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Senior Test Engineer

Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
June 22, 2019

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ADDRESS: *B ** ** Akasia Apartment, Jalan wawasan 2/3, Pusat bandar puchong, 47100,

Selangor, Malaysia.

Hand Phone: 016-***-****

Email Address:

OBJECTIVE: To obtain an engineering position in an innovative company.





RACE: Chinese


EXPERIENCES: Refer to next page

Feb 6, 2017 -

Jun 29, 2018

HID Global Sdn Bhd, i-Park, Bandar Indahpura, 81000 Kulai, Johor

Senior Test Engineer

Define test and eventual full characterization specifications to ensure internal and external customers’ full satisfaction and product competitiveness.

Compose detailed and structured test/characterization reports in English.

Understand antennas and transponder products design.

Once tested, support the transfer of the products to the production team and support ramp up.

Support customers and partner for product integration in systems.

Train other Buisiness Segments in HID Global as well as field application engineers in testing.

Evaluate automation potential and define setup for automation testing..

Evaluate and constantly benchmark test procedures and drive continuous improvement.

Upgrade and improve test equipment usage in order to improve test systems performance and reliability parameters.

Work towards 6 sigma quality, total cycle time reduction and cost saving by constantly improving test systems performance, throughput and flexibility.

Strong prolem solving mindset, high self-motivation with close attention to details.

Knowledge of LF, HF and UHF frequency calculations and approximation methods.


Aug 11, 2003 -

July 18, 2016

IRIS Corp. Berhad, TPM, Bukit Jalil 57000 Kuala Lumpur

Test and Product Manager, R&D Department

Lead a team of Engineers and Technicians in carrying out ePassport & eCard product development project.

Year (2015-2016) – Developed and qualified aluminium etched antenna for ePassport inlay to replace etched copper and wire copper antenna. Antenna material cost saving down by 40%.

Year (2006-2014) - Completed few ePassport qualification projects with different inlay construction for different countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, Cambodia, Nigeria, Bahamas, Senegal, Somalia, Maldives, Italy etc.

Year (2004-2005) - Design new wire embedded coil antenna to replace existing etched coil antenna – as a result met company cost saving goal by increased production yield and material cost down. Antenna material cost down by 30% .

Upon new product qualification completed, carry out New Product Introduction (NPI ) flow – implementation of new process flow for production, prepare Product Part Number, Antenna and Inlay Construction Drawings, BOM and other related documentation.

Familiar with ICAO “Class 1” antenna design. Designed ePassport antenna for NXP P5CD080 (Type A chip), ST23YR80 (Type B chip) and Samsung chip (Type B).

Setup a new ePassport Test Lab: 1) Keolabs’ ICAO Test Bench for ICAO Layer1 & Layer2 tests, 2) ICAO durability test equipment for ICAO Benting/Torsion/Impact/Back Bocket/Pen Tests. Refer to attachment 1 on last page.

Familiar with RFID contactless testing for ePassport and eCard product – Compliant testing to meet requirement defined in ISO/IEC 14443, ISO/IEC 18745-1 (Physical test methods for passport books - durability), and ISO/IEC 18745-2 (Test methods for the contactless interface)

Performed evaluation and functional test for Contact product – MYCAD, MYKID, Mifare Touch &Go etc. All testing are compliance to ISO 7816 standard.

Conduct FA (Failure Analysis) on existing product (customer reject) and new product to identify the root cause. Equipment use: Network analyzer for RF measurement, LCR meter for inductance and resistance measurement.

Member of ISO workgroup 8 (Contactless Inlet) committee. Represented IRIS and Malaysia to attend annual ISO workgroup 8 meeting at Songdo Kerea in 2011.

Attended management training course, such as – Team Building and Effective Management, conducted by outside professional trainer.

Participate in ISO 9001 and ISO 27000 internal and external audit activities.

July 26, 2001-

July 31, 2003

Advance Modules Sdn Berhad, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Section Head – Test Department

Setting up the Test Department for the company, at Shanghai & Malaysia plants.

Plan and implement IC and Memory Module Test Flow.

In charge of Test Equipment Maintenance and Support for IC Test

& Module Test in the production – for both hardware & Software.

Carry out evaluation study to improve the Test Cycle Time and the Test Performance

for IC & Module Test.

Conduct a rework team to repair defect modules return from customer.

Test Software: IC Test - OCI Test, RST TEST, VCM Test & Turbocat Test

Module Test – CST TEST, SIGMA Test, APT Test & Simulation Test.

Managing a test team : 3 Engineer, 2 Assistant Engineers (AE) and 5 Technician.

Sept 18, 2000-

May 10, 2001

MKPI, Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics Peripherals Indonesia

Senior Software Support & QA Engineer

In charge of software setup and support for HDA/HDD production line & the

QA Department.

