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Electrical Engineer

Las Pinas, NCR, Philippines
June 22, 2019

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Ferdinand V. Garcia

Address: *-*** ****** ******, **********

Subdivision, Talon IV, Las Piñas City, Philippines 1749 Home: +632*******

Mobile: +639*********


Work experience position as Technical Assistant, Maintenance Supervisor, Planner-maintenance, Maintenance Engineer, Electrical Engineer (CSU), Electrical Supervisor (construction & maintenance) & Electrical Pre-commissioning & Commissioning Technician industries such Coker Plant, Petrochemical, LNG, Oil & Gas Plant, Sulfur Plant, Refinery, Smelting Plant, Mining, Railway and Solar Manufacturing.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (1985), Technological Institute of the Philippines Skills: Electrical (Supervisor, Inspector, Commissioning, Construction, Maintenance, Technician) Computer Literate: Artemis, Basic Primavera, MS Project, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Adobe


07 February 2017 to 31 December 2017


South Caucasus Pipeline Expansion Project (SCPx)

Tbilisi, Georgia

Electrical Commissioning Technician

Execute Phase commissioning activities during onshore construction/ commissioning onshore installation/hookup and commissioning start-up. To manage assigned aspects of electrical static and dynamic commissioning as required. Deliver electrical commissioning through the System Handover Management Process. Also, demonstrate personal HSSE leadership and excellent HSE behaviors at all times, and ensure that safety communicated and maintained. Attend all mandatory training as specified in HSE, and Permit to work training schedule. Then, submit daily the check sheets records of testing carried out, and be fully aware and understand all the projects safe working practices and adhere to them to maintain environment. Testing of Low Voltage & High Voltage distribution boards and circuits. Testing of motor control centers, motors, stop start circuits and associated overloads. Testing of trace heating systems and Direct Electrical Heaters. Testing of Cathodic protection circuits and equipment. Ex inspection to IEC regulations. Performing motors, no load runs. Carryout point to point checks on electrical systems and yellow line markup of electrical drawings. Act as an Authorized Electrical Person (AEP) for voltage level less than 1000V AC following assessment Electrical Person and approval by the Site Controller. Undertake performing Authority duties in accordance with PTW procedures. System Handover Management Process pre-commissioning check sheet completion. As Building Electrical documents in accordance with project procedures. Ensure the projects commitment to safety is maintained. To complete to work scope assigned within the defined project schedule, ensuring the engineering achieved and equipment operability satisfactorily demonstrated.

12 January 2016 to October 31, 2016

SunPower Philippines Manufacturing LTD – IMI LTD

Laguna, Philippines

Electrical Supervisor - Construction

Execution the installation of cable tray, lighting system, conduit and grounding system and CCTV Camera, PA/GA system speakers, Beacon Light, Heat Detector and Fire Suppression pull station that are used in Fire Alarm System. Execution Termination for termination of LV power and control cables in motor side, control panel, lighting panel and motor operated valve side. Ensure that the power/control Cable are tested prior for Termination to the electrical Equipment. Observe and comply with existing American company codes, policies and HSE rules and regulations. 19 May 2015 to 16 October 2015

Qatar Solar Technologies (QSTec)

Polysilicon Plant Project in Ras Laffan Industrial City Qatar

Electrical Supervisor - Construction

Provide field supervision progress reports all E & l projects. Interface with Construction and operations team leads, engineering construction to contractors. Ensure that all Electrical & Instrumentation construction work is carried out in accordance with Permit to Work procedures, project drawings, priorities and identify and correct any deviations. Promote awareness of the Company Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality policies and procedures to achieve fit-for-purpose Construction and Commissioning engineering. Monitor competence of contractor staff to meet the appropriate professional standards for the project execution. Responsible for ensuring jobs the correct and proper implementation of the Management of Change process. Coordinate the communication of best practices by active participations on reviews and propose improvement on Electrical standards and guidelines. Review of contractor Mark-ups drawings and handover dossiers. Promote training of local team to share and transfer of knowledge and experiences.

