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Production supervisor

Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, United States
June 02, 2019

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James W Drury

*** ***** **** ******

Lawrenceburg, Ky 40342



To obtain a position in a production company utilizing my past experience and ability to work with people. Manufacturing Supervisor with over 20 years experience in various positions with varying degrees of responsibility. Broad knowledge of motivational techniques in both union and non union workforce. I am looking for a positive work environment with growth potential.


● January 2018-Current

Independent Insurance agent. State licensed for health and life insurance with multiple companies. Helping families cover their insurance needs throughout region.

● August 2016- January 2018

Production Supervisor

Hitachi Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Ensuring overall direction of team members in the production of electronic components for auto industry. Teams made nightly quotas consistently with employees that had the least amount of experience. Responsible for supervision and safety of employees. Ordering of supplies needed for future production and verifying accuracy of orders. Completion of production reports.

● January 2000 - August 2016

Production Supervisor

Osram Sylvania Ltd Versailles, Kentucky

● 2014-2016 Newa T-8 Supervisor

Ensured the overall direction of employees in the manufacturing of fluorescent light bulbs. Responsible for safety and allocating the personnel daily in order to meet the demands of the production lines using Lean techniques. Utilized 5 Whys and continuous improvement technology. Completion and verification of production reports. Ensured quality of product and reduction of shrinkage. Created staffing for scheduled production needs. Member of first responder team. Served as resource for other lines and other departments.

● 2009-2014 Solution Supervisor

Ensured efficient operation of solution department. Maintained safety of employees Responsible in utilizing the resources needed for allocating the daily schedule. Tracked all KPI daily. Utilized lean principles in achieving daily goals and yields. Ordered materials needed on a daily basis. Communicated efficiencies with other team members regarding parts needed to satisfy runs.

● 2006-2009 Flare and Basefill Supervisor

Ensured overall direction of flare/basefill department. Tracked daily production allocated the resources needed to meet daily production. Ensured safety of all employees. Ordered daily supplies needed to meet production. Created FIFO system for flare inventory increasing quality of product. Day to day supervision of employees and scheduling to meet production needs. Ensured transition of production was smooth to next shift.

● 2004-2005 Interim Maintenance planner.

Acted as buyer for items needed in maintenance operations. Worked with teams based upon production needs and maintenance tasks to develop orders. Worked with outside suppliers to purchase products and equipment for maintenance needs. Knowledge of budgets to complete buying process.

● 2000-2006 T12 Supervisor

Ensured the overall direction of employees in the manufacture of fluorescent light bulbs. Responsible for safety and allocating the personnel in order to meet daily production goals using continuous improvement technology.

● June 1993 - January 2000

Lead Finishing Supervisor

Universal Fasteners, Ykk Snapet Inc. Lawrenceburg, Kentucky Overall responsibility for a three shift Electroplating operation which included plating, burnishing, painting and waste treatment operations. Planned daily schedule to fulfill the customer orders. Ordered all material needed to run the department Acted in buyer role for the department, tracked inventory.Presented monthly results to senior leadership. Made all personnel decisions for the three shifts. Handled all union activities, negotiations, and grievances for the area.

● February 1991 - June 1993

Production Supervisor

Universal Fasteners, Ykk Snapet,Inc Lawrenceburg, Kentucky 3rd shift production Supervisor

Supervised entire plant on 3rd shift, all operations. EDUCATION

Bachelor's Degree, Business Administration and Economics, University Of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky. Graduated 1999. SKILLS

* Team Building

* Lean Manufacturing

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