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Manager Safety

Decatur, GA
June 25, 2019

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Dianivette Martínez-Toro

*** ***** **** **. *** C Decatur, GA 30032*470-***-*****


Apply all my skills as a Bilingual individual to meet goals and standards from your agency. Be diligent and enforce rules and statutes needed for the agency



M.A. Public Administration and Forensic Sciences University of Turabo Gurabo, PR


B.A. Criminal Investigation Pontifical Catholic University Mayaguez, PR


Conflict Mediator Certification Law Scl. Eugenio Ma. De Hostos Mayaguez, PR


September 2018- May 2019 DeKalb Co. State Court Probation Decatur, GA

Probation Officer

Work closely with those who are on probation in lieu of jail time after being convicted of a crime.

Determine the best course of rehabilitation and provide resources, such as job training.

Ensure that probationer is making progress and following restrictions in place.

Test probationers for substance abuse and provide counseling, testify in court and write reports and maintain files on those who supervise.

Assure clients understand of obligations with respect to conditions of the courts order and monitors compliance with the terms and conditions of probation

Address violations of court orders by taking appropriate actions.

Provide individual and crisis intervention counseling as needed.

Assist clients with various referrals, including, but not limited to, counseling treatment and job referrals.

Verified attendance and completion of alcohol and drug testing, mental health counseling and any other court programs.

Appear and testified in court, conducts urinalysis, request and execute warrants, serves summons or other court reports, obtain consents and other required paperwork.

Participate in service training, continuing education and increase professional knowledge.

April 2017- September 2018 Quality Care for Children Atlanta, GA

Bilingual Referral Specialist

Gather and update community resources to assist families as needed

Provide consumer education and referrals to families seeking child care providers

Weekly and monthly report

Develop strategies to increase accuracy of databases and parent education and support

Initiate and receive child care providers update/ support phone calls and emails

Represent QCC and promote ALLGAKIDS and Quality Rated Child Care at community events

Provide outstanding costumer in all situations

Maintain a positive attitude and professional demeanor at all times.

September 2016- January 2017 CETPA INC. Norcross,GA

Paraprofessional/RSS/Case Manager

Provide skill support to assist clients with the implementation of targeted interventions that promote recovery/resiliency 100% of the time.

Provide Strength Based interventions that are directly related to the client’s individual target behavior and related back to their treatment plan 100% of the time.

Plan in a proactive manner to assist the client and or family in managing or preventing crisis situations 100% of the time.

Provide service and resource coordination to assist the client and or family in gaining access to necessary rehabilitative, medical, social, and other services and supports. (Medicaid, SSI, SNAP, etc)

Assist client with developing skills to self-recognize emotional triggers and self-manage behavior related to the client’s emotional disturbance all the time.

If the client is a child/youth, assure that family members are actively contacted and encouraged to provide input into the rewards and/or consequences provided to their youth100% of the time.

Contact must be twice a month in the Paraprofessional caseload, face to face in the community or by phone.

Document services on client electronic record after each direct client contract as dictated by the Agency guidelines.

Transport clients.

Provide documented tutoring sessions for student who need homework assistances and monitor student progress and needs.

Cook a healthy meal.

Engage in billable activities such as facilitating groups to sustain clubhouse program.

April 2016 – Present K&M intervention Services, Stone Mountain GA

Early Childhood Special Instructor

Early interventionist Special Instructor for The Babies Can’t Wait Program (BCW) within the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH). Provide early intervention series for children age birth through 3 years old who have been identified as having a significant delay in one or more areas of development.

Interventionist focuses in collaborating with and coaching families and caregivers to identify and implement learning opportunities to promote the child’s development through participation in family activities routines.

Interventionist practices child and family directed skills, culturally relevant, play based, and provided in the natural environment.

Interventionist will enter all case referral, eligibility documentation and progress notes in to the BIBS system within 7 calendar days.

Interventionist will participate in IFSP 6 month and yearly review and will provide written summary, evaluation and assessment of progress for each individual child/family.

