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Engineer Manager

Houston, TX
June 16, 2019

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HOUSTON, TX 832-***-****

Executive level Engineering and Management Professional with significant experience spanning over 2 decades including, but not limited to; business development abilities, cultivating client relationships, conducting market research to better educate clients which aids in an increase in revenue, conducting employee training on all the features along with benefits of products which extended to OEMs, Distributors, supply stores and end users.

*Main expertise is in Oil & Gas applications, trouble shooting, training and hands on experience in upstream, midstream and downstream.

*Fluent in English, Arabic & Russian

Recognized as a strong leader with my strengths being in strategic negotiations, building a rapport, increasing new business, repeat business while delivering exceptional customer service which aids in obtaining referral business in addition to providing support and mentorship to my team to aid in their success as well as the company bottom line. Currently seeking a position within a company that will view my skill set as beneficial and a valuable addition to their team.


Considered a seasoned and very well experienced Engineer in Proposal Management, Quotations for projects exceeding 20 Million dollars for each project and all the way down the ladder for proposals requiring a very small amount of time from the day it’s quoted to the day it’s delivered. Possess an excellent rapport with all customers including the owners of big projects because of my excellent understanding of customer needs, relaying on to them a change to completion and delivery dates which I try my best to always go back and meet the original ship date agreed on. In addition, these tasks required me getting the entire manufacturing, procurement teams and vendors in sync of what’s going on, including expedites or delay. In both cases, updates are communicated to the customer in a professional way to mitigate negative reactions from the customer in case the update is not meeting customer needs. Here is where my multi-tasking that allows me to keep internal departments and customers in the loop and of any changes that might have an impact on quality, time frame for completion and any impact on delivery dates.

This means that multiple factors besides just delivery dates are essential for all internal departments working on one big project to be aware of and the customer always being up to date on the progress and what might come between the project impacting it.

•Familiarity with common internationally recognized industry standards and practices (i.e., ANSI, API, -ASTM, NACE, CRN, Ghost (Russian: ГОСТ), as well as common materials used in various Oil or Gas drilling, Fracking, power plant, and mining industries.

•Excellent computer skills such as windows/Microsoft Office, in addition to sales databases and MRP/ERP systems such as, Oracle, Glovia, Adam and SAP.

•Good time management and organizational skills as well as excellent communication skills.

•Working knowledge of statistical methods, material science, project management, heat exchangers, Engine Management Systems, Instron Machine (Tensile Testing), manufacturing design, mechanics of composites, electronics in manufacturing, advance thermodynamics, heat transfers, fluid mechanics, and human cough simulators.

•Thrives in environments requiring the capacity to prioritize concurrent projects both calmly and efficiently.

•Ability to communicate with various types of people and personalities which has aided in cultivating client relationships, diffusing situations and having positive interactions with colleagues

•Vast experience is selling and knowledge of Pneumatic or electric liquid level switches, single and multi-switch liquid level indicators, liquid level magnetic gauges and transmitters, pneumatic and electric level controllers, site glasses. In addition to speed sensors, temperature sensors and vibration sensors and transmitters. Pressure switches and transmitters.

•Consistently attended trade shows and manned the booth in trade shows such as OTC, Power Gen etc that included European made products in an effort to expand the sale of sensor products to replace existing US made sensors and targeted OEMs, also in an effort to install various accessories of which are sensors on every piece of new equipment manufactured, as compressors for example.

01/2018-05/2018: Applications and Inside Sales Engineer, Brodie International, Statesboro, Georgia (CONTRACT)

•Conducted training for Brodie internal departments, received and entered POs, placed and negotiated pricing with vendors, followed a project management approach to ensure shipping the meters on time and expediting orders while maintaining the integrity of the design and ensuring superior quality and functionality as a daily task and goal of my position.

03/2017-11/2017: Applications & Sales Engineer, Chalmers & Kubeck, Westfield, Massachusetts (CONTRACT)

•Developed quotations for Limitorque Actuators after reviewing lengthy specifications and other data provided by the customer. Proposals included technical data and pricing for brand new units to replace old ones or competitors and Parts & Labor for actuators returned to C&K for overhaul.

09/2016-02/2017: VRF & After-market Retrofit Technical Support Engineer, Carrier Enterprise, Houston, TX (CONTRACT)

•Oversight of all Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF ) Retrofits and new installations. Sold temperature sensors as part of a large package or individually to monitor and indicate refrigerant temperature at multiple points in the systems.

