing

Role: Functional level Testing


Done RSSI level measurement,N of packets transmitted/received,RX error rate,LQI by varying distance between RX &TX node devices from 1m to 10m with all varainat of power levels in each BT channel.These datas are taken out as snipper file in txt format using Wireshark through Vendor suggest Modem.

Above all tests are conducted for TX & RX node devices like Atmel,NXP KW41Z,TI CC2650 & firefly + Raserry Pi under some test configuration setup.Graphs were plotted TX Power Vs RSSI Vs LQI Vs Rx error rate. PROJECT : Wireless Media Server

Role: Link Biudget preparation, Wifi adapter Module selection, requirement gathering,Antenna Selection,Wifi adapter Module Testing both functional cum performace.


Communicating with Vendor for Wifi Adapter Module selection for both Wave 1 & wave 2 devices based on the requirement criteria

Wifi-5/802.11ac Link budget preparation for RX sensitivity, Range coverage from AP to UE /UE to AP, free space path loss calculation for 802.11ac, Data rate estimation based on the required specification

Basic 802.11ac Silex Wifi adapter Module basic sanity test & Measurement for 802.11ac/b/g/a/n/

802.11ac throughput measurement test using iperf MOB app

Antenna selection for Silex, Doodle lab & Compex Module along with placement of antenna for MIMO Silex adapter module for better beamforming & throughput Instruments Handled : Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Signal Generator, Power meter and sensor cable, Noise Figure Analyzer & CMW500

SW Used : Agilent ADS 2009,AWR,HFSS,Allegro Physical Viewer,Mentor,Orcad Schematic & Layout & then CST Ckt simulation.

Additional Professional Skills: FPGA,PIC controllers 16F877A,PIC 24HJ,RS232,RS422 UART & USART,GPS,GSM,Voltage Regulators,DC-DC Converters,LDO’s and hardware knowledge in Embedded

Personal Profile

Date of Birth : 07.05.1988

Mother's name : S.Radha(Late)

Permanent Address : 312,Telungar Street, Omalur (PO), Salem DT- 636455 Hobbies : Meeting new peoples, Listening music

Languages known : English, Tamil,Kannada and Telugu Declaration

I assure you that all the above details are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. M.SAYEEKANNAN

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