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Engineer Mechanical

Richmond, TX
June 24, 2019

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Carlos Jose Rondon

***** ********* ***** ****. ********, TX 77407

Phones: +1-346-***-****; 407-***-****

Email: or PROFILE: Mechanical Engineer with 35+ years of professional experience as a Drilling, Completion and Workover engineer for deep gas and oil development and exploration wells. Talent for implementing new projects and evaluating operations and best practices, proven ability for achieving performance record and optimizing cost in drilling and completion, and strong leadership and management skills over staff. Fluent English / Spanish. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

KOC Sr. Deep Drilling Engineer 2016 – Nov. 2018

Roles: Well Planning, prepare AFE, revise and write drilling and completion programs and follow up daily drilling activities. Mentor young engineers. Supervise Drilling Engineers. Independent Oil & Gas Consultant 2014 – 2016

Frontline Group – Pan America Energy (PAE) drilling assessment (PetroSkill Assessment)

IHS - Oil market services outlook analysis

BP Drilling Engineer 2012- 2014

Roles: Well Planning, prepare AFE, write drilling programs and follow up daily drilling activities. BP Engineering Strategic Performance Unit, North American Gas, Houston, USA.

East Texas Drilling Engineer – Unconventional Tight Gas Horizontal Wells & Multi Stage Frac Completion system. Since May, 2013.

Utica Development Drilling Engineer - Ohio field unconventional shale gas and Air drilling technology.

Monitor Wyoming daily drilling activities.

Analyzed well control barriers and safety standards in drilling operations (Breaking containment and zonal isolation)

Evaluated BP’s Operated By Other (OBO) partners operations for Wyoming area in terms of lessons learned, risk and best practices in order to compare and improve BP’s performance. Senior Drilling Engineer 2008 - 2012

Saudi Aramco. Udhailiyah, Saudi Arabia

Area of work: Deep Gas Drilling, completion and workover (Reentries) Department

Planned Dual laterals horizontal and open hole sidetracks ( 5,000’ vertical sections targeting Khuff-C Carbonates

(Limestone and/or Dolomites) reservoirs as part of Haradh Khuff gas development; PP between 80 to 93 pcf EMW) and vertical Deep Gas Delineation Pre-Khuff wells targeting Sara sandstone formations with PP between 90 to 94 pcf EMW).

Planned and monitored daily operational execution of critical and high risk deep gas wells across Ghawar and satellite fields (development & delineation wells).

Planned and Prepared H2S Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for all critical wells with H2S Rupture Expose Radius (RER) between 30 ppm and 100 ppm.

DG upstream Drilling Engineering Leader 2007 - 2008 REPSOL-YPF Madrid

Evaluated and analyzed application of new technology for drilling and completion operations

Provided technical engineering support for Europe, Asia and Africa region for all onshore and land operations o Member of Well Construction Management (WCM) team, responsible for the peer review and approval of the budget and execution of drilling projects for the region, including HPHT wells. Senior Drilling Engineer 2002 - 2007

Saudi Aramco, Udhailiyah, Saudi Arabia

Area of work: Deep Gas Drilling, completion and workover (Reentries) Department

Planned, coordinated and monitored execution of drilling program for high risk deep gas development (Khuff C and Unayzah reservoirs) and exploration (Sarah reservoir) wells (Vertical and Directional/Dual lateral) and shallow oil horizontal Khuff and pre-Khuff wells with TVD between 11000’ to 17,500’.

Evaluated the Solid Expandable technology (SET) application to slim the casing design, reduce cost and increase drill ability across depleted and abnormal zones of Ghawar fields.

Recognized for achieving best drilling and completion performance of Multilateral wells across Arab D oil reservoirs with up to up to 100 ppm of H2S and Khuff & Unayzah gas reservoirs (Uthmaniyah field)

Recognized for participating in the Haradh III incremental production project (Contributing to increase the oil production in 300k barrels per day (BPD) in one year).

Co-Author of SPE paper 90376: Breakthrough Horizontal Drilling Performance in Pre-Khuff strata with Steerable Turbines.

Drilling, Completion and Workover Superintendent 2001 - 2002 REPSOL-YPF U.N. Caribe, East Venezuela

Area of work: Drilling, completion and workover

Supervised drilling operations for Quiamare– La Ceiba Area, East Venezuela.

Led operational activities for critical & high risk deep oil (Condensate) wells (14000’- 17000’) across Tacata field

(TAG-17 well) with an average daily production of 4,000 BPD and formation pore pressure with up to 11000 PSI. Drilling Team Leader 1999 - 2001

Petroleum of Venezuela (PDVSA) East Venezuela

Area of work: Drilling, completion and workover

Supervised a reentry drilling operation with Snubbing Unit to control an underground blowout in the “Santa Rosa Field”, East Venezuela

Coordinated engineering and operational activities for critical & high risk deep and HPHT gas wells

Technical adviser in the first Integrated Lab Field in Anaco District (RG-231 well) (Depth > 21000 ft and BHT > 350oF) with high concentration of H2S.

Project Manager E& P Solutions 1999 - 1999

Baker Hughes S.A. East Venezuela.

Coordinated and managed all business and operation activities related with integrated Solutions for drilling oil and gas wells in eastern Venezuela.

Integrated Solution Project Manager 1997 - 1998

Baker Hughes Solutions. Houston, USA.

Analyzed and evaluated new and non-conventional drilling & workover technologies and business strategies, especially for South America

Project Manager 1994 - 1997

Baker Hughes INTEQ. East Venezuela.

Implemented, coordinated and managed all business and operation activities related with integrated solutions and Project Management including bidding process, bonding and integrated services, sharing risk and Lump Sum projects

Responsible for 14 Integrated Solution Projects at a time and overseeing supervisors and local & international staff involved (> 50 persons under my supervision)

Drilling Supervisor & Project Leader 1981 - 1993

Petroleum of Venezuela (PDVSA). East Venezuela

Pioneered and developed PDVSA and Baker Hughes Integrated Solutions business and concept application

Well Planning Drilling Engineer - San Tome area (2 years)

Workover Engineer - Anaco Area (4.5 years)

Drilling Engineer- Monagas, Anaco, Barinas & Apure Area (4 years)

Drilling Supervisor & Project Leader - Monagas Area (2 years) o Participated in an interdisciplinary performance improvement team to reduce cost and minimize environmental impact


Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering.

Universidad Nacional Experimental Politécnica Antonio Jose de Sucre (UNEXPO, former IUP Luis Caballero Mejías) Caracas, Venezuela.


• Fluent and literate in English and Spanish

• LandMark applications

• Computer program (MS. office: Excel, PP, Word)

• Casing Design School (BP/Chevron DTA Center)

• Coiled Tubing Application School (Schlumberger)

• Well Control School (WCS) 2013

• Future of Drilling Workshop (SPE Colorado, USA)

• Development of gas reservoirs – 6 months (PDVSA)

• MTI (Manager Training) # 118 Baker Hughes Program

• Contract administration & Legal specifications (Baker Hughes)

• Economy for engineers (PDVSA)

• Risk analysis & decision takes (PDVSA)

• Senior Drilling Engineering (PDVSA)

• Conflicts handling (PDVSA) and about 40 more technical courses.


CIV:31231 and SPE # 2042122.

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