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English Teacher Training

Saint-Herblain, Loire-Atlantique, France
4000 dollars
June 10, 2019

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Dear Sir/Madam,

With two Master's Degree in French Studies (Literature, Civilization, and Foreign Language & Second Language) under my belt and over 10 years teaching experience of both English and French, I have learned to be both resourceful and mindful in my teaching approach and thanks to my intellectual curiosity and rigour; I have just started an Executive Education programme at INSEAD Paris.

I have analysed the IB programme as part of my Specialized M.Phil for teaching languages and am fully aware of the dynamics associated with international schools and programme coordination. Currently, I am working with a multicultural team and have good knowledge of foreign education systems. This has really helped me with international cooperation. I am looking to evolve professionally and I know this opportunity will be a perfect fit for me as I have learnt how to lead others, the task and myself efficiently. I have developed great soft skills over the years and am a complete people's person. Moreover, my trainings in cross-cultural communication have enabled me to adapt to different cultures and situations.

My extensive travels abroad have ushered me to develop respect for people and world cultures. I am dynamic and enthusiastic with good analytical skills. I will bring a disciplined, refreshing approach and methodology to your school thanks to my years of experience in France. I know we need to lead by example and as a leader; I am aware that I have to play an active role in leading both students and staff members. I am very good with children of all ages and engage them in activities and free flow communication understanding fully well, what they expect of me. I love children, respect them, and value their contribution to my personal development My unique approach will bring positive and innovative language learning as well as other teaching methods to your school. Engaging a team and constantly exploring the performance-behaviour relationship is essential to me. I may not have the QTS, but my perseverance and dedication as a teacher will come across through my teaching methods and my students bear witness to that. I will also develop cultural intelligence to reach out to those who do not share my core values. In addition to this, I reckon that to part of the solution, I have to vehemently acknowledge that I am a part of the problem. It is important to engage in meaningful dialogues to ensure successful outcomes. Moreover, research has proven repeatedly that when it comes to leadership roles, men are more confident, but women are more competent. I intend to be a meaning maker and build strong collaborations with my staff and students.

Please do get in touch via email should you require any additional information regarding my candidacy. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


Smita MARIE bilingual/adaptability

40 rue Eugène Kérivel teamwork/training

44800 Saint-Herblain capacity to take initiatives

knowledge update

+33 autonomous/organized

leadership qualities


10 years experience


A language coach & cross-cultural facilitator with an extensive experience in working with international students and staff members. Passionate about teaching, I have had the opportunity to teach diverse groups in the past ten years. With an in-depth knowledge of my subjects, and meticulous lesson plans, I have been able to foster learner autonomy by analysing student’s needs. Great record of accomplishment for teaching Business English as well as implementing excellent classroom management techniques, delivering engaging lessons and driving the development of students through to competitive exams. Looking to evolve professionally, I’m positive I’ll be an asset to any team I have the opportunity to join.

2018-Present English Professor Audencia Group Nantes

ESL/Business English and English for specific purposes.

Designing lessons, setting exam papers.

TOEFL lessons.

Cross-Cultural training.

Evaluations via class tests and final exams.

Planning lessons adhering to curriculum objectives using a range of teaching methodologies. 2017-Present Language coach TNA Formations Saint-Herblain

Adult Education : ESL & Business English.

FLE/Business French.


Conceive, plan & conduct an efficient lesson with cross-cultural training workshops using adequate learning materials.

Training in ProcessComm & cross-cultural communication. 2012 Certification, Cultural Detective George Simmons Paris

In-depth knowledge of the Cultural Detective© method & its successful documentation.

Conceive, plan & conduct an efficient cross-cultural training workshop with adapted materials & tools. 2011 English Teacher Collège Aristide Briand Nantes

English lessons for 4th & 5th graders (Contract: Three and a half months). 2008 / 2009 Translator/Interpreter DCNS India Bombay Worked on Project P-75 (Transfer of technology for the sale of 6 Submarines to the Indian Navy).

Technical translations of Information systems and all reports & reviews.

Interpretation in the Shipyard between technicians in French/English/Hindi. 2003/2008 French Professor Alliance Française Bombay Professor of French as a Foreign Language

Basic & Continuing Language Training Workshops.

Higher Level Training of French Language – Université Catholique de l’Ouest, Angers.

Preparing students to take the DELF A1, A2, B1 & B2 exams. 2008 Intercultural Facilitator’s Training Alliance Française Chennai Conducted by Heather Robinson.

Provide training to expatriates/companies/students looking to settle abroad. Raise awareness to understand different cultural notions using the games & effective tools.

Special cross-cultural training for children of expatriates/foreign students to adapt to new surroundings. 2004 / 2006 English Teacher Lycée Louis Bascan Rambouillet

Conversation classes for high school students.

