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Senior Wellsite Geologist

Rawdat Al Khail, Qatar
June 10, 2019

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Professional Profile

USA Educated & Certified, Professional Geologist, from Trinidad, West Indies.

** ***** ******** **********. * years in International Environmental Geology

** ***** ** *********onal Oil & Gas.

18 Years as Wellsite Geologist / Geopressure Consultant (Exploration/ Appraisal)

11 years as Operations Geologist (Petrel & Landmark Work Stations)

15 Years in the Middle East in Horizontal Well Planning and Geosteering.


850+ wells completed. 350+ additional supervised in RTOC.

International Projects in Trinidad, Jamaica, Suriname, St. Vincent, Belize, Cote D'Ivore, W. Malaysia-KL, E. Malaysia-Miri, Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar.


Professional Geologist (P.G.) Post Graduate Certification, USA- 1991

BSc. Geology – University of South Florida, Tampa Florida, USA- 1984

Development Skillsets:

Real-Time, MWD & LWD & Image Log Interpretation in support of Geosteering, Structural and Stratigraphic Correlations. Geopressure. Precision thin bed landings and 3D (inclination + azimuthal) geosteering. Mudlogging Sample Descriptions. Formation Identification. Hydrocarbon Evaluation. Reservoir Characterization. Wellsite Petrophysics. Geodata Subcontractor Supervision. Wireline Logging, Coring and Perforation Supervision. EOR in Heavy Oil.

Wellsite Evaluations / Training:

MDT & VIT. USIT & MSIP Cased Hole. Open Hole logs on Wireline, Tractored Wireline or Pipe Conveyed TLC. Cased Hole (RST, PLT) Logging Analysis. Sidewall and conventional core handling. Core chip evaluation at wellsite. RT Structural Models. Wellsite Well Re-Planning (Stratworks & Petrel). Carbonate & Clastic Reservoir Evaluations. Gas Ratio & Pixler Plots. Cutting Volume Analysis. Training of Wellsite & Operations Geologists at wellsite or RTOC (Saudi Aramco) in Wellsite Ops and Geopressure Prediction.

Exploration Skillset:

Geopressure (Overburden, Pore Pressure and Fracture Pressure Calculations and Prediction), Geomechanical and Drill-string Vibration analysis (6 world basins).

3D Integrated Seismic (3C-12C) and Electro Magnetic System Development (Chron Energy Limited), Acquisition, Seisview Processing and SeisWorks Interpretation. Tectonic Plate Boundary and Subduction Zone Studies. Geomorphology & Paleostress Model Reconstructions. Fault and Unconformity Mapping by SP/ERT/MT/CSEM/SIP and Passive Seismic (0-3 Hz) Deep Profile Methods. VSP and RVSP Confirmations. Field Outcrop Studies. Play & Prospect Confirmation.

E&P Workstation & Wellsite Softwares

Workstation Software:

14-Years: Landmark Openworks (Project Management) UNIX Based; Stratworks (Correlations and Cross Sections and RT. Geosteering); Seisworks (3D Seismic Interpretation, Mapping and RT Geosteering); Landmark ZMap+ (Subsurface Mapping – Structure and Stratigraphy); Landmark Asset Journal and Open Journal (Log and Technical Presentations)

10-Years: Schlumberger Petrel - 3D Subsurface Mapping, Modeling, Horizontal Well Planning and RT Geosteering with 2013 onwards Plug in.

Geosteering Software:

Starsteer (Rogii), Gravitas Suite, Winlog (HRH), Geo (Geologix), Rms (Roxar), Gocad, GeoLog and GeoSteer (Paradigm), RigComms (Weatherford) Stratasteer 3D (Halliburton), RTGS (Schlumberger).

Geopressure Software: Drillworks PREDICT from KSI Houston (Operated, Marketed and Supported this software worldwide for KSI). Geopressure LWD Tools: STETHOSCOPE, XPT GEOTAP. Geopressure Wireline: MDT and VIT

Wellsite Software:

Halliburton: Insite, Schlumberger: InterAct, Baker Hughes: RigLink, PetroLink, Weatherford: Visean.

