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Web Technologist, Product/Project Manager, Modern Digital Marketing

Belmont, CA
June 10, 2019

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Looking to take on a role as a Web Technologist and Digital Modern Marketing Manager

With proven responsible experience from top Silicon Valley companies, I can drive significant web technology projects, develop products, plan & execute marketing programs, manage marketing initiatives and digital project builds SKILLS

• Experience in digital marketing (Eloqua), Product/Program and Project management, Web analytics, website design/ development/production, Content Management Systems (CMS), Email Marketing, web optimization, SEO (Endeca), social media (SRM), usability studies/testing, eCommerce, wiki (Confluence) and forum Technologies,, Cloud Platform and SaaS

• Strong troubleshooting ability and problem-solving insight. Ability to effectively function in a changing environment, adapt to constant shifting priorities, and work under pressure and meet multiple deadlines simultaneously. Communicated and worked cohesively and professionally with colleagues, customers, vendors and partners.

• Management skills: Firsthand experience with day-to-day management of multiple marketing and web projects and frequent product releases, including planning, research, competitive analysis, surveys, managing staff, vendors, budget.

• Strong combination of Technical Skills: SiteCatalyst/Omniture/Adobe Analytics, Google Web Analytics; DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe: Dreamweaver, FireWorks; Database: SQL & Access; XML; IIS, & Design Skills: Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign; Fireworks; Project Management: MS Project Management, MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

• Very energetic, motivated, with a collaborator attitude.

• Organized, efficient, initiative-taking, resourceful, learn fast and adapt quickly to new technologies. WORK EXPERIENCE

Oracle Corp.

HQ, Redwood City, CA

Roles at Oracle:

Web Technologist,

Business Analysts,

Integrated Digital

Marketing Manager,

Content Operation

Manager, Project

Manager, Webmaster

Mar 2008 to June 2019

Over 11 years working at Oracle I provided: technical and marketing supports, initiated new products, managed several projects across Campaign Marketing, Field Marketing, Field Sales, Advertising, ABM, Demand Gen, Social Media teams, conducted Email Marketing campaigns, community platforms, and Intranet. My responsibilities included but not limited to significant roles in development and formation of two successful products: 1. Oracle Preferred Marketing Partners (PMP) program: where I played a crucial role in initiating the concept, planning, development and execution of a well-received program, an internal reference platform of community of trained, trusted and approved top-tier vendors. The program has been helping users to find, compare and engage with agencies that will meet their needs, and creating a buzz within their select industry. This one stop shop of pre- qualified selected agencies has taken off burden from service requesters and simplifies agency selection. Members have greater insight and knowledge with direct access to Oracle’s internal contacts, guidelines and assets. I used my web technology, UI/UX, and negotiating skills to rollout the development of such a great application.

• Managed the build of PMP application, with modern look and feel, and easy to use. A rotating virtual gallery created with intension to inform and inspire other oracle marketers., promote agencies and highlight their key projects to spark curiosity and excitement. Materials were updated regularly and promote quarterly. The interactive portal made it possible for users to recommend agencies they have worked.

• Achievement to uniquely driver program approval and convincing Oracle technology architecture, Data Center, GIT, and Oracle Corporate Security and Review Board to let PMP development use new technology.

• With understanding of the infrastructure of the network and data center, I communicated and facilitated meetings between external developers and internal teams I was able to tackle problems and enhance the program continuously.

• Participated in new agencies capability sessions for evaluating and onboarding them.

• I pre-negotiated pricing with agencies and putting contracts in place. As a result, we brought enormous cost saving to Oracle. With 3 to 28% negotiated discounts we saved over 7 million dollar every year. I made sure the selected agencies were aligned with Oracle messaging, Brand guidelines, and onboarded them to procurement system.

• Organized annual Agency Summit event and Oracle OpenWorld to expose agencies to Oracle executives to learn about Oracle and understand executives’ expectations. 408-***-****

Belmont, California

Professional, passionate, customer-focused leader with demonstrated history of 15+ years in Web Technology and Marketing Nahid Ziaee

• Organized to run survey from agencies and internal users to get their feedback

• By analyzing usability metrics and evaluating user’s behavior, A/B testing, regularly meeting with various subject matter experts for getting insights, I understood the gaps, overcome the problems, solved the issues and enhanced the application.

• Provided regular web analytics/ performance growth reports to executives

• I worked cohesively and professionally with colleagues, customers, vendors and partner. Being motivated and putting energy and a team player attitude I have been able to gain strong relationship with internal peers and external partners, as well as customers. 2. Demand Gen Content Portal: a unique customized CMS, utilizing Weblogic/UCM, a program that has been used across the company and became Oracle’s central source for campaign assets and marketing kits for usage in execution of global marketing campaigns. The portal enabled contributors to upload all kinds of bill of materials. Users could search, browse, download and get detailed execution instruction and helpers of assets and kits. They learned and shared best practices, share links and collaborated with each other, and realize benefits such as (a) accelerate campaign activity execution for reduced time-to-market, (b) reduce costs of asset re-creation, enabling more efficient budget spend; (c) support Oracle’s efforts to ensure consistent messaging and branding globally; (d) speed delivery of translations, by leveraging English “baseline” materials; (e) Increase global collaboration, and transference of global best practices and they could all share and execute.

