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BI Reporting Designer & Expert

New York City, NY
June 16, 2019

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Armando Santos



BI Reporting Designer & Expert


Vaud - Switzerland


+417******** or +351*********





Bachelor Degree in Information Technologies (IT) + Mathematics.

Twenty years of industrial experience, in sectors like Insurance / Aerospace / Nutrition (FMCG) / Luxury Goods / Mining / IT Consultancy / Electronics and Retail, working on innumerous projects involving analysis, design, development, quality assurance, implementation and maintenance of several business applications using relational database technologies, Web based Technologies and Client/Server technology.

4.5 years of Tableau developments 8.3, 9.x,10.x, 2018.x

13 years of SAP experience in BW (3.5+7.0+7.3+7.4+7.5) and Business Objects 3.1 & 4.x

Experience in managing teams (onshore & offshore) with performance, tuning and customer support of standard and customized solutions. In depth experience of data visualization and data discovery.




Job Title

Job Type





SAP Lumira 2.2 (Disc./Desig.) Expert


Aviation Maintenance



Tech Data

Tableau Senior Expert


Distribution (IT)




Front End Expert (Viz Expert)





Airbus Group

Senior Dashboard Designer






Senior Dashboard Designer


Nutrition (FMCG)




SAP BI Senior Sol. Architect


Luxury Goods




SAP BI Senior Sol. Architect


Mining & Smelting




SAP BI Project Manager


IT / Consultancy




IT Manager






IT Manager






Tableau 8.3, 9.x, 10.x, 2018.x

Experience: 4.5 years

Create powerful presentations for Business Analytics & Insights for Markets usage.

Performed extensive GAP analysis in multiple projects (Supply Chain & Finance).

Designing + developing dashboards using Tableau for various ROI/KPI’s metrics.

Automate monthly excel/MS access reports into Tableau dashboards (desktop).

Design dashboards using Filters, Parameters and Action Filters.

Involved in database creation of objects like tables & views using SQL to provide a structure or architecture to maintain data efficiently (maximum efficiency and performance).

Developed Tableau dashboards with multiple data sources using Data Blending.

Built dashboards with forecast, trend and reference lines.

Level of Details expressions (LoD).

Connection of Tableau 10.4 with AWS Redshift platform (Public Cloud Service Platform).

+130 Tableau 8.3+9.x+10.x+2018.x dashboards and PoC’s (Proof of Concept) using different visualization techniques, charts and approaches.

SAP Business Objects 4.x

Experience: 12 years

Full installation, setup and configuration of Business Objects XI platform.

CMS management.

"Universes"creation and maintenance.

Crystal Reports design, build and linking to SAP transparent tables+ into SAP BEx Queries + into SAP Infocubes.


SAP BODS (Data Services)

XCelsius dashboards and "balance scorecards" / SAP BO Explorer cockpit

SAP Analysis for Office ~ SAP Design Studio (1.2 / 1.3 / 1.4 / 1.5 / 1.6) ~ SAP Lumira 1.x & 2.0 - 2.2 (Discovery

& Designer)

Full projects (from "Blue print" to "Go live 15 Created already several posts in regarding to DS limitations and improvements (


Experience: 13 years

SAP BW technical experience in installation, setup, configuration and performance analysis.

Modelling - Star schema concept, data flow in BW, InfoObjects, master data, data targets (Cube/DSO), infoproviders (Multiproviders, Virtual Cubes and Infosets)

ETL - Extraction, Transformation and Loading design skills. Excellent knowledge of "LO Cockpit" (LBWE) and creation of "Generic Extractors". Experience in enhancement of standard SAP extractors

Utilization of Business Content


BEx Query - Navigation on multi-dimensions reports

BExAnalyzer - Presentation in Excel sheets (Workbooks)

BEx WAD (Web Application Designer) - Presentation on web templates (company templates)

EDHW (Enterprise Data Warehouse Archit.) - Always respecting "SAP Best practices" concerning SAP BI archit. development.

