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Software Engineering Manager

Budapest, Hungary
June 10, 2019

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László Gréczi



Mobile: +36-30-607-****

Professional experience

I have about 11 years of experience in the IT/software development domain, consists of 6 years of leadership and management experience, and about 5 years of software developer experience in different industries. I’ve worked for small, startup like, mid sized and huge multinational companies and I could find the advantages of all the different environments. During the last 6 years I could try out myself in different management roles like technical project manager, product manager, software development manager, program manager, in most of the cases I had direct customer contact as well. I enjoyed all of these opportunities since all of them provided me a lot of useful experience, great challenges and helped me to be a better professional. I met Agile really early during my first job and since then I’ve worked with several variants of Agile and combinations with Waterfall. Later on I implemented and improved Agile way of working for many different teams, that gave me a lot of experience in defining and refining end to end development flows and continuous process improvement. At all I think the phrase “development manager” describes me the best, since I’m always trying to develop the team, the environment, the processes, the way of working and every other things that can be improved.

Software Engineering Manager at

2018 August –

I've joined to Prezi as the Engineering Manager in the finance department of Payment, Pricing, Provisioning and Growth & Monetization fullstack development teams. I’m working closely to the teams, fulfilling the Scrum master role, taking care about engineering effectiveness, personal growth and team dynamics. It's an important part of the role to collaborate with the other teams on different sites from product management, finance, customer support and engineering domains and manage projects through the entire organization.

Main roles and responsibilities:

• Effectively coach, mentor and guide the technical and professional development of the members of the team.

• Ensure the team fully understands the goals and objectives of Prezi as a company and how their work fits into the bigger picture and surface discoveries from engineers to relevant stakeholders.

• Inspire the team to be autonomous, grow people’s careers, and build technical leaders within the team with quality mindset.

• Scale the engineering organization by sourcing and hiring both externally and internally, and keep raising the bar while doing so!

• Represent the team on many different forums, and keep contact with our stakeholders and peers across the organizaion.

• Be an advisor and bring in perspectives that drives change and motivates engineers to develop simple solutions to complex problems.

• Continuously refine the Agile way of working to improve the team’s performance and the end to end flow in the focus with client experience and quality.

• Be the Scrum master and facilitate Agile related meetings

• Drive projects that improves the Continuous Integration and Delivery flows. Technical Program Manager at Matritel Labs

2017 September – 2018 August

I was asked to fill up the position of the program manager/project manager for educational activities of Matritel, focusing on a bootcamp that helps our students to change their career from a non IT area to Java programming. I’ve worked with a team of mentors, marketing specialists, recruiters, sourcers to settle down a high quality educational program. In line with the bootcamp, as an experienced Agile coach I was involved in several business development initiatives. Main responsibilities:

As a program manager:

• Involved in business planning on how to build a brand, and have a product from the basic idea.

• Involved with marketing team’s daily life to guide them with business focus.

• Continuously involved in pre-sales activities and discussions with our international business partners, customers.

• Cooperate with our international business partners to gather projects for the students.

• Continuous process developments, improvements:

Established the interview process for the applicants of our courses.

Settled the communication flow and administration of the training program.

Defined the structure of daily work for the future mentors.

• Working on strategical plans related to the future opportunities on new training, or improve the current ones.

• Drive Lean projects, Kaizens to improve our daily processes, office effectiveness(5S).

• Responsible for the financial side of the project, like pricing, cost effectiveness, cost planning and risk and quality analysis.

As a mentor:

• Talent recognition, interviewing the applicants to our programming course.

• Creating some parts of the training materials(SQL, Software testing, Agile methodologies, Software development life cycle, OOP fundamentals, CI/CD flow and some more).

• Acting as a mentor during the course.

R&D Software Development Manager at Ericsson

2016 August - 2017 September

I've found a challenging opportunity to build up from scratch and manage the Ericsson Cloud Manager team in Hungary. The focus was on the hiring of about 36 people, take care about competence planning and way of working challenges to ensure the cooperation on the best way with our 140 other teammates on 5 geographical locations. The product is a cutting edge web based SAAS solution that provides a complex tool for managing virtual resources in public and private cloud environments. The team was successfully built up and started contributing on a high quality and Agile manner based on the defined and agreed way of working. Main responsibilities:

• Establish the proper Agile way of working to ensure the efficient utilization of the teams.

• Understand the technical domain(Could and virtualization), and actively cooperate with product management and development teams.

• Clarify roles and responsibilities for each member of the team.

• Work on cooperation and communication best practices for cross site and cross competence teams. High focus was on test automation, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

• Find synergies with other products on the site and initiate cooperation.

• Take care about competence planning to have a future proof set of knowledge within the team.

• Manage individual and team performance.

• Hiring and recruitment activities to fulfill our competence needs in several areas like, software developers, test automation developers, QA specialists, UX researchers, project managers, architects, devops engineers.

• Develop excellent relationships with key stakeholders and wider business – work in partnership with internal stakeholders.

• Deal with different suppliers, and contractors.

R&D Software Development Manager at Ericsson

2014 September - 2016 August

I was responsible to manage the Evolved Virtual IP team, refine the Agile way of working with our co-workers abroad on 3 different geographical locations and drive process implements and flow optimizations within the team. Our product was a virtual load balancer, for network telecommunication network traffic. We worked together with teams from other sites, and it was a challenge to organize our collaboration on the most effective way. We did a lot of improvements during the time spent together, and we were able to settle a proper way of working with clear roles, communication channels and processes. Some big achievements were the foundation of a proper Continuous Integration flow, and the renewal of our test automation methodology. Main responsibilities:

• Being a key driver of organizational and operational improvements aiming to develop and run the most efficient organization.

