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Welding Engineer

Taysan, Batangas, Philippines
10,000 qatar riyal
June 17, 2019

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Date of Birth : 19 November 1976

Nationality : Filipino

Gender : Male

Language : Tagalog, English.

Address : Brgy Mapulo Taysan Batangas Philippines

Contact # : +63-949*******, +63-928*******

E mail add :


Bachelor of Industrial Technology Major in Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology

UNIVERSITY: Batangas State University ( 1996 – 1999 )

Automotive Course for Engine Assembles and Repairs

UNIVERSITY: Batangas State University ( 1993 – 1994 )


Certified Welding Inspector Level 2 TWI (CSWIP 3.1 Certificate# 74342/2)

NDT Level 2 RT, UT, MT, PT, ASNT (SNT-TC-1A)

Phased Array UT Level 2 (GE Inspection Tech)


Course for Certified Welding Inspector Level 2 (TWI-CSWIP 3.1).

Course for Non Destructive Test Level 2 (ASNT –SNT-TC-1A ), ( ISO 9712 )

Course for phased array UT level 2 ( GE inspection technology )

Course for basic offshore safety induction and emergency training (BOSIET – OPITO).

Basic Seamanship Training with Seaman Book.


Oil and gas refineries, chemical, petrochemical, fuel additives, ammonia and power plant.

Ship yard (ship building, repair, conversion and survey).

Rail way and track works.

Oil fields for production and exploration (offshore and land based)

Fabrication yards for pipes, pressure vessels, marine and other structure for mechanical jigs and storage tanks.

Mechanical testing laboratory for WPS and PQR documentation and related field.

Document review and evaluation for final dossier.


QA/QC Coordinator / Inspector in various oil and gas project, ship building and conversion FPSO,top side process modules, under water structures ( jacket, anchor piles, pipe laying ramps). For piping, mechanical, and structural steel fabrication and construction including railway project.

Works on quality procedure review with respect to work instruction and project specifications prior as per ITP for material inspections, welding qualifications (WPS,PQR), site fabrication and constructions, Hydro testing, Welders production test, NDT applications, mechanical completions (piping,mechanichal), final documentations, site audits, inspection equipments and personnel requirements as per calibrations and certificates.

Conducts site inspection and investigation prior for quality check and tentative action for non conformity report ( NCR ) on site.

Conducts quality meetings prior for quality monitoring with respect to procedure and drawing revisions, site progress, conditions and requirements as per site inspector report, request, comments and evaluations.

Assist production and subcontractor department prior for quality implementation for every activity on site as per quality and production planning

Witness testing, NDT test and evaluation, execution of works on some area with client and Qc personnel.

Updates data and records with respect to site quality report collected by every site inspectors.

Attends productions and quality meetings with clients, quality and production officers, & quality and production managers.

Reports and coordinates with quality manager, quality engineer prior for quality monitoring.


Company : Porr Bau Gmbh ( doha Qatar)

Designation: Senior Qc Welding Inspector

Duration : June 11 2017 to October 30 2018

Nature of work:

Work as senior welding inspector in Qc department for Doha metro rail tracks works. Involving inspections and control of all parameters for aluminum Thermit welding and Flush butt welding.

Control and inspection of flat footed tram type rails for high speed train in terms of welding and weld geometry checked, de stressing, continuity check, turn out inspection and ndt ut check. Preparation of production test welds for bend test.

Company : Saipem ( Petromar Angola )

Designation: Qc coordinator / supervisor

Duration : October 05, 2013 to November 05, 2016

Nature of Work:

Work as Qc supervisor, coordinator in Qc Department for various project. Mainly for oil and gas facilities for offshore as follows 4 and 6 leg jacket structure, suction piles, jumpers, process modules for FPSO. Work as builder representative for Muffumiera Sull, Girri, Kizomba, East Hub, and Kaombo Projects with Chevron, Exxon Mobile, ENI and TOTAL as client. Involves in procedure review and field applications, field inspection ( fit up, welding visual,ndt testing,hydrotest mechanical completions), quality meetings, site survey and walked trough, coordination with in the flow of information with inspectors, production coordinators, safety officers and client representative.

Company : Saipem ENI ( China &Singapore)

Designation: Mechanical completion inspector

Duration : August 8, 2008 to October 30, 2012

Nature of work:

Work as Qc Client Representative during Ship Building Project of Saipem for pipe laying vessel PLV Castorone. Control, monitor and review all activities and documents for construction of steel hull, piping system, mechanical parts. Starts on material inspections ( steel plates,pipes,valves,gaskets ), consumables types and storage ( electrode, filler wire, cored wire, flukes abrasives and solutions for chemicals cleaning and flushing ), welding requirements for personnel and work application ( WPS,WPQT,PQR),Welding and material production test (qualitative, quantitative), welding equipment requirements maintenance and calibrations, NDT requirements with respect to ( application,personnel qualifications, equipment calibrations, material and personnel safety data ), construction requirements for hull and mechanical parts with respect to ( fit up and alignment tolerances, dimensions tolerances, equipment requirement and calibrations),piping requirements during ( fabrication, installations, hydro test, chemicals cleaning and flushing, mechanical completions) and documents preparations for reports, drawing and procedure revisions and NCR closure to be implement by the builder in accordance with the agreed quality specifications,procedure and work instructions as signed and approved with respect to frame agreement of both parties.

Company : Emirates Industrial Laboratory ( Dubai dry docks U.A.E )

Designation: Qc inspector ( NDT,Welding )

Duration : June 21, 2002 to July 06, 2008

Nature of work:

Inspection and NDT services for ship building and repair, offshore facilities inspection, refinery inspection during shut down, storage tank and pipe line inspections, pressure vessel inspections and mechanical testing for materials on various company inside gulf region and Africa.

Company : AIV Vincotte ( Doha qatar )

Designation: NDT Inspector / Coordinator

Duration : August 21 2001 to January 21 2002

Nature of work:

Wise inspection and NDT survey of LNG stripping plant equipment and piping system of Qatar Petroleum Dukhan and Fahahil gas stripping fields.

Company : Ficonfab Incorporated (Batangas Philippines)

Designation: NDT Inspector / Coordinator

Duration : June 18 1997 to March 04 2001

Nature of work:

Wise inspection and NDT survey for in house maintenance inspection project for pressurized equipment, process piping system, storage tanks, and transportations piping of Caltex and Shell refineries crude and gas process site.


Structural and Mechanical Steel Fabricator/ Lay out man

Diesel Mechanic Light and Heavy Engine


FMS System

MS Office, Word, Excel.

Adobe Photoshop


Spouse Name: Chona B.Umali

Marital Status: Married

Nationality: Filipino

Religion: Roman Catholic

Address: Brgy Mapulo Taysan Batangas Philippines


I hereby assert you that all the information furnished above are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Ponciano A Umali

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