09 February 2014 to 02 January 2015

Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company (YASREF Ltd.) - SPIE / SNC Lavalin Arabia Joint Venture Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

Electrical Engineer - Commissioning and Start-Up

Monitor for the work as per standard specification. Creating and carrying out test procedures. Diagnosing problem and repairing faults. Troubleshooting, liaising with installation/project engineers. Monitor technical staff, writing reports and documentation providing technical support. Responsible safe working conditions, training maintenance and operator staff where appropriate. Monitor for pre-commissioning and commissioning of electrical equipment systems. Monitor electrical maintenance activities to the plant safety standard. Leading a team of skilled Electrical Technicians, Planning all electrical maintenance activities to facilitate project work, Ensuring all activities accurately recorded in the maintenance management system, Assisting in recruiting, mentoring, training and appraising maintenance personnel, Introducing new maintenance systems and procedures to improve maintenance functionality, Meggering and HIPOT Test for cables, meggering at 5000V and HI-POT test at 60 Kv, - Meggering for LV motors - Meggering for transformers windings, test windings for proper voltage ratio, check oil DC HI-POT test, Checking and inspecting for LV Contractors and Breakers. Checking conditions of wiring control. Checking and inspections for grounding, lighting, lightning, cathodic protection. All tests have been done according to Company Drawings and Technical Requirements and Vendor Specifications; Data sheets have been recorded and submitted to superiors and Client. Support to Operations and reliability engineering during Mechanical Run Test of all motors prior for startup. Strictly comply with YASREF codes, policies and HSE rules and regulations.

17 July 2012 to 08 December 2013

Saudi Aramco Total Refining & Petrochemical Company (SATORP) - SRACO Jubail Industrial City 2, Saudi Arabia

Electrical Supervisor - Maintenance

Review procedures of pre-commissioning / commissioning, Handover, START-UP and Stabilization; functional verification of control systems; and supervision energization of electrical equipment. Coordination with CONTRACTOR for directs supervision of acceptance test and commissioning for new proper equipment including but not limited to: Switchgear, Transformer, MCC, Motors, Lighting and UPS, DC Systems, etc., in low medium and high voltage of Switchgear, MCC in Electrical Substation. Do all electrical activities such testing of relays, automatic transfer switch (ATS) switchgear from Upstream to Downstream in Port Are Tank Farm & Loading facilities of SATORP. Witnessing motor winding resistance HV motors and motor solo run HV & LV. Reviewed status of pre-commissioning activities for submission thru Ready for Commissioning to Ready for Start-Up and Hand Over. Monitor all Punch List item raised and to rectify required on the standard by SATORP. Reporting to the Team Leader and be a part of the HV critical equipments & workshop electrical maintenance team and will be responsible. Leading a group of technician, supervising and execute plant maintenance plan activities preventive, predictive or breakdown of all electrical equipment in the plant. To ensure the safe installation and quality, maintenance repair and testing of a wide range of electrical equipment. Participate in the maintenance planning process and continuous improvement as part of the cross-functional team. Contribute to the annual planning for spare parts requirement. Consumable materials/special tools and test equipment by reviewing consumption data, inter-changeability of spares, etc. Determining the training needs for team members and trainees, and ensures adequate training on-the-job to them for skill development. Ensuring the observation of HSE regulations and guidelines by team under supervision and promotes the used of safe work practices. Preparing all spares part / consumable of electrical for Port Area Tank & Loading Arm Facilities for electrical to assure that all-working tools and equipment as necessary to carryout safe electrical works are available and in good working condition. Take primary responsibility for the timely certification of all high voltage tools such as gloves, blankets, hot sticks, etc. Primary responsibility for ensuring the correct type and amount of High Energy PPE maintained at work sites as required by code. Provide leadership and contribute to all HSE efforts in day-to-day activities. Provide input to Planners/Schedulers in task list development strict comply with Saudi Aramco codes, policies and HSE rules & regulations. Assigned from Port Area Tank Farm and Loading Arm. March 15, 2010 to March 23, 2012

