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Manufacturing Associate

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
June 09, 2019

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Self-motivated worker with experience in

the manufacturing industry as an

operations assistant and analyst.

Contributed to revenue growth for former

employer through hard work, quality

focus, and effective collaboration. Skilled

in fast-paced environment. Demonstrates

discipline and determination in all aspects

of work and life. Immigrated alone to

America to broaden personal horizons

(work sponsorship not required).



1. Have developed mastery of the English language while learning about American Culture

Result: Receiving support and care from my host family 2. Deal with unexpected circumstances

Result: Learn to be flexible when receiving short notices and generate alternative plans 3. Observe new cultures and comprehensive perspectives of people from all around the world

Result: Learning to handle conflict tactfully and improve communication skills Internship

The Vogel Family, North Carolina

January 2018 - August 2019

1. Motivated and trained production team to work effectively daily Result: The team had daily concrete goals and accomplished them, they received compliments from supervisors and clients.

2. Interacted with staffs in all departments and ensured that maintenance projects are completed

Result: All equipment and machines used in the department were checked regularly and rarely malfunctioned

3. Trained existing and new employees concerning GMPs Result: Improvement of products' quality and environment 4. Executed safety supplies and protective equipment daily check Result: Employees were more disciplined in maintaining their personal protective and work equipment

5. Conducted Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) of most processes and machines used in production's department

Result: Production processes, lines, steps, inspection procedures were systematized and written which beneficially allowed staff from other departments and future staff to have access

6. Established self-evaluation method to allow the production team to look at their performance and set higher goals

Result: Development of their mindset and work perspectives. Operations Assistant

Bentoli, Thailand

January 2017 - December 2017







Time Management

Meticulous Recording data

Critical Thinking and Troubleshooting

Exceptional Communication

Team Work


Accurate documentation

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)


Mobile: 980-***-****

Charlotte, NC

LinkedIn: @moth-ayuyong


Bachelor's of Science in Biotechnology

King's Mongkut Institute of Technology

Ladkrabang, Bangkok, Thailand


Notable modules include Bio-process

Engineering, Biochemistry and Analysis of

Food Component and Quality

Biological Coordinator

Thai Tuna Industry Association (TTIA), Thailand

June 2016 - December 2016

1. Ensured that every company scheduled and produced orders for clients on time Result: Companies started to conduct backup plans

2. Eliminated gap between small and large enterprise Result: Bigger-sized companies shared their successful methods in preventing unpleasant conditions to smaller ones

3. Tightened relationships between employees and employers Result: Feedback from employees saying that they have got a better care for themselves and their families

4. Ensured that tuna industries committed to providing the highest quality system and service

Result: The companies progressively enhanced their safety standard and strongly tightened relationships between employees and employers

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