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Developer Software Engineer

Boston, Massachusetts, 02113, United States
60 per hour
June 07, 2019

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Providing IBM Power Systems (iSeries AS/400) RPGLE development services as Triumph Ventures Inc.

Emphasys Software 07/2017 – 4/2019 Miami, FL. Applications Developer

IBM Power8, (AS/400 - iSeries), RPGLE / Freeform, Embedded SQL, RDI, DDS, PML WebSmart, Zendesk, TFS

As a member of a small, dynamic team, supporting an SaaS provided Loan Processing Package: Compass & Kwik

on the AS/400 (System p) using RPGLE, PML on Websmart and PHP. I respond to Client's Support needs through

ZenDesk and develop / design / modify applications as needed.

Lennar Corp., 06/2016 – 12/2016 Miami, FL. Senior Consultant

iSeries, RPGLE / Freeform, Embedded SQL, DDS, JD Edwards World A9.3

I provided support of a Legacy System, including modifying a Sales Analysis screen program to create an Excel

spreadhseet and email it to the user upon demand. Development was accomplished using the JD Edwards CASE

tools: SVR *VL * VO * DW * PO * DD.

Frontier Communications Corp., 07/2015 – 03/2016 Dallas, TX. Senior Consultant

iSeries, RPGLE / Freeform, Embedded SQL, SVPs, CLP, DDS / DDL, Turnover CMS

As a Cartesian sub-contractor, I accomplished Data Base changes, code modernization: native I/O to embedded SQL

and integration tasks; also inserted calls to procedures to accomplish I/O via Service Programs. Development was

using RPGLE, DDS & DDL, and all the standard Power Server, (AS/400), development tools, in support of their ‘DPI

Plant System’.

Actavis / Allergan / Anda Corp., 02/2015 – 7/2015 Fort Lauderdale, FL. Senior Consultant

iSeries, RPGLE / Freeform, SQL, CLP, DDS, Aldon CMS, IBM Rational Developer, Profound UI, TPS / OPS

In support of the Turning Point Systems (TPS) Order Processing System, I accomplished new enhancements and

maintenance within a global pharmaceutical enterprise. Per the Agile Development Methodology, I utilized the IBM

Rational Developer and Profound UI development tools to create full GUI / interactive, subfile screens. Given limited

requirements, I analysed the environment and developed the specifications, then accomplished the coding and


LL Bean Corp., 07/2014 – 12/2014 Freeport, Maine Senior Consultant

iSeries, RPG ILE, Embedded SQL, CL, CLLE, DDS, Aldon CMS, SAP, WMS

Team member implementing SAP with a Legacy WMS on the AS/400 (iSeries) platform.

Infor Global Solutions, 02/2012 – 01/2014 Greater Boston Area Senior Software Engineer

iSeries, RPG ILE, Embedded SQL, CL, CLLE, DDS, Aldon CMS

I supported the Infor Payroll Module programs on the AS/400 (iSeries) platform. Full life cycle development responsibilities including QA and ‘Defect’ tracking and resolution.

Health Management Associates, Inc.. 09/2011 – 01/2012 Naples, FL. Independent Consultant

iSeries, Cobol ILE, Embedded SQL, CL, CLLE, DDS,

Converted mainframe CICS Cobol programs to AS/400 Cobol ILE / subfile display programs.

Staples, Inc. 02/2011 – 08/2011 Greater Boston Area Independent Consultant

iSeries, RPG ILE, Embedded SQL, CL, CLLE, DDS, Implementer, RFORMS, Flashmail

Enhancements and modifications of documents, (invoices & credit memos, etc.) to convert spool files into PDF files, store them as Integrated Files / Stream files, and EMAIL them, driven by interactive selection screens and batch processes.

Duty Free Services, Inc. 03/2010 – 10/2010 Fort Lauderdale, FL. Independent Consultant

iSeries, RPG ILE, Embedded SQL, JDA 4R4 – 7.4 MMS

Using RPG ILE and a lot of embedded SQL, (dynamic and static), I developed report programs from the JDA DB.

Interactive selection screens which submitted batch processes to eventually feed to desk top applications.