Gavazzi Impianti Kazakhstan LLP / Bonatti Spa Joint Venture Client: Eni / Agip KCO (Kazakhstan North Caspian Operating Company) Project: Oil / Gas Treatment Unit & Sulfur Plant (Experimental Project) Karabatan, Republic of Kazakhstan

Electrical Pre-Commissioning / Commissioning Technician Performed and prepare documents for pre-commissioning electrical checklist (ECL) following: loop checking, megerring, hi-pot testing, switchboards, UPS, lighting panels main bus bars and transformers, prior for energized. Performed testing of HV/LV switchgear switching units and LV/HV cable test and general electrical installation. Conductivity test with main contact closed, insulation resistance with main contact closed, with main contact open and 3 phase and neutral Bridge. Insulation resistance test with all circuits disconnected and all circuit breakers / switches closed and fuse in place. Polarity by battery flick Test V.T. Ratio Test after energizing and Under Voltage Relay Tests. Hi-Pot test for High Voltage cables form 10KV up to 35 KV, form phase earth 1 minute to 15 minutes. Insulation Resistance test of LV cables from phase to earth and phase to phase by meggering 500 to 2500 V DC. Perform testing of switchgears unit LV/HV three phase bus bars, tightening of bolts as per torque standard value. Conducted test Insulation resistance with Main contact closed, with contact open and three-phase neutral bridge. Setting relay program of 745 and 750 Multiline brand on each medium voltage switchgear using ISA secondary injection kit. Perform testing of magnetizing current and current ratio each current transformer using primary injection kit (ISA). Perform testing of MCB tripping set for 200% and 300% using secondary injection kit (ISA). Assisted vendors for checking of panels control wirings, charged Vacon Frequency Drive (VFD). Simulation of testing for incomer one and two with bus tie for logic operation (Larsen & Tobrou Limited). Involve in the commissioning activities with the client, Integrated Commissioning Acceptance Team (ICAT). Assigned ICAT group and Vendor (L&T Limited) in control wiring modification 10kv switchgear for interconnection of bus tie to incomer 1 & 2 and 690O switchgear VFD each cubicle. Observe and comply with existing company codes, policies and HSE rules and regulations.

May 10, 2007 to April 30, 2009


Client: YLNG Company

Project: LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) Plant

Bal-haf, Republic of Yemen

Offsite & Utilities

Electrical Supervisor - Construction

Provide field supervision and progress reports all Electrical projects. Interface with Construction and operations team leads, engineering and construction contractors. Ensure that all Electrical construction work carried-out in accordance with Permit to Work procedures, project drawings; project priorities identify and correct any deviations. Promote awareness of the Company Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality policies and procedures to achieve fit-for-purpose Construction and Commissioning engineering. Monitor competence of contractor staff to meet the appropriate professional standards for the project execution. To co-ordinate the communication of Best Practices by active participations on reviews and propose improvement on Electrical standards and guidelines. Review of contractor Mark-ups drawings and handover dossiers. Promote training of local team to share and transfer of knowledge and experiences. Supervise of installation, termination, testing and pre-commissioning of electrical works high & low voltage to minimum voltage. Alignment of 33kv and 6.6kv switchgears panel (Schneider electric) installed in the main substation & sub-substation. Installation of transformers & Buss bar for each cubicle & switchgear, looping cable termination of inter-connecting electrical and instrument control. Installation road & facilities lighting and pulling for power cable of CCTV in utilities & offshore area, Install of Cathode Protection in all utilities area (Hock way product). Installation of grounding cables from earth well to Substation thru electrical equipment in all utilities area. Monitor performing line checking insulation resistance, wiring and termination of electrical equipment and instrument equipment. March 15, 2001 to September 30, 2006


Client: Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA)

Andrews Avenue, Pasay City

Project: Railway (maintenance)

Automated Fare Collection Section (AFCS) & Substation Supervisor (Electro - Mechanical)

