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Specialist In Precast And Prestressed Concrete Products Construction

Hubli, Karnataka, India
June 22, 2019

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Over 30 years of experience,Exclusively in precast and prestressedconcrete products construction industry at Gulf

w Accomplished professional having proven skills in precast and prestressed concrete product construction industry including design, estimation, quotations, contracts, production, erection, quality control, concrete lab management with full P&L accountability

w Having outstanding experience in Precast factory and overall operations management, Starting from Estimation to Quotation to Contracts Administration to Design to Production and Erection of Different Projects. projects for different types of buildings along with it dexterous in implementing management system based on ISO 9001-2015, project planning, scheduling, budgeting, defining technical specifications, drawing project estimates and performing cost-benefit analysis

w Capable of developing, establishing, implementing and maintaining a contract administration procedure including of mobilization, execution of the works, performance, compliance, monitoring time, monitoring value of work accomplished, completion and take over, construction claims and claims avoidance

w Exposure in executing construction activities on various projects including Residential Compounds, Apartments, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals and Bridge And High Rise Buildings.

w Enjoys a high capacity to learn new skills whilst objectively seeking new challenges, responsibilities and ways to develop an already extensive array of professional experience. Strong communication, analytical &problem solving skills coupled with multitasking abilities

Professional Summary

Seasoned professional offering benchmarking experience in handling gamut of activities spanning project management, operations, project planning & execution, site management, Foundation Concreting, Land Surveying, Safety & Compliance Management a nd many other. Proficiency in designing, surveying, execution, estimating, basic part features, patterning features, creating drawing views, billing of materials and drafting

Leverage skills in precast and prestressed concrete construction and setting up, commissioning of heavy construction sites, with expertise in project, operations and relationship management.

Instrumental in establishing, implementing and maintaining a precast and hollow core erection procedure, that includes overall stages of erection, ensure safe and economic execution of erection of precast and prestressed concrete product.

Competent in developing and implementing HSE best practices, implementing management system based on ISO 9001-2015, project planning, scheduling, budgeting, defining specifications, drawing project estimates and performing cost-benefit analysis

Dedicated professional with excellent coordination and team leadership skills coupled with an ability to cut across cultural barriers effectively in an business scenario; committed to a consistent and collaborative approach

Professional Domain Skills/ Credentials/ Projects

Foundational Strength

Strategic Planning Project Management Plans & Procedures Precast project Management Precast design Scheduling/ Monitoring Operations Managements Quality System Procedures Cost Control Management Precast & Pre stressing Client Requirements Construction Management Site Management GRC Technology Piling Work & Dewatering Mass Excavation Filling & Compacting Foundation Training & Development Leadership Acumen Team/ Staff Management


Meticulously established, implemented and maintained the new quotation procedure for tender use, including preparation of pre-qualification and technical proposals for all the clients including Saudi Aramco, MODA, SCECO, Royal commission and other private technical and operation Departments ensuring correct and accurate quotation is made.

Dexterously developed the INCO Precast from startup and got the Saudi Aramco Approval Certification for the company that established the organization between major suppliers for All Aramco Projects.

Developed, established, implemented and maintained a new company quality system based on ISO 9001 and achieved Saudi Aramco approval for INCO precast plant in November 1998. Dexterously established material planning a procurement procedure that streamlined the monitoring of monthly material issuance or material consumption for each job.

Adroitly worked and introduced process control production control procedure that includes overall stages of manufacturing process for precast and prestressed elements ensuring the good quality of products are produced within the estimated cost.

Developed new at INCO Precast- Al Khobar K.S.A that includes Management Responsibility, Quality System, Contract Review, Design Control, Document & Data Control, Purchasing, Customer Supplied Product and Product Identification & Traceability; process Control, Inspection & Testing, Inspection, Measuring & Test Equipment, Inspection & Test Status, and Control of non-confirming product, Corrective action and Handling; storage & Delivery, Quality Records, Internal Quality Audit, Training, Servicing and Statistical Techniques.

