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Oil and Gas Business Analyst

Rawdat Al Khail, Qatar
June 17, 2019

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Mahmoud Elsahar

+974-****-**** Nationality: Canadian Language: English


Communication: Over 5 years of experience working in team-oriented environments with high expectations for commitment and professionalism. Utilized to solve issues and points of contention during projects and liaising cross-functional teams towards quality performance. Basic level French and intermediate level Arabic.

Adaptability: Ability to conform to different roles and adapt to any circumstance with efficiency. Wide range of skill sets, from educational to business, that result in greater capacity to learn and perform any tasks.

Customer Relations: 5 years of experience engaging with and managing customers directly with positive attitude and professionalism. Able to empathize with clients and communicate effectively at all times.

Technical: Highly experienced in Microsoft Office Suite, Power BI, AccuMap, Wolf EMR, Adobe Photoshop, database systems, most Operating Systems and computer hardware. Familiarity with R, Python, Java, HTML, SQL, statistical methodologies and transferring into business analytics solutions.


Bachelor of Science, Natural Sciences: Energy Sciences and Chemistry

Faculty of Science, University of Calgary, Canada

Minor in Business, Management & Society

Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, Canada

Relevant Coursework:

Oil and Natural Gas: Understanding of upstream sector, such as exploration and drilling, as well as production and maintenance facililities. Area assessment, discovery, delineation, development, production and abandonment. Also familiar with downstream sector, including refining, distillation, supply management, trading, and distribution.

Chemical Laboratory: Strong background in organic and physical chemistry, with 7 years of working in chemistry labs, applying analytical techniques and familiarity with instrumentation, such as gas chromatograph, FAAS, Mass Spec, NMR, IR-Spec and FID.

Environment and Sustainability: Mutiple research projects conducted on exploring and improving sustainability and efficiency of energy projects both on shore and off shore. Strong socio-enviromental analysis with equally strong technical writing and presentation to resolve issues between the industry and non-industry perspectives.

Business and Economics: Fundementals in all fields within business, including finance, accounting, business technology, human resources, entrepenuership, operations management, supply chain, and data analytics. Micro and macro level economics as well as energy economics, which covers the energy market, forcasting, growth, policy, regulation, and risk analysis.


Wellcare Medical Center, Calgary, Canada (May 2015 – May 2019)

Fininacial/ Operations Manager

Prepare and submit financial and billing reports requested by Alberta Health Services and programs. Also tasked with AHS rejected billings, data collection and resubmissions

Responsible for training 20+ new employees and practicum students on Wolf EMR

Prepare and analyze monthly statistical report on patient data to identify trends and points of deficiency for future improvement of the practice

Foster and maintain relations with 3000+ patients while balancing professionalism and compassion

Haskayne Consulting Club (Sept. 2018 – Apr. 2019) Business Development Analyst

Collaborate with colleagues to identify and improve business policies and procedures for client oil and gas companies

Assist in the preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting such as compiling information and numbers, preparing presentations, performing analyses

Conduct organizational studies and work simplification studies to help streamline business processes for client oil and gas companies.

Analyze data to draw conclusions and insights in a compelling manner to support business decisions and project direction.

Business Technology Club (Sept. 2017 – Apr. 2018)

Director of Marketing & Corporate Relations

Manage social media presence and provide insightful information on business technology connecting with students, faculty members and industry professionals.

Develop a marketing strategy that maintains student and faculty engagement through different communications channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

Connect potential sponsors to the BTC executive team, maintain relationships and organize club events to ensure alignment with marketing strategy.

Finesse Wealth Management Club (Sept. 2017- Apr. 2018)

Analyst - Investment Strategy

Presented “what if” scenarios for investments of around $12,000 and forecasting strategies

Helped fund and manage a passive investment portfolio consisting entirely of low-cost index funds such as LIT and XLF

Helped organize asset allocation of ETFs

Haskayne Financial Club (Sept 2017- Apr. 2018)

Trading Analyst

Practiced trading simulations to achieve a closed environment experience

Monitored and analyzed financial, statistical and operational data trends

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