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SAP FI certified fresher, AICWAI, MCOM

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
June 23, 2019

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Swapna Ratnakar Patke

Address: Andheri (East), Mumbai I Cell: +91-983*-**-**** I


Cost Accountant with 21 years of domain experience in Finance and Accounting of Pharmaceutical Industry.

Responsible for Statutory Accounting and reporting of parent company and its subsidiaries, having held various positions in the Accounts Department.

Worked with Pfizer Limited (India) from June 1997 till December 2018.

Last position held: Manager – Accounts

Reporting to: Darshak Bhagat (Finance Controller)


General Ledger accounting:

Accounting for imports, exports.

Purchase Price Variance.

Revaluation of foreign currency payables, receivables.

Realized, Unrealized exchange gain/loss.

Inter-Company reconciliations.

Inter-Company cross-charges.

Accounting for import-related payments, export-related foreign currency receipts.

Accounting of forward exchange contracts.

Accounting for finished goods inventory:

-Maintaining all-India subsidiary inventory ledger.

-Coordination with CFA’s, Hubs, Plant, Distribution department and Manufacturing.

-Monthly reconciliation of subsidiary ledger with General Ledger.

-Inventorization of inventory on FIFO basis.

-Net Realizable Value (inventory to be valued at cost or market price whichever is lower).

Annual Statutory Accounts:

-Balance Sheet and P&L schedules.

-Segment Reporting.

-Related Party disclosure.

-Product-line P&L for Transfer Pricing purpose.

-Analytical Review with prior year figures.

Migration to BPCS systems (during Abbott tenure):

-Attended training given by Abbott Hong Kong delegate.

-Created new Chart Of Accounts, mapping of the same to old one.

-Created FRS (Financial Reporting System) for Balance Sheet, P&L and other schedules.

-Imparted training to other finance users.

Monitoring employee advances.

Month-end Accounts closing:

Expense provisioning.

Analytical review.

Monthly Operating Results (P&L).

Monthly New York reporting.

Independently handled Financial Accounting (local as well as US reporting) of several subsidiary Pfizer entities namely:

Abbott Laboratories.

Pfizer Products India Private Limited.

Duchem Laboratories.


Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.

Warner-Lambert (Pfizer Pharmaceuticals).

Worked on Authorized Signatory Limits (ASL):

Streamlined ASL based on various factors like employee title, grade, division, respective Manager’s ASL, existing ASL (if any).

Held discussions and coordinated with individual managers (including Leadership Team members).

Regular monitoring of ASL in view of promotions, transfers, new entrants.

Handled National Sample Survey (NSS) related-work which included tabulation of financial data in various NSS templates:

Thorough scrutiny of published Financial Accounts.

Extraction of detailed transaction data from system (SAP, SUN, VISION XL).

Independently handled one-on-one meetings with NSS Inspectors and their seniors.

Worked as SUN Systems Finance Administrator wherein:

Performed SUN Systems User Access Periodic Review:

-Monitored access of all system users based on their functional roles.

-Held discussions with individual Managers.

-Ensured Maker-Checker concept.

Monitored and approved updating of all Master Data records in system.

Extraction of data using VISION XL tool as per user requirements.

Creation of Rule Sets as per business needs.



Master of Commerce - March 1997


Associate Member – December 1996

Membership Number: 20249

ATOS – Authorized SAP Training and Certification Partner

Underwent Instructor-Led Training at ATOS

Certified in Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7 with a score of 94% - April 2019


Proficient in Microsoft Office - Word, Excel and Power Point

Operations in SUN Systems (LA module): Attended training sessions, imparted training to others, hands-on system knowledge.

Good Understanding of Concepts of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) in IT Service Management.


Well-versed with concepts of:

Fiscal Year Variant:


Year-independent fiscal year variant.

-Calendar year/ Non-calendar year.

Year-specific fiscal year variant.

Exchange rate types.

Exchange rate spreads.

Direct and indirect exchange rate (translation) quotations.

Types of Chart Of Accounts (COA):

Operating COA (for regular data posting).

Group COA (for consolidation purpose, mapped in COA segment of Operating COA).

Country COA (for country-specific requirements, mapped in Company Code segment of Operating COA).

Accounts Group:

assigned in COA segment of G/L Account Master

number ranges for G/L Account Codes

Accounts in local currency, foreign currency.

‘Only Balances in Local Currency’ indicator.

Derivation of ‘Segment’ characteristic from the characteristic ‘Profit Centre’.

Accounts Group for Customer and Vendor Master data:

Assigned in General Data segment.

Controls field status of master records.

Defines number ranges which may be internal or external but cannot overlap.

Determines if one-time account.

Three segments of Customer and Vendor Master data:

General Data (at Client level).

Company Code Data.