• I had hands on design/UI/UX, development, HTML coding, usability testing, setting up focus groups, and application maintenance, in a deadline driven environment.

• I facilitated effective communication between various teams to overcome problems and keep up with upgrades. I monitored meetings between all teams involved for effective communication, teams such as: off-shore developers, off-shore designers, server and storage administrators, Global IT, PDIT, and IDM.

• I kept the portal stayed fully functional 24/7 for global users to get prompt access

• Conducted to get necessary certificates, comply data security, mandatory system patching, QA testing, back up and system recovery, data migration, and networking.

• I provided training to contributors, in groups or 1 to 1, to make sure all new staff were aware of how to use the program

• I ensured the portal had the most updated materials. The older materials were retired/recycled/repurposed.

• I put continuous effort to make awareness of the program to new users and reminded the existing marketeers and sales teams by announcing through newsletters and campaign flash about the upgrades and new materials.

• constantly worked to streamline the program and make it easy to be used

• I regularly met with stakeholders for their feedback so we could improve the application to work fully and efficiently

• I regularly compiled metrics and analyzed the important data and monitored program performance, and provided the evaluation reports to executives

• working under pressure, with limited resources, dealing with multiple tasks around the clock, with a great problem-solving ability and successfully meeting tough deadlines. Various other roles: Responsible for email marketing: design, development, testing, segmentation, deployment, execution, and continual evaluation for improvements. I worked on various events e.g. OpenWorld, Agency Summits. I communicated with external clients as well as internal teams. I worked on partners performance evaluation and project reviews to measure impact on ROI, pipeline and other effects on business goals. Designed HTML pages, microsites, newsletters, campaign flash. Worked on Twiki/Confluence Social Media (SRM). Symantec

Various consultancy work that involved Managing and expanding web content and utilizing online marketing theories. Leading web search program by defining strategy, tactics, processes, optimization, budget and results from paid search and other online marketing vehicles to drive leads, queries and sales. Managed email campaign opportunities, promotional areas, and reviewing search analytics. Managing and making decision on advertising, banner ads, reciprocals link exchange, and affiliated programs. Utilizing web IMOW

Web Producer, Marketing

Manager, Webmaster,

March 2007 -March 2008

analytics tools understood user behavior and the health of online business. Coordinated tags, tests, tracking parameter implementations, and all aspects of search engine optimization and identified how to improve the website that resulted in higher organic search listings. San Francisco, CA

Interactive Web Properties


March 2006 – March 2007

NYM Tour

eMarketing, Sales and

Project Manager

March 2004 – March 2006

Implemented web properties initiatives according to corporate priorities including new subscriber registration, service upgrade/downgrade, product adoption, online customer support, account management. Created specs, maintenance and upkeep web properties. Managed A/B testing identified gaps and made recommendations. Generated hypotheses for testing and planning design of experiment. Drove the creation of regular web analytical reporting using HBX tools, report builder. Established a system for obtaining, monitoring, and distributing web properties key performance metrics on a regular basis including conversion rate, form abandonment, add essential extras, upgrade/downgrade. Train other staff. Helped to developed eMarketing strategies and online campaign for selling custom-made web sites and quality virtual tours, focused on Real Estate Industry, by employing internet initiatives. Managed web projects and web groups for crucial site enhancement; provided support to senior management. Provided web management reports to clients, UX/UI and website analytics to help clients decide to adopt new tools to maximize their websites effectiveness. Implemented email campaigns & managed all email communications. Responded to web queries. Provided web log analysis and metrics to be reviewed weekly by management team. Developing affiliate marketing program. Web Producer

San Jose, CA

March 1999 – March 2004

• Managed multiple web sites, with their related projects, and frequent product releases. Developed online Web programs that brought traffic and increased customer retention to luxury vacations and its supporting web sites. Directed, managed, and successfully finished the new web sites with e-commerce functionalities. Managed the online, e-mail and interactive marketing campaigns. Created and implemented marketing incentive programs and event registrations to drive Web site visibility and, increasing attendance with exceeded by 60%. Increased response rate of campaign programs through careful analysis using specific metrics and ROI.

United Way of Santa Clara


Marketing Manager/

Webmaster, Event


• Involved in planning, design, development, and implementation of 3 web sites; marketing and analysis of competitors’ web sites. Managed email and interactive marketing. Applied site traffic and promotional performance reporting, and managed traffic-driving promotions. Recommended internet strategies and emerging technologies

• Responsible for design, development and maintenance of the web site; closely worked with VP of Marketing to develop Internet strategies.

• Set up the network and web site system working closely with network engineers

• Managed/maintained the web site content and database. Provided web site statistical reports for marketing purposes; researched and implemented new technologies. EDUCATION

Master’s Degree in Management and Technology: UWIST - Cardiff/Wales Postgraduate Degree in Marketing: North Staffordshire Polytechnic-Stoke-on-Trent/ Britain Certificate in Information Technology: South Bank University Bachelor of Science in Accounting: College of Accountancy Other Certificates: in office practice, time management, direct reports, environment health and safety, anti-corruption and code of conducts, and preventing workplace harassment

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