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storekeeper,forflift operator,computer literate,driver,technician

June 02, 2019

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Sherwin Sinson San Andres

Address : Alwaab, Doha, Qatar

Contact No: 66158910

Email add:

Passport No: EC2876103


To share my knowledge and experience to the company I involve with, and make a harmonious relationship to my co employees and also to my employer. I am enthuastic and I work with decisiveness with conviction. Find positive ways to stimulate and engage with people.


1998 – 2002 Graduate of Bachelor of Business Administration (BSBA)

Major in : Computer Management (Bachelor’s Degree)

Baliuag University Philippines


01-08-2018- Present Sidra Medical Research Center

Warehouse Associate

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

Receives materials coming into the building by vendors, customers, or other warehouses accurately and promptly.

Attaches identifying tag or labels to materials on cases, bales, or other containers and checking the production date and expiration.

Ensure warehouse /equipment is maintained on a regular basis.

Examine incoming shipments, rejects damaged items. Appropriately report/record any discrepancies in a medical items.

Preparation of all shipping documentation.

Files and maintain records so that they are orderly and easy to find.

Enter quantity received against the purchase order in the computer system and print back order and inventory stock put away list.

To accurately identify and count stocks materials as listed on the cycle count list.

To accurately place materials on shelves in racks or other designated storage areas in an orderly manner.

Receives,screens,registers,distributes and prioritize a incoming mail, electronic and hard copy.

Verifies the quantity and description of materials received by checking merchandise against the packing list coming from the offsite warehouse.

Delivered stationary requested by the end user from different area from OPC to hospital area.

Collecting, sorting and arranging the return items coming from the clean room by each department.

Maintain good attendance and punctuality.

Works safely within the level of competence.

Collecting return items coming from hospital and other area with proper documents and checking by the department costs.

Perform a regular check on expiry dates of all the stock and record any item due to expire in the next six months in the date checking book under the expiry.

Prepare necessary supplies specified by the clinical nurse and in compliance with relevant organizational and laboratory policies.

2015 July -2017 March Sandwich Factory, Doha Qatar

West Bay, Salam Gate mall


Main Duties and Responsibilities:

To receive supplied materials coming from the vendors as per the purchase order placed by the purchase department.

To check the materials thoroughly for quality, specification and the condition.

To access the inventory stocks in the shelves and send it back defective or merchandiser in a timely manner.

Maintain records knowing what inventory the store has.

When the stocks is running low and which the items customer request is the responsibility.

Create and receive the orders from the supplies and merchandise.

Making computer and math skills to generate the orders and communicate with sales representative on sizes and delivery time.

To communicate well responsible for problem solving.

Filling and Sorting of files.

2010 Nov – 2014 March Lloyd Laboratories Inc., Philippines

Pharmaceutical Industries (Laboratories of medicine)

Batcher Technician (Dispensing of Active and In-active Raw Materials)

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

Production personnel shall calculate the quantity of API and excipient according to standard batch size and shall be verified by personnel.

Personnel entrance in dispensing area only through the personnel airlock with proper gowning or PPE

Personal Protective Equipment.

Transfer the materials from raw materials approved area to the materials storage area one by one through the materials entry airlock.

Al inactive ingredients shell be dispensed before active ingredients, except colors and flavors, which shall be dispensed at the last.

Fill the dispensing operation details may also install the equipment, prepare for it to use by sterilizing the equipment.

The raw materials (except API and Excipient, with which the API is to be compensated according to standard batch size) shall be dispensed as per the quantities mentioned in BMRs, in a double lined poly bag.

“Dispensed” label shall be duly filled with details like Mfg. date & expiry Date in case of API only and not required by the excipient.

Put “Dispensed “label in between double lined poly bag. Twist the inner poly bag, fold it in U-shape and seal it with the cable tie.

In case of light sensitive materials, switch off tube lights of dispensing booth before dispensing.

After the dispensing, the loose pack of raw materials shall be closed, sealed and labeled with dully filled and sign “LOOSE” label.

Transfer the loose pack through the materials entry airlock one by one to their respective storage areas.

API (Sterile) materials shall be dispensed in intact pack after verification of canister label followed by approved status displayed on the Quarantine label.

Washed, rinse and clean the instrument to make sure there is no hidden debris in the instrument that can harm from the patient.

Putting some disinfectant for some of the items that can’t go through the washer.

After washing reassemble the instrument to go back into the tray and then into the pans to be sterilized by putting in a autoclave machine.

For ensuring the laboratory and healthcare equipment before the batching will start.

They may records by the senior pharmacist of what equipment been sterilized and what the raw materials should be batch.

2008 Jan.- 2010 October Lloyd Laboratories Inc., (Pharmaceutical Industry)

Senior Forklift Operator (MMD) Materials Management Department

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsilities included using forklift to pull orders, working in the receiving and shipping department picking, packing and scanning orders using a palletizer and doing inventory.

Responsible to picking and loading all finish goods to the delivery trucks.

Pulled and stocked orders in a temperature controlled settings.

Served as UPS and FED-EX warehouse person with the use of an RKF scanner.

To check and verify all packaging materials and finish goods together with the proper documents attachment.

Perform performed shipping and receiving duties.

Unload and stock incoming materials from the vendors.

Handling and organizing all materials to minimize damage, operating forklift equipment and performing routine maintenance during down time, safely and neatly maintaining storage areas, entry and exit point and all high traffic avenues of the facilities to allow for unobstructed safe passage.

Safely and accurately calculate, built and assemble customers’ orders to prepare them for delivery inner-yard transfer or customer pick up.

2004 May- 2007 December Lloyd Laboratories Inc., (Pharmaceutical Industry)

Senior Storekeeper (MMD) Materials Management Department

(Inventory Control)

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

To ensure that all incoming materials are encoded and documented

To guarantee that inventory record is updated anytime and all document are properly file and transmitted to concerned department

Responsible for preparation of document needed for dispensing

Responsible in reconciliation every time there is an actual inventory

Update inventory record based on actual count

Maintains updated inventory records at any given time

Responsible for transmitting documents to trader

Prepares monthly inventory report for all traders

Undertaking laboratories request as ordered.

Work closely with your department to ensure the appropriate communication.


Analytical and Problem solving

Group work spirit

Driving Forklift (Diesel and Battery Operated)

Computer Literate

Fast Learner

Pressured Tested


Forklift and Safety operation

Batching Operation Technician

Materials Management Inventory Control

Computer Literacy Program

Good Storage Practices (GSP)

Work Attitude and Values Enhancement

Supply Chain Management


Name: Mr.Sudheesh Chathan Name: Rosario Castro

Position: Operational Manager / Logistic Position: Operational Manager

Address: Sidra Medical and Research Center Address: 10th Lloyd Avenue Philippines

Doha,Qatar Company Name: Lloyd Laboratories Inc.

Email Address: careers@lloyd

Name: Miss. Abby Caguicla Contact Number: +639**-***-****

Position: Project Manager

Company Name: Sandwich Factory

(Salam Gate Mall West Bay Doha,Qatar)

Phone number: +974********

Email Address

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