United Health Group / Golden Rule Insurance 11/2009 – 03/2010 Indianapolis, IN. Independent Consultant

iSeries, Cobol ILE, Embedded SQL, OTIS & AMS Health Insurance packages, Hawkeye, Implementer

The project was to apply the business logic of the Otis mainframe insurance system into the AMS iSeries system, as required. I also mentored numerous programmers transitioning from the mainframe to the iSeries development arena. ILE Service Programs with their associated modules were the basis of the AMS System.

The Payroll Professionals, Inc. 04/2009 – 09/2009 Boca Raton, FL. Independent Consultant

iSeries, RPG ILE, Cobol ILE, SQL, WEB to ISeries support, Websphere / Rational Developer source editor.

I supported a multi tiered payroll processing service using an ISeries (AS/400) and MS Server / web environment. The iSeries code is in RPG ILE and Cobol ILE, with some RPG 400. And 2 ILE Service Programs with their associated modules. I had full development / life cycle responsibilities interacting directly with top management. My projects included the data flow from the web site DB to the iSeries DB and all associated programs / processing.

Perry Ellis International, Inc. 11/03 – 8/08 Miami, FL. Senior Programmer Analyst

Unix, ORACLE, PL/SQL, SQL, MicroFocus Cobol, PkMS WMS, Mercator, Essentus

Supported a PkMS system in an Oracle DB environment using MF Cobol with the associated Mercator / Essentus data collection systems for warehouse procedures. Team member in a PkMS upgrade project from V18 to V2003, and replaced the AMS system of an acquired company: Salant, with a custom PL/SQL / VB solution to provide transactions to PKMS. Responsibilities included user interviews and production support.

The Sports Authority, Inc. 11/02 – 11/03 Fort Lauderdale, FL. Senior Programmer Analyst

IBM AS/400, RPG ILE, CL, PkMS WMS, JDA, Turnover CMS

Supported multiple versions of the PkMS system in ILE, with the associated EDI transactions, 850, 810, 856 for warehouse procedures. Team member in designing and configuring an automated Siemens system warehouse in New Jersey working with the PkMS system. The PkMS WMS also interfaced with a POS module.

Franklin Sports Inc. 2/02 – 08/02 Greater Boston Area Senior Programmer Analyst

IBM AS/400, RPG ILE, VB, CL, Premenos V 5.2, DBU, MAPICS, WMS System

Supported Mapics and custom WMS system in ILE, with the associated EDI transactions, 850, 810, 856 for warehouse procedures. Converted OPM source to ILE and tuned AS/400 memory pools. Added dynamic, product shipping label printing, initiated by hand held scanning, at “pick list / picking” of orders time. Worked with management to identify improvements of business procedures, coupled with a greater use of existing technology. Accomplished CMS/Danza shipping tracking system integration to the WMS. Responsibilities included user interviews production support, design and coding.

Douglas Consulting Inc. 7/95 – 01/02 Greater Boston Area Independent Consultant

AS/400, IBM 3090, RPG ILE, JAVA, HTML, COBOL, CL, JCL, PowerBuilder 5.0, DBU, Hawkeye, MQ Series

Clients: BankBoston / Fleet, Harborside HealthCare Corp., Fidelity Investments Corp., UniFirst,

EDS Inc., Blue Cross Blue Shield, Vt. & Quincy Ma., Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc.

Next Step Enterprises, Inc. I established an E business web site, including pages, links, graphics, and associated data base connections. Primarily in JavaScript, and HTML.

BankBoston / Fleet Corp. My primary responsibilities were analysis and coding related to the Distributed International Banking System (DIBS), in RPG, for the system integration with Fleet during their merger. RPG ILE was primarily used on any new development, however some applications were running in System 36 mode.

Harborside HealthCare Corp. Within a small team, as the AS/400 specialist, I configured & set up the AS/400; installed the application package, and assisted in the configuration of the AS/400, and peripherals, on a Token Ring Network.

Fidelity New development and modifications within the broker compliance systems of the Business Lines Solutions group. Team member in Y2K tasks. Tools used were: RPG ILE and PowerBuilder through stored procedures on the AS/400. Seagull/JWalk in desktop to AS/400 communications. I extensively used the Summit D design methodology, and Aldon Change Management System. Responsibilities included user interviews with extensive management interaction.