Full projects (from "Blue print" to "Go live"): +20

(Excluding several tasks or assignments related with BEx queries "slow response" remodeling, perform. issues (Ex. usage of aggregates), security, upgrading and extraction of transaction data from SAP & non-SAP source systems






Lab4Tech – Lausanne

(details in page 4)

The world of Hadoop and "Big Data"

Python for Data Science with real exercises

Power BI / Tableau 10.5 Server /

SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services)


TABLEAU Classroom Training London

Visual Analytics + Desktop III: Advanced


NESTLÉ Switzerland (Vevey)

VSTS (planning and tracking team develop.)


NESTLÉ Switzerland (Vevey)



SAP Switzerland (Lausanne)

SAP HANA (SAP HANA + SAP BO Data Services (BODS) + SAP BO 4.0)


SAP (online)

SAP – ABAP Knowledge


SAP (online)

SAP Solution Manager


SAP (Lisbon)



SAP (Lisbon)

SAP Netweaver: SAP System Administration + Business Intelligence


University Portucalense Infante D. Henrique (Porto)

Bachelor Degree in Information Technologies + Mathematics


Google Data Studio Google Ads – Marketing Campaign Dash.

* Clicks * Views * Campaigns * Devices

Tableau 2018.2 & Google BigData (BigQuery) Tableau PREP

Sales Flow

Tableau 2018.2 EXTENSIONS

By using javascript created the new set of Tableau EXTENSIONS:

Tableau 2018.2 and Python (Forecast & Prediction)

Using SARIMAX regression model to forecast & predict the number of passenger’s within months parameter. Hadoop ecosystem and Tableau integration

MS SQL tables into Hadoop HIVE.

Rendering data in Tableau Desktop 2018. Tableau 2019.1

“Ask Data” feature evaluation. * PoC 1 – Using standard Tableau Analysis Services connection.

(Straightforward process) MS Power BI Desktop 2.59.5

* Power BI Data

Using SQL SERVER DB as a Data Source for Power BI

The Power BI Service (cloud platform)

* Shaping and Combining Data

* Modelling Data

Relationships / DAX Queries / Calculations and Measures

* Interactive Data Visualizations

Cloud Data / Connecting to Analysis Services

* Direct Connectivity

* The Developer API / Custom Visuals

* Power BI Mobile / Using the Power BI Mobile App

Q&A (Ask a question) within Power BI service (cloud platform)


* Show sales by customers

* Show customer which have the oldest sales by order date as matrix

* How many products in quarter=”Qtr1” as bar chart

MS Power BI Desktop 2.58.5 * PoC 1 - Analyse a scenario with more than two million records of U.S. airlines flights and delays.

Data wrangling:

Importing data into Power BI.

SQL join's (Left, Right, Full Outer join's and Inner).

Append queries from multiple data sources.

Filtering data (slicer) / Interactive drilldowns / Sharing

* PoC 2 - Analysing sales data (Excel & OData feed)

Custom formulas or calculations.

Relationships between datasets.

Building powerful visual content.

Interaction with report visuals to analyse further.

Sales by products, order date and ship country.

* PoC 3 – Using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) & POBI.

Created a sales PoC with a 100% dynamic SQL statement using ONLY slicers (NO DAX expressions). DirectQuery (Live) connection into SQL DB through a store procedure with parameters.

Tableau 10.5 & R integration * Setup external connection between Tableau & R.

* In R, loading of Rserve library.

* Replication of simple R charts in Tableau.

* Complex R charts (example: getMap within Tableau.

* Usage of SCRIPT_STR & SCRIPT_REAL in different scenarios.

Scenario A – Sales per Quarter (Tableau)

* Using Tableau standard Forecast & Trend Lines.

Scenario B – Sales per Quarter (R comput.)

* Using R computation to calculate forecast vs actuals.

Scenario C – Sales by Region (R comput.)

* R: forecast vs actuals per Region.

Scenario D – Sales by Category (R comput.)

* R: forecast vs actuals per Category with Trend Lines.

Scenario E – “What-If” (R comput.)

By adjusting some parameters (business economic indicators) in the dashboard one can perform “what-if” analysis and understand impact in sales performance.

