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Web Developer

June 25, 2019

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#*** ******** **., **** **, Rosales, Pangasinan, 2441


Objectives: To secure a position in a well-established institution that will enable me to use my knowledge, skills and ability to work well with people. TECHNICAL PROFICIENCIES

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux

Languages: Assembly, Turbo C, Java, Visual Basic, HTML/HTML5, PHP, C#, CSS, Javascript

Application/System Development: Netbeans, Visual Studio, XAMPP

Database: MySQL, Microsoft Access

Software: MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access), Crystal Reports

Basic Networking

Network Simulation (Packet Tracer)


Civil Service Exam – Pencil and Paper Test (Professional Level) Urdaneta City, Pangasinan

October 23, 2016




Youth Congress on Information Technology

September 12, 2014

SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, Metro Manila

Imagine Camp 2015

February 12, 2015

CLSU Auditorium, Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija

Technology Now and Beyond

August 28, 2015

PhilRice Social Hall, Maligaya, Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija

Internet of Things Workshop

April 17, 2017

Information Systems Institute, Central Luzon State University

Unity Mobile Game Development Workshop

April 19, 2017

Information Systems Institute, Central Luzon State University WORK EXPERIENCE

Internship (2


Semester, 2015-2016)

Department of Environment and Natural Resources – Forest Management Bureau – Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Project

Programmer November 8, 2016 – January 15, 2017

Management of Information System Department – Information Systems Institute, Central Luzon State University

Part-Time Instructor January 16, 2017 – present

Department of Information Technology – College of Engineering, Information Systems Institute, Central Luzon State University


B.S. – Information Technology, Major in System Development, Minor in Network Administration, Central Luzon State University, Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, 2016 ACTIVITIES, PROGRAMS AND SYSTEMS


Frozen Game (Board Game) – It is a spin the wheel board game that is played by two players with hidden consequences on the tiles. A question will pop up that is related to the theme of the game and movie Frozen. When you answered it correct you’ll take several steps forward, but if not you’ll stay where you are or move some steps backward. First player who reaches the finish line wins.

Book Borrowing System – It is a system that manages the borrowed and returned books of the student. A student record and a book record is also included in this system. The administrator of the system can add, edit and delete a book or a student. It also can generate and print several reports like all the student record, all the book records, all the borrowed books and all the returned books.

Point-of-Sale – It is a simple point-of-sale system where you can manage your products (add, edit, delete). Ordering a product is the only transaction made. You can also view the sale inventory. Weekly and Monthly sales report can be generated. Calculator with Converter – It is a simple calculator with converter of binary, decimal, octal and hexadecimal.

GUI Database – It is a simple program that add, edit and delete a record in a database. Calculator – It is a simple calculator that is database connected. The first and second inputs as well as the operation used and the answer is stored in the database. Visual Basic

Classroom Management System – It is a system that manages a classroom. The admin will first add records of the instructors and the students. Then the admin will add the subjects a certain instructor will teach. While the teacher can also add the subject preference of the subject s/he has and compute the grades of his/her students. And the student can view their grades. This system is converted into an exe file or an application that when installed, it also installs the XAMPP application for its database; when opened it will asks and saves admin’s username and password into the and the name of the database to be used and automatically created tables in the database and inserts the data needed in the tables of the database. Athlete Monitoring System – It is a system that monitors the athlete’s games. It includes the records of the sports and the students. Student record, student’s games can be printed as reports.

Point-of-Sale and Inventory System for Heavenly Tea – It is a point-of-sale inventory system that manages the products, adds staff, views sales, updates inventory, manages orders and generate reports. Sales report and filtered sales report by quantity sold, inventory report and filtered inventory report by date, product report and filtered product report by category are the reports generated in this system.

Cupcake Rush – It is a roll a dice board game where the two players rush for the finish line. Consequences like move steps backward and plus points like move steps forward are shown on some of the tiles.

Smart Farming – It is simple program that imported a pdf file and displays it in the window of the program. PDF files are information about the different types of farming. HTML

Javascript Modules – It is a compilation of different javascript modules. Character Counter, Lower Case to Upper Case, Palindrome are some of the modules used. CLSU News – It is a web pages with three navigations which are: News about CLSU, About that includes the Mission, Vision, Philosophy and brief history and profile; and the Faculty and Staff of ISI. This web page has an iframe where the contents are loaded. It also has a side navigations that are the news about CLSU. Autobiography – It is a web page about oneself and the contents are shown in an iframe with a music playing in the background with four navigations which are: Home that contains a summary description of oneself, About that shows the informations of oneself, Gallery that contains photos arranged in two columns and Blog that shows a list of blog posts. Fan Page – It is a simple fan web page with three navigations which are: Home that includes a summary of the group idolized, About that includes the information and photos of the members of the group and simple registration form. Javascript Modules – It is a simple two webpage program with five modules that uses javascipt. Such modules are Lower Case to Upper Case: that converts the inputted letters to uppercase, Character Counter: that counts the inputted character and with a maximum character of 100, Palindrome: that checks the inputted string if it is a palindrome or not, Form Validation: that validates the inputs in a form and Area of a Circle: that computes the area of the circle with the inputted radius.


Blogs – It is a content management system that manages blogs with a secure login with MySQL as its database. Session is used for securing the web pages. Blogs – It is a content management system that manages blogs in Code Igniter platform with MySQL as its database.

Advanced Content Management System – A content management system with features like adding and posting a comment on a certain post with MySQL as its database. ShipIt – A brand website with three navigations which are: Home that shows all the products available, Product Lists that shows a list of the products arranged in 4 columns and paginated and Product Details that provides complete details of the product. And uses MySQL as its database.

File Management System – It is a system where the admin can upload and update a file while the user can download it. It also contains a log of the incoming and outgoing files of the department. Admin can also see who and when the user downloaded a certain file. Reports generated maybe filtered by the category, sub-category, date (issued) and date uploaded of the file.


Ms. Marifel V. Ellorin

Makati City


Mrs. Anjela C. Tolentino

Department Chair, Department of Information Technology College of Engineering, Central Luzon State University


Dr. Nemesio A. Macabale Jr.

Director, Information Systems Institute

Central Luzon State University



Full Name: Shekainah Kim Abara Sardeng

Birthday: November 30, 1994

Age: 24 years old

Birthplace: Rosales, Pangasinan

Citizenship: Filipino

Religion: Roman Catholic

Languages/Dialect Spoken: English, Filipino and Ilocano I hereby attest that all the information above are true to the best of my knowledge and conscience, and that any falsification made on these shall serve as ground for my disqualification from any appointive position.


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