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Electrical Engineering Power

Jamaica, NY
June 14, 2019

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Alfaj Sourav

Jamaica, NY ***** 929-***-****

Professional Summary

Recent Electrical Engineering Technology graduate with a background in power systems, automation and controls. In-depth understanding of controls and power-delivery systems. Passionate and able to provide technical leadership within a multidisciplinary team environment. Years of course teamwork experience in working with groups of 3-4 to complete various Electrical Engineering tasks and projects using a variety of modern tools and applications. Working towards acquiring the Fundamentals of Engineering (EIT) license while seeking a position where I can contribute my skills and experience. Education

Brooklyn, NY


New York City College of Technology/ CUNY

Bachelor of Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology Notable Projects

Radio Transmitter: Assembled transmitter tunable in the range of 600 KHz to 1600 KHz. Club Digital Clock: Simulated and constructed a clock using various integrated chips, resistors, capacitors and LED display. Power Supply: Designed a power supply using a rectifier and voltage regulator, with the help of AutoCAD and NI MultiSIM. Audio Amplifier: Built a 10 watt audio amplifier from schematic design to PCB layout, PCB layout designed with no any software help H-Bridge: Designed an artificial H-Bridge using LabVIEW with motor speed control. Brookhaven National Laboratory: Participated in a remote sensing experiment which uses lasers, simulate the operation of a photocathode gun using Space Charge Tracking Algorithm software and collect data to compare in different circumstances’ and make predictions.

Re-Engineered Fan: Re-Engineered a fan to be temperature sensitive to turn on/off and change speed based on the temperature in the room, using Basic Stamp software, also used many electrical devices such as the oscilloscope and multi-meter to troubleshoot. Gained hands on knowledge on A/D and D/A converters as well as analog and digital circuit design using Operational Amplifiers (Op- Amps) in real life applications.

Gesture Controlled Robot: Spearheaded the senior project in a team of three from start to finish within one semester with incredible time management. Gained extensive knowledge on programming with Arduino (simplified C/C++ language), microcontrollers, sensors and transceivers as well as troubleshooting, problem solving, designing, budgeting and multi-tasking to finish multiple parts of the project in a short duration of time.


Brooklyn NY


CUNY Tutor Corps

Math Tutor

• Provide weekly individual tutoring to 8+ students with various math concepts such as algebra, system of equations, trigonometry and basic calculus

• Assign practice exercises provided by the teacher to increase students understanding

• Provide appropriate techniques and learning styles for maximum understanding until student is confident to work independently

• Discuss with teachers after each session to evaluate the effectiveness of the session

• Report back to the teacher on the progress of induvial students and make changes to the teaching style based on feedback Manhattan, NY


Central Park Food Cart

• Provide directions and other assistance to many tourists who spoke little English

• Worked in a fast paced environment while standing with constant movement

• Helped event organizers with event organizations in the park such as the marathon and music concerts

• Coordinate with fire and law enforcement in the case of emergency during those events Skills

Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, and 10,

UNIX, and Mac OS

Applications: AutoCAD, Multisim,

LabVIEW, PowerPoint and Microsoft Office

Programming Languages: C++, MATLAB,

Arduino, R and Visual Basics Applications

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