Scenario F – Demand Forecast (R comput.)

Forecast which incorporates the holidays.

One can clearly see that the holidays are causing noticeable spikes in demand.

TIBCO Spotfire Analyst 7.12.0 & TIBCO Spotfire Cloud * Tableau dashboard recreation within TIBCO Spotfire Analyst 7.12.0.

* Software evaluation, integration, improved features, visual explore and data discovery.

* Integration of R charts & scenarios within Spotfire (TERR & Data functions (R script)).


Tableau 2018.2 (Beta)

MicroStrategy Desktop 10.11 Public Cloud Service Platform

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Tableau 10.x AWS Redshift

Tableau Reader

Tableau Log Viewer

VSTS framework


Agile/SCRUM developments with onshore and offshore teams in Bangalore/India – SAP BW/BO

SAP BO Design Studio data profiling / performance “best practices” / storyboarding

Tableau 9.x & Tableau 10.x

Tableau Server 10.2/10.3 (SandBox & local installations)

SAP Lumira 2.0 (Discovery & Designer)

SAP BI 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

MOBI Design

SAP Design Studio 1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6

UDT / IDT universes & BW workspaces


SAP BODS (BusinessObjects Data Services)

SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 / 4.1

SDK – Eclipse (BO extensions)

SAP BW 7.3 / 7.4

Oracle / JDEdwards / Oracle Discov.

Duet 1.5

EHP3 + EHP4 full installation and upgrade


SAP DMS (ArchiveLink / Filenet)


SAP virtualization (VMWare)

SSO (Single Sign ON) OSS

WebServices(SAP and non-SAP)


Systems Maintain ~ Users Maint.

Full Installation/ Activation of SAP Best Practices

Dump Analysis (ST22)

LSMW / Sol. Manager: Earlywatch Alert & Maint. Optim.

SAP BW (Installation / Sample Scenario) Activ. of Bus. Content / Upgrade 3.5 to 7

Microsoft Navision (Dynamics)

JD Edwards (JDE) EnterpriseOne - PeopleSoft

TOAD for Oracle

Microsoft Office Suite tools

MS EXCEL: Advance Excel formulas * VBA, Macros * Pivot tables * Lookup formulas * Multiple Charts * Conditional Formatting *Form Controls * Sort & Filtering data * PowerPivot, PowerQuery, Data Explorer (Microsoft Power Add-In’s) & Data Analysis features * Naming fields Has provided to the US Tableau dev. team useful tips for improving this new functionality. Possibility to share document with tests, results & scenarios assessed.


Lab4Tech – Lausanne July until October 2018

Tableau 10.5 Server


Projects / Workbooks / Views / Data Sources

Publishing in Tableau Server (Data Sources & Workbooks + Publish Types & Authentication)

Schedules (Extract Refresh & Subscriptions)

Using Tableau Server connection with Desktop version

User permissions (Viewer / Interactor / Publisher)

Alerts / Sharing / Download / Comments

Sites (Multiple sites. Example: Finance + Supply Chain)

Status, Server Analysis (Statistics), Governance (options)

Power BI (POBI)

The Power BI Service

Using Databases as a Data Source for Power BI

Shaping and Combining Data

Modeling Data (Relationships * DAX Queries * Calculations and Measures)

Interactive Data Visualizations

Direct Connectivity (Cloud data)

The Developer API (Custom Visuals)

Power BI Mobile (Using the Power BI Mobile App)


Dynamic SQL without parameters (with slicers & DAX)

How can I use POBI parameters to create a dynamic SQL statement?

Live connection with Parameters

Sales Dashboard + SORTING + Data bars (Trellis)

TopN Dynamic (SQL logic - SSMS)

Work with Buttons & Bookmarks

Dynamic title (using DAX expressions) + Simulate checkboxes

SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services)

Creating Multidimensional Databases

Working with Cubes and Dimensions (Attribute Hierarchies / Sorting and Grouping for Attributes)

Measures and Measure Groups

MDX Fundamentals (Using MDX to Query a Cube)

Customizing Cube Functionality (Key Performance Indicators, Actions, Perspectives, Translations)

Implementing a Tabular Data Model by Using SQL Server Analysis Services

DAX Fundamentals

oUsing DAX to Create Calculated Columns and Measures in a Tabular Data Model)

oUsing DAX to Enhance a Tabular Data Model

Predictive Analysis with Data Mining

oData Mining models

oUsing a Data Mining Model in a Report (SSRS)

Python for Data Science with real exercises!

