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Sr.Hyperion developer

Plano, TX
June 21, 2019

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Over 8 years of IT experience which includes 7 years of cross-functional experience in development, analysis, implementation, Administration in a client-server environment. Held positions as a sr. Essbase developer, Planning Developer, Administrator. Specialized in Hyperion Products like Hyperion ESSBASE, Planning, MAXL, MDX, ESSBASE Excel Add-In, Hyperion Smart View Add-In and Hyperion Reportsin Windows and UNIX Environment. Self-motivated with the ability to work independently and in team environments.

Skills Summary

Thorough Knowledge of entire life cycle of Data Warehouse Design, development and implementation.

Developed ESSBASE cubes using Block/Aggregate storage technologies (BSO/ASO).

Proficient in dynamically building Dimensions, Attributes using Buildrules files by means of several build methods such as generation, level and parent-child references.

Performed regular Database backups, Dense/Sparse settings, Partitioning (using Transparent, Replication and Linked Techniques) and MAXL scripts, MDX scripts.

Extensively worked on Essbase (ASO\BSO\Hybrid) applications.

Designed and developed Block Storage (BSO) and Aggregate Storage (ASO) Essbase cubes.

Expert level experience in all areas of Essbase such as outline design, member formulas, Calc scripts, Report scripts, build rules and load rules.

Experienced in Data loading through Free-Form Loading and using Load Rules files.

Knowledge on Migrating applications across the environments.

Developed Hyperion Planning Data Forms, Businessrules, Task lists, Menus, Smart lists.

Hands on Experience in calculation scripts(creation, Manipulation and maintenance)

Experience in Hyperion System 11(, 11.1.2.x) modules (Planning, Capital Expense Planning, Workforce Planning and Financial Reports).

Written\modified simple to complex Calc script and simple to complex Business rules as per business requirement Written\modified MDX script for ASO applications, written member formulas for ASO applications.

Written\edited Maxl’s for automation, Properties settings, cube building and etc.

Created new Hyperion planning applications (Classic and EPMA).

Good Experience in application creation using both Hyperion EPMA and Classic Administration.

Expertise in building Financial Budgeting and Forecasting OLAP applications with ESSBASE and Planning.

Widespread experience in Hyperion Planning Forms, Security, Metadata Maintenance, Business Rules and Smart View.

Experienced in design of Multi-Currency applications for large corporations operating in several countries.

Involved in managing the Hyperion security infrastructure by assigning proper privileges to users and groups.

Involved in Scheduling daily batch processes using CONTROL-M workload automation software, migrating fact data between different Hyperion applications.

Created templates and ad-hoc reports using Excel Add-in, Smart view for budget and forecast analysis.

Designed and developed numerous Essbase applications with excellent balance of dense and sparse dimensions.

Expertise in Hyperion V 11.x Essbase, Planning.

Knowledge in Navigating PBCS environment.

Knowledge on creating a Standard application in PBCS.

Knowledge on Import/ Export of Metadata and Data and Scheduling a job from Inbox/ Outbox explorer by using EPM automator.

Knowledge on creating and maintaining Web forms, Business rules, Task lists, Menus and Planning Unit Hierarchies in PBCS.

Knowledge on Migrating Applications using Snapshots between different environments

Good experience in creating and configuring enterprise applications as per business process (Financial and Capital Asset planning) in EPBCS.

Expertise in managing Capital Asset Planning application in EPBCS.


Domain Expertise & Solutions

Health Care,Retail,Financial Systems

OLAP Expansion Tools

Hyperion System 11.x BI+ (Financial reporting, Interactive reporting), Hyperion Planning 11.x, Essbase 11.x, Hyperion Essbase Administration Services console (EAS), FDMEE, EPMA.


