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Bmc Remedy, Itsm, Slm, Srm, Cmdb, Remedy Java Api, Plugins, J2EE, Hado

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
June 13, 2019

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Venugopal H R

#**, *** ****, *** *****, Sakamma Layout, B Narayanapura

Bangalore, Karnataka, India 560016

Cell: +91-984*******, +91-990*******



Exceptionally well-qualified senior IT professional with sophisticated technical skills and a passion for resolving complex problems or business challenges through innovation. Adept at maintaining focus on achieving bottom-line results while formulating and implementing advanced technology and business solutions to meet a diversity of needs. Highly effective interpersonal and communication style.

• Remedy Action Request


• Remedy IT Service Management • BMC Service Request Management

• BMC Service Level


• BMC Remedy Custom Built



• BMC Remedy Java Plugins • Core Java and J2EE • Apache Hadoop Big Data and Spark real time analytics

Professional Skills

• Solutions Development and Documentation

• Technical troubleshooting

• Performance tuning

• Workflow prioritization

• Business needs analysis

• Customer Service Management

• Operations Management

• Develop custom application on BMC Remedy platform.

• Process Redesign, Turnaround & Optimization

• Client Management

• Training groups and one-on-one client support on client site.

• Customer service delivery

• Productivity enhancements

• Ensure customer satisfaction.

Employment Summary

Column Technologies, Pune, India July 2016 to Present Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India July 2015 to July 2016 Pervazive Inc., Bangalore, India September 2008 to June 2015 Applications

• BMC Remedy ARS 6.x through 9.x

Technical Skills

• BMC Remedy ITSM (Incident, Problem, Change, Asset) 9.x

• Service Request management (SRM) 9.x

• Service Level Management (SLM) 9.x

• BMC Atrium CMDB 9.x

Operating Systems/Databases

• Microsoft Windows Servers

• Sun Solaris

• Red Hat Linux

• Microsoft SQL Server

• Oracle


Web Servers/ Servlet engines

• Apache, Tomcat, Apache Geronimo

Web Technologies/Languages

• Remedy API, Rest API, Soap Web Services

• Core and Advance Java

• Spring MVC, Spring ROO 2.0, JPA, Hibernate

• Java Struts

• JSF 2, Rich Faces 4

• Foundation 5, Bootstrap 3

• jQuery 2.1.1, Ajax, HTML 5, CSS 5, JavaScript, JSON, Angular JS

• Hadoop 2.4, Sqoop, Kafka, Apache Spark 1.3

• Apache WebSocket

• Smack API

• Restful Web services

• Twilio SMS and WhatsApp API Integrations

Visualization & Reporting

• High Charts

• Fusion Charts

• D3. js

• BIRT Report

Other Tools

• Remedy Migrator

• Data Management Tool

• ARS Kit Studio 4.0 and ARS Web kit

• ARUtilities 6.5/7.0/8.0

• AR log analyzer

• STS 3.6

• Visual Paradigm

• Eclipse Luna and Birt Report Designer

• Soap UI 5.2.1

• Wireshark

• Dreamweaver CC

• Photoshop CS6

• Microsoft Project

• Visio


Column Technologies, Pune, India July 2016 to Present Senior Consultant

BMC Remedy ITSM Implementation and Integration for Indus Towers

• ITSM IM and CM Customization to meet Telecom requirements.

• ITSM - IMAPP (Android mobile app) integration.

• ITSM - Google Cloud Messaging(GCM) integration to handle notification events for Android mobile app.

• ITSM - SMS integration to handle notification events.

• ITSM - TemIP integration to handle NMS alarm tickets.

• CM module customization to handle Outage management process with IMAPP Android app.

• Red flag management customization on incident module.

• Performance tuning on IM and CM module.

• Provide overall development leadership throughout the life-cycle of the project IT Senior Consultant - BMC Remedy ITSM and CMDB Implementation for Flipkart

• ITSM Service Request, Work Order and Task module customizations

• ITSM CMDB Spoon job implementation to load customized attributes into Computer System and Equipment classes.

• Notification customization to handle multiple outgoing mailbox and related templates based on the Request. Customization is applicable on SRM, Survey messages, IM, CM, WO and Task modules.

• Asset management QR Code integration with printer

• Asset Assignment tracker implementation

• Custom approval process definition and mapping for CM module

• Develop new applications and update existing applications including AR System, ITSM 8.0, Service Request Management, Asset Management System

• Twilio SMS and WhatsApp message integration with Remedy system IT Senior Consultant - BMC Remedy ITSM Customizations for Madura

• Understanding the requirement

• SLM implementation as per business requirement

• Code development and unit testing

• Following the process for Production movement

IT Senior Consultant - BMC Remedy SRM Customizations for Bank of New York Mellon

• Merging multiple service request into single form using AIF

• Approval chain configuration using Vendor form integrated via ARDBC plugin

• Filter API implementation to commit data into external system using Oracle Stored Procedure

• Vendor form implementation for external database access via ARDBC plugin using DB Link/JDBC program

• SRM Notification customization to fulfil customer requirements

• Work order customization as per customer requirement

• Provide oversight, work direction and mentoring to the team's Application Developers

• Assist in the development of ITIL-compliant service processes IT Senior Consultant - BMC Remedy Customizations for STC, Saudi Arabia

• Design and implementation of Trouble Ticketing system for telecom domain

• Integration with multiple systems like CRM, WFMS etc.