• Provide leadership for cross-functional Agile teams – coach team leaders and members for continuous improvement and maintain motivated, engaged people who can deliver professional results in time and quality.

• Cooperate closely with product management and understand the technical domain of virtualization and load balancing.

• Overall responsibility for people management, including people and competence development, performance management, rewarding and recruitment.

• Develop excellent relationships with key stakeholders and wider business – work in partnership with internal stakeholders.

• Deal with different suppliers, and contractors.

• Foster positive attitude and Agile thinking.

IT Project Manager / Business Analyst at Neuron Software 2013 March - 2014 August

It was an interesting opportunity to lead projects and try out myself as product manager and business analyst as well in line with leading a team of programmers from people management perspective. I was responsible for risk and quality analysis, customer contact, requirement specifications, so I represented the team to our customers and the customer to our teams. Main responsibilities:

• Lead software development projects in different business areas, for different customers:

Online self-care solution for a multinational telecommunication company.

Being the product manager of our first own product (mobile kpi dashboard).

Collaborate with international partners, customers to meet with the business needs.

Keep continuous client contact.

Manage the development of our second own product (accounting area).

• Worked together with external customers, internal stakeholders and other teams on improve the processes, and the collaboration.

• Translate the business requirements to the developers as functional requirements and work out their backlog together.

• Involved in recruitment of Programmers, Business Analysts and Testers.

• Continuous interviews with candidates for different positions.

• Build a product development team.

• Involved in salary planning, and motivation package planning.

• Involved in short and long term strategic decisions.

• Renewal of the software development methods in my projects.

• Implement Scrum and Kanban methods in different projects.

• Foster Agile thinking and implement Agile methodologies in the team. Software Development team lead at National Instruments 2011 February - 2013 March

I was promoted to be the lead of a small team, helping them from project, people and technical management side. We worked on several projects as internal developments for our finance, legal, manufacturing, warehousing departments all over the world. We worked closely together with our stakeholders and peers from 4 different locations. We did a lot of experiments with Scrum, Kanban and different cross methodology variants during these years. Main responsibilities:

• Coaching and mentoring the team members.

• Provide coordination, training and support to the users of the tools supported by my team.

• Implementation of HP Service Manager as the service management solution for our IT Infrastructure department. Create documentation for users, and for future developers of the system.

• Implementation of a complex monitoring system for the whole IT department.

• Create a data-warehouse application with a self developed business intelligence to support the decision makers.

• Manage the team’s projects.

• Be the lead developer in the main projects of our team.

• Languages: Java, Javascript, Oracle SQL – PL/SQL, Visual basic

• Leading the Agile ceremonies in the team and acting as a Scrum master. Programmer Analyst at National Instruments

2008 June - 2011 February

I was a programmer analyst, that means I had to take care about the requirement clarification the development, test planning, testing and maintenance as well, it was like devops nowadays. We worked with several technologies and business areas, staying close to our stakeholders and try to implement Lean and Kaizen development projects. Our stakeholders and partner teams from several geographical locations were continuously contacted to get feedback, ideas from them. Main responsibilities:

• Support and development of the internal tools used by IT department in a multinational environment. We worked on several projects to improve our development processes and able to deliver more frequently.

• Languages: Java, C#, Lotus Notes, Oracle SQL – PL/SQL

• Platforms: Liferay, OBIEE, APEX, ORACLE ERP, Oracle Warehouse Builder, HP Service Manager

• Participation in “Future Leadership Program” one year long leadership training session

• Be a pilot team for introduce Scrum to the engineering organization. Intern Programmer analyst at National Instruments

2008 March - 2008 June

Main responsibilities: Support and development of IT department’s Lotus Notes databases System Administrator at Trivium Kft.

2007 January - 2008 February

Main responsibilities: I was responsible for the whole infrastructure, from the Unix system administration to the web page design.


ISTQB foundation level qualification (2017)

Since I’m really interested in quality assurance and test automation, I’ve prepared and take the exam to have a better understanding in this area on my own. Eszterházy Károly College, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Computer Program Designer BSC


• Development of a Deadlock Checker tool for Evosoft Kft. by an innovation contract.

• 2. place on nationwide IBM 48 hours long Java programming competition. Training

ITIL, Project Management, Leadership(many different), Time Management, Software Testing, Lean, Scrum, Agile, Scrum master, Product owner, Coaching, Cloud architecture, ISTQB, PMP and tons of other trainings in many other areas...

Computer skills and competences

• Microsoft Office 365.

• Microsoft Project, using it as a project management tool.

• Microsoft Visio experience in creating diagrams, process flows.

• Skype, Slack some others as collaboration tools.

• Jira, Trello, Bitrix as ticketing systems.

• Advanced user of Windows, Unix, MAC OS,

Technical competencies

• Software development, mainly in OOP languages

• Software testing

• Continuous integration, Jenkins

• Versioning, Git

• Databases, and SQL language

• Virtualization and cloud

• Networking


Hungarian (mother tongue), English (fluent)

Volunteer Involvement

• Urban garbage collecting initiatives

• Help to local kindergartens in renovation works

• LEGO Mindstorms robot programming competitions and trainings for kids, organizer and mentor


Reading, board games, computer games, freshwater aquariums, mountain biking, snowboarding

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