Oracle 11gMS SQL Server (2003, 2005), Essbase 11 BI+, MS Access

Reporting Tools

Spreadsheet Add-In,

HyperionFinancial Reports,

Hyperion System Smart View

Web & Application Servers

WebLogic 8.1.2

Operating Systems

Windows 2000/XP/NT


Capital-One- Plano, TX Nov 2018 – Till date

Role: Senior Hyperion Developer

Capital Asset Planning is an Enterprise Planning and Budgeting application leverages Hyperion Essbase technologies. Thus, all changes made within Capital Asset Planning are automatically reflected in Planning allowing real-time impact analysis of capital investments and expense plans on overall Financials.

Capital Asset planning shares common administration, user management, and installation and configuration support with other Oracle Performance Management applications. This common infrastructure provides one point of access for end users to all content while reducing the maintenance required from IT professionals.


Maintaining and supporting Capital asset planning application in EPBCS.

Importing Entity, Asset detail dimensions.

Import/ loading data using Data management integration (FDMEE) into Capital asset planning application.

Integrating Capital assets investment and expenses data into Financials cube.

Ability to do budgeting and forecasting at the entityand department level with the ability to generate reports at these levels.

Ability for users to easily input budget and forecast information using the planning Web Forms.

Ability to create and manage flexible workflows as it pertains to the budgeting and planning process.

Create and modify ASO cube for Reporting purpose.

Assign security on Artifacts.

Able to do Depreciation and Amortization Assumptions.

Transferring and Retiring Existing Assets.

Develop Reports to enable the users to analyze the data at a level of detail incorporated into the Hyperion planning application using Financial Reports.

Expertise in using Investments, Existing assets, Intangibles and Analysis cards of Capital cluster.

Expertise in Navigating EPBCS.

Created web forms and used Smart push to move data from BSO to ASO reporting cube.

Set up Backups jobs to archive nightly artifact jobs Snapshot from oracle using EPM automate tool.

Down load Data TemplatesfromConfigure card for data upload.

Created Data mapping between BSO and ASO cubes.

Environment: EPBCS, Financial Data management, Smartview.

Genpact, Hyderabad, India Jun 2016-April 2018

Client: CARA Operations Limited

Role: Hyperion Developer

Project Summary: Cara is a leader in the Canadian hospitality industry and it is also the largest caterer to the airlines and railways in Canada. Cara owns more than 700 restaurants across the country.

The GL data is flown into the oracle data warehouse using ETL during WD1 to WD10 which is organized according to requirements of the organization. The aim of the project is to transfer Actual data from the warehouse to Hyperion Planning system. Cara is using Hyperion Essbase for monitoring/analyzing the daily sales throughout the firm, Webforms and Smart-view reporting for companies financial reporting and Hyperion Planning for the company’s Budgeting and forecasting.


Developed and Supported one EPMA Planning application and two BSO Essbase cubes for Management Reporting.

Played an active role in Application design, development, testing and Implementation including security and automation. Also played a key part in Application support.

Created ASO and BSO applications, databases and designed outline in an hour glass model.

Created Rules files for building dimensions and loading Data into Essbase applications.

Optimized structure, loading and calculations through appropriate dense and sparse settings of dimensions.

Created Essbase outline formulas and Calc scripts.

Involved with Hyperion Planning budgeting application to add dimensions, assign member properties, variance reporting procedures, time balancing properties, overall metadata building and refreshing the data.

Designed and developed web forms for data inputs as per the business requirements. DevelopedSmart lists and Task Lists for end users.

Created Business Rules with run time prompts for planning web forms (consolidation, and currency conversion).

Involved in automating the entire build, load, calculations using MAXL.

Migrated applications across the environments by using LCM and provided documentation on the process.

Set up users and groups according to the departments and maintained security to users and groups from Hyperion shared services and assigned security to data forms.

Provided the support to the Essbase and Planning applications post development phase and performed the required enhancements for metadata and forms based on business requirement.

Monitoring the daily backup process and weekly service restart and Responsible for Hierarchy Maintenance Process as part of monthly operational activities.