Worked on king Faisal university and 500 Aillas at Alhassa project with ministry of educational along with it functioned on project consists of 2000 Villas for Royal Commission at Yanbo and Dubai Mall, Ibnbatuta Mall at Dubai and Jumerah Housing Projects At Abu Dhabi

Managed the team size of 60 staff and 500 skilled labors to produce and install 500 m3 of precast daily which generate revenue of 12 million SR per month. executed a project of value 120 million SR in just one year

Article on precast products is published in one of the reputed commercial magazine of Saudi Arabia in the year 2008 along with it distinction in completing a 6 storied building within 1 year of time.


Presently working as a General Manager Precast Project Management with CBRE

From 25th Jan 2017 to October 2018.Worked with Ranco Zamil Precast at Riyadh as a Precast Operations Manager.

Nov-2013 – 23rd june 2016 with Ideal Precast Company, Dammam-K.S.A as a Executive Manager

Key Deliverables:

Lead and oversaw the department and ensuring implementation of work in line with the overall strategic objective. Supervised processes to ensure optimum results; analyzed costs and performance post project completion. Accountable for conceptualizing and implementing process modifications for optimizing resource utilization and maximizing productivity and implementing automated systems for streamlining operations to enhance operational efficiency

Handled end to end project activities encompassing planning, design, estimation, scope definition, finalisation of techno-commercial aspects and implementing quality standards; accountable for production, erection and drawing up detailed project plan covering overall project theme, requirements of manpower, machines, material resources, budgetary outlay and activity schedules within stipulated time of completion

Developed, established, implemented and maintained contract administration procedure including of mobilization, execution of the works, performance, compliance, monitoring time, monitoring value of work accomplished, completion and take over, construction claims and claims avoidance

Analyzed the site location as well as the job completion; strategically planning and assessing the basic requirements while setting up the technical infrastructure of the project.

Devised and implemented processes, in line with organizational standards and client specifications. Dexterously planned, scheduled & controlled all phases of project development and managing present construction methodologies ensuring maximum productive output.

Ensured mobilization of manpower resources for the project within designated timelines. Monitored progress of construction against planned timelines. Ensuring effective cost management during the project lifecycle

Devised and implemented processes, in line with organizational standards and client specifications Created and maintained document control procedure for all the Departments of the company.

Provided inputs to the design, planning and coordination teams before the commencement of the projects. Accountable for planning, recruiting and managing staff, as required, to execute construction projects; providing technical and capacity building support including supervision, training and mentoring in the planning, management and implementation

Aug 2008- July 2012 with ETA-Ascon-Precast Division-Dubai as General Manager

Key Deliverables

Build a new precast factory from scratch.Established all the dept of the company that is

Estimation,Quotation,Contracts Administration,Design dept,Production,HSE,Eretion of Precast Elements at site up to High Rise Buildings up to 48 Floors,QA/QC Dept.Lab Management and Concrete Mix Designing and Materilas Testing,Execution of Projects in a Efficient and in a Profitable Manner.

Prepared Prequalification for this new Company and Ontroduce in to the UAE Market and Did very Good Precast Business with Full responsibility of P and L of the Company

Accountable for managing preparation of claim document, delay analysis, quality of damages, new development in evaluation the impact of change orders and resolution of claims if any; supervising & inspecting the construction work and ensuring full accordance with the drawings, technical specifications and bills of quantities.

Established & set up technical assistance on functional sites and managing present construction methodologies while overseeing materials & manpower resources to register maximum productive output.

Developed, implemented and maintained the contract review procedure before the final signing of contract.

Developed and implemented the finance control procedure, that includes monthly evaluation of income statement and monthly performance report of the company along with it performed comparison of actual cost versus budgeted / estimated cost and taking proactive remedial action against any deficiencies in the performance.

Apr 2004 – Apr 2007 with Gulf Precast Concrete Co-Dubai as Branch Manager

Key Deliverables:

Functioned as a Dubai branch manager, overseeing overall operations of two factories while executing various precast projects.

Established monthly progressive invoicing a collection procedure through the finance and operation and business development department and establishing material control procedure to ensure the actual cost of material is within the estimated cost.

Ensured crane cost, labor cost and other material cost for erection is within the estimated budget. Maintained filing system for all site memos and instructions, measured quantities of work and materials on site, reports and other documents and correspondence pertaining to the construction activities.

Responsible for planning and programming procedures for the execution of projects, by using primavera, Microsoft Projects and Microsoft Excel.

