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Engineer Project

Thandalam Near Katrambakkam, Tamil Nadu, India
June 08, 2019

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Position: Senior Planning Engineer

Address: ** *, ***** ******, ************, Madurai, TN, India E-mail: Phone: +91-950******* Skype ID: kani vellaiyatha

Academic Background:




B.E (Civil Engineering) Madurai Kamaraj University Completed in 2003



Class with Distinction


Madurai Meenakshi Matriculation Higher

Secondary School, Madurai




Senior Planning & Contracts Engineer - India

Project & Company: Construction of Villas and Office Buildings, KKK, India Period: From 10/01/18 to Present

Job Description:

1. Understand the Project as a whole comprising planning, construction, erection, commissioning and handing over.

2. Develop detailed Master Construction Program and update project schedule based on the contract document.

3. Prepare Micro programs for each phase base on the project plan. 4. Monitor and report critical activities based on the project schedule. 5. Prepare and submit updated work program and cash flow curve showing actual progress, as well as new critical activities.

6. Prepare recovery program and facilitate implementation. 7. Monitor day to day work progress and prepare daily, weekly and monthly reports. 8. Maintain and record update of progress from site team. 9. Participate in project meetings and discussions as required and prepare minutes of meeting. 10. Provide inputs systematically for procurement and facilitate timely completion of project through planning and monitoring.

11. Administering the Construction Contract Conditions as per FIDIC and strictly adhering to the contractual time limits.

12. Drafting of contractual letters for issues, managing variations, Contract change order and claims including record keeping.

13. Review and approve payment application

Sr. Planning Engineer - Oman

Projects: 1) Construction of New Orpic Administration Building Phase 01 & 02 at Sohar Port and 2) Construction of Royal Oman Police Station Complex at Majan. Company: Services and Trading Co. LLC.

Place: Sohar, Oman

Period: From 26/01/16 to 16/11/17

Scope: Construction of Orpic Administration Building and Police Station Complex. Job Description:

1. Preparation of Baseline Schedule based on the given Tender Documents and Drawings. 2. Implementation and communicating the Baseline Schedule details to all Departments for preparation and execution of work within the target dates. 3. Baseline Program is submitted with S-Curve, Manpower Histogram, Cash flow and WBS & Activity coding system.

4. Co-ordinate with Engineering Department for Drawing submission and approval. Co-ordinate with Procurement department for Material Submission, Approval, Issuance of LOI and Delivery.

5. Reviewing the site work front available and schedules, calculation and requesting for Manpower and Machinery to the Management.

6. Prepare and submit Mitigation Plans to Client.

7. Analyze and update the critical activities (i.e. Drawings, Material, Manpower and Execution Items) to the site team and management.

8. Preparation and submission of Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reports to Consultant and Management.

9. Prepare EOT claim based on the change Orders Issued using Impact Baseline Analysis Technique.

10. Attending Weekly Progress Meeting and Weekly Coordination meeting with consultant and client.

Planning Engineer - Qatar

Project & Company: 1) Design and Build of Multi Storey Car Parking, External Roads & Services, Main Gates and Substation at Barzan Camp, Amiri Guard, Doha and 2) Construction of Shooting Range Buildings Phase 1 & 2

Place: Amira Guard Camp, Doha

Period: From 31/05/14 to 25/01/16

Scope: Design and Built of Multi Storey Car Parking – (101,500 square meters). Job Description:

1. Study and identify Scope of work, Contract Milestone and Constrain List for the preparation of Baseline Program.

2. Prepare Overall Project Baseline Schedule to meet timely completion of Project in accordance with the Contract. Submit and obtain the approval from the Client/Consultant. 3. Program is submitted with S-Curve, Manpower Histogram, Cash flow and WBS coding system.

4. Prepare and submission of Tender Program complying with the scope of works, duration and contract milestones.

5. Review and Analyze the Baseline program upon issuance of Change Orders. Time Extension will be submitted based on the Impact Analysis.

6. Co-ordinate with consultants (Design and Project Management) and vendors for the submittal and approval of drawings and materials.

7. Co-ordinate with Sub Contractors for Mobilization, Sub Contractor Program, Timely completion of works and Invoice approval.

8. Prepare and submit Micro Schedules to Client.

9. Analyze and update the critical activities to PM. 10. Preparation and submission of Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reports to Consultant and Management.