Develop plan and procedures need for maintenance work on Automated Fare Collection Equipment - Thales (cegelec). Prepare preventive and corrective maintenance schedule. Supervise for corrective and preventive maintenance of automated fare collection system. Conduct regular inspection of all ongoing and completed jobs to ensure accuracy, completeness and conformance to safety standards. Assist Section Head in the preparation of reports and other relate documentation such as Job Order, Job Request, Weekly and Monthly Accomplishment Report, etc. Prepare report personnel directly under his responsibility. Conduct training to newly hired personnel and qualifying examinations to new applicants for AFC section. Observe and comply with existing company codes, policies and safety rules and regulations. Perform other related duties as may be assigned.

Maintenance Engineer

Upgrading previous procedures on repair work of Automated Fare Collection Section. Developing plans & procedures and in scheduling repair work to done on Automated Fare Collection Section. Analyzed designs, formulates and recommends solution to various engineering problem of Automated Fare Collection Equipment - Thales (cudgeled). Gathers data and statistics regarding AFCE and analyzes trends in their performance to serve as basis for future improvement/modification plans in yearly maintenance and corrective. Conduct regular inspection for functional checking of Automated Fare Collection Equipment. Makes designs and specification for special equipments and structures based preliminary/technical studies for improvement and efficiency of Automated Fare Collection Equipment as need rises. Update history records for Automated Fare Collection Equipments by reviewing and rechecking based on reports (e.g. Incident reports, trouble call reports, etc.) submitted. Reviews various reports (e.g. ticket jam and captured tickets reports, etc.) based on these documents submitted. A material estimates requirements for repair works of Automated Fare Collection Equipments. Performs other related duties as may be assigned. Substation Electrician

Monitor switching of high voltage Switchgear (34.5KV AC) to other switchgear during power failure. Monitor the accepted voltages level supplied by MERALCO (34.5KV). Check the Automatic Change Over Device (Transfer Feed of 34.5 KV). Monitor the load current of the high voltage switchgear. Check oil level of Oil Circuit Breaker for smear and leakages at the HVSWGR. Check insulating boot power cable (34.5) primary side for oil leaks. Check porcelain insulated of the secondary of (607VAC) of the transformer. Check abnormal humming of the transformer during peak load. Check protective device (Bucholz) relay and RC protective device. Monitor the response time of voltage relays during power failure, power fluctuation, single phasing and faults to abort any paralleling of two-power sources 480VAC. Check corrosion/rust of equipment and other auxiliaries. Observe ticking sound at rectifier unit heating of diode at Negative Panel. Check condition of each Battery for possible swollen plates. Monitor the acceptable voltage level for power distribution along Light Rail Transit (LRT) station line. November 02, 1995 - May 15, 2001

Ferrochrome Philippines Inc. (FPI)

Marcopper Hangar, Andrews Avenue, Pasay City

Smelting Plant & Mining

Field Representative

Responsible in buying/sourcing raw material (Chromites Ore) in Dinagat Island, Surigao del Sur; Surigao del Norte; Homohon Island, Eastern Samar; Davao del Norte & Zambales. Prepare all documents for shipment. Assist maintenance personnel in mining & exploration activities. Authorized representative in filing of application for Exploration & Applications for Mineral agreements to BF Mining Corporation and BB Corporation with affiliated with Ferrochrome Philippines Inc. October 15, 1990 - April 30, 1994

Al-Yusr Townsend & Buttom Company Limited (AYTB)

Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Client: Saudi Petrochemical Plant (SADAF)

Plant: Petrochemical Plant

Planner - Maintenance

Planned and scheduler during maintenance & shutdowns projects preparation and execution. Prepares pre-qualification documents for the execution of routine and shutdowns maintenance, supply of additional manpower and general services covering manpower, scaffolding, rigging, painting, insulation, high pressure water jetting, chemical cleaning, mechanical works, electrical works, instrumentation works, and civil works including the supply of additional mobile equipment. Delegate skilled workforce and the materials required. Issued equipment and materials reservations from warehouses, and prepares purchase requests as requested. Prepare materials before and during shutdown. Coordinate between various sections during planning, scheduling and execution, to ensure that all act in harmony for smooth execution of shutdown. November 1988 – September 1990

