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Manager Teacher

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
June 16, 2019

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Idarus Ali


Tel: +44-751-***-****


Nationality: British - Native Speaker of English


English Language Instructor: Laureate (Saudi Arabia)

• Conducts 25 hours of lessons weekly

• Liaised and implemented instructions given by Cooperate Riyadh

• Worked closely with administration staff

• Managed and delivered teacher training courses

• Collaborated with the side by side with the director, dean, and office manager to handle the college strategically

• Represented the college on national marketing trips

• Scheduled teacher’s timetable by student numbers

• Conducted recruitment interviews

• Prepared course review and lesson plans

• Prepared new tests and examinations

• Counseled students and made a learning path

• Oversaw the preparation to exams

• Conducted Cambridge PET exams.

Senior ESL Instructor: British Council (Kuwait)

• Organised new team members. Conducted interviews

• Managed and coordinated course structure

• Conducted examination training for new IELTS examiners

• Prepared new curriculums for new courses

• Implemented new policies and procedures for better work practice

• Taught 20 hour of ESP and ESL lessons

• Coached ESL instructors when they were underperforming

• Assisted with budget management.

• Assisted in promoting new courses to the public

• Conducted a grievance procedure

• Handled complaints made by students and teachers

• Conducted workshops for better teaching practice, e.g., creativity

• Observed lessons and gave feedback plus follow-ups

• Promoted workshop engagement for my team

10/2015 -


08/2014 -


Senior ESL Instructor: British Council/Ministry Of Defense - Navy -


• Taught from starter to upper-intermediate classes of 3 - 20 students in English as a Second Language

• Conducted IELTS examination

• Conducts IELTS crash courses which cycled on 18 hours weekly

• Prepared lesson plans to suit learners needs

• Conducted continuous assessments with students

• Taught English for military purposes. (ESP)

• Adapted military books for the class. (ALC books)

• Tailored lessons according to research and analysis of student needs

• Employed original and authentic texts; created activities targeting receptive and productive skills and language systems

• Used and adapted materials from English grammar in use and IELTS

• Error correction during whole class feedback

• Conducted ALCPT tests

Senior ESL Instructor: British Council - Oman

• Supported curriculum with resources and innovations to ensure that every student succeeded

• Taught 25 EAP to academic students

• Adapted Grammar instructions for teachers with limited experience

• Maintained a good rapport with the students

• Trained and mentored newly qualified teachers

• Conducted seminars, to share teaching ideas.

• Designed and modelled best classroom practice for newly qualified teachers

• Created texts and teachers guides for instructing ESL students

• Provided safe yet stimulating environment for adult learners. 08/2014 -


02/2012 -



MA Applied Linguistics

University of Birmingham, UK

Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) University of Cambridge, UK

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science (Upper-Class) MOI University, Kenya



01/2003 -




Adobe, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, Interactive White Board.

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