Test Software include: Servo_Write Test for Hda clean room, Diskware Test,

Selfscan Test, and Final Test for HDD (Using Quantum HT+ software and Microsoft MSSQL for database. Also setup and maintain software for packing line, software such as PTS, RPTS, PPID & FIS.

Maintain two servers MKPI1 & MKPI2 which collect all the test data from above mentioned test stations.

Besides handling all the software issue for production line, also responsible for collecting test data and analyse the defects with FA members. Reporting the defect percentage to our headquater (MKS, S’pore) daily, weekly & monthly.

Managing a team of 3 Assistant Engineers (AE) and 2 Techincal Officers (TO).

Attended ISO 14000 auditor training course and certified as internal auditor for MKPI.

Oct 20, 1997-

Sept 15, 2000

UOB, IT Business Solution Division, Singapore

Systems Analyst

Administering the PVCS 6.5 source control program. This PVCS incorporates Tracker (for defect tracking) and Version Manager used to control all source code developed by Java programmer in the Customer Lending System project. My main responsibilty in the administration is in the infrastructure setup; add/delete user, access control, create project database, archive setup and e.t.c.. Other responsibities include looking into the occasional problems in source code checking in/out by the programmer which was due to cross platform NT – UNIX accessing the archive.

Preparing test scripts and test data based on functional specification for SIT testing. (Commercial Lending System Project). Study and analyse the business logics in areas such as Facilities (Line Of Credit), Securities, Account Implementation and all other subject areas involved in this project.

Performed SIT testing from starting to the end ( 18 months )

Provide application, software and hardware support for UAT Testing.

Setup and maintain both SIT and UAT testing environment. UNIX Server &

NT Workstation environment.

May 19, 1997-

August, 1997

SINGAPORE NETWORK SERVICES, Science Park Drive, Singapore

Senior System Engineer

Pre-sale and post-sale support for SNS EDI product in client-server environment. Such as EDI TRANSLATOR, FORMAT CONVERTER( MAPPER ), and EDI-ACCESS.

Familiar with EDIFACT standard and characteristics.

Provide training for both In-house and outside customer.

Sept. 12, 1994-

May 12, 1997

ADAPTEC, Milpitas, CA, USA

Test Development Engineer

Test Adaptec SCSI host adapters and related products for functional compatibility

with various PC systems under various operating systems. Operating systems

include Windows NT 3.51 / 4.0, Windows95, Netware 4.x, SCO UNIX 3.0 & 5.0

Performing UNIX & NT certification testing on SCSI adapters and device drivers.

Attend SCSI theory training class and apply it on SCSI adapters testing by using

SCSI Bus Analyzer(SDS-310F) and varies testing software tools.

As a team leader, prepare testplan and test-tool for every new project. Document test progress and results, and work with development engineers to solve problems.

Completed Microsoft Official Curriculum course “ Supporting Windows NT 4.0 Core Technologies”. Specialized in Windows NT 3.51 & 4.0, Windows95 & SCO UNIX 3.0 & 5.0.

Aug. 22, 1993-

Sept. 8, 1994


Sr. Customer Support Engineer

· Install and support UNIX based imagestation (booking and suspect identification system) used by police station.

· Familiar with UNIX operating system and TCP/IP network environment.

· Remote diagnostic support and analysis using UNIX command.

· Supports multiple workstations from the same file server (Client-server architecture).

Feb. 1, 1991 -

Aug. 21, 1993


Technical Support Engineer

· Advanced telephone support on IBM compatible systems to end-user or dealer.

· Installed various drivers for both PC and NOTEBOOK including PCMCIA, sound and MIDI, Novell Netware 3.x, EZ-SCSI, EISA, PCI and VESA.

· Troubleshoot all kind of interrupt or address conflict in PC.

· Installed Windows NT, Windows 3.11 for Workgroup, Novell Netware

· Performed upgrades on computers such as Multimedia, multiple Hard Disks, modem and various other Hardware and Software packages.

Apr. 15 -

Dec. 31, 1990


Technical Support Engineer

· Repairing and upgrading on XT, 286, 386, 486 systems.Troubleshoot at component level.

· Hands on experience with different types of controller and hard disk such as ESDI, SCSI, IDE, RLL and MFM.

· Complete understanding of AMI, Phoenix and Award BIOS features.

· Experience in other PC components such as tape backup, four-floppy controller, scanner, modem, fax and sound card.

Nov. 1, 1988 -

Mar. 22, 1990


Test Engineer

· Test and troubleshoot 286, 386 and 486 systems using diagnostic programs.

· In charge of RMA Department.

· Interface with customer to understand and resolve problems.






MS Word/Excel/Project/PowerPoint.

Strong in interpersonal skill, efficient coordinator, pro-active, completed few management and motivation courses. Others: FMEA, 5W1H and SPC.

Fluency in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia.

Expected Salary:


RM7000 or Negotiable

1 month

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