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Accounting Manager/accounting supervisor

Manila, Philippines
June 24, 2019

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#**** *.****** **., *** del Pilar Makati city

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To be affiliated with a progressive and dynamic organization where my professional expertise will be fully utilized and at the same time being able to achieve the highest possible career growth. WORKING EXPERIENCES:


October 2016 to August 2017

Accounting Head

Duties and Responsibilities:

Make Monthly Financial Statement in manufacturing company balance sheet, income statement, cost of goods sold, inventory worksheet, all depreciation schedules variance analysis, budget sales forecast, details of sales graph cash flow.

Process all BIR, PEZA, SSS PHIC, HDMF, SSS, remittances online payment and make the summary of all government remittances.

Check all Accounts Payable entries in JV, APV, CV, also Accounts receivables, purchasing prices.

Check the loan of the company, update the schedule if have a movement made for monthly payments.

I discuss the FS monthly report directly to the President.

Make Japan report for monthly and submit to Head quarter in Japan.

Check the semi-monthly Payroll for all direct employee’s and indirect employee’s and manpower thru agency employee’s for production.

Make product inventory every 1st day of the month.

Make a budget for the month.



September 2015 to August 1, 2016

Sr. Accountant

Duties and Responsibilities:

First thing in the morning I need to reconcile all the accounts in xero accounting software to be able to know the cash balance in each account in bank.

Process day to day transactions in all invoices cash advances petty cash fund revolving fund reimbursement liquidation and other payments that need to book in xero accounting software daily.

Process all the government remittances of BIR, PHIC, HDMF, SSS, PEZA make the schedule of each and make the online payments later than deadline of each remittances.

Process daily invoice of Sales receivable in xero accounting software.

Check weekly payroll and ensure all the departments of virtual employees has balance the amount of hours, daily rate, overtime and all the deductions of government mandatory and incentives commission, referral was indicated and calculate those employees have a benefits that given of the company. Book all entries of payroll to xero accounting software.

Prepared the monthly closing of all entries in xero accounting software and make the schedule of each entry.

Prepared of Profit and loss variance analysis.

Prepared of Cash Flow statements

Prepared Consolidated Profit and loss

Prepared of BAS Excluded monthly report to Australia accounts.

Prepared Balance sheet monthly report.

Prepared weekly AVP monitoring reports of daily booking in xero accounting software. January 5, 2015 to August 7, 2015

General accountant:


Review all invoices for process in SAP accounting system, ensure that all invoices has already accurate before making of APV in SAP.

Prepared all government remittances sss Phil health pag-ibig, remittances.

Prepared payroll of confi and rank in file, Pilot salary in dollar making of replenishment of dollar account and peso account.

Prepared cash advances of all employees, reimbursement and liquidation.

Prepared lapsing schedule and monthly closing.

Prepared billing invoices of accounts receivables

Prepared BIR expanded, compensation vat ITR monthly and quarterly annually.

Prepared all replenishment of dollar account.

Prepared of extraction of trial balance, and PL, Balance Sheet for the month end. April 20, 2014 to Dec 4014



Details of the role:

Vendor Master:

*Validate the requirements AP9084 and Company letterhead and check to SAP xko3 if we have existing in our file.

*Check to Canada post guidelines if the address is correct to be able to deliver the cheque payment to the vendor.

*Create the VID# in xko1

Screen I – the profile to fill up information and the heading of vendor name check printing

Screen II- Display vendor control authorization

Screen III- Payments transaction fill up upon EFT request

Screen IV- Accounting Information

a. reconciliation account

b. sort key

c. cash management group

Screen V- Payment transaction accounting

a. Payments terms

b. Check double inv

c. Payments method “C” to “X”

Screen VI- DUNNING procedure for credit memo/correspondence accounting to be filling up upon EFT request.

Screen VII- Purchasing data

a. order currency

b. terms of payment

c. automatic purchase order

Set up to EFT (electronic fund transfer)- all the bank details bank key, bank transit, bank account number need to put in screen 3.