Creating the users, Groups and assigning Security Provisions through Shared Services based on new requirements.

Performing daily Health Checks and Ensuring that the environment is up and running and restoring the environment with minimal downtime.

Ensuring that the Hyperion environment is available for Month end activities like Actuals load, Headcount load.

Involved in several releases and created documentation for final list of migration components.

Environment:Hyperion planning, Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion EPMA, Oracle 11g, Windows 2008 Server, MAXL.

Genpact, Hyderabad, India Feb 2014 – May 2016

Client: Strabag

Role: Hyperion Developer

Project Summary: Strabag SE is one of Europe’s leading construction groups with approximately 66,000 employees. Strabag operates in its core markets within Austria and Germany and has numerous subsidiaries in all countries of Eastern and South-East Europe.

Strabag was using Hyperion Essbase and Hyperion Planning for Forecast, Budget and Reporting for Monitoring company sales performance.


Involved in the Hyperion planning application development with two plan types by using the functional specifications document for the Budgeting and Forecasting application.

Involved in designing, building and modifying of Outlines and assign different member properties for members.

Created Rules files for building dimensions and loading Data to the cubes.

Donedata loads using Selection and rejection criteria.

Developed various web forms for all the key departments in the company to enter budget and forecasting data, attached business rules to the forms by selecting run on save option and assigned security to data forms.

Involved in automating the entire build, load, calculations using MAXL.

Set up Users and Groups in Hyperion Essbase and assigned access privileges.

Developed Menus and task lists for end users.

Involved in designing security filters to control the user access to specific dimensions and members.

Involved in creating the ad-hoc and customized reports based on the user requirements using Excel spread sheet add-In and Smart view.

Scheduled & Developed batch scripts for weekly and month end process.

Environment: Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Essbase, Smart View, Web Analysis, Oracle 11g, Windows 2008 Server, MaxL.

Genpact, Hyderabad, India Jun 2013 to Jan 2014

Client: Saralee

Role: Hyperion Developer

Project Description: Sara Lee North America (SLNA) is a leader in meat-centric food solutions for the retail and foodservice markets. This is an AMS project where the main function is to provide maintenance and support of the applications of the client. This project is divided into two main parts, SLNA and SLI (Sara lee international). I worked within the Hyperion team of SLNA-NON-SAP part. This team comprises of functional and technical consultants who support different clusters of Hyperion application


Maintain outline, metadata, member formulas as business requirement change.

Optimized structure, loading and calculations through appropriate dense and sparse settings of dimensions.

Worked on Hyperion Planning application (full cycle implementation) for budgeting and forecasting requirements.

Created Business Rules with run time prompts for planning web forms (consolidation, and currency conversion).

Created Essbase outline formulas and calc scripts using advanced calc script functions

Responsible for the design, development, enhancement, and maintenance of the various ASO/BSO cubes used for forecasting and strategic decision making.

Worked on Creating and Modifying of data forms.

Worked on Creating and Modifying Business Rules.

Optimizing Essbase cube to balance calculations and retrieval.

Manage Security in Hyperion Shared Services.

Created batch scripts using Maxl to automate Essbase application refresh process (dimension building, data loading and calculation).

Developed ASO and BSO cubes using Hyperion Essbase 11.x

Used to take the timely back up of all the required Essbase and Planning applications.

Involved with Hyperion Planning budgeting application to add dimensions, assign member properties, variance reporting procedures, time balancing, currency dimension properties, overall metadata building and refreshing the data.

Created and managed data forms, involved in implementation of decided budgeting process involving planning units, starting review process, and entity hierarchy and workflow notifications.

Environment: Hyperion Essbase 11.x, Hyperion Financial Reports, Workspace, Shared Services, Hyperion Planning, Calc Script, MaxL, SQL, Essbase.