Accountable for preparing commercial offers/proposals along with handling contracts/billing related formalities and documentation and maintaining a labor cost control procedure ensuring labor cost is within the estimated cost; adhering to local, and international standards like Saudi Aramco, SCECO, ACI, PCI and BS standards by using latest design packages of STAAD, AutoCAD and Micro-stations, etc.

Previous Engagements

Jul 1996 – Mar 2004 with Inco-Precast, Al-Khobar-K.S.A as Precast Division Manager

Successfully achieved Saudi Aramco Certification for the Company in 1998

Developed, established, implemented and maintained a new company quality system

based on ISO 9001 and achieved Saudi Aramco approval for INCO precast plant in

November 1998.And Worked as a Precast Plant Manager for Inco Precast for 7 years.

Executed many projects with precast and prestressed concrete.I was looking for all the departments of Precast Company.Which includes Estimation,Quotation,Contract Administration,then Design of the Project and Planning,Production,and Erection of the project. Was dealing with the consultant.Preparing and submitting the the Technical submittals and Handing over the project to the client.Ensuring the payment is made by the client on time.


(2) Position – Quality Assurance Manager

Company – Saif Noman Said & Partners for Prestressed Precast & GRC – Riyadh, K.S.A



At Precast Production Yard

1. Primary inspection of the moulds and surface distortion for P.C units.

2. Primary inspection of reinforcement prepared for P.C. units.

4. Placement and mixing check, cover and location of rebar’s and size inspection.

5. Implementation of curing system for precast unit.

6. Final inspection of casted precast units.

7. Random checking of strength of precast units by concrete hammer test and reinforcement by cover

Meter instrument.

8. Inspection of methods of demoulding precast units and checking its demoulding strength as per

PCI code. PCI 116 and PCI 117

At GRC Production yard

1. Designing a mix design of glass reinforced concrete (GRC).

2. Analysis and inspection of percentage of fibre glass present in a mix.

3. Inspection of twist and bowing of GRC unit and its remedial measures.

4. Designing a repair mix for repair of GRC.

5. Control of mix and slump test of GRC mix.

6. Computation of Lop and MOR for test sample based on specification of Pilkington Brother’s Ltd.

7. Inspection of curing of GRC unit.

Final Inspection for Deliveries of Precast Units

All the slabs elements will be visually inspected and overall dimensions noted and colour code stamp

applied as appropriate.

Colour coding stamping system to be implemented as follows:

1. Green “A” for approved to dispatch.

2. Yellow square for rework.

3. Red “R” rejected.

Only units with green “A” to dispatched, yellow square units must be reworked to satisfaction of Q.C.

and design office if appropriate.

Red “R” units to be removed.

Only Q.C. staff will have and use colour code stamp. Production department to comply with unit

coding and ensure no units without green stamp are allowed to be dispatched. Units failing to achieve

“A” approval to be reviewed jointly with production and design office where appropriate to evaluate

fully before it is rejected.


The tolerance and specification for Q.C. is prepared as per ACI, ASTM, BS and Aramco standards.

Introduction of New Product

Invention or introduction of lightweight mix design for the production of lightweight insulated hollow

Core slabs.

1. Analysis and behaviour of light perlite with cement and water.

2. Achieved a good mix design for light weight hollow core slabs and extruded perlite slabs on October


3. Finally invented a mix for lightweight insulated core slabs with density of 1520 kg/m3 and rewarded

With bonus from Saif Noman Company.

At Hollow Core Pre-stressed Slabs Production Yard

1. Analysis and computation of elongation length required for required for various diameter of

Strands and primary inspection of beds and stressing operation and final inspection of elongation

Obtained and recorded in Quality Assurance inspection form.

2. Initial inspection of casted elements on the bed.

3. Inspection of initial strand slippage on the bed.

4. Final complete inspection of one hollow core slab on each bed.

5. Calibration of stressing machines.

6. Performing destructive and non-destructive test for hollow core slabs as per CP-110.

7. Final inspection of sand blasted falling mix hollow core wall panels.

8. Performing flexural strength test as per C-78

At Double T Pre-stressed Slab Production Yard

1. Inspection of mould fabrication of double T pre-stressed slabs.

2. Inspection of stressing operations

3. Inspection of slippage of strands.

4. Performing deflection test for double T pre-stressed slabs.

In addition to the above work I was supervising the Lab Management and materials testing.