Interventionist will make, plan and recommend changes in the delivery of services to all eligible BCW children in the program.

Interventionist will participate in the development, review and revision of IFSP’s for BCW eligible child.

Interventionist will submit a quarterly review per child to track child’s development according to IFSP outcome.

Interventionist will maintain ongoing continuing education units (SCEIS).

Interventionist will implement the use of universal safety precautions when providing direct service with each child to assist in controlling the spread of infectious disease.

Interventionist will perform and have the ability to sit for long periods of time, stand, lift and carry up to 30 pounds, bend, squat, reach, kneel, grasp small objects, climb stairs, move from sitting to standing position quickly, safely and without difficulty, chase an eloping child, join the children’s active play, etc.

May 2016 Ogbac-Crossett &Associates, LLC Tucker, GA

Residential Care Provider

Monitor general resident activity to observe and report behavior/progress of individuals with mental illnesses living in a group home or other community residential setting. Train residents in appropriate social interactions that promote positive images and culturally typical behaviors.

Determines residents’ strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences by observing daily activities and reviewing records. Assists residents in basic problem-solving and daily decision-making using the least intrusive methods appropriate for each. Works with residents and treatment team to honor individual choices.

Provide training and oversight in daily living skills and personal care, such as dressing, hygiene, housekeeping, cooking, and laundry using techniques appropriate for their abilities. Maintain the residence in a clean and organized condition, supplementing the efforts of the residents to assure a sanitary living environment. Plan and prepare meals, supplementing the efforts of residents to assure the provision of well-balanced meals.

Transport and/or accompany residents to work, day programs, doctor appointments, shopping, recreational and other activities. Provide training and oversight in money management: shopping, making purchases, accounting for correct change, and obtaining receipts. Provide support for the residents as needed in interactions with medical and other service providers. Facilitate relationships with family members, neighbors, friends, and others in the community as desired by each consumer. Supervise and train consumers during community activities, as appropriate. Assure the safety of consumers during community activities by anticipating risks and following safety protocols.

Provide medication assistance using agency protocols. Maintain required medication logs.

Document progress toward goals and objectives and behavior plans in resident activity/progress notes, on data-tracking sheets, and/or other prescribed skill builder formats. Complete all home records, logs, notes, assessments, reports, and other documentation according to protocols.

Help handicapped consumers on/off vehicle and secures seatbelts. Utilize use of a gait belt or mechanical lift to lift and position residents, as needed.

September 2014 – Sept.2015 Neighbor To Family Atlanta, GA

Safety Advocate

Safety and protection of children and families. Work jointly with the staff and Professional Foster Care Givers through collaborative planning, training and monitoring to protect the well-being of the children. In conjunction with the Director, staff and fellow Safety Advocates develops quality assurance mechanism to monitor, review and evaluate the effectiveness of the safety program.

Managed state and federal building inspections. Kitchen and food safety inspections. Evacuation plan, fire drills, bomb safety drills, disaster planning, hailstorm/tornado/flood drills, and intruder drills. De-escalation trainings.

Neighbor checks and background checks for sponsors and neighbors surrounding the home where the clients resided. Sex offender inquiries for surrounding areas. Educate house parents on in home child safety, neighborhood surrounding areas safety, transportation guidelines, car seat safety, etc.

Educated clients on bullying, self-defense, sexual abuse and reporting.

Daily transportation to and from residences, van inspections and maintenance log, mileage logs, routs, 12-15 passenger van driver trainings. Transport to medical appointments and assist the medical coordinator. Medication administration and maintenance of logs.

De-escalation of clients while transporting.

Video monitoring for safety of the facility, staff and clients.

March 2016 – Present

June 2012 - September 14


Atlanta, GA

Customer Service

Greeting customers, answering questions, responding to complaints, handled returns, conducted basic accounting with large amounts of cash, assisted Store General Manager, conducted store inventory, organized shelves items and maintained signage and displays.

October 2008

Dept. of Correction and Rehabilitation

Mayaguez, PR

Criminal Record Technician

Maintains and monitors complex, specialized, technical, and sensitive criminal records and filing systems requiring considerable knowledge of the subject matter.

