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Sales Manager

Fort Lauderdale, FL
June 13, 2019

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Search for a company that offers me the opportunity to contribute my skills as an executive, growing by my merits and knowledge an executive. Since I came to the Florida, I have worked in online business, social media advice, and sales.


12/2006 – 04/2018 Inversiones Pat Pat Pat, C.A. and Inversiones 3 Veces 8, C.A.

Caracas - Venezuela

Main Chief Manager and Vice President

In both companies I am main partner, our business was dedicated to import, distribution and sales of many products from China. A lots of my responsibilities begin from the sale and distribution structure, as well as the product came from China, also to introducing them to the market. Implement and keep on all kind of inventories and warehouse holding and handling programs and tools. Imports, forwarding, and nationalization, workflow with wide and solid knowledge required to provide the correct permission to introducing product to our domestic market. Sales, costs and prices forecast for each product we hand. Procurement planning for purchases orders. Development of prices lists for all products, by volumes, times and line. Constants analysis of new products and working and creating data according to segments, as the commercialization levels to meet the market. Wide knowledge of personnel management. Adaptation and Function definitions charges, according to the organizational structure, based on previous experiences

Some of the products that we keep on our list are, Accessories for men and women as: watches, wallets, bags in many sizes, pants, t-shirt, jacket, sweaters, baggages and suitcases, folders, underwears, shoes, ties. Some electronics issues as power banks, cellular phones, among others.

10/2004 – 11/2006 Consorcio Smarticket, C.A. Caracas - Venezuela

Operations Vice President

My positions came from the before job, who was the partnership of Helimedical. In that time my responsibility came for some units: administration, marketing, and operation, and a commercial part, our chart was very horizontal, and the technological development was very novel, which allowed great operational growth. Technological Development, implemented and launchpad, to administrative and carriers all branch and services of own holding.

Developed and launched the main tools of all company’s as a holding, using Smart Card in Venezuela

Created all workflow and procedures for the operation, for all branch we offer the market

Managed sales for corporate and massive markets

Developed and implemented all commercialization strategies for each branch and services

Grew clients base to 2500 end users in less than six (06) months

Developed and implemented marketing strategies

Developed production planning, distribution logistics and inventory management plans

Developed and implemented completed training in various companies of the group covering the following areas:

oSoftware E-Club: Implement Smart loyalties and multi-loyalties programs developed for our partner as e-Smart Consulting, training in, Customer services, Sales, billing, account payable, administrative Sales and operations of the application.

oCardSalud: Healthcare card or Medical data holder in a smart card with the main proposal to bring as immediately information of the patients or end users, on hospital, clinics, labs and all health organizations .

oGiftCard Express: First company in Venezuela to Implement an US concept on the most biggest retails. Training on purchasing, sales, administrative and operations.

oSmarticket: Payment and controller Carrier for all benefits and bonus by law regulations, as private and government employment sectors. Completed training on sales, accounts payable, market research through focus groups and sales floor, look at three different side; customer services, employment, and corporations.

04/2003 - 10/2004 Helimedical, C.A. and HeliSmart Group (Holding)

Caracas - Venezuela

Main Director Chief

For that moment, my position had the responsibility to implement the technological platform, to automate and systematize all company operations, assuming functions and responsibilities of a Main Director Chief.

01/2002–04/2003 Dayco Telecom, C.A. Caracas - Venezuela

Marketing and Sales Manager: Health, Education and Tourism

Strategies of massive Sales

Developed of new sectors

Supervision, coordination and training for sales teams and designers

Design and implementation of promotions; design and development of new products

Developed plans of Trade for specific sectors; investigation of new

niches of markets

Planning goals and quotas of fulfillments for market necessities

Management and creation of data bases

Design and layout of Web Pages, among others

2000-2001 Security World, C.A. Caracas, Venezuela

Marketing and Sales Manager

Offering to the market specific products of security, under the representation of international companies like Motorola Indala (Access Control), Westinghouse (intelligence), Transcript (integrated encrypted for telecommunication) and others

Planned and to develop strategies of market for each product

To enable and to form distribution channels to promote the lines

1996-2000 COMUNICACIONES MARKETRONICS, C.A. Caracas, Venezuela

Marketing and Sales Manager

Financial Analysis of Promotions

Schedules organization and arrangements for dealers training

Structure of distribution channels

Provide new tools and quick methods for sales

Analysis of new products and database elaboration according to segments

Analysis and investigation of vertical markets, analysis of profitability and consultant ship of services and products

Wide knowledge of Communication (Two ways radios communication, PCs., wired Telephony and cellular)

Sales Regional Manager

Structures of sales forces

Implementation of sales strategies

Conduction and induction of courses and forums; development of points of sales

Annual sales planning

1993–1995 GRUPO VENEZOLANA DE CREDITO, C.A. Caracas, Venezuela

National Business Manager

Training of sales team

Productivity plans

Development of sales strategies

Conduction and induction to the teamwork

Analysis of new commercialization products

Implementation of courses and shops for sales forces

Development of publicity and promotion to increment new customers

1989–1993 VENTICO CONSOLIDATOR S, C.A. Caracas, Venezuela

National Business Manager

Constant training of sales team

Productivity plans

Development of sales and marketing strategies

Conduction and induction to the teamwork

Opening of three news offices nation wide for shipments and containers freight

Analysis of new commercialization products and services

Implementation of courses and shops for sales forces

Developed a freight forward company as a partnership

Development of publicity and promotion to increment new customers

Sales Representative

Finding new markets to import from Asia, USA, and Europe

Increment new customers and Clients

Fulfill out the goals

Bring the best consulting to the customers

Implement marketing and sales strategies


1988–1991 Instituto Superior Universitario de Mercadotecnia

Caracas, Venezuela



Administrative and Operation applications tools as Saint, FoxPro. Profit, Cards.

Telecomunications and technologies Knowledge, in different areas as two ways radio, Wireless, GSM, Access Control, Smart applications, etc.

Import and export Knowledge

Logistics and planning Knowledge

Event Management

Business Consulting, Development And Management.

Corporate Strategy, Budgeting and Forecasting

Project Management

Accounting Management



Microsoft Office Tools: Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Outlook, Outlook

Express, Publisher.

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