Core Programming Principles

Fundamentals Of Python


Data Frames

Advanced Visualization


o Law Of Large Numbers

o Financial Statement Analysis (Part 1)

o Financial Statement Analysis (Part 2)

o World Trends (Part 1)

o World Trends (Part 2)

o Movie Domestic % Gross (Part 1)

o Movie Domestic % Gross (Part 2)

The world of Hadoop and "Big Data"

Install and work with a real Hadoop installation with Hortonworks and the Ambari UI

Manage “Big Data” on a cluster with HDFS and MapReduce

Writing programs to analyze data on Hadoop with Pig, Spark, Python and Scala

Store and query data with Sqoop, Hive, MySQL, HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB, Drill, Phoenix, and Presto

Design real-world systems using the Hadoop ecosystem

How a cluster is managed with YARN, Mesos, Zookeeper, Oozie, Zeppelin, and Hue

Handle streaming data in real time with Kafka, Flume, Spark Streaming, Flink, and Storm

“Almost every large company uses Hadoop in some way, including Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, IBM, Spotify, Twitter, and Yahoo! It's not just technology companies that need Hadoop; even the New York Times uses Hadoop for processing images.”



JetAviation, Contract – Switzerland (Basel)

Role(s): SAP Lumira 2.2 (Discovery / Designer) Expert

Apr19 / Today

Joined the IT-S solutions team based in Basel – Switzerland group headquarters, with the focus on training and improving skills of different levels of business users around the world on the good usage of SAP BO Lumira 2.2 Discovery & Designer tools.

Main duties:

Platform Governance (Promotion between platform stack, Users & Roles, Scheduling & Broadcasting, Reporting Usage …)

SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) for any SAP Lumira issue, doubt or new development.

“Best Practices” definition of visualizations (for example: which charts to be used for particular scenarios), color palettes, performance tips & improvements.


Training & Workshop sessions (full cycle) with main focus on Lumira Designer

Development of a new corporate TEMPLATE to be used for any developer within the group for Discover & Designer projects.

Improving existing LUMX solutions.

Creation of new LUMX & Application (BIAPP) dashboards (FI and SC).

“How to” switch on PROFILING with Lumira Designer and how to read the valuable information provided with this functionality.

Creation of multiple reusable functions with Lumira Designer (JavaScript) to be used in future developments.

Developed a new Commentary solution with Designer to be added into the new corporate application & template (BIAPP).

Implementation of new modules & functionalities such as Help + Bookmarks + Export + Options… (Lumira Designer)

“Ad-Hoc” reporting solution to simulate AfO (“Analysis for Office”) pivot slice & dice handling. (Lumira Designer)

“Responsive Design” awareness and “how to” build a new APP solution. Mobile VIZ’s PoC. (Lumira Designer)

PoC ("Proof of Concept") with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) – Sales & HR (Absences + Productive/non-Productive hours) dashboard. Complete tool assess and new features evaluation.

Tech Data, Contract - Germany (Munich)

Role(s): Tableau Senior Expert

Dec18 / Feb19

With the main goal of improving skills & knowledge of the SAP BI developer’s team, has presented the latest functionalities of Tableau Desktop 2018.2 version.

Also, has developed the following dashboards and visualizations:

MRS Morning Report (LWD (Last Working Day) Sales dashboard)

SMART Sales & Margin Tracker

Additionally, has created 2x PoC’s (“Prof of Concept”) for:

a)Collapsible menus

Has created ways to efficiently “hide” filters dimensions panel(s) from end users and consequently improving visualization space and readingness.

b)Shipments Routes

By creating a KML spatial file, using Google Maps, with shipments data (like: Per country # Deliveries (PO's); Sales in USD; Quantity (Units); # Customers …), to be used within Tableau to generated curved lines between origin & destination countries within the company group.