RSS Systems and Logging While Drilling (LWD) Tool Competency:

Operated with Mostly all Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Path Finder, Weatherford and Precision Drilling, Contractors Tools and Rotary Steerable Systems POWERDRIVE, GEOPILOT, AUTOTRAK, eXACT, PATHMAKER and REVOLUTION, ADN, ADR, APR, GVR, STARTRAK, ECOSCOPE, PERISCOPE, STETHOSCOPE, XPT GEOTAP, TESTRAK, STRATASTEER 3D, AFR, MAG-TRAK, MFR+, AZITRAK, PZIG, RAB, ISONIC and SOUNDTRAK

18 Years - Wireline Logging – Supervision and Quick Look Evaluations

Mostly All Conventional Open Hole and Cased Hole Logs, Image Logs, Sidewall Cores and Pressure Logs for Water & OBMs. MDT/ RDT-VIT, USIT-CBL/VDL / CAST, HRLA-FMI. Mostly All Conventional Resistivity Based, Cased Hole Production Logs and Acoustic Well Integrity Logs.


Trinidad Passport / Qatari Iqamah – Resident in Qatar.

Active H2S Certification (Enertech) – Optimo Approved: Expires 8-Oct, -2019

Present Assignment:

Sr. Wellsite Geologist (Contract)

Qatar Petroleum - Qatar

June 2013 to Present (6 Years)

Geological Consultant to Qatar Petroleum (Contractor through Brunel, KIN TEC Global and CDC-OPC) assigned to Dukhan Field, Onshore, West Qatar. Wellsite Stratigraphy and Structure, Offset Correlations, Landing of Horizontal Injectors and Producers. 3D Geosteering of thin carbonate reservoir sub-units. Wellsite Supervision of Mudlogging, MWD-LWD and Wireline Logging. Daily technical verbal and electronic reporting to QP Geological and Drilling Teams in Doha, Qatar. Wellsite QA/QC and Interpretation of MWD -Directional and LWD - Geological Datasets. Real-Time, Stratigraphic, Structural and Geo-Mechanical Interpretations. AZD Image Log Dip Calculations. Wellsite Reservoir Characterization, Hydrocarbon Show Evaluations. Picking of Casing Points and Target Entries. Real-Time Trajectory Adjustments while landing and 3D Geosteering. Supervising conventional and TLC / Tractor-Wireline logging, Casing Perforations, MSIP, USIT, MDTs and VITs. Training of Logging Geologists, Jr. Wellsite Geologists and Jr. Petroleum Engineers. End-Of-Well Reporting and KPI. H2S Certified. Present Studies: Dolomite Chimneys and Natural CO2 presence along basement related faults and fracture swarms/corridors.

Previous Middle East Experience: August 2005 to June 2013

Sr. Operations Geologist (Contract)

Saudi Aramco – Saudi Arabia

January 2012 to May 2013

Sr. Operations Geologist (Contractor through Saudi Geophysical) assigned to Saudi Aramco's Geosteering Operations Center (GOC) in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Paleozoic Tight Gas Specialist. Real-Time QA/QC and Interpretation of MWD -Directional and LWD - Geological Datasets. Integration with 3D Seismic Structural Interpretations and Image Log Dip Calculations. Real-Time Reservoir Characterization and Lateral Well Replanning. Picking Casing Points, Coring Points and Target Entries. Monitoring Khuff Underbalanced -Biosteering - Coil Tubing on Ghawar Structure and Shale Gas Exploration Laterals in NW Saudi Arabia.

Executing difficult Paleozoic Section correlations with Multiple Unconformities, Faults, Missing and Repeat Sections. Generating Geosteering / Biosteering / Drilling Solutions for RCD Team during E&P Operations. Training Saudi Geologists on Professional Development Program.

Sr. Studies Geologist (Contract)

Saudi Geophysical Consulting – Saudi Arabia

December 2010 to December 2011

Middle East Tectonic Study on the East Gondwana portion of the Gondwana-Laurasia Imbricate Transform Zone (GLITZ). Study indicating microplate formation in the GCC region at the Eastern Arabian Plate convergent boundary. Indication of a potentially basement sustainable (relict subduction zone connected) Pre-Cambrian and Cambro-Ordovician Deep Gas/ Condensate System. Continued development of MIRRAH-RF (Microwave Induced Remote Referencing At Hiatus) Radio Magneto-Telluric Survey Equipment for Chron Energy Group (Trinidad, China, Hong Kong) for rectifying referencing problems with Magnetic, Gravity and Seismic Surveys under complex disconformities like the Ordovician-Silurian Disconformity.