• IOS/Android Mobile integration with BMC Remedy system Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India July 2015 to July 2016 IT Consultant

BMC Remedy ITSM Implementation and Integration

• Ran enterprise ITSM solution design workshops as lead facilitator

• ITSM IM and CM Customization

• B2B Interface implementation using simple and complex web service integrations

• IM module color code plugin implementation using Remedy API

• CM time zone utility using ARS Filter API implementation

• Work delivery metrics and templates implementation using ARS Filter API

• Process facilitation techniques in both large and small group workshops

• Extensive ARS development experience in all ITSM modules to implement solutions in an accurate and timely manner with experience in all phases of SDLC

• Incident management issues/problem management

• Change management - Configure/build custom loading forms using remedy coding, management tool

• Customize Remedy forms, Developing workflows, escalations, filters

• Development expertise in Asset/Configuration Management DBs for Mainframe and Distributed systems

• Configuration of the Change, Incident, Problem, Service Level, Request Management and CMDB modules

• BMC Remedy Developer Studio, Atrium Integrator, and Data Migration Tool

• NIM Server CSV encription and decription

• NIM Server XML parser

Pervazive Inc., Bangalore, India April 2014 to June 2015 Sr. Tech Lead

Predictive Analytics for BMC Remedy PT4 Alarm management

• Predictive Analytics module built for telecom industries

• Remedy integration with Big Data platform

• Big data analytics dashboard and reports with Remedy Pervazive Inc., Bangalore, India January 2013 to March 2014 Tech Lead

BMC Remedy ITSM integration plugins

• WebNMS product integration plugin for ITSM IM module

• OpenNMS product integration plugin for ITSM IM module

• SPMS (Staff Performance Management System) application plugin for ITSM 7.5 Pervazive Inc., Bangalore, India April 2011 to December 2012 Senior Software Engineer

BMC Remedy PT4 Enhancement

• PT4 Application tune-up and PT4 Remedy data archive

• PT4 Workflow Automation Engine implementation

• Integration of 3rd party Fault Management System (T-Mobile Netherland) with PT4 Application

• Integration of Network Monitoring System (NAdM) with PT4 Application

• AR Server Platform Upgradation from 7.0 to 7.5

• Requirement gathering and building custom applications in Remedy

• PT4 Enhancement v1.1 / v1.2

• Enhancing subject matter expertise on new and emerging Remedy features and supported technologies

• Evaluating more complex requests and development assignments that may involve the co-ordination of several analyst programmers

• Acting as a go-to person for the junior analysts when they cannot resolve issues

• Documenting developed code for support and maintenance reference

• Performing in-depth investigation and debugging of high priority production bugs

• Providing training to support and maintenance resources & fellow developers

• Designs all customizations based upon a best practice approach Pervazive Inc., Bangalore, India September 2008 to March 2011 Software Engineer

BMC Remedy PT4 v1.0 Implementation and Integration

• PT4 Base Platform - Base configuration like User, Group, Roles, Notification and Escalation Matrix etc.

• PT4 Trouble Ticket Management - Trouble ticket lifecycle process by supporting Task module

• PT4 Alarm Management - Handle NMS alarms by integrating with Trouble Ticketing module

• PT4 Integration Management - Integration Connector through Enterprise Service Bus(ESB) supports as per TM Forum JSR 91 Trouble Ticketing and TM Forum JSR 263 Fault Management specifications

• PT4 Configuration Management (Change Tasks, Authorizations) - Change implementation lifecycle process by supporting Authorization and Change Task module

• PT4 Site, Network Management - Site and Network element configurations

• PT4 Task Module (Standard Tasks, Standalone Tasks) - Supports integrated module with WFM (Work Force Management) and also tasks for Trouble ticket and Change process.

• PT4 Preventive Maintenance Tasks - Supports Pro-active maintenance through PMT (Preventive Maintenance Tasks)

• Remedy Utility Tool to generate Data Dictionary from ARS

• BMC Remedy product installations, upgrades and implementations, including customizations using TM Forum JSR-91 and JSR-263 specifications, best practices and industry coding standards.