To finish, has provided basic + intermediate 2x training sessions of Tableau Desktop (2018.2).

SCOR Group, Contract - France (Paris)

Role(s): Front End Expert (Viz Expert)

Nov17 / Dec17

As part of FR Deloitte consulting team and sponsored by the Director of General Accounting and Group Reporting of SCOR, started a new Finance Consolidation & Group Reporting dashboard in Paris corp. headquarters and developed from scratch the following 7xnew SAP BO Lumira 2.0 Discovery + Tableau 10.4 visualizations:

Key Figures (Landing range)

Cash Flow

P&L (Profit & Loss statement)

Balance Sheet




The main objective of the consolidation dashboard project was to provide to the group a non-Excel perspective with the new SAP BO Lumira 2.0 suite tools + Tableau 10.4, hence to improve the business effectiveness. The focus was to highlight the new features and functionalities of these powerful tools to promote to the business community the best solution.

Final Goal:

Reproduce main key drivers – of Finance department with SAP Lumira 2.0 Discovery+ Tableau 10.4.

Integration with existing SAP HANA repository – to understand the robustness of this tool (a new set of Calculation View were developed) and to detect performance issues and improvements.

Evaluate Lumira 2.0Discovery+ Tableau 10.4 – to promote the future platform to the business users as main prototype & model tool for existing and new dashboards.

Airbus Group, Contract - Germany (Munich)

Role(s): Senior Dashboard Designer

Dec16 / Mar17

As part of the project CIS Performance KPIs & Steering Logic in Munich participated in the development of the following 4xnew SAP BO Design Studio 1.6 reports:

Strategic action status

Market share & relative growth

Innovation pipeline / portfolio roadmap

Risks & Opportunities

The Key objective of the CIS Performance KPIs & Steering Logic project was to provide CIS ExCom as well as Cluster ExComs with a consistent view on Financial, HR and Business KPIs in order to steer the business effectively. The focus was on steering relevant KPIs to allow for optimal business insights, by increasing transparency fast decision making should be fostered.

Harmonized KPI definitions and report formats ease understanding of business situation and fosters performance dialogue. A newly defined standard reporting package provides quick access to sound overview of performance via dashboard, while on demand deep dives for detailed analysis are available by using free analysis.

Final Goal:

Only measure relevant KPIs - which were adapted to the business model (key financials, HR data and operational performance).

Cover all key stakeholders - of CIS, business clusters and AD/AG are main target groups.

One language & one version of the truth - via clear/harmonized KPI/definitions to ease performance dialogue.

Efficient and automated processes - to support active performance management.

Integrated solution - utilizing strong capabilities of S/4 HANA / Simple Finance and SAP Fiori.

Nestlé / Nespresso, Contract - Switzerland (Vevey/Lausanne)

Role(s): Senior Dashboard Designer

Nov12 / Dec17

As part of the Nestlé Business Analytics (BA) team in Vevey participated in the development of the following projects in BO 4.0/4.1 + BW 7.3/7.4/7.5 (HANA) + Tableau 9.0 & 10.x.

Project 1 Description - GMHD Version I (VEVEY-Nestle)

As a lighthouse project for Nestlé Middle East market a Mobile Market Head Dashboard (GMHD) was built in BO 4.0 (WEB Intelligence report) to provide KPI's such as Real Internal Growth (RIG) + Organic Growth (OG) + Net Net Sales (NNS) against Forecast and Target data.

This Dashboard went live for 28 markets in April 2012 (Asia + Americas + Europe) with some specific requirements like local groupings (Hierarchies), drill paths, external data not available in GLOBE (non-SAP), etc.

Project 2 Description - GMHD Version II (VEVEY-Nestle)

After a very positive feedback from Market Head's (zone managers + high level users) we decided to create a new solution of Market Head Dashboard with a different architecture based many existing Nestlé BW sources like:

Global Sales Statistics

4 Key Factors of Sales

Sales Summary

Integrated Income Statement (P/L data - OP1+OP2)

and also merging many non-GLOBE (non-SAP) data like local calendars (local Working Days), target + forecast data and projection values per grouping/period/market.