UniFirst Provided order processing transactions using the IBM MQ Series data transmission utility.

Blue Cross Blue Shield I wrote the software to facilitate the regional transactions between their New England locations; used to maintain their claims and membership databases via communication sessions. Coded on both a 3090 and an AS/400 in COBOL. The project was managed and contracted by EDS.

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care I developed a module which compared / analyzed medical procedures’ costs across providers, and interacted with their custom health care application package in use at HPHC, using RPG400. My responsibilities included: user interviews, design, coding, testing, and installation.

Marcam Corp. 3/94 - 5/94 & 12/94 - 7/95 Greater Boston Area Independent Consultant

IBM AS/400, RPG400, CL

Clients: Dap Inc., Gillette Corp.

I accomplished customization projects of the PRISM process manufacturing package. I designed and coded

interface programs between the Resource Management Module, and the Intelink System; also, an external

Production Model definition ability, from a mainframe transaction file.

Practical Business Solutions 5/94 - 12/94 Greater Boston Area Sub Contractor

IBM AS/400, RPG400, CL, Token Ring, TCP/IP, Xcellenet, Client Access/400

Clients: Thomas Cook Corp., Timberland Inc., CDI/Melville Corp.

For the CDI/Melville Corp.; (Marshalls, CVS Drug Stores, Foot Action, etc.); I established and supported the individual retail outlet daily transactions processing, by installing the Paperless Management System (PLM). In a centralized location I set up an AS/400 and configured a Token Ring Network on a TCP/IP communications line, using Xcellenet for the file transfers of retail marketing data from each retail location. We then supported the individual retail outlet transactions processing, utilizing this PLM system. For Timberland, I was specifically recruited to design and write an inventory tracking and forecasting report, depicting the dynamic status at each of their global warehouse locations from the database of the BPCS System. For Thomas Cook, I accomplished modifications and enhancements of the SAS package in the travel industry.

Affiliated Computer Services Inc. 9/93 - 11/93 & 1/94 - 3/94 Greater Boston Area Independent Consultant

IBM AS/400, RPG400, SQL, CL

Client: State Street Bank Corp.

Given the title: Assistant Vice-president to accomplish management responsibilities.

I recruited a software development team, evaluated and selected documentation and project tracking software, established a production software environment, wrote a coding standards document, and assigned tasks; while coding and installing applications in an "Unclaimed Property Custody" system.

Keane Consulting Inc. 9/91 - 1/94 Greater Boston Area Sub Contractor

IBM AS/400, COBOL400, RPG400, CL, Gentran EDI

Client: Osram Sylvania

I had full life cycle responsibilities of, design, development, implementation, and maintenance of manufacturing applications interfacing with the ASI order processing system. Invoicing, Purchase orders, and Production Planning Schedules were all communicated via EDI with Sylvanias' trading partners. I accomplished the EDI gateway programming, and the mapping and communication using the Gentran EDI system.

Additional clients have included: Titleist, Footjoy, Stop & Shop, Fireman's Fund Insurance Co., Sebastiani Vineyards Inc., Cooper Industries, Businessland Inc., Apparel Computer Systems Inc., SCJ Insurance Services Inc., The Pasha Group Inc., and the Bechtel Corp. California: Northern & Southern and the greater Boston area.

References available upon request.


Sun Microsystems Educational Services SL-275 Java Programming Language course Burlington, Ma. Campus

Douglas Consulting, In house classes JAVA 1.2 Preparation for Sun Microsystems classes

IBM Continuing Education Classes IBM AS/400 Conversion Utilities Waltham, Ma.

Advanced RPG III San Francisco, Ca.

IMS DB/DC Basic & Advanced San Francisco, Ca.

Computer Learning Center Cobol, RPG II, Assembler(OS/DOS), JCL

IBM 370 Model 128

Programmer Certificate San Francisco, Ca.

University of Maine Associate of Arts courses Orono, Me.

Kents Hill Preparatory School Advanced Academic courses

High School Diploma Kents Hill, Me.


Past member of the (DPMA) Data Processing Management Association

Past member of the (ASSU) Association of Small Systems Users

1994 / 1995 / 1996 Who’s Who Worldwide Registry Member

New England Systems Group, Member

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