• PT4 custom built alert tool for Remedy which supports both Email and Alert notifications

• Implementation of Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) Remedy plugin for SMS integration Projects and Accomplishments

BMC Remedy ARS Projects - Development, Administration and Architect PT4 (Fault Management System, Customized ITSM Product for Telecom) - with complete Remedy ARS Development, Platform Setup, Upgrades and Fixes on QA and Production Environments. Client: Atos, Nokia Networks -India

OS3, (Fault Management System, Customized BMC ITSM Product, for Telecom) - with complete Remedy ARS Development, Platform Setup, Upgrades and Fixes on QA and Production Environments. Client: SMI Technologies - United Kingdom More than 150+ Customization and Support in Fault Management, Change Management, Work Order/Task Management, Application Core, Configuration Management, Preventative Maintenance Task. Client: Nokia Networks - Global

BMC Remedy ITSM Project Implementation and Customizations BMC Remedy IT Service Management Foundation data setup Clients: Apollo Sprint - US

IM Color Code Implementation - Custom build qualification for the incident color to highlight incident tickets in the IM Console

Clients: Apollo Sprint - US

IM work delivery metrics - Custom build qualification by specifying 3 level sorting orders up to 40 templates adding to the metrics which act like incident ticket assignment engine based on metrics. Clients: Apollo Sprint - US

CM time zone implementation - User can able to see time information specific for change time zone location.

Clients: Apollo Sprint - US

NIM Server integration with BMC Atrium Core CMDB - NIM CMDB View contains valid and reconciled data to upload into BMC CMDB

Clients: Apollo Sprint - US

Remedy Integration Projects

UFM (Umbrella Fault Management) - PT4 (FMS) Integration Client: Nokia Networks- India

NetBoss XT [NMS] - Zain Fault Management System [Customized BMC ITSM] via OSS/J Adapter(TM Forum Framework)

Client: NetBoss -United States, Zain- Kuwait, SMI Technologies-United Kingdom ASSISTv3.6 - [Knowledge Base Management] - PT4 (FMS) Integration Client: Nokia Networks- India

(MxPDM)[Product Data Management] - PT4 (FMS) Integration Client: Nokia Networks - India

TMNL Ticketing System - PT4 (FMS) Integration

Client: T-Mobile -Netherlands, Nokia Networks - Portugal RESOLVE R 2.5 [CoCare-Dispatch System] - PT4 (FMS) Integration Client - Nokia Care - Germany, Nokia Networks

NMA [Ticketing System] - PT4 (FMS) Integration

Client: Nokia Networks - Dallas, United States

Advantex [1IP-Dispatch System] - PT4 (FMS) Integration Client: Nokia Networks - Dallas, United States

SWA [Work Force System] - PT4 (FMS) Integration

Client: Nokia Networks - Sao Paulo, Brazil

OSS/J Trouble Ticket Remedy Interface with NetBossXT - OS3 Client: NetBoss- United States, SMI Technologies - UK Remedy ITSM IM B2B Interface - OneFM (FMS) Integration Client: Apollo Sprint - US

Remedy ITSM CM B2B Interface - CMC Integration through Synchronoss middleware Client: Apollo Sprint - US

Remedy ITSM CM Restful Web services - Publish ARAPI Restful Web services with JSON format to support token based authentication session for CM ticket get list, Create, Update operations for mobile applications. Client: Apollo Sprint - US

Remedy ITSM IM B2B Interface

Client: T-Mobile - US

Remedy ITSM - IMAPP Interface

Client: Indus Towers - India

BMC Remedy Asset management QR Code integration

Client: Flipkart - India

Remedy API / Plugins

OSS/J Adapter -> OSS/Jv1.2 Trouble Ticket System -Remedy Adapter, any Third-Party Application can connect Remedy Application using OSS/J v1.2 Client [TM Forum Standards] Client: NetBoss - United States, SMI Technologies -UK Remedy Batch (CRUD) Operations and Remedy Process Automation Client: Nokia Networks - Global

PT4 Workflow Automation -> Provide more flexible way to build automation rules and workflow engine will create backend workflow like filters/active links objects without development effort Client: Nokia Networks - Global

SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) Remedy Plug-ins for SMS -> Provide SMSC service provider configuration for SMS integration through Remedy

Client: Nokia Networks - Global

BMC Remedy ITSM integration with OpenNMS, WebNMS

Client: Pervazive - INHOUSE.

BMC Remedy Vendor form plugin and Filter API implementation Client: Bank of New York Mellon - India

BMC Remedy Rest API Implementation

Client: Bank of New York Mellon - India

Twilio SMS and WhatsApp message integration with Remedy System Client: Flipkart

Web and Mobile Application

Predictive Analytics Web Application for Telecom Operators Client: Pervazive/ Tizamo - INHOUSE

pTOM (a pure java based Fault Management System) Web Application and supports Restful Web services for mobile applications

Client: Pervazive - INHOUSE

Customized OpenNMS UI (Network Monitoring System) Web Application Client: Pervazive - INHOUSE

Remedy Trouble Ticketing System(RTTS) integrated with Mobile App using Rest API's Client: STC Saudi Telecom Company

Passport & Visa Details

Place of issue: India

Passport No: S0499677

Date of expiry: 2nd March 2028

Visa: USA

Visa No: K5611994

Type/Class: R B1/B2

Date of expiry: 7th February 2026

Entries: Multiple


Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India March 2008 Masters in Computer Application (MCA) Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum, India

N. D. R. K. First Grade College, Hassan, India December 2004 Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

University Of Mysore, Mysore, India

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