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Nurse Nursing

Kawit, Cavite, Philippines
June 08, 2019

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Resume: Pioneer, Mandaluyong City



Career Objectives

1. Exposit exceptional skill and knowledge in providing excellent performance in healthcare.

2. Seek growth through rendering quality and high standard of service though education and training.

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Ben Joseph R. Sabilala, MN, RN

• Caregiver National Certificate II

Technical Education and Skills

Development Authority (TESDA)

Certified, Philippines

• Emergency Medical Responder –


Department of Health – Health

Emergency Management License:

(DOH – HEMS) – EMRB – 10 - 485



• Health Authority – Abu Dhabi


License No.:GN10762

Registration: 240988100

• National Council Licensure

Examination – (USRN)

License No.: 125088

State: Connecticut

• International English Language

Training System (IELTS)

Test Report No.: 09PH00238

Band Score: 7.5

• Philippine Nursing Licensure


License No.: 0452795

Rating: 83.40%

• Silver Award

Toastmasters International

February 2018

• PEARL Award

Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital

December 2018

• Best Performing Employee

SEHA Dialysis Services

December 2016

• Outstanding Graduate

Bicol University Graduate School

March 2011

• Graduated with Academic Distinction

Immaculate Conception College - Albay

March 2007


OCT 2017 – APR 2018

Career Summary

Clinical Resource Nurse / Nurse Educator

Capital Health - Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital

• Evaluates staff performance through skills and competencies.

• Structures the nursing education plan including Training Needs Assessment (TNA)

(Strategic Plan 2018-2023) to onboard 200+ nurses

• Develops, review and update policies required for nursing practice

• Evaluates and recommends equipment and supplies for commissioning purposes

• Coordinates end-user training for new equipment to ensure safe use of nursing staff

• Lead the renewal process and coordination of life support certifications of medical, nursing and allied health professionals.

• Active participation in ‘build’ of Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

• Lead in the implementation and training of Learning Management System (LMS)

• Clinical working days with task allocation such as: a. Performs comprehensive assessment of patient and ensures that patient are properly identified as per International Patient Safety Goals (IPSG) b. Performs vital signs including pain assessment to all patient due for ambulatory check up

c. Carry-out procedures as per physician’s order and administer medications by following the 10 rights of medication administration d. Evaluate effectiveness of treatment by comprehensive re-assessment of patient condition

e. Conducts patient and family education (PFE) using approve education materials by identifying learning needs and preferences of patients f. Ensures effective communication by using SBAR during handover and maintaining etiquette (telephone and email) in work place.

g. Comprehensively communicate patient concerns and referral to appropriate health professional for continuity of care

h. Implement safety measures and risk assessments such as fall risk assessment, Braden scoring for skin care and other safety precautions i. Medication reconciliation to ensure that patient has the right medications and prevent poly pharmacy especially for older patients j. Plan and implement discharge measures to facilitate a seamless transition from the facility to home

Honorary2017 Lecturer – MSc Renal Nursing NOV 2016 – SEP

(SDS & De Montfort University-DMU, UK)

The MSc in Renal Nursing at SEHA Dialysis Services (SDS) is an in-house master program to improve and enhance the nurses’ capability in delivering world class and quality care to renal patients. The first MSc in the region is a joint venture between SDS and DMU. As member of the team, the following are the task:

a. Deliver evidence based lectures and discussion with an aim of increasing underpinning knowledge and enhance critical thinking capability of the MSc students b. Evaluate learning through inquiry and quiz based approach c. Designs and develop presentations relevant to the course content d. Collaborate and report to the Director of Education to assess and plan course works

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Ben Joseph R. Sabilala, MN, RN

• 9th

Annual Wound Care


ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, UAE


• 2nd

SEHA Infection Prevention and

Control Conference

Jumeira Etihad, Abu Dhabi, UAE


• OSH MS Internal Auditor

CI Tower, Abu Dhabi, UAE


• Moving and Handling Workshop

Conrad Hotel, Dubai, UAE


• Team STEPPS Master Trainer

Online, Unites States of America


• Vascular Access

Uniteam Training Center, Abu

Dhabi, UAE



AUG 2015 – SEP 2017

Career Summary (cont.)

Clinical Resource Nurse (Education, Training

and Development) / Patient and Family

Education Lead

SEHA Dialysis Services - Mafraq Dialysis Services

As part of the clinical leadership team, responsible for the implementation and delivery of age- appropriate clinical practice standards consistent with the acceptable best practice guidelines, develop, and maintain competency-based continuing education program that enhances clinical practice. A member of the leadership team with the following task: a. Responsible for the clinical education of the staff b. Maintained accurate records of educational activities by tracking and generating reports c. Identified educational needs and develops educational programs based on identified needs; delivers lectures which are CME accredited

d. Developed presentations needed for education of staffs to be delivered on a weekly and monthly basis

e. Co-lead the Clinical Practice Development Group to standardize clinical practice across the facilities

f. Authored the ‘Nursing Clinical Audit Policy’ – approved and published g. Leads the Patient and Family education (PFE) team, created a branding name “CARE – Comprehensive Action on Renal Education” that is responsible for all patient related activities h. Facility representative at SEHA corporate level on Patient and Family Education (PFE) to standardize the development and production of all patient education materials