Sr. Operations Geologist / Wellsite Geologist (Contract)

Tatweer Petroleum -Bahrain

August 2010 to December 2010

Sr. Operations-Geosteering at Wellsite Geologist assigned to two rigs in Awali Field, Bahrain. Short Contract on lateral placements in Mid-Cretaceous Mauddud and Mid-Jurassic Fadhili Reservoirs. Real-Time Structural Interpretations using Landmark Seisworks. Stratigraphic correlations in Stratworks / GeoGraphix. MWD/ LWD, Geosteering, Mudlogging and Wireline Subcontractor supervision at wellsite. Short Study - MIRRAH PaleoStress subsurface mapping at Fadhili Reservoir Level Inferring Rim Displacement Model of Oil/Gas Distribution and at Lower Jurassic, Marrat Unconformity to identify potential, new Salt Replacement Prospects in a known environment of Salt Withdrawal Tectonics.

Environmental Operations Manager (Environmental Contract)

Saudi Geophysical – Saudi Arabia

January 2010 to August 2010

Assigned to Al Khobar Office and Environmental Development Company EDCO (Subsidiary of Saudi Geophysical), in Jubail, Saudi Arabia as Technical Operations Manager / Trainer. Drafted QA/QC and QHSE plans and proposals for Mining Client (Maaden Gold) and Environmental Client (Sabic). Generated and implemented Hazardous Waste Management Solutions for the company owned, Class 1 Type landfill in Jubail and review and consultancy on the Comprehensive Site Operations Plan to include the Class I Landfill and the Air Quality Monitoring Plan associated with a planned Hazardous Waste Incinerator.

Sr. Operations Geologist (Contract)

Saudi Aramco – Saudi Arabia

April 2007 to December 2009

Sr. Operations Geologist (Contractor through Saudi Geophysical) assigned to Saudi Aramco's Geosteering Operations Center (GOC) in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Paleozoic Tight Gas Specialist. Real-Time QA/QC and Interpretation of MWD - Directional and LWD- Geological datasets. Integration with 3D Seismic Structural Interpretations and Image Log Dip Calculations. Real-Time Reservoir Characterization and Lateral Well Replanning. Generating Geosteering / Biosteering / Drilling Solutions for RCD Team during E&P Operations.

Sr. Operations Geologist / Well Placement Manager (Contract)

(Contracted through Western Geco / Schlumberger)

Saudi Aramco - Saudi Arabia and Schlumberger- Kuwait

August 2005 to January 2007

Geosteering Operations, Staff Training and Shift Coordinator in the Geosteering Operations Center, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Landmark and Petrel Workstations. Well Placement Manager for Schlumberger Kuwait on Kuwait Oil Company and Khafji Joint Operators contracts supporting Periscope-15 LWD placements with Petrel-RTGS Software.

Sr. Operations and E&P Geologist (Contract)

Petrotrin – Petroleum Oil Company of Trinidad & Tobago

June 2003 to July 2005

Sr. Structural / Operations / Development / Exploration Geologist (Contactor through Professional Geological Services) Remapped West, North Field (over 200 wells and specifically the Platform 15 Area) targeting the structure of multiple stacked, clastic reservoirs using Stratworks, Seisworks and Z Map+ and G&G Integration of 3D Seismic, Wireline, Core, LWD, Mudlogging, Production / Drilling History, Geo-Seismic and Bio-Stratigraphic Data to identify new Exploration and Production prospects. Conducted Private Study in 2002-2004 of the Los Bajos-Soldado Transform Zone in West Trinidad and the Gulf to Paria (GOP) to better explain sustainability in certain West Block wells and remapped the S.E. Caribbean Plate Boundary which identified the Trinidad Microplate.