Ocean Pacific Industries

La Fuerza Compound, Almanza, Las Piñas City

Manufacturer of Latex Examiner Gloves

Maintenance Supervisor (Facilities)

Assist Maintenance Head in planning and scheduling level I and level II preventive maintenance and minor repairs of all equipments. In this connection: Exercise scheduling of work assignments in terms of assigning tasks/outlining methods to follow, work to accomplish, checking progress and production of electricians and mechanicals of the section and correcting errors pertaining to work of group. Prioritize jobs following approved job orders for minor repair works or replacements of defective parts such as of Boiler, Compressor, Heavy dryers, Electric Motors. Determine person-hour requirements of specific jobs for proper scheduling of preventive maintenance and minor repair works to ensure effective utilization of labor and materials. Prepare level 1 and 2 preventive maintenance programs and procedures. Supervise and conduct regular inspection of all on- going and accomplished jobs to check work performance of subordinates as well as ensure accuracy, completeness and conformance to safety standards. Demonstrate and give work-related instructions for complex/delicate repair and preventive maintenance works as necessary for proper training. Attend to prepare/review of various reports Job Order/Job Request, Accomplishment Report, memorandum, Equipments history jackets and maintenance checklist, etc. for control/monitoring purposes. Handle all administrative matters of Maintenance Section like rating job performance of personnel, checking/monitoring of attendance, attending/conducting staff meeting, etc. to ensure accomplishment of goals and plans of the section. Assist Maintenance Head in terms of Setting goals and plans for the section in support to company goals and objectives. Observe and enforce all existing company codes, policies and safety rules and regulations. March 1986 to December 1988

Philippine Synthetic Products Inc. (Seamaster)

Parañaque City

Manufacturer of Fishnets and Machine Assembly

Technical Assistant

Develop and coordinate quality control plans and programs concerning repair and maintenance works in Engineering Department. Perform and testing of materials, part and equipment to be purchased or localized (e.g. dimension test, actual test, laboratory test, etc.) to ensure compliance with the required specification. Prepare reports and recommendations to respective heads of Engineering Department regarding the results of quality inspection and testing for discussion and approval. Perform technical audit on all engineering related such as preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance. Evaluation the practically and update the procedure based on the requirements/need/trend of the system. Establish work standard, and analyze quality trend and initiate correction to certain defects found and other engineering equipment. Monitor & coordinate with the engineering section department regarding the adherence and conformance to the accepted materials/work standards, local or international (ASTM/DIN/PINS). Make / review / route and monitor documents such as Technical Queries, Material / Equipment Submittals and Incoming / Outgoing Letters and Transmittals. Advance Revision Notices, Specification, Field Instruction, Inspection request and reports of activities and accomplishments. Supervise, develop and perform technical audit on all engineering related activities such as quality control plans and programs concerning construction, repair and maintenance works.


September 2013 SAP Basic Training Course

TTF Building, SATORP Compound, Jubail 2 Industrial Saudi Aramco Total Refinery & Petrochemical Company June 2013 Safety in Refinery and Petrochemical Operation & Maintenance IFP Training

TTF Building, SATORP Compound, Jubail 2 Industrial Saudi Aramco Total Refinery & Petrochemical Company April 2013 Air Compressor Operation & Maintenance

Atlas Copco

TTF Building, SATORP Compound, Jubail 2 Industrial Saudi Aramco Total Refinery & Petrochemical Company January 2007 Basic Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

(RT, UT, MT, PT)

Apex Engineering Services

Pilar Village Almanza, Las Piñas City, Philippines November 1993 Total Quality Management

SADAF Total Quality Management Workshop

Saudi Petrochemical Company

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines Lifetime Member

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