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Scrum Master

Lewisville, Texas, United States
June 11, 2019

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Wesley P. Wagner, Jr.

Cell: 214-***-****


Twitter: @wagman099

LinkedIn: 1 P a g e


Agile \ Scrum Methodologies

Product Roadmap

Requirement Gathering

Story Creation and Mapping

Data Analytics

JIRA, JIRA Portfolio, Confluence

Health IT

Data Analytics and Visualization


My purpose is to create and sustain passionate Agile Teams.

• a team that self-organizes around the core values of Commitment, Openness, Respect, Focus, Communication, and Trust;

• a team that where innovation and excellence emerge and a team that produces solutions that makes them proud. I obtain this goal by:

• modeling the Agile Mindset in my own personal Agile journey;

• continuous education and skill/technique development;

• embracing all team and one-on-one coaching opportunities. I measure my success when my students become my teachers. ACCOMPLISHMENTS:


• As a Product Owner, I participated in the infancy of an Agile Transformation by converting existing Waterfall projects into a Prioritized Backlog

• As a Scrum Master, I was able to lead teams through and correct negative aftereffects of areas of the Transformation that were not handled properly.

PROJECT TRANSFORMATIONS: through the use of Scrum Methodologies, Story Mappings, and a Prioritized Backlog; we were able to decrease delivery time of the product from months to days.

TEAM TRANSFORMATIONS: assisted Development Team to replace focus on tasks and checklists to “delivering value early and often”


Scrum Master, AustinCSI (assigned to Toyota Motor North America), Plano, TX Aug 2018 – Apr 2019

Project: Q360

“Q360 project will support detection and resolution of Customer Safety and Quality concerns by centralizing related market impact and manufacturer data in a leading-edge analytics platform to facilitate quality operations for Toyota, Lexus, and Scion vehicles produced or operating in North America.” Wesley P. Wagner, Jr.

2 P a g e

Duties Included:

• Coach and Assist Scrum Teams and the Organization in their Agile Adoption and Transformation

• Facilitate Scrum Ceremonies (Daily Scrum, Backlog Refinement, Sprint Planning, Sprint Execution, & Sprint Retrospective)

• Assist team in Impediment Management

• Assist team in identify and implementing Continuous Improvement

• Coach and Assist Product Owner(s) in reference to o Release Planning

o Backlog Prioritization

• Create and Maintain Digital and Manual Visual Management o Sprint Execution

o Release Plan Health

o Agile Team Health

• Represent Team in Scrum of Scrum

• Active in Toyota/AustinCSI Agile Community of Practice

Scrum Master, Interface People, Lewisville, TX

Jan 2017 – Aug 2018

Project: IPeople Offline

IPeople Offline was created to allow hospital care providers to continue to properly care for their patients during Hospital IS planned and unplanned downtimes using a Web Based (Angular) application and a MS SQLServer based Data Repository.


• Coach and Assist Scrum Team in:

o Tuckman’s Model of Group Development (Forming, Storming, Norming, & Performing) o Agile Mindset (“Being” vs. “Doing” Agile)

o Implement changes and improvements identified in Sprint Retrospective o Maintaining of Sprint Ceremonies and Values

o Remove Blockers and Impediments

o Protect Team from outside distractions

o Sprint Capacity

• Coach and Assist Product Owner in:

Wesley P. Wagner, Jr.

3 P a g e

o Facilitation between Product Owner and Scrum team in order to facilitate a successful execution of the PO’s vision for their products

o Maintaining prioritization of the Product Backlog

• Enterprise

o Creation and monitoring of internal processes to promote Continuous Improvement o Educate/Train stakeholders and team members on modifications and advancements in the Scrum Process

Product Owner, Interface People, Lewisville, TX

Nov 2014 – Jan 2017


• IPeople Quest

A Web Based application, with a MS SQLServer Data Warehouse, created to provide hospital analyst a simple, easy-to-use application for creating reports, spreadsheets, and “web pages”

(with drill-down capabilities) for analysis and distribution to their staff.

• IPeople Meaningful Use

Based on IPeople Quest (see above), this dashboard was created to allow clients to monitor and report on their Meaningful Use 1.0, 2,0, and 2.5 protocols. Duties:

• Feature/User Story Creation, Requirements Gathering, & Management: As a Product Owner my main responsibility is to ensure that our solutions are continuing to meet current and future customer demands. By continuing to:

• Monitor industry requirements,

• Monitor technological trends

• Analyze customer behaviors,

• Collect input from external and internal stakeholders; User stories are

• Created,

• Feature requirements gathered and documented,

• Prioritized,

• Added to the product backlog.

• Persona Creation and Management:

By working with the development team and internal stakeholders, we identify: Wesley P. Wagner, Jr.

4 P a g e

• Demographical information,

• Behavior traits,

• Technical aptitudes,

• User struggles,

• Possible solutions

of our typical target users.

By identifying these characteristics and abilities of each persona, we are able to:

• Design features,

• Workflows,

• Create an optimal user experience.

• Sprint Planning & Execution

Every development iteration (sprint) begins with Sprint Planning. My role with each sprint consists of:

• Presenting stories to the development team (based on prioritization and team velocity);

• Being available to answer any questions in reference the requirements;

• Review each story upon completion and accept or deny the story based on the business requirements, initiatives, company standards, and product vision.

• Manage Product Roadmaps and Release Schedules

I also maintain and manage the Release schedule for my solutions. The roadmap is maintained based on:

• Average velocity of the development team;

• Stories schedule to be included in each release and their corresponding work effort (story points);

• Business initiatives and goals.

Although I make every attempt to remain consistent to the published roadmap, I am constantly monitoring the stories/features in the backlog. Adjustment may be made based on industry needs, customer needs. Any roadmap adjustments must be approved by me.

• Sales\Marketing Support

Although not directly involved with Sales and Marketing, I support those departments by continuous communication regarding upcoming releases/features, industry trends, etc.

• Data Analytics

Using IPeople’s Quest product, a team of developers created a series of analytics dashboards covering a series of Financial, Clinical, and Census Key Performance Indicators. My main responsibility was to ensure that:

Wesley P. Wagner, Jr.

5 P a g e

• Each dashboard properly reflected the story associated with it;

• UI/UX review for simplicity;

• Analyze 3rd party BI solutions

o Tableau,

o Qlik,

o MicroStrategy.

Unfortunately, the project was cancelled due to resource constraints and other company directives.

• Customer Liaison

One of the chief responsibilities of my role is to remain in constant contact with our external stakeholders – customers. One of the main metrics used to maintain confidence that we are

“building the right thing” is customer feedback.

• Stakeholder and Development Liaison

As the “go between” between development and leadership, it is my responsibility to communicate to key internal stakeholders the statuses of the development efforts, as well as, verifying that our efforts are synchronized with the company vision. This is accomplished by periodic meetings between myself and key company personnel.

Product Champion, Interface People, Lewisville, TX Nov 2011 – Nov 2014

Senior Developer, Interface People, Lewisville, TX Apr 2007 – Nov 2011


Jr. College Diploma Jacksonville College, Jacksonville, Texas: Jr. Wesley P. Wagner, Jr.

6 P a g e


Certified Scrum Product Owner (Scrum Alliance: November 2015)

Certified Scrum Master (Free Agility: January 2018)

Certified SAFe® 4 Agilist (May 2019)


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