Sr. Studies Geologist – Regional Tectonic Study

Wellsite Formation Evaluation Services, Limited

Sept 2001 – Dec 2004, Trinidad, West Indies

S.E. Caribbean Plate Boundary and Subduction Mapping - West Gondwana

Integration of at least 50 Regional Tectonic Studies by renowned NeoTectonic Workers with Local Outcrop and Fault Studies with prototype MIRRAH RF Magneto-Telluric equipment (Developed in Trinidad W.I by Wellsite Formation Evaluation Services). Study indicates that a major portion of the island of Trinidad (East of the Los Bajos Fault) is potentially a microplate (Trinidad Microplate) within the wide zone of deformation between the Caribbean Plate and South American Plate. The Los Bajos being identified as a Micro-Transform and the portion of Trinidad south of this boundary being part of the South American Plate at this complex, West Gondwana Transform Boundary. The Study identified multiple new prospects and at least one new Subduction Zone Play. Identified in 2004, six of the land prospects have now been proven. At least another six prospects including what appears to be the eastern extension of the El Furrial Supergiant Trend in Eastern Venezuela, are still undrilled. The quest to fully understand the Gondwana-Laurasia Imbricate Transform Zone (GLITZ) continued in the Middle East in 2005 where an important (possibly sustainable) fluvio-glacial, Cambro-Ordovician Deep Gas / Condensate / Sweet Oil play called Furat (Arabic for Euphrates) has been identified in East Gondwana.

Sr. Wellsite Geologist / Exploration Geopressure Consultant

Land Exploration Wellsite Geology (Rapso-1) in South Western Trinidad for Trinidad Exploration & Development Limited. Wellsite Supervision of BHI Mudlogging and Schlumberger Wireline. Designed and Developed the Digital Formation Evaluation Log Software (WellsitePRO II) for more accurate RT Formation Evaluation. Developed ESP (Exponential Spontaneous Potential) Correlation for more accurate Turbidite Sequence Cross-Correlations. Supervised Coring and Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP) Logging. Completed Wellsite Geological and Mudlogging Services for Local Stranded Reserve Company on appraisal well in Catshill Moruga.

Sr. Wellsite Geologist - Independent Geopressure Consultant

BHP Billiton, Trinidad Limited

March 2001 – Sept 2001, Trinidad, West Indies

Wellsite Stratigraphy and Geopressure Evaluation on Simultaneous Appraisal Drilling with two Jack Up Adriatic Rigs in Offshore Blocks 2(c) & 3(a), to support a Wellsite Paleontological Team. Conventional Core Handling & Core GR Logging Supervision. Real-Time Geopressure Evaluations using Schlumberger’s I-Sonic and Resistivity at Bit (RAB) LWD tools. Assist in porosity and permeability vector evaluations in Oligocene and Eocene Turbidite Sequences using Combinable Magnetic Resonance (CMR) Wireline Logging.

International Logging, S.A. (Sept 1998 to Jan 2001)

Jul 2000 – Jan 2001: International Logging, S.A. Singapore

Geopressure Trainer - International Logging Staff – Singapore Head Office. (Contract). Office Training of International Logging Staff in Geopressure Theory, Prediction and Evaluation with Drillworks PREDICT, Drilling Engineering and Mudlogging. Certification Training at ALERT in HUET and Offshore Survival.

May 2000– Jul 2000: International Logging, S.A. East Malaysia, West Malaysia

Sr. Wellsite Geologist – Geopressure Consultant HT/HP

Geopressure Assigned to Miri Shell – Sarawak Basin. (Contract) – Exploration Deepwater Operations Offshore Sarawak on Korean Semi-Sub – Duu Sung – Exploration HP/HT Geopressure. West Malaysia – Petronas Carigali and Murphy Oil. 1-Day Seminar Presentations for Senior Geologists and Engineers Clients of International Logging in KL.

Dec 1999 to May 2000: International Logging SA of Trinidad

Country Manager & Trainer – Mudlogging and Geopressure Consulting

Marketing and Sales. Awarded 2 Major Contracts in First Year (BG and Cometra). Serviced BHP, Managed Staff of 50. Designed & Implemented Interactive LAN / WAN Training. Imported Logging Units. Expat Work Permits.

Sept 1998 to Dec 1999: International Logging, S.A.

Sr. Geopressure Consultant Assigned to Columbus Basin, Offshore Trinidad. (Contract) for British Gas – Dolphin and Starfish Exploration Offshore East Coast, Trinidad (NCMA).

Sr. Wellsite Geologist – Geopressure Consultant

Knowledge Systems – Houston, Texas. (Contract)

July 1998 – August 1998: Ocean Energy – Indus Basin, Offshore Pakistan

Geopressure Consultant / Wellsite Geologist Offshore Gwadar, Pakistan – Ensco 79 Jack-up- Exploration Pakistan’s First Offshore Well – Pasni 1 in Indus Basin. Rift and Passive Margin, Oligocene to Recent Formations..