This new Dashboard is completely flexible and allows a new rollout for a new market or region with minimal effort (from a few hours to few weeks) by minimizing the level of effort. One of the goals was to reduce the number of existing reports into one consolidated and secure BO report ("mobile ready" - MOBI).

After a fully validation at Unit/Stream level this solution was submitted to the CIO Awards 2013 (that rewards the best run projects by all GLOBE units and the LGO's) as "From Edge to Core and from Core to Edge: Industrializing a Market Head Dashboard" and from 57 successful projects this Dashboard received the second prize from GLOBE Management Committee.

In the end of 2013 this solution was handover/deliver to the Regional Business Solution(RBS) in AMS+AOA to continue the deployment of this platform to local markets/countries and a set of high level scope documentation + Quick & Detailed Deployment Guide + Videos guides and Questionnaire to freeze requirements were built to support and facilitate RBS on the deployment process.

Project 3 Description - PhenixProject (Cognos migration into SAP) (LAUSANNE-Nespresso)

In November 2013 joined the Phenix team (NESPRESSO) in Lausanne (50% of the week) to help in the consolidation of Nespresso Master data with the existing Nestlé BW Master data (MD). The challenge was to harmonize existing GLOBE Master Data Repository (MDR) and Sales Data Repository (SDR) with the Nespresso B2B + B2C data from Legacy systems (Oracle+IDH) + CRM.

The first market to have a "Go live" within Phenix project was Germany (DE) in September 2014 with the launch of R/3 platform (Retail) as well as SAP CRM + SAP APO + SAP SoD (Sales on Demand) + SAP BW 7.3.

Besides master data a set of BW reporting families are being setup to full fill Business Excellence (BE's) requirements and to cover existing DE main reports (sales order/sales performance/ Customer Life Cycle / Complains and follow up / Contracts / After Sales (ASSV) / B2B Coffe Machines...

Project 4 Description – Compliance Procure to Pay (P2P) dashboard (VEVEY-Nestle)

From August 2014 till March 2015, and for Top level management / Procurement leads, built a WEBI dashboard with the goal of enhance procurement reporting capability to improve the business analytics usability and accessibility, transforming “BIG DATA” in “EASY DATA”. The roll out to the Market level happened successfully on Q1 of 2015.

This dashboard is a reference for P2P team and it’s available on GLOBE portal and it provide 10 KPI’s that are very usefull and meaningful for the business.

Project 5 Description – CtA (“Call to Arms”) (VEVEY-Nestle)

Within the “Call to Arms” initiative (Compliance & Security) and because of a “lack” in Nestlé repository of a simple report showing how many users are linked into a WIN AD group, built an BO admin tool – using Excel & Macros+VBA - that allows to see how many users are attached into a specific WIN AD group. This simple development/spreadsheet is now being use by all RBS leads around the world and gives meaningful inform of users, groups attached and their responsible & approvers.

Project 6 Description - Compliance P2P dashboard - WAVE1 + Wave2 (VEVEY-Nestle)

The implementations of DS applications are growing very fast at Nestle developer community, therefore it was decided in July 2015 to rebuild the all solution of the Compliance P2P dashboard (made previously in WEBI) in DS 1.5.

From Jul till Dec 2015, and in parallel, start the development of new 10 KPI’s for SC team with collaboration of RBS team in Brazil and 5 offshore resources located in Bangalore/India.

Project 7 Description – Supply Chain Tableau evaluation (VEVEY-Nestle)

In January 2015 started the evaluation (acceptance period till EoY) of Tableau tool and developed many dashboards, visualizations and Poc’s to assess & measure the functionalities, easiness, integration and performance of this solution.

