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Assistant Research

New Delhi, Delhi, India
June 01, 2019

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Dr. Pravat Ranjan Sethi

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)

Ph. D in History




• Ph.D in Modern History from Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University,

(2014-Awarded) Thesis title: Harekrushna Mahtab and Freedom Struggle in Orissa: 1920- 1948.

• M.Phil in Modern History from Department of History, Pondicherry Central University in 2007. Dissertation title: Freedom Struggle in Orissa with Special Reference to Quit India Movement in Undivided Cuttack District: 1920-1942. (8.14CGPA)

• M.A. in Modern History from Department of History, Dravidian University in 2005 (65%)

• B.A. in History and Philosophy from Utkal University in 2000. (50%) Awards and Fellowships

• UGC-NET/JRF in History in December 2006

• Editor of the International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development(ISSN:2349-5979)

• Review Member of our Review Committee of International Journal Of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT) Member ID is: 114390

• Editorial Advisory Board of Pacific International Journal. Specialisation

Working on various diverse themes, networking and connectivity with various educational bodies and research institutes; teaching is my most sought after fascination always giving attention to mentor-mentee learning process. My specialisation in Modern History and the research area of interests were National Movement, Dalit & Caste Studies, Intellectual History & Political Theory, Gender & Women’s studies, Cultural studies. Work Experiences

1. Assistant Professor in Amity School of Liberal Arts at Amity University, Jaipur from 1st October 2015 to 27


November, 2018.

2. Teaching at Jamia Millia Islamia University for Graduate and Post-Graduate (M.A.) student, also teaching correspondence enrolled MA students at Arjun Singh Centre for Distance and Open Learning, Jamia Millia Islamia from July 2012-September 2015 concurrently.

3. Guest Lecturer at Delhi College of Arts and Commerce of Delhi University from January1 to June 2014 (six months).

4. Guest Lecturer at Non Collegiate Women’s Education Board (NCWEB), BA Course, Delhi University (Sunday Classes) from August 2018 to till date. 5. Visiting Faculty at Amity University, Noida in the Department of (Amity Institute of Biotechnology) from January 2018 to till date.

Administrative Experience

1. Working as a Coordinator of the Amity School of Liberal Arts (Fine Arts and Performing Arts).

2. Under my headship I had fruitfully conducted the Board of Studies (BOS) meetings and also developed the syllabus of BA (History), MA (History) and initiate the BA-Political Science and Philosophy Programme successfully.

3. Ph.D (History), and Economics Syllabus and departmental course work classes also had taken efficiently.

4. Visit of the NAAC Peer team to Amity University Jaipur (April 27-29, 2017) as department Coordinator presented the departmental NAAC Report. 5. One Ph.D student is under my supervision Ms. Farnaz Hussain (Part Time) Journal

1. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, (Vol.6 Issue. 6, June 2017). “Participation of Subaltern in Quit India in Orissa with Reference To Cuttack District.” Asian Journal of Multidimensional Research, 87-104, (ISSN: 2278-4853).

2. Pravat Ranjan Sethi,, (Vol.6, Issue. 7(7), July 2017). “Prajamandal Movements in the Princely States of Pre-Independent Orissa.” International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research, 101-111, (ISSN: 2277-7881).

3. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, (Vo.3, Issue.7, July 2017). “Urdu Press: An Interpretation in the Progress of Muslim Public Opinion 1920-1947.” International Journal For Innovative Research In Multidisciplinary Field, 118-121, (ISSN – 2455-0620). 4. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, (Vol-1, Issue. 36, June 2017). “Escalation and Progress of Communist Movement during the Colonial Period of British India.” International Journal of Management and Social Science Research Review, 5-8, (ISSN -2349-6738). 5. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, (Vol.3 Issue 4. August 2017). “Past Understanding Of Article 35A: Its Political Significance and Magnitudes,” The Expression, 185-188, (ISSN: 2395-4132) 6. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, (Vol. 4, Issue. 8, July 2017). “Political Unrest and Oppressive Measures by the Britishers in Colonised Orissa from 1905 to1930”, International Journal of Research, 656-669, (ISSN: 2348-6848)

7. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, (Vol. 4, Issue. 8, July 2017), “Historically Pinpoint the Socio- Economic Surroundings of Undivided Cuttack District in Colonial Orissa” International Journal of Research, 479-497, (ISSN: 2348-6848)

8. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, (April 2018), “Dr. Zakir Hussain: His Vision, and hard-hitting Mission as an Educationist for the Progress of Higher Education” Erothanatos, Vol. 2, Issue 2, 10-19, (E-ISSN 2457-0265)

9. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, Historical Outline of Bengal Partition, Political turmoil and mounting Intransigent Activities, Asian Studies Review, 2017. 10. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, Reenacting the Past through Biography: From Retrospective to Reconstruction of the History” Sadakath – A Research Bulletin, ISSN NO. : 2347-7644


11. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, The Partition and Literature: Writings about the Darker Side of Alienation, International Journal Of Research And Analytical Reviews (IJRAR), Vol.6, Issue.1, January, 2019. (ISSN 2349-5138)

12. Pravat Ranjn Sethi, The Future of Literature in Age of Digital Media, Vol.12, Issue-4, Research Guru, March 2019, pg. 668-676, (ISSN 2349-266X) 13. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, The Subaltern Can Speak: On the Mirror of Cinema, Journal of Culture and Aesthetics, 2019. (Forthcoming)

14. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, Science and Religion: Above and Beyond Their Way of Life, International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research and Innovations (IJIRI). (Forthcoming) 15. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, The Living and Mission of Jiddu K. Krishnamurti, Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, {Bi-Monthly}, ISSN 2249-9598, Volume- 09, Apr 2019 Special Issue (01), pg.259-264.

16. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, Rethinking Gender and Peace Building for the Better World, Advances in Economics and Business Management (AEBM), p-ISSN: 2394-1545; e-ISSN: 2394-1553; Volume 5, Issue 6; October-December, 2018, pp. 432-434, Krishi Sanskriti Publications (Conference Proceedings).

17. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, Gandhi and the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre and Beyond, Mainstream Weekly, VOL LVII No 18 New Delhi April 20, 2019, ISSN : 0542-1462 Articles in Magazine

1. An article published on Countercurrents journal Karl Marx on 200th Anniversary: Marxism after Marx (5


November 2018).

2. Another series of article published Marx and Hegel’s Philosophy of Right, Countercurrents Journal (22


November 2018).

3. An article published on ‘Karl Marx and Religion: Definition, Sources. Ideology and Criticism’, Countercurrents, 9


January, 2019.

4. An Article published on, ‘Martin Heidegger Views on Philosophical Conception of Time and Being,’ Countercurrents, 15


January, 2019.

5. An Article published on, ‘John Dewey in the 21


Century: Philosopher and Educational

Reformer,’ Countercurrents, 18


February, 2019.

6. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, ‘Beyond the Falsehood: the existent of Marquis de Sade,’ Countercurrents, 24


February, 2019.

7. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, ‘The Living and Mission of Jiddu K. Krishnamurti,’ Countercurrents, 3


March, 2019.

8. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, ‘Hannah Arendt’s Philosophy of Education and Adore of the World’, Countercurrents, 28


March, 2019

9. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, ‘Walter Benjamin’s Idea of Revolution and World’s favourite Theorist’, Countercurrents, 27 March, 2019.

10. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, Remembering Socrates: His Days and Times, Countercurrents, 10 May, 2019.

Book Review

1. Book Review: Das, Sukanta, Bhowal, Sanatan, et al. (Ed.). (2018), Border, Globalization and Identity. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK. ISBN-13:978-1-5275-0360-1. Pages: 222, Price: £64.99, The Criterion: An International Journal in English Vol. 9, Issue-II, (April 2018, ISSN: 0976-8165), 334-336

Book Chapters and Papers in Edited Volumes

1. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, ‘The Critical Role of Women in Environmental Sustainable Development in 21


Century, in Constraints in Achieving Sustainable Development in India: India’s Approach and the Way Forward, (eds.) Rajesh Kumar Abhay, Deep Narayan Pandey and Shweta Rani, Primus, New Delhi, 2018. (Forthcoming) 2. Pravat Ranjan Sethi, Mahasweta Devi An Activist, Litterateur And Vision As Quintessential Humanist, in the Book Mahasweta Devi: Her Art And Vision, edited by Dr. Sanjeev Viswakarma, Vishwabharati, New Delhi, 2019., ISBN: 978-93-87966-96-3