Sr. Wellsite Geologist – Geopressure Consultant

Knowledge Systems – Houston, Texas. (Contract)

March -1998- May 1998: Ocean Energy – Abidjan Basin, Offshore Cote d’Ivoire

Geopressure Consultant / Wellsite Geologist offshore Abidjan on Drillship – Deepwater Frontier – Exploration Deepwater. HP/HT, High Pressured Channel Sands.

Sr. Wellsite Geologist – Geopressure Consultant

Baker Hughes Inteq

Feb 1998 – March 1998: British Gas – Offshore Trinidad, W.I.

Sr. Geopressure / Wellsite Geologist assigned to Columbus basin on Santa Fe 135 Semi Sub – Exploration –Turtle 1. Stacked Miocene Clastics Pressure Prediction.

Sr. Wellsite Geologist – Geopressure Consultant

Baker Hughes Inteq

Jan 1998 – Feb 1998: British Petroleum – Offshore Trinidad, W.I.

Sr. Geopressure / Wellsite (BHI Contract) on ADC-28 Semi-Sub - Exploration – El Nino 1-ST – Shale Diapirism Play.

Sr. Pore Pressure Engineer – Geopressure Consultant

Baker Hughes Inteq

Nov 1997 – Jan 1998: Enron – Offshore Trinidad, W.I.

Sr. Pore Pressure Engineer for BHI Assigned to Columbus Basin, Offshore Trinidad. Enron Oil and Gas U (a) Block – Sr. PP Engineer (BHI) on Adriatic III Jack Up - Exploration – Omega 1. Largest Gas Find for ENRON in Trinidad.

Sr. Environmental Geologist

Westinghouse Environmental Services, Florida, USA.

Sept 1990 – Sept 1997: Federal, State, Municipal and Private Clients in Florida.

Petroleum Product & TCE Assessment, Remediation and Closure Stages. QA/QC and Health and Safety Plans. Ground Penetrating Radar.

Pore Pressure Engineer - Mudlogging

Baker Hughes (Exlog)

Sept 1987- August 1990: Offshore East Coast Trinidad (Columbus Basin)

Assigned to BP and Enron. Exploration: GH Galloway Jackup: Amoco Trinidad Oil Co (BP) and Adriatic II. Data/PP Engineer for British Gas on Dolphin Project in Block 6 (b) Offshore East Coast Trinidad (NCMA)

MWD Engineer

Anadrill Schlumberger

Sept 1986 – Sept 1987: Offshore East Coast Trinidad

Assigned to (Amoco Trinidad Oil Company – Now BP) Cassia Platform. MWD Surveys in support of Directional Drilling to establish high angle gas wells to stacked clastic targets far offshore Trinidad. Atlantic Ocean.

Studies Geologist: SE Trinidad Outcrop and Fault Study

Amoco Trinidad Oil Company Limited (Now BP Trinidad, Limited)

Feb 1986 – September 1986, Mayaro-Guyaguyare S.E. Trinidad, W.I.

The quest to understand the tectonics and imbricate structures within the Gondwana-Laurasia Imbricate Transform Zone (GLITZ) and Peri-Gondwanan Terranes started here in 1986 with a local Outcrop Study Mentored by Dr. Amos Salvador - University of Texas, Austin and initiated by Mr. Philip Farfan - Sr. Geologist Amoco Trinidad Oil Company Limited (now British Petroleum Trinidad and Tobago Limited). Stratigraphy and Depositional Systems by Mr. John Farrelly (BP) and Tectonic Reconstruction / Structure by Muhammad Abdullah. By 2004, the study continued in West Trinidad, Gulf of Paria and by 2005 to 2011 the GLITZ was being studied, mapped across North Africa, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Kuwait, Neutral Zone, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman.

Sr. Mudlogging Geologist (Crew Chief)

Exploration Logging (EXLOG)

August 1985- August 1986: Offshore East Coast Trinidad

Assigned to Amoco Trinidad (BP) Teak Platform Production and Appraisal Full Mudlogging Services including Shale Densities and Pore Pressure Calculations.

Mudlogging Geologist / Sample Catcher

Core Laboratories (CORELAB)

Sept 1984 - August 1985: Land Operations – South Trinidad

Assigned to Trintoc Standard Production Mudlogging with Skinner Rig 18 on Development and Work-Over Projects throughout Barrakpore, Parrylands, Penal, Fyzabad, Catshill, La Brea, Vessigny, Point Fortin Onshore South Trinidad.

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