11. Attending Weekly Progress Meeting and Weekly Coordination meeting with consultant and client.

12. Prepare and submit Recovery Schedule Program.

Planning Engineer & Coordinator - India

Project & Company: The Village - Phoenix Hodu Developers Private Ltd, AP Place: Kalavakkam, OMR, Chennai

Period: From 30/03/11 to 30/04/14

Scope: Villas, Row House, Low & High Rise Towers, Infrastructure and Landscaping works. Job Description:

1. Develop Project Master Plan / Schedule incorporating milestone events, cash flow and drawing schedule.

2. Co-ordinate with architects, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and vendors involved in the project.

3. Prepare Micro Level scheduling for construction. 4. Planning and monitoring of drawing submission, material delivery & progress in MSP. 5. Take corrective actions to make up for delays / deviations. Re-Schedule project to ensure completion date is maintained.

6. Study & Implementation of contract documents, specifications, BOQ, QA/QC & HSE policies.

7. Monitoring the mobilization of machinery and manpower. 8. Preparation of Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reports for Management & Marketing team. 9. Conducting weekly progress review meetings with consultants, vendors and contractors. 10. Monitor/Track progress in MSP and compare progress with planned activities. 11. Document Controlling and Implementation of Formats. 12. Preparing Vendor Comparative Statements.

Planning Engineer - UAE

Project & Company: UAE University, Al-Ain – Verger, Dubai Place: Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Period: From 10/01/08 to 10/09/10

Scope: Academic, Residency, Sport Area, Lab and Administrative Buildings Job Description:

1. Study the Project Scope, BOQ, Project Milestones and Specification from the supplied bid documents.

2. Preparation and Submission of baseline program according to the contract. 3. Generate Gantt Charts, S-Curves, Manpower histogram. 4. Periodically visiting the project sites, updating the progress, highlighting revisions, action plans

&catches up plans.

5. Maintaining register for Drawing/Site Query/MOM with client/ Progress review presentation to client.

6. Generate work front analysis and look-ahead schedules in the form of weekly target programs.

7. Submission of Daily, Weekly and Monthly progress reports to client and management. 8. Coordination with Design, Construction, Procurement and QS team to enforce accurate progress and implementation.

9. Preparation of Claim for Extension of Time by Time Impact Analysis (FIDIC) 10. Co-ordination, support and correspondence regarding Billing and Extension of claims 11. Creating and monitoring the project schedules on regular basis using P3/P6 by critical path method by updating Baseline Plan.

12. Conducting and attending the Minutes of Meeting. QS and Contracts Engineer – Saudi Arabia

Project & Company: Juaymah Gas Plant Expansion Project (Saudi Aramco) - RBH Place: Al-Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Period: From 02/01/07 to 10/08/07.

Project & Company: Jubail United Petrochemical Industries (SABIC) - RBH Place: Al-Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Period: From 01/07/05 to 01/01/07

Plant: Saudi Industrial Petrochemical Complex (SPICHEM) - RBH Place: Al-Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Period: From 01/05/04 to 01/07/05

Job Description:

1. Preparing Monthly Progress Summary for Invoicing. 2. Submission of Weekly Progress Report.

3. Submissions of three week look ahead schedule.

4. Preparing baseline construction schedule.

5. Responsible for contractual correspondence.

6. Detailed man hour estimates.

7. Monitoring the progress with the proposed schedule. 8. Preparing short term construction schedules.

9. Monitoring the material requirement.

10. Control with BOQ, Contracts and Scope of Work. 11. Control with change orders, site query and additional works. 12. Cost analysis with acceleration and extension schedules. 13. Responsible and preparation of Minutes of Meeting. Site Engineer – Saudi Arabia

Plant: Saudi Industrial Petrochemical Complex (SPICHEM) Place: Al-Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Period: From 01/04/04 to 01/05/04

Job Description:

1. Executing the work as per the specification, schedule and instructions. 2. Monitoring the work progress according to the schedule. 3. Co-ordination with client to achieve the target. 4. Analysis and discussions for man and material requirements. Junior Site Engineer - India

Project: Water Supply from Vaigai Dam (Virdthunagar District) Client: TWAD Board

Company: Larsen & Tourbo Ltd.,

Place: Kalikudi Area, Madurai District, India

Period: From 01/06/03 to 01/10/03

Job Description:

1. Executing the work as per the specification and instructions. 2. Monitoring the work progress.

3. Calculating the cement and rebar consumption.

4. Fixing the work target for sub-contractor. Reporting work progress to site engineer. Software Known: Driving License:

• Primavera P6-8.3 and MS Project Qatar

• MS – Office (Excel, Word, Power point) Oman

• Auto CAD India

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