Sales Area (in case of a Customer) and Purchasing Organization (in case of a Vendor).

Line item display:

A control field in Company Code segment of an account.

Open item management (if set, line-items posted to an account are displayed separately as ‘Open’ and ‘Cleared’).

Partial payment/ Residual payment.

Document structure:

Document Header (Document Type being the control key).

Line items (Posting Key being the control key).

Field status variant (bundle of field status groups) assigned to a Company Code.

Posting period variant.

Posting authorizations (wherein upper limits for posting transactions within Tolerance Groups for employees).

Document splitting:

Splitting characteristics.

Entry view, General Ledger view.

Passive, Active, creating clearing lines for zero balance.

Document change rules.

Document reversal (normal reversal posting, negative posting).

Terms of payment.

Posting cash discount (using Gross Procedure, Net Procedure).

Maintaining tax codes.

Tax Category and Posting without tax allowed fields in G/L Account Master data.

Cross-company code transactions.

Document Clearing:

Posting with clearing.

Account clearing.

Automatic clearing program.

Automatic payment program:

House bank.

Customer/Vendor account links.

Alternative payer/payee.

Head Office/Branch.

Payment Run parameters:

-Company Code settings.

-Payment Method settings.

-Bank selection.

Proposal Run.

Payment Run.



-Dunning interval in days.

-Number of dunning levels.

-Minimum days in arrears (account).

-Line item grace period.

-Interest indicator, print all items, payment deadline.

-Dunning charges, dunning texts.

Schedule Dunning Run.

Dunning proposal.

Permitted payment differences defined in tolerance group for employees and customers/vendors.

Financial Statement Versions (create items, assign accounts).

Parallel valuation:

using Accounts Approach (valuation differences stored in different GL Accounts):

-Shared Accounts.

-Prefix numbers 1 and 9 used to distinguish between International and Local Accounts.

Using Ledger Approach (valuation differences stored in different Ledgers):

-One leading ledger.

-Non-leading ledgers (have to be assigned to individual Company Codes).

Foreign currency valuation:

Of Balance Sheet Accounts maintained in foreign currency.

Of open line items posted in foreign currency.

Valuation at a Balance Sheet key date with automatic reversal on first day of the next month.

Valuation at a Balance Sheet key date with delta posting logic:

-Lowest value principle.

-Strictly lowest value principle.

Value Adjustments for overdue receivables:

Value Adjustment Key assigned in Customer master record for flat-rate individual value adjustments.

In the Value Adjustment Key is defined the debit rate percentage for overdue period in days.

Periodical valuation run calculates bad debt expense for overdue line items and makes adjustment posting on relevant key date and reversal posting one day after key date.

Regrouping receivables/payables according to their remaining life by making adjustment postings.

Posting accruals and deferrals.

Special G/L transactions (posted to alternative reconciliation accounts):

Down payment request (noted item).

Down payment (free-offsetting entry).

Guarantee of payment (automatic offsetting entry).

Hold and park documents.

Validations and Substitutions:

Area of application to be decided.

Correct call-up point to be selected.

Define validation and substitution using operands, logical operators and comparison operators:

-Rule manager validates data entered according to validation rules.

-Customer-specific substitution of certain field contents.

Asset accounting:

Chart Of Depreciation

-defined at client level and assigned to Company Codes.

Depreciation Areas (for different valuation approaches).

CO objects like Cost Centre can be assigned in Asset Master Record so that depreciation can be posted to them.

Depreciation areas post to the G/L.

Asset Classes (created at client level):

-Master data section.

-Depreciation data section.

Account determination.

Number range for number assignment to asset master records.

Screen layout of asset master record.

Activate Account Assignment Objects and specify Account Assignment Types

External acquisition (with Vendor).

Acquisition with automatic offsetting entry.

Depreciation run.

Asset retirement.

Asset Explorer.

Asset transfer (intra-company and inter-company).

Capitalization of Assets Under Construction (AUC).

New asset accounting:

Each Depreciation Area is assigned to a target Ledger Group.

All Depreciation Areas that manage APC values to post to G/L in real-time.

Technical Clearing Account for integrated asset acquisition.

Alternative or derived Document Type for Ledger Group specific documents.

Real-time integration of CO with FI.

Manual reposting of costs


Was honored with a special award for obtaining huge refund (from Customs Authorities) of ‘Revenue Deposits’ paid on imports of Pfizer Products India Private Limited.

We managed to convince Government Authorities that even though we are importing from related Pfizer parties, the transactions are still at arms-length.

Was awarded for clearing very old inter-company reconciliation items.


Darshak Bhagat

Finance Controller – Pfizer Limited

Prajeet Nair

Company Secretary – Pfizer Limited

Sonali R Patke

Senior Manager – Accenture


Sincere, honest, an eye for detail and a Team Player

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