Presentations in Conferences

1. Presented a Paper on “Reenacting the Past through Biography: From Retrospective to Reconstruction of the History” a National Conference sponsored by ICHR, The IIS University, 12-13, January, 2018

2. Presented a Paper on “Dalit Writings: Reconstructing Memory from the Margins through Rethinking Class in Indian Society”, Dept. History & Indian Culture, University of Rajasthan, 19-20 January, 2018

3. Presented a Paper on “Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya, the New Image on India’s Political Horizon” National Seminar organised by Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Chair, Faculty of Social Sciences, BHU on 20-21 March 2018

4. Presented a paper on “Women and Environment: The Function of Gender in Effective Natural Resource Management,” Organised by Centre for Studies in Science Policy, Jawaharlal Nehru University, National Commission for Women, New Delhi, 22 nd

and 23


March, 2018.

5. Presented a Paper on “Women’s Role and the Environment in 21 st

Century” CCS

University, Meerut Collaboration with National Commission for Women, India, 7 th



6. Presented a Paper sponsored by ICSSR “Revisiting B.R. Ambedkar’s views on Religion As a Dalit Point of Observation” on April 19-20, 2018 at Banares Hindu University (BHU) 7. Reading a Paper on “Triple Talaq: A Rendezvous with Oppressiveness and Malevolence,” University of Madras, 25


Silver Jubilee Conference of the Tamil Nadu History Congress, 5 th

to 7


October, 2018.

8. Paper on International Conference- Mapping Gender, Empowerment, Conflict and Politics in South Asia organized by UNESCO Chair International Seminar on “Women, Conflict & Peace Processes in South Asia” in BHU November 21-22, 2018. 9. Presented a paper on ‘The Women’s Movement in India: Forms, Achievements and Challenges ahead for women’, National Seminar On Globalization, Development And Social Movements In India, Organised by Department of Sociology, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh February 18-19, 2019.

10. Presented on the topic ‘Social Customs and practices that Marginalised Women in the Past influenced in our day’ International Conference on 6 th

South Asian History Conference,



January 2019, Punjabi University, Patiala.

11. Presenting a Paper on ‘The Challenges of Higher Education in the 21st Century: Reclaiming the Idea of the University as a Possible Solution to Today’s Crisis’ at Zakir Husain Centre For Educational Studies School Of Social Sciences, JNU, New Delhi, Organizes UGC-CAS Graduate Seminar-On Educational Landscapes in India’s Changing Socio-Political Context, 25-26 March, 2019.

12. Presenting a Paper on Dr. Ambedkar’s Revelation: Social Justice for the Women, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, Department of History and Politics organized a National Seminar on ‘Towards a Just-India: Challenges and Prospects”, 13. Presenting a paper on Trends and Changes in Training History Teachers in Academia, and Its Interface with the Indian Education Structure, organized Krishi Sanskriti a International Conference Recent Trends in Humanities, Education, Arts, Culture, Languages, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, Gender and management Studies (HELAM 2019) on 4th May, 2019 at JNU.

14. Presenting A Paper On The Uncontested And Contested Thought Of Gandhi And His Approach Towards Nation Building, 'National Seminar On ‘Gandhian Way Of Nation- Building’ organized by IIAS, Shimla on 20-22May, 2019. (Forthcoming) Conference Proceedings

1. A research article on Rethinking Gender and Peace Building for the Better World, World Congress on Interdisciplinary Innovative Research, in Governance, Law, Gender Studies, Education and Various Management Practices Organized by “Krishi Sanskriti” on 17 th

November 2018, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. References

1. Prof. Sucheta Mahajan, JNU, SSS/CHS,, 986-***-**** 2. Prof. Ranjita Dutta, JNU, SSS/CHS,, 920-***-**** 3. Prof. R.P. Bahuguna, Jamia Millia Islamia, Department of History and Culture,, 097********

Paper Published

More than fifteen published articles in national and international peer-reviewed Journal. In fact, many papers are coming up for publishing and a book from Cambridge Publishing House is on the helm in addition, presented paper on several national conferences. Also writing articles in online journal ( and published an article in SCI indexed journal.

Personal Details

C/O-Mrs. Ambika Sethy


(Near Keshpur)

Dist: Cuttack


State: Odisha

I hereby declare that the information and record(s) submitted as indicated above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Pravat Ranjan Sethi


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