Genpact, Hyderabad, India Sep 2012 to May 2013

Client: Soitec

Role: Hyperion Developer

Project Description: Soitec is the world leader in generating and manufacturing revolutionary semiconductor materials for electronic and energy industries. I developed and supported various Essbase and Planning applications while working on the Soitec Financial Systems application.


Interacted with Business Users for gathering requirements and converted them to technical specification.

Designed and developed numerous Essbase applications with excellent balance of dense and sparse dimensions, arranged in an hourglass Model.

Extensively involved in modifying the outlines by adding new members for Essbase Cubes.

Developed batch files using MaxL to take data backups for all the Databases.

Developed Load Rules to build Dimensions dynamically and to load data in to Essbase OLAP server.

Optimized and tuned Database outlines to increase retrieval speed.

Responsible for setting up users, security groups and access filters to ensure maximum-security maintenance through shared services.

Added new members for the dimensions and deployed them to Planning applications.

Created numerous Planning web forms in Hyperion Planning Workspace and attached Business Rules to run on them.

Involved in migrating to different environments using Migration utilities provided by Oracle.

Responsible for Form security and functionality.

Taking frequent outline and data backups.

Responsible to update substitution variables daily, weekly and monthly.

Enhancement of Web Forms as per Business Process Owner's request.

Made modifications in Financial Reports as per Business user requirements.

Environment: Hyperion Essbase, Essbase Administration Services, Hyperion Planning, Web Analysis Studio, Windows Server 2003.

Genpact, Hyderabad, India Dec 2011 to Aug 2012

Client: CMA CGM

Role: Hyperion Developer

Project Description: CMA CGM is an international operator serving maritime shipping routes around the world. As part of a team I developed various Essbase applications and components like calc scripts, rules files, outlines, report and report books and also supported user questions and UAT.


Responsible for the design, development, enhancement, and maintenance of the various ASO/BSO cubes used for forecasting and strategic decision making.

Created Essbase outline formulas and calc scripts using calc script functions

Maintain outline, metadata, member formulas as business requirement change.

Optimized structure, loading and calculations through appropriate dense and sparse settings of dimensions.

Involved in Security access grants for end users/ Admin in shared services and worked on security filters to Essbase.

Optimizing Essbase cube to balance calculations and retrieval

Restoring database by taking regular backup in case of database corrupt or server crash.

Worked on Creating and Modifying of data forms.

Worked on Creating and Modifying Business Rules.

Worked on security by creating Filters on its dimension members.

Environment:Hyperion Essbase, workspace, Shared Services, Hyperion Planning, Calc Script,, MaxL, SQL.

Elder pharmaceuticals- Hyderabad, India. May 2011- Nov 2011

Role: SAS Programmer

Project Description: Elder pharmaceuticals, India is a project module on clinical data analysis of patients with renal diseases (kidney transplantation) and cancer. The client provides the Case Report Forms. The data imported to a SAS system. Generated reports as per client requirements.


Planned, directed and implemented the programming components of the project as required by the client.

Primary responsibilities include the Protocol Review, CRF Review and SAP Review.

Import data from internal and/or external sources into SAS.

Organize datasets for statistical analysis by merging, combining, splitting, coding and performed edit-check for datasets to assure the quality of the datasets.

Built Macros to produce customized tables. These Macros are produced by DATA STEP and various procedures.

Perform statistical analysis, generate reports, listings and graphs using SAS/Base, SAS/Macro and SAS/Graph, SAS/SQL, SAS/Report.

Create chart, graph and plot using PROC GCHART and PROC GPLOT for inclusion of reports.

Ensure that validation/quality control is performed on project programs.

Ensure whether the output meets quality standards and project requirements and the findings are documented and communicated to the client.

Documented and maintained SAS programs/Macros, including independent development of Macros and utilizing existing Macros, verify statistical programs and results.

Customize SAS outputs to RTF, PDF and HTML files through Output Delivery System (ODS) facility.


M. Pharma from Andhra University.

B. Pharma from Acharya Nagarjuna University

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