• Toastmaster International

(Achievers Group)


May 2018 - Present

• Association of Rehabilitation



Oct 2017 - Present

• European Dialysis and Transplant

Nurses Association/ European

Renal Care Association


Jun 2015 - 2017

• International Society of


Associate Member

Apr 2015 - 2017

• National Kidney Foundation –

Council of Nephrology Nurses

and Technician


Aug 2014 - 2017

• Philippine Nurses Association


Aug 2007 - Present


Clinical2015 Team Leader MAR 2015 – AUG

SEHA Dialysis Services (Mafraq Dialysis Center)

Acted as Charge Nurse (CN) with duties and responsibilities: a. Ensured that patients are properly allocated in accordance with the facility resources, skill mix of nurses and prescription of Nephrologist taking into account patient preferences; b. Maintain a safe environment by ensuring that renal care is done as per best practice guidelines and in accordance with the International Patient Safety Goals (IPSG). c. Supports staff nurses during emergencies and management of complications pre, intra and post treatment;

d. Acted as patient advocate by maintaining an open communication between the healthcare team;

e. Referral of subjective complaints of patients, objective assessment and laboratory (critical) results and act as link between patients, physicians and other key members of the team; f. Coordinated with other CNs and Team Leaders in allocation and decision making regarding patient care, allocation and critical decision making. g. Maintain proper documentation and communication by ensuring necessary information and details are communicated clearly and properly through proper channeling. DEC 2011 – MAR 2015

Staff Nurse

SEHA Dialysis Services (MDC)

a. Demonstrates sound and professional commitment towards patients and fellow healthcare provider through multidisciplinary approach.

b. Performs assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation of patient care; individualized care as per patient’s condition

c. Maintains confidentiality and safety of patient by securing pertinent information; documentation based on set policy and reports in a timely manner d. Provide patient education based on individual needs by comprehensive information and resources in a manner understandable by the patient e. Provide safe hemodialysis to the patient including education on renal matters and vascular care.

Staff2011 Nurse JAN 2008 – MAR

Dr. Esteban V. Ante Memorial Hospital Bicol Hemodialysis Center

+63-995-***-**** Pioneer, Mandaluyong City

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Ben Joseph R. Sabilala, MN, RN

Professional Accomplishments

Learning Management System (LMS) Lead

JUN 2018 – Present

Facilitate, lead and coordinate with affiliated Organization the establishment of the LMS system through:

• Coordination with key SRH stakeholders and affiliated stakeholders

• Conducts ’Learner’ and ‘Administrative’ End User training

• Created a tracking record to ensure all staff are enrolled, trained and competent is utilizing the LMS system

JCIA – Assessment of Patient Chapter Lead

MAR 2018 – Oct 2018

Facilitated, lead the accomplishment of the Joint Commission International (JCIA) Ambulatory standards and measurable elements AOP Chapter through:

• Analysis of Chapter standards and measurable elements

• Coordinated with key stakeholders

• Authored the Assessment and Reassessment policy and review other key policies (Radiology and Laboratory)

• Conducted meetings and generate status reports to meet standards

• Conducted education and trainings on the AOP Chapter SDS Facility Lead, Patient and Family Education (PFE) AUG 2015 – SEP 2017

Innovate, strengthen and improve the patient and family education across the three dialysis facilities of SDS.

• Assessed the current status of patient and family education policies and procedures

• Created a strategic plan to increase and enhance the PFE in the facilities

• Created a brand for PFE called “CARE – Comprehensive Action on Renal Education” that will target both the education of patient and also the healthcare team

• Created the “CARE Guide – A Clinicians Guide in Developing Patient and Family Education”

• Created and established a committee that will focus primarily on PFE and in review of materials

• Represents the facility at SEHA Corporate Office Team Leader, Vaccination of CKD 5 Patients

MAR 2013 – AUG 2015

As one of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of Mafraq Dialysis Centre (MDC), the team’s goal is to vaccinate all patients undergoing dialysis:

• Lead of the dialysis vaccination team;

• Resolved issues and concerns related to vaccine administration through proper channeling Monitored, tracked and communicated due vaccines

• Created quarterly reports as part of KPI, submitted monthly to key stakeholders.

• Conducted education and training on vaccination

Preceptor, Mafraq Dialysis Center

JUN 2014 – AUG 2015

Facilitated the transition of newly hired staff from a novice to a confident, effective and competent hemodialysis nurse by employing the following strategies:

• Adhered to the Preceptorship program

• Oriented new staff to key programs and process

• Communicated on daily and weekly basis important information

• Served a role model

• Treated new staff with respect and ensure staff concerns were heard Education &


2018 - Present

Walden University

United States of America

Doctor of Philosophy –

Nursing Education

2009 - 2011

Bicol University Graduate

School (ISO 9001:2008)

Legazpi City, Philippines

Master in Nursing


2004 - 2007

Immaculate Conception


Albay, Philippines

Bachelor of Science in

Nursing (Hons)

2004 - 2005

Immaculate Conception


Albay, Philippines

Associate in Health

Science Education

2000 - 2004

Bicol University College of

Arts and Sciences

Legazpi City, Philippines

Bachelor of Science in

Business Administration



+63-995-***-**** Pioneer, Mandaluyong City

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