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Data Engineer

Pittsburgh, PA
June 24, 2019

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SAHAR OMIDI 646-***-****


Provided report for quarterly regulatory reporting campaign under tight schedule for 2 years

Recognized for exceptional performance in 2018 at BNY Mellon

Interpreted and analyzed data in a fast-paced environment

Advanced in writing SQL queries using complex joins, grouping, aggregation, nested subqueries, etc

Imported, exported and manipulated large data sets in million rows

Gained a good knowledge in designing and implementing different data mining models

Achieved 3rd place at SUNY Buffalo State by developers-for-developers Hackathon (2017) EDUCATION

Master of Science in Information Science - Big Data April 2020 University of Pittsburgh (Part-time) - GPA: 4.0 Expected Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 2006-2010 Azad University of Karaj, Tehran, Iran


Human Factors in Augmented Reality Environment – Human Factor Project; University of Pittsburgh Spring 2019

Investigating human factors in augmented reality systems and all the existing challenges that limit its usability and effectiveness like deficiencies in resolution, ergonomics, struggle to provide range, accuracy, robustness, proper occlusion between real and virtual objects, or focus adjustment. Toxic Online Comments – Text Mining Project; University of Pittsburgh Fall 2018

Performed sentiment analysis using Natural Language Processing algorithm

Used computational methods to extract meaning from free text by tokenizing, transforming unstructured data and then creating classifier models Online Bookstore – Database Project; University of Pittsburgh Summer 2018

Created a database in 8 tables that holds all the information related to the online bookstore and linked them together by primary keys to insure consistency and information integrity in the whole database

Created web application using php and MySQL in the back-end and html and bootstrap in front end Advanced Regression Techniques – Data Analytics Project; University of Pittsburgh Spring 2018

Performed data wrangling, and feature engineering to find the most important features

Performed Descriptive Analytics to find patterns in house pricing and then created different models and methods to predict the price for any given house with 0.1 root-mean-square error WORK EXPERIENCE

Intermediate Representative in Cash Management; Oct 2018 - Present Bank of New York Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA

Promoted from Senior Technician in Cash Management at BNY Mellon

Responsible for vault reconciliation and resolving more complex customer inquiries

Reporting foreign exchange derivative contracts and preparing regulatory reporting at the end of each quarter Senior Technician in Cash Management; 2017 - 2018

Bank of New York Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA

Responsible for vault reconciliation

Prepared regulatory reporting and providing the details of outstanding transactions at the end of each quarter Sales Associate at Macy’s; 2015 - 2017

Macy’s Department Store, Homestead, Pittsburgh, PA Engineering License Examiner; 2011 - 2014

Engineering Organization of Alborz Province, Alborz, Iran Test Engineer; 2009 - 2010

Electricity Distribution and Transfer Company, Tehran, Iran SKILLS

Data Science and Machine Learning:

Pandas, NumPy, Sci-Kit Learn, Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook, Data Analysis, Databases, Data Mining, Statistics

Programming Languages: Java Coding in Eclipse and Unix environment, Python, SQL, MongoDB, R, Tableau

Web Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, php

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