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Manager Project

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
June 24, 2019

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Name: Ramdas Bhivaji Shingade


Mobile: +91-702*******/992*******


To work in GIS team which offers highly creating and challenging environment, encouraging new ideas providing a very good avenue for individual excellence and team afford.


1Total Experience: 8 Years

2Experience as a GIS Executive with Genesys International Ltd;

3Having good knowledge on GIS and Remote Sensing domains with prime exposure to CyberTech systems And Software LTD.

4Acquired practical knowledge through various trainings and academic projects.

5Team player with strong analytical and leadership skills.


Operating Systems : MS Windows,Windows XP, Windows98(Professional),8. Plane Table Survey, Prismatic Compass, Dumpy Level, Theodolite,Pocket Stereoscope, Mirror Stereoscope, Handled GPS, Mobile Navigation, MS-CIT, C Programming, 30W/P English Typing,DOA, DGPS Field Survey In Tree Plotting, GeoCivic application

GIS Packages : AutoCAD, ArcGIS 9.3,10,ArcView,Map Info, Micro Station, Spatial Factory,2D Manager, GPS, DGPS..


2010-2011 P.G. in GIS and Remote Sensing from Pune University .

2008-2010 M.A. Geography from Pune University, Pune. With Geomorphology

2005-2008 B.A. Geography from C. T. Bora College Shirur, Pune

2003-2005 H.S.C. From Maharashtra State Board.

2002-2003 S.S.C. From Maharashtra State Board


Remote Sensing :-

Image Rectification and Geo referencing.

Map composition.

Knowledge of working on Digital Image Processing in ERDAS and ENVI environment.

Image classification Techniques Supervised and Unsupervised.

Also know some modeling like NDVI and technique of Resolution Merge.

Digital elevation modeling and terrain modeling.

GIS Skill:

Digital Image Processing

GIS Data Planning

Visual & Digital Image Interpretation

QC for Spatial & Non Spatial Data

Vector & Raster Analysis

GPS & DGPS Handling.


Detailed Experience Company & Project Name:

S2 InfoTech International Limited Date : 13th Sept. 2017 till date

Project :-1

Property Tax (D2 to D2)

13th Sept. 2017 till date

Project Summary: Currently working on RFP for Selection of System integrator for Development of web GIS based Maharashtra State Urban Geo Spatial for Decision Support System.(S2 InfoTech International Limited)

Property tax Survey: This project is to create a web based GIS platform for spatial data enriched with locational information in the form of attributes, images and measurement data to be used as a Decision Support System for enhanced governance

1. Satellite Image processing and Base Map ( MRSAC scope of work)

2. Data Capture property survey, LiDAR data, 360 panoramic immersive & underground

utilities (spatial and non-spatial data)

Survey data: The Digitized Land Property (Plot Boundaries - Optional) and Assets Properties (Buildings). The SI’s team leaders, data analysts, etc. shall process collected Data, undertake necessary Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Checking (QC) activities and remove errors, if any. After the QA/QC the data should be pushed into the database and integrated with base map.

Designation : GIS-QC-L-1

Role :QA


Understanding Requirement

Input Check

Topology Check

Migration data

Cybertech Systems & Software Ltd, Thane (Nov-14 to Jully-17 )

Designation: Analyst-GIS

Project: Property Tax (Nov-2014 to Till)

AMC, KMC, NMC, PMC, SMC, TMC, WMC & Patiala.

Software Used: ArcGIS 10.2.2

Project Description:

•Create a base map using satellite image and create a vector map (direction with coordinates).

•Following Features shall capture in Base Map-

Agriculture Area, City Area, Commercial Area, Industrial Area, Open Space, Public Utility,

Railway Ground,Water Bodies, Road Divider, City Boundary, Bridge, Road Edge Line,

Gardens and Park Area, Nalla, Play Grounda, River, Building Footprints, etc.

•Urban planning using digital data.

•To identify all properties (Buildings) in the urban area.

• Identifying and categorizing urban land use.

•Create road network based on width & Category of road.

•The vector map was used to conduct a field survey to gather information about the properties.

•The corrected base map thus created was marked with the help center boundaries and provided to the respective tax inspectors.

•This helped the TAX inspectors to understand the number of properties and update the status of tax payment.

•To Assign Unique Property Identification Number (PTN) to every property with their details.

•The Field Survey has been done for all the properties in urban areas and digitized ward maps with individual properties have been prepared. Properties have been assigned a unique property ID Number called PTN Number. This has resulted in an accurate database of all the properties in the urban areas.

For Kolhapur site Responsible for data approval for client and coordinate the Project.

Project: Waterone (Nov-2014 to Sep-2015)

Software Used: ArcGIS 10.2

Project Description:

Doing analytical work, client provided location documents for draw the easements for Water Pipe

Line. We Creating Easements for water pipeline for Waterone Company located in US

Genesys International Corporation Ltd, Mumbai.

Designation: GIS Executive

1.Project: Phoenix-Basemap & Tag Process (May 2011 to Oct 2014)

Software Used: Auto Cad Map, ArcGIS and 2D Manager.

Project Description:


Digitized Buildings, Roads, Agriculture land, Open Space, Forest Area, Industrial

Area, Railway Ground, Water Bodies etc. features in landbase.

Tag Process: For Tag Process used Ladybug Camera 360 degree panoramic view. Tagging for local

Search. Using FDC POI place the tags for every Shop, Complex, Mall, Cinema, Bank, ATM,

Hospital, Temple, Hotel, Restaurant Etc. Tag with Name, Category Sub-Category, Address.


2.Project: PWD

Software Used: ArcGIS and Spatial Factory.

Project Description:

Capturing Road features Potholes, Road Centre Line, Road Edge, features

around the roads which can visible in panoramic view like tree, Light Pole, MH, Buildings etc.

Used Topcon data & features captured on cloud using trajectory.

3.Project Title: Liberty

Software Used: ArcGIS.

Project Description:

The scope of project is to developing a digital topographic database for a GIS, topographical maps are the main source of data. In order to digitize a map, the map has to be checked within theoretical dimensions, then scanned into a raster format & resulting raster data. City map represents a number of features & attributes which are useful for large scale map like Building-Residential & Commercial, Unspecified Area, Decorative Polygon, Z-Lavel Polygon, Divider, Sidewalk, Railway Ground, Sandy Soil, Green Urban Area, Water Bodies, Forest Area, Paved Area\Parking etc.

4.Project: Phoenix\Wonobo

Software Used: ArcGIS 9.3 and 2D Manager (App.)

Project Description:

India with 360-degree street views across major Indian cities, detailed information for

millions of places including monuments, and turn-by-turn navigation:

•Share places of importance with family and friends

•Explore all Indian streets from the comfort of your armchair

•Step inside the Taj Mahal, Elephanta Caves and other tourist spots

•Walk through hotels and shopping malls with extensive interior views

•Get the best of what’s around you with local search

Personal Details:

Name: Ramdas Bhivaji Shingade

Fathers Name: Bhivaji Shivaji Shingade

Mothers Name: Lilabai

Date of Birth: 5th Jun 1987

Sex: Male

Nationality: Indian

Interests: Swimming, Reading, Cricket etc.

Languages Known: English, Hindi, And Marathi.

Marital Status: Married

Permanent Address: At. Post: Shingadwadi, Warude, Tq: Shirur, Dist: Pune-412209

Maharashtra, India.

Place: Mumbai

Date: 11-06-2019

I certify that the information provided in this resume is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

(Ramdas Shingade) Date: 11-06-2019

Place: Mumbai

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