Private tuitions for students with language difficulties.

Lessons for the visually impaired.



2015 M.Phil (Master II) in French as a foreign language/ French as a second language, Université de Nantes.

2006 M.Phil (Master II) in French Literature, Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III. 2004 Master I in French Literature, University of Mumbai. 2012 Workshop, SIETAR France, Religions et Société : Quels Rapports et Quels Droits conducted by Guy Trolliet. (Societies & religions). 2003 DELF 1er Degré (Diplôme d’études langue Française), Ministère Education Nationale. 2002 Diplôme supérieur d’études Françaises modernes, Alliance Française de Paris. 1999 Bachelor’s Degree, S.I.E.S College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai. RESEARCH & TRANSLATION EXPERIENCE

Developping online interactive courses, websites & exercices to encourage easy language acquisition & learner autonomy.

Proficient in research related work & documentation (Question de la filiation dans le Dieu des Petits Riens d’Arundhati Roy), Reflet de la femme dans l’Univers Romanesque de Marguerite Duras et de Violette LeDuc, Visages et Destins de la femme dans l’Univers Romanesque de Colette et de Marguerite Duras).

Literary & Technical translations (Translation French to English of the Official Website of the Tourist Office of Batz-sur-mer).

Translations for Vorwerk (Thermomix).


2007 Jury Prize, Concours International d’écriture « Chansons sans frontières » 2001 Award winner, Concours sur la littérature contemporaine « Paroles de lecteurs » 2001 Centre Culturel des Lions Club de France, La Baule. (Volunteer since 2010) MISCELLANEOUS

Professional Affiliation: Member of SIETAR EUROPA. Computer Skills: Microsoft Pack Office.

Leisure: Travel, Learning foreign languages, Reading (fiction, business, sales & marketing) CrossFit.

References avaiable upon request.


We continue our legacy with the education we receive & what better way to prove this theory if not by using the example of the three pioneers of the Greek philosophy – Socrates, Plato & Aristotle. A personification of wisdom, Socrates put in motion the Socrates method, where the teacher repeatedly questions students to clarify their own deepest thoughts. Plato, Socrates’ pupil, takes his education a step forward in the most ingenious way by writing eloquent dialogues that introduce a variety of philosophical positions on a number of subterranean questions. Aristotle, Plato’s pupil, well known for his profound scientific knowledge explains how we observe the simplest things with our senses. He taught us the importance of avoiding extremes, choosing the moderate path & controlling desires. This shows a teacher’s role in his student’s life as well as that of a leader’s. As a teacher, you impart knowledge in the most efficient way, give your students the freedom to think, understand & analyze – give them wings to fly & discover the richness of this world by themselves.

For me, children need a student -centered approach, which is most definitely helpful in increasing learner autonomy. Group work is important for students to develop confidence in themselves and learn together. It is not peer pressure; but peer support that enables them to move forward. I have always encouraged group work especially with students who have low self-esteem and feel shy expressing themselves in front of the entire class. We have to show our children, that we can learn from them as much as they can from us. Shared knowledge and understanding can take us to unfathomable heights.

Charles de Gaulle once said, “Greatness is the road leading to the unknown”. I could not agree more. The unknown builds curiosity, thirst to learn, to question, indulge in healthy debates and foster strong ethics. Drawing out a student’s best qualities and working on them to make them better human beings is my primary focus. For a better tomorrow, our students need to be leaders, and a true leader is the one who has a vision & knows what it takes to make that vision a reality. Respect, integrity & autonomy are indispensable qualities to be cultivated in our future leaders. However, without empathy, and a very succinct model of Martin Buber’s theory of how human’s relate to each other: the “I and thou” concept, there is no leadership. I believe in leading my Self, leading others and the task conscientiously.

Organizations are important, but knowing what is interesting for employees and what they are achieving for our organisation; recognizing employee needs and rewarding their efforts are pivotal to individual and organizational goals. They have to grow and develop as people. Their performance will clearly demonstrate the impact that I have on them. Mentoring is another of my pet projects. Mentoring does not mean engaging in obsequious behavior and flattery to be a favorite; it means not being afraid of talent, not being afraid of people who might be more talented than you. A mentor entails an intense relationship that has a lasting, sometimes life-changing impact by virtue of the advice given, the role modeling offered, or simply the affiliation provided. I am currently finishing an Executive Education Programme from INSEAD, Paris on gender diversity, so I will bring equality and strong work ethics to the organization I join.

I respect the right of privacy of religious beliefs of every individual. It has been my motto since I was a teenager “Keep it quiet, keep it simple”. Empathy, Respect, Understanding & Integrity are important qualities for me and I look for them in my team members as well. I am confident that I will be an asset to your school and its development. Thank you,


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