01/2014-08/2016: Technical Service Engineer, Norriseal-Wellmark, Houston, Texas (PERMANENT)

•Successfully sold pressure as well as level control valves pneumatically along with electrically actuated while bidding on projects with packages containing accessories such as positioners, solenoid valves, pressure controllers, level control switches (pneumatic and electric), level controllers that go on separators (pneumatic and electric), piston check valves, butterfly valves, choke valves, fuel control valves, magnetic gauges and glass sites, filter regulators. Utilized the series of switches and sensors in putting together packages and selling a package that includes instrumentation and actuation. Also sold sensors and repair kits for sensors separately in instances the client has a shut down and is overhauling or in the case a sensor or switch or level controller fails and needs replacement or repair. My involvement in selling sensors, switches, site glasses and level controllers doubled after the acquisition of Wellmark as Wellmark has an extensive variety of such accessories.

04/2010-12/2012: Applications Engineer, Microstaq, Austin, TX (CONTRACT)

•Obtained knowledge in regard to concepts and application of Micro-Elecro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) valves that Microstaq has patented with the new chip Ventilum, which is the latest advancement is super efficient fluid control technology. Responsible for retrofitting Silicon Expansion Valves (SEV) with Super Heat Controllers (SHC) in supermarket refrigeration systems by supervising contractors brazing the valves in place of the old Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV) with the SHC consisting of a thermocouple along with a pressure sensor placed at the suction line that feeds signals back to the SEV in order to open then close to optimize Super Heat, which translates into better efficiency and lower Kilowatt consumption. Utilized by selling in every application Universal SuperHeat Sensor-Controller (USHX) that is a refrigerant superheat measuring device that may be used as a standalone sensor or as a valve controller.

09/2009-03/2010: Applications Engineer, Valvetechnologies, Houston, TX (CONTRACT)

•Prepared quotations for metal seated Ball Valves also Gate Valves for severe service applications to South East Asia that included the following countries: Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand. Industries that we worked with included Power, Oil & Gas, Hydrocarbons, Mining, Nuclear and Specialty Products which involved the efficient management of several large projects over $2 million. Sold pressure sensors upstream and downstream of the valves to control the flow and release of gas or liquid.

02/2007-05/2009: Applications & Sales Engineer, Amot Controls/Roper Industries, Houston, TX (PERMANENT)

•Prepared quotations for 3-way thermostatic valves, air shut off valves, temperature, pressure switches, along with various other instruments then submitted quotations for both day-to-day business in addition to large projects in response to customer inquiries in accordance with controlled prices, discounts, terms/conditions, sales policies & procedures. In most applications, I quoted and sold temperature sensors that go directly inline and vibration transmitters and switches used on compressors. Sold large quantities speed sensors that go on moving trucks that indicate over-speed in which instance signals the fuel shut off valve to close and prevent fire or explosions due to the engine burning much additional amount of flammable gas in the air especially inside refineries and on Fracking sites.

09/2004-10/2006: Project Manager/Applications Engineer, Tyco Valves & Controls/Gimpel, Houston, TX (PERMANENT)

•Sized and selected valves in accordance with pressure class, material of construction, and pressure containing boundaries such as body castings, covers and bolting also worked with all internal departments such as engineering, quality, manufacturing, planning and purchasing to resolve customer issues.

•Carefully analyzed order contract(s) for all OEM and end user requirements then established an engineering folder that gave specific instructions as to what type of materials, piping and design the engineer must follow to develop a bill of material.

•As part of controlling when the valve shuts off, pressure sensors were utilized to send a signal to hydraulically operated solenoids to release the oil pressure causing the valve to shut off.

01/2004-09/2004: Project & Design Engineer, Dresser Flow Solutions, Houston, TX (CONTRACT)

•Served as a key player in providing engineering support to Dresser’s sub-contractors in actuator assemblies. Created new bills of materials (BOM) and corrected existing BOM’s while working on big US Navy contracts requiring actuators that were used on aircraft carriers.

•Orchestrated new designs then modified existing designs that were associated with multiple customer issues in combination to establishing new features that were added to the existing line of actuation products that upgraded and enhanced the existing models such as remote control along with non- intrusive operation.

07/2000-12/2003: Project Manager & Applications Engineer, EIM Controls, Missouri City, TX (PERMANENT)

•Sized and selected electrical and pneumatic actuators for ball valves, control valves, butterfly vales and plug valves while promptly resolving technical issues for customers and answered any questions related to the technical aspect of the product combined with the assessment of project plans and engineers’ specifications in order to prepare a bid package for projects.

02/1998-06/2000: Production Manager/Supervisor, Gatoof Corporation, Moscow, Russia (CONTRACT)

•Supervised the day-to-day operations of a coffee, chocolate, and hard candy manufacturer. Assisted in setting up a canning line for juice, roasting and packaging machines for coffee. Helped in purchasing machinery and various production equipment for the manufacturing facility.


•Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering & Applied Sciences

University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO

In Process of being enrolled and studying to acquire a masters degree is supply chain and management remotely online. However, this does not interfere at all in working a full-time job.

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