Tableau 8.3.2, 9.x and 10.x

Dashboard / PoC

Parameter that allows you to switch between Dashboards with ease (Show/Hiding)

Sparklines & Minibars charts

KPI Chart

Bullet Charts (Different options & VIZ's)

Usage of “Reference Line” in multiple scenarios (Line (Table/Pane/Cell) * Band * Distribution)

Terciles (using Reference Lines (both AXIS))

Simulate buttons to apply filters (Group filtering) - Trend / Column / Map charts

Actions (multiple examples - Ex. Reset Filters)

Actions - Navigation between dashboards and returning to main dashboard

Simulate standard deviation (Not within Expected Range / Within Expected Range)

Sales, Profit, Profitability and Rank Score

Creating of a Combination Chart with Overlapping Bars & Line


Cool VIZ's (Sales & Profit per state/country)

Create new custom color Palettes

Trend of Sales per Region (Highlighting MAX/MIN per Region)

Conditional formatting in different columns (multiple examples - Ex. HEAT map simulation)

Play with Totals & Subtotals within a crosstab (Subtotals / Column Grand Total per Mat. Category & Subcategory)

Custom SQL example

How to use SQL with parameters (passing parameters from Tableau into XLS as data source)

How to use SQL with multiple JOINs (Inner / Left / Right)

Multiple colors in a line chart

Parameters (Single Value list / Compact List / Slider / Type in)

Show hide sheets and repositioning of panels

Collapsible Menu KPI Dashboard (Revenue KPI's)

Variable Band Control Chart

Alternative to Marimekko charts

TOP 100 Global Brands (2017) - Awesome example

Stepped Lines demo - Awesome example

Region broken down by Column vs. Row (Use Region to filter the data that is rendered in a column) - Awesome example

Using Gridlines (LoD's expressions - multiple example)

Column chart to compare 2xvalues in the same dimension

Annotations (Useful scenario) - Awesome example

Shape Chart – (Waffle Chart) - Awesome example

Line Chart – Awesome example

Split a dashboard with lines (MOBI example)

Highlight a region with Table Calculations ("Highlighting selected items")

Assign subset of colors

Replace references

Labels for specific marks (Multiple examples) - Using Mark labels

Bump Chart - Awesome example

Trend line for a particular market or state (Using parameters and Reference Lines) - Awesome example

KPIs Next to Bars (using ALERTS shapes)

Labels and Colors for Top N Product subcategories

Sort one dimension to the top (multiple scenarios - SORTING)

SORT measures or dimensions (multiple examples)

Which customers bought more in 2015 than 2014? - Cool VIZ (45o Ref Line & Trend line)

Bar chart without axis - Product subcategories (play with sizes)

Dots on line ends (Begin & End - Line Ends)

Gaps in Reports - Can we add space between the Categories?

Help Desk Performance: Last 90 Days / Marimekko analysis - Awesome examples

Story example (STORIES - multiple cases)

Month sales: Retrospective (Rolling Three Month Sales) - Awesome demo

Sales with Totals (stacked chart) with Running Total Quick Table Calculation

Add Total Labels to Stacked Bar Chart using Reference Lines per cell

100% Stacked chart (multiple examples)

Accordion drilldown (Cool VIZ) - Awesome example

Donut charts (several examples)

Radial charts - Awesome example

Treemap charts – Examples

Waterfall chart demo

Waterfall chart – With different measures (Waterfall Scaffold)

Sales increases every year (Only include customers that had sales increases every year) - Challenge: not use table calcs or LODs in the solution

Highlight a particular row – Very good example

Gauge Chart (NPS example)

Sets, Quick Filters, Cascading Filters and Parameters

Sets for Top N and Others


Dynamic crosstab example (user selects the dimension to drill through parameters)

Ranking by

Rank per department example

Challenge: Top and Bottom on the same Worksheet - Using Table Calculations + Using Sets

Project 8 Description – Supply Chain Design Studio template (VEVEY-Nestle)

In September 2015 participated in the development of a template application within Design Studio (1.5) to be used across all Supply Chain projects in the world.

Project 9 Description – Supply Chain FreshNes (VEVEY-Nestle)

In November 2015 (for a period of 2xweeks) started a new development of the new FreshNes dashboard – migration of an old WAD template into DS 1.5.

Project 10 Description – Source to Pay dashboard – Targets

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