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Designer Engineering

Utica, Michigan, United States
May 28, 2019

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Joseph Colacurti

Shelby Township, MI 48316



Central Michigan University

Bachelors of Science degree in Vehicle Design.

Macomb Community College, Warren, MI

Associates of Applied Science, Auto Body Design – Engineering Drafting Specialty. Macomb Community College, M-TEC Warren, MI

Catia v5 Program

Blueprint Reading & GD&T

Catia v5 Fundamentals

Mechanical Design

Batavia School of Drafting


NX Designer 10/17 to 11/18 contract to Zimmer Biomet Modis Engineering

Assigned to Knee Group Observation 8 program

Performing Cadd Layouts using NX, Teamcenter, Excel, Word, Livelink and WOW

Create Layouts of Knees at LMC/MMC to prove manufacturability at worst case. NX Designer 3/14 to 12/15 contract to Navistar Defense CadStar International

Worked a new truck program and created a new grill

Packaged the air cleaner, turbo, and 48v air cleaner for the STS ITAR military Maxxpro truck group.

Created new front and rear tow lift hooks and welded them to the frame of the SMP military truck.

Created provisioning and ordnance drawings for government requirements and in house utilization for parts on three vehicles. NX Designer 5/13 to 6/13 contract to Boeing

Volt Workforce Solutions

Worked on the F/A-18 C/D inner wing by changing the edge of ply’s to latest modifications; imported each ply to one file

Utilized wise Image to modify the ply list and dimension changes on the drawings NX Designer 12/12 to 1/13 contract to EDAG

Gonzales Engineering

Packaged battery’s from existing vehicle

Brought in for new program which they did not get NX Designer 10/12 to 11/12 contract to BE Aerospace Volt Workforce Solutions

Created an attachment to interior trim on business class jet NX Designer 3/12 to 8/12 contract to Navistar Defense John Gault Staffing

Made changes to the 5950 bus moving dog bones and prop shaft guards along the frame rails to correlate with FEA requirements while working with the frame, fuel and exhaust group and the chassis product team.

Applied changes to parts I created to comply with CDMS. Joseph Colacurti Page 2 of 2

NX Designer 3/11 to 3/12 contract to General Motors RCO Engineering

Modified the B surface of the Cadillac emblem to make one emblem for two different years.

Modified the washer hose and updated the tree on the E15, X350, and 3701.

The rear energy absorber for the Opel and Buick.

Fascia changed, so this required swapping out the faces and updating to new blends and trim sheets.

Packaging studies for the ACC radar Cadillac front emblem.

EWO's making assembly changes and swapping out parts with new part numbers and doing baselines. NX Designer 8/10 to 3/11 contract to International truck-Navistar SRI International

In the ITAR military Maxxpro truck group.

Created parametric models of the turret ring and plates, created weld assembly and updated all files in upper level assembly, BOM, and updated CDMS by taking supplier parasolids; reverse engineered them to create parametric models of the turret ring.

Created an outer panel cover plate and put in an access door to a storage box and updated the details. Catia v5 Designer 4/06 to 3/09 contract to Spirit AeroSystems Butler International

Cessna Columbus program

Designed all interior attachments from primary to secondary structure while working in the systems group.

The Cessna pylon longerons, intersected the tailcone and pylon while developing the attachment points while trying to use the existing published points, and created my own to publish. Gulf Stream G650 program

Designed the fuel distribution system brackets in the hopper.

Created an assembly in Enovia with saddle clamps, screws and nut plates, which are attached to the stringers and ribs.

Created sponge seal for movable leading edge of slats 2 thru 6, rolling part numbers and revisions on 787 in Tulsa.

The Boeing 787 (Wichita, KS) created a PDM file; transferred data from Enovia to the PDM file; printed and verified info between two systems. Provided notes and requirements from Enovia to Catia, and stored them back into the PDM database.

Enovia Basic training – Spirit AeroSystems, Wichita, KS – 4/06

Catia V5 – Functional Tolerance and Analysis (G D & T) – Spirit AeroSystems, Wichita, KS – 1/09 Unigraphics Designer 3/94 to 1/06 contract to General Motors MSX International formally Masco Tech-North America Multi GM programs

Designed GMX023 Hood scoop while working in the exteriors group.

GMT001 cowl; studio surfaces were created into a solid while checking interfaces and mating parts.

Front and rear door body side moldings on the X001, took the studio alias surface and created parametric solid model.

Body side moldings on 381 (coupe and sedan); added hider lip and tape to the assembly.

The 380 rear spoiler; worked with supplier to conform to mfg. requirements; supplied studios the new criteria.

Utilized unparametric studio data, extracted faces, offsetting, intersecting, and trimming to create trim sheets for a parametric blow molded part. Worked the entire process from cradle to grave, design to release of the final part in Teamcenter.

Created face liners and tape liners for the V6, SUV, AWD, and L series emblems on the X315.

Worked in the small car group, designed a fully parametric solid of a rear door impact bar for the X380

The rap door belt reinforcement on the X350.

Created a solid model of the front door, inside handle seal, from a die pick, because the handle was already in production.

Designed retainer for the coupe front door window channel and lock striker reinforcement. Set up quote drawings for all belt reinforcements.

Set up alpha preliminary designs for the belt reinforcement of the rap door; used CGS line data door parts and converted them into a solid and data banking them.

Created typical sections and converted drawings from CGS to UG, details and assemblies.

Unigraphics (UG) V11.1 training – General Motors, Warren, MI – 5/97 Layout/Detailer 10/87 to 3/94 contract to General Motors Modern Engineering Service Company Multi GM programs

Door assembly drawings Typical sections -Detailing door hardware -Mechanical components, and detail drawings

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