Types and proofreads complex, technical and specialized reports, letters, memos, statistical information, legal documents, charts, grants, and forms from typed and handwritten rough drafts, written copy, verbal instruction documentation and reports on specialized forms and formats using data retrieved from the records; initiates, suggests, revises, and implements procedural changes to records that accommodate the needs of the department.

Interviewed inmates, prepared court documents and made Court appearances on behalves of Department Superintendent.

Receives and works with local and outside criminal warrants, extraditions and transportation of criminals in custody and fugitive tracking.

2005 and 2008

Police Headquarters

Mayaguez, PR

Practitioner Criminal Investigation Dept.

Work with law enforcement to establish a restricted perimeter around the crime scene as to not compromise evidence.

Work with law enforcement to identify, isolate and secure the crime scene

Preserve, collect and record impressions, including tool marks, footprints, tire marks, bite marks, and fingerprints

Collect DNA evidence, including blood, semen, hair, skin, blood stain patterns, bodily fluids and nails

Collect trace evidence, including gunshot residue, fibers, accelerant, paint, glass, etc.

Collect firearms evidence, including weapons, spent casings, bullet fragments, cartridges, and gun powder patterns

All laws and safety precautions are followed

Evidence is processed in an expeditious manner, without compromising it.

Proper methods and techniques for evidence recovery are followed

All equipment and resources are properly used, properly handled, packaged and transported

All physical evidence is recovered

August 2002- April 2005 Psychometric and Treatment Clinic Mayaguez, PR

Office and test administrator

Under Psychologist supervision, evaluate and test adults and children from age 4 and up with psychological test in diverse areas such as; learning disabilities, comprehension, behavior, intelligence, coping, stress management, emotional maturity, and independence, re-enforce learning skills (MMPI, BENDER GESTALT, IQ, Personality Assessment, Behavioral Assessment, WAIS-IV, Verbal Comprehension Scale, Perceptual Reasoning Scale, Working Memory Scale, Processing Speed Scale, Beck Depression).

Train parents of children with disabilities in the areas of: anger management, hyperactivity, behavioral skills, academic skills and social skills in order to integrate them to society in an effective manner.

Assisted with Neuro and Biofeedback therapy.

Office manager duties, calling, accounting, billing, purchasing, task management.

2011 Head Start Program Cabo Rojo, PR

Volunteer/ Teacher assistant/ Cook assistant

Prepare classroom educational material, create inviting learning atmosphere.

Plan and develop activities based on each child's development and learning list and the writer observations.

Adapt curriculum based on the children's developmental level.

Responsible for the official documents of the Program, (lesson plans, attendance books, and observation book, reports).

Provide input on children's textbooks and educational materials.

Ensure that screenings and assessments are completed and appropriate follow-up and/or referrals are completed as needed.

Maintain a safe and healthy environment. Share the responsibility of maintaining orderliness and cleanliness in the classroom.

Administer appropriate first aid to children when necessary, following safety protocols.

Supervise children during breakfast, lunch, snack and recess periods; outdoor and indoor activities. Supervise children until parents or designated adult picks them up from the Program.

Assist with daily personal hygiene of the children such as diapering, feeding, tooth brushing, toileting, hand-washing, and resting.

Assist in preparation of meals for the Head Start centers.

Assist in maintaining inventory of all food and equipment.

Assist in proper storage of supplies and foodstuffs according to county health department regulations.

Assist in maintaining food service facilities, storage areas, and equipment in a clean, organized, and sanitary manner.

Assist in planning nutritious menus.

Assist in record keeping to ensure compliance with USDA.

Assist in accommodating children requiring special diets and making diet modifications as needed.

Special Skills

Bilingual (Spanish- English)

12-15 Passenger Van Driver

First Aid & CPR Certified

De-Escalation Certified


Raysa Bendibu



Demetra Thomas


Phone- 848-***-****

Marta Gonzalez


Phone- 404-***-****

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