Put the contact number, fax number and email address to correspondence

Send to BMO that has added to process in electronic fund transfer EFT, BMO has responded to the vendor master of secure documents that has already completed process to the bank

Validate vendor all the bank details to SAP screen 3 and 6.

Send the vendor master to the vendor or requestor that has already completed to process in EFT. Work Flow Process:

The work flow task is to validate assign or create/extended a vendor account number as the first step in the AP early archiving/Imaging process the work item when executed will display a screen with vendor address data and have the option to change the indexed vendor, assign a different vendor or create/extend a vendor.

Open the invoices determine if the invoice is (substitute invoice, E-invoice Purchase Order)

Check vendor name and postal code to SAP xko3 and Canada post guidelines if the vendor has already exist.

Assign vendor if has already created and xko1 if the vendor need to create/extend for donation invoice greater than $10,000 use the existing vendor if the vendor already existing and create vendor used R0070 for donation/sponsorship invoice less than $2,999 follow all the screen process and put the comments field (created as per invoice#) Jan 6, 2011 to June2013



Details of the role:

Prepares Journal Voucher for cash advance, reimbursement, petty cash others, ensures that all expenses with proper authorization

Consolidate the Journal Entry for Uploading into ERP to May bank to make the letter of Authorization to print of checks.

Prepares bank reconciliation into SAP accounting software.

Make the Funding of checks that are deposited to the bank.

Prepares the Monthly schedule of Cash Flow.

February 22, 2010 to December 2010



Details of the role:

Make the Subsidiary Ledger in Accounts Receivable

Review all the invoices and make the check voucher and checks for payment.

.Make the Accrual of all expenses.

Prepare and Journalize the cash receipts input it to the accounting software in SAP.

Reconciles and control accounts with follow up actions for other amounts receivable, other accounts payable, accruals account

And other prepaid expense, fixed assets, lapsing schedule, cash account

Prepares and Journalize the cash disbursement PCF input it to accounting software in SAP

Prepares and Journalize the check disbursement input it to accounting software in SAP.

Prepares the monthly summary report of Journal entry reconciles to ledger accounts balance book profit/loss income and balance sheet statement in SAP Accounting Software

Prepare the Analysis of Financial Statement report the year to date comparative report in accounting software in SAP and to the manual report

Prepares the monthly bank reconciliation

Perform task that maybe assigned from time to time. April to Dec 2009

ACCOUNTING STAFF- Shared Finance Organization


Details of the role:

Review and processes all employees' reimbursement and claims (including foreign

Transactions). Ensures that all expenses are with proper authorization and are within the

Company’s policies and guidelines.

Coordinates and supervises the postings of vouchers to SAP by SSC Thailand (third

Party services provider).

Prepares various monthly schedules such as employees' cash advances, loans and

Revolving funds

And the bank reconciliation.

Prepares assigns and checks account codes invoices foe all payments to the third parties

(For all PELI sectors including Assemble on)

Prepares journal entries, maintain and reconciles ledger accounts balance books and

Prepares profit/loss income and balance sheet statement in SAP Accounting Software.

Review and verifies the accuracy of journal entries and accounting classifications

Assigned in various records.

Prepares and analyzes financial statements, tax records and reports and balance sheets

Reconciliation and analysis assists with audits by providing supporting records.

Prepares DN and CN for all payment on behalf of transactions and monthly LBS

Charges to sectors and foreign counter parties

Assist Accounting Manager in closing of Books of Assemble on

Assist Accounting Manager for monthly preparation of Balance sheet reports

Prepares and issues quarterly withholding tax certificates upon request by the supplier

Maintain records of certificates donation

Book all cash transaction and prepares monthly bank reconciliations for several cash

Accounts dep’t.


1997 – 2001





Born on November 27, 1978 in Libmanan Camarines Sur, Philippines Strengths:

Team player, motivated and quality-oriented

learn fast and adapts quickly

Communicates effectively


Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office Programs and SAP Accounting software, AS 400, JDE, Oracle, Quick Books,

Accounting software

Fluent in English and Filipino


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