Quality Control on materials and its testing at Laboratory

A) Cement Tests

1. Dry Bulk Density & Fineness (Blaine) test as per ASTM –C -150 and ASTM C115

2. Initial & Final Setting time test as per ASTM-C191 with required specification of STM-C150

3. Physical testing of Cement as per BS-12 with required specification of ASTM C-150-185

4. Consistency of cement as per ASTM-C-187-79

5. Chemical analysis of cement as per ASTM-C-150-85

B) Water Tests

1. T.D.S tests as per specification of C-94 or BS 3148

2. Chemical tests for sulphate content as per specification of C-94 and for chloride content as per

Specification of BS-3148 and water test for PH value.

C) Tests on Coarse and fine aggregates

1. Silt content test as per ASTM C-117 with specification of ASTMC-33

2. grading of aggregates or sieve analysis as per BS-882 or ASTMC-33

3. Soundness tests as per C-88 with specification of ASTMC-33

4. Bulk density tests as per with specification of ASTMC-33.

5. Unit weight test as per C-29.

6. Fine value (KN) as per BS-12 part 3-1975 with required specification of BS-882-1983.

7. Flakiness index & Elongation index as per BS-882.

8. Specific Gravity and absorption test as per ASTM-127/128.

9. Clay lump & fariable particles test as per ASTM C-142 with required specification of ASTM C-33.

10. Potential Alkali Reactivity test as per ASTMC-289.

11. Air content test as per C-138.

12. Aggregate crushing value as per BS-812 only for coarse aggregate.

13. Los Angeles Abrasion test as per ASTM C-131 for coarse aggregate only with required specification

Of ASTM C33.

14. Organic Impurities test in fine aggregates as per ASTM C-140.

15. Chemical Analysis of fine aggregate

16. Sand Equivalent test for fine aggregates as per ASTM D-2419.

Quality Control of Concrete Mix Design

1. Designing various mix design for precast, pre-stressed and architectural concrete with pigmented

Mix as per Saudi Aramco Standards and ACI & BS standard.

2. Controlling the concrete mix by computation of standard deviation of actual test results of concrete

Cubes or cylinders and checking the margin with mean target strength as per BS-1881 and

Implementation of log book system at all the batching plant.

3. Fresh concrete analysis as per ASTM C-192 and C-138

4. Concrete compression tests as per BS-1881.

5. Concrete slump test as per ASTM C-143.

6. Flexural test of concrete as per ASTM C-78.

7. Deflection test for pre-stressed beam and slabs.

8. Destruction and non-destruction test for pre-stressed slabs as per BS-CP-110 1972 clause 9.52.

In addition production and

Product of architectural precast yard, pre-stressed hollow core slabs yard and GRC production yard.

Responsible for implementation and maintaining Q.C procedures and reporting as per Q.A procedures

And management of Q.A staff in whole factory.

Become a Precast Division General Manager, Developed the company from scratch and got

Attained the Saudi Aramco Certification for Inco Precast In 1998 and also get the Sceco Certification. Prepared and implemented a quality control and quality assurance procedure in precast factory, based on PCI manual 116 and 117, concrete and material testing based on ASTM, ACI and Bs standards

to laboratory management, responsible and in charge of all quality control of

VII. (1) Dec- 1988 - Dec 1991

(2) Position – Production and Erection Manager

Company – Ranco Precast – Riyadh, K.S.A

1.Planning for production

2.Executing of Precast production as per planned schedule

3.Supervising the Erection works at Site.

4.Achieving the monthly target for production and Erection

Education & Credentials

1986 BE – Civil Engineering, (Precast and Prestressed Technology) from Karnataka University Dharwar,

IT Skills: well versed with Ms Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Ms Word, Auto Cad, STAAD, Consice Beam, ELEPLAN, ETAAB, Betsy, Ms Projects, Primavera,Safe software.I am doing Designing by using PCI Design Hand Book,ACI VOLUMES,And ASTM Statndards for Mix Designing. Using PCI 116 and PCI 117 and PCI 127 for Precast Production and Erection.

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 21 July, 1962 Linguistic Abilities: English, Arabic, Hindi, Kannada and Tamil


Professional Profile

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