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Engineer Civil Engineering

Cleveland, Ohio, United States
$70000 annually
June 11, 2019

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Ashwini Tambe***

**** **** **** **., ****, Cleveland, Ohio-44114.


Master of Science in Civil - Environmental Engineering, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH. May 2019

Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental Engineering, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, IN. May 2016


AutoCAD, InfoWorks, WaterCAD, CIVIL 3D, ArcGIS 10.6, EPA SWMM, HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS, Hydromantis GPS-X, EPANET, GEMIS, AQM, SCADA, Microsoft Office. Scheduled FE for July 11,2019.


Laboratory Intern, City of Solon, OH. Mar. 2019 – May 2019

• Performed routine & non routine duties to support the wastewater treatment facility and its pretreatment program including Storm Water Monitoring.

• Analyzed samples for with BOD, TSS, Phosphorous for process control and regulatory compliance.

• Developed methods, validated data, prepared reports on process, process interpretation and research projects.

• Worked with vendors of different technologies to evaluate the technical feasibility and develop budget estimates.

Volunteer Assistant, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH. Aug. 2018 - Dec. 2018

• Assisted professor in Statics class/lectures, grading students and proctoring exams.

Environmental Intern, Pristine Environmental Solutions, Mumbai, India. July. 2016 - July 2017

• Assisted in implementation of Subsurface and remedial investigation for well installations, soil, groundwater, air sampling and air quality monitoring.

• Worked on engineering planning and design projects for Effluent treatment plants for Industries, prepared reports and developed plans using AutoCAD and InforWorks and WaterCAD .

• Acquired knowledge on environmental compliance regulations including US EPANET, RCRA, SARA for compliance reports.

• Worked on data management and analysis, prepared field documentation and reports.

• Compiled resources and documentation for compliance reports.


Water and Waste Water Treatment Processes, Environmental Chemistry, Hydrological Modelling, Environmental Microbiology, Air Pollution, Environment Transport Phenomena, Physical Chemical & Biological Principles of Environmental Engineer, Environmental Chemodynamics, Pollution Prevention & Sustainability.


NESOWEA 2018 - 2019

• Designed alternatives for the street flooding the area of Cuyahoga St. in the city of Akron has a storm sewer pipe of a 24-inch pipe using SWMM and ARC-GIS.

• Designed Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment by research and comparison of various treatment processes for the removal of Carbamazepine (Contraceptive drug) which caused mutations in aquatic species.

Design of Plate and Packed Tower (Separation Process) May. 2019

• Studied and Designed Packed and Plate tower using MS Excel and MS Word for given different temperatures and pressures and the effect of different materials styles and compared efficiency by providing constraints.

HEC-HMS Modeling Dec. 2018

• Designed basin before and after development. Designed basin with reservoir. Performed hydraulic analysis of open channel or closed conduit stormwater collection systems to determine the precipitation-runoff processes of dendritic drainage basins.

LEED Project. Dec. 2017

• Addressed the design and construction activities for the new building under construction by allotting credits under different categories and determining.

Design Of Wetland For Treatment Of Domestic Waste. May. 2016

• Designed a treatment process for domestic water by decentralized system using wetland and check the treatability aspects of charcoal in wetland. Researched on increased flow effect.

Wastewater Treatment Using Nanomaterial. Jan. 2016

• Investigated the effectiveness of the TiO2 powder for industrial and domestic wastewater treatment for different dosage, contact time and velocities.

• Estimated cost and feasibility of the treatment process with its future scope and modifications.

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