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Mechanical Engineer, Experience with Solid Works, ANSYS and C Program.

Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
June 13, 2019

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*** */** * ********** Allahabad

******, Uttar Pradesh, India.



Mr. Shiva Agrawal

B.Tech, Department of Mechanical Engineering, (2015-2019), J.S.S. Academy of Technical Education, Noida.


1. Mega AVT Championship (Team Vega Racing Project) October 2015 - March 2016 (6 months)

● Introduction to the Vehicle Dynamics.

● Learning several manufacturing techniques for All Terrain Vehicle.

● Built an Alternator and incorporated in ATV.

● Introduction to Solid Works.

2. Enduro Student India 2017 (Team Vega Racing Project) August 2016 - January 2017

● Study of Chassis Designing as per SAE Regulations.

● Core team member of Sponsorship team.

● Mechanical design and implementation.

● Assistant Finance manager.

● Experience: Team Management, Finance Management, Sales & Sponsorship Management, Market Survey, Solidworks,

3. Enduro Student India 2018 (Team Vega

Racing Project)

June 2017- January 2018

● Designed and Fabricated the Chassis of ATV (MARK 2) using solidworks and conventional fabrication techniques.

● Good command in Simulating the designed components using Ansys 16.0

● Good command in MIG welding.

● Successfully procured FOX EVOL Dampers from USA with 60% discount from sponsorship and with 0% import duties.

● Successfully procured Polaris CVT from USA with 30% discount through sponsorship and 0% import duties.

● Made a sales report of Vehicle (MARK 2) as per Enduro Student India guidelines and presented in the event, securing 13th rank among 97 teams. 4. Solar Air Heater (Final year project currently undergoing)

● It is a research based projects.

● Research is being done on finding the optimum geometry to increase heat transfer coefficient between air and absorber plate.

● It is being done under Dr. Naveen Kumar Pandey.

Experience: Team Management, Professional commissioning, presentation & demonstration skills, FEA Analysis, hands-on experience with Solidworks, part designing and assembly, Welding, Creating Business Plan.



Class X Maharishi Vidya

Mandir, Allahabad

2012 10 CGPA

Class XII Maharishi Vidya

Mandir, Allahabad

2014 92.2%

B. Tech JSS Academy of

technical Education

2015-2019 Overall: 74.75%


● Proper understanding of Mechanics, Dynamics and Kinematics of machines and machine design.

● Hands-on experience with 3D modeling software (Solidworks & ANSYS) during Car Projects. Fluent with sketching, modeling, assembly, drafting and reading drawings.

● Basics of C & C++. Efficiency in MS Office package(MS Word, MS Excel and MS Powerpoint).


● SOLIDWORKS (Dassault Systemes V5R20) (sketching, 3D modeling, assembly, surfacing and drafting) – Jss Team Vega Racing Workshop.

● Successfully completed the workshop on the Study of Turbochargers in Railway Locomotive in summer training period.


Participated enthusiastically in various events belonging to technical, cultural and social backgrounds. Some of the awards are mentioned as follows:

● Second topper in school CBSE Board Examination at school level, class 12th (92.2%).

● Winner of various music (solo singing, group singing) & dance competitions at both school and college level.

● Actively participated in seminars, symposiums and presentations at school and college level. Attended cloud-computing workshop.


● Excellent presentation, communication and writing skills.

● High aptitude towards problem solving with a positive approach.

● Volunteering for new roles and responsibilities.

● Experienced with teamwork and realizes the importance of harmony.

● Trained in Indian classical music and lead vocalist in a college level band.

● Other interests: Tech News, cooking, playing soccer and video games. VISION

‘‘To learn & grow with the industry and to

develop knowledge pertaining to the

latest technologies and contribute to the industry positively. Proclivity towards innovation, research and problem solving.’’


● DOB: 19/02/1996

● Sex: Male

● Father’s Name: Mr. Shiva Agrawal

● Country: India; Hometown: Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

● Languages: English, Hindi

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