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Data Analytics Quantitative Analysis Policy Analysis

New York City, New York, United States
May 30, 2019

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Master of Arts in Applied Quantitative Research, New York University, New York Expected May 2020 Coursework: Messy Data & Machine Learning, Applied Quantitative Analysis, Applied Spatial Statistics, Data Analysis, Data Science Translation, Design of Social Research (GPA: 3.96/4.00) Bachelor of Laws in Sociology, Xiamen University, Xiamen Jun 2018 Bachelor of Science in Statistics, Xiamen University, Xiamen Jun 2018 RESEARCH EXPERIENCES

Research Assistant, National Natural Science Fund Project (Supervisor: Prof. Jiaxing You) Mar 2017-Apr 2018

“Media Information, Investor Behaviors and IPO Pricing”, Grant No. 71102061

“Analysts’ Roles in China’s Financial Market: A Corporate Governance Approach”, Grant No. 71472161

• Gathered data from online enterprise credit information system and entered data into Excel

• Undertook preliminary text mining and sentiment analysis on over 200 thousand media reports in R

• Integrated investor sentiment model and network dynamics model to construct a micro framework of feedback loops Research Assistant, National Scientific Research Special Fund Project (Supervisor: Prof. Jiaxing You) Nov 2017

“Financial Accounting Soft Information and Capital Market: Based on Text Analysis”, Grant No. 207********

• Gathered literature and wrote reviews; Designed questionnaires and survey sampling; Distributed questionnaires INTERNSHIPS AND EMPLOYMENT

Document Accessibility Technician, NYU IT & NYU Moses Center, New York Oct 2018- Present

• Used ABBYY and Equidox to perform optical character recognition (OCR), converting inaccessible PDFs to accessible PDFs that can be presented by assistive technology as speech to serve students and clients with disabilities Finance Intern,Finance Department, Ernst & Young, Beijing Jul-Sept 2017

• Maintained client information system and financial database; Issued VAT invoices for major clients

• Made email contacts with internal and external clients on billing issuing and payment scheduling

• Helped implement the initiative Ui-Automated Invoice Issuing System and wrote debugging and instruction memos

• Performed administrative support duties including document filing and maintenance, delivery and client reception Social Worker Intern, Tongyuan Social Service Center, Xiamen Apr-May 2016

• Educated girls in a local primary school on self-protection against sexual assault

• Coordinated with multiple parties to promote legislations of schoolgirls protection ACADEMIC PROJECTS

Progress in Educational Attainment and Subjective Physical Health: Are Health Returns of Educational Attainment Diminished for Black Mothers in the FFCWS? Jan 2019-Present

• Constructed a lagged dependent variable (LDV) model with longitudinal FFCWS data and found significantly positive correlation between FFCWS mothers’ educational progress throughout the survey and their self-reported health

• Tested the moderating effect of race and found significantly diminished health returns of educational progress for Black and Hispanic mothers as compared to White mothers and mothers of other races

• Tested the mediating effect of income and found it a mechanism how educational progress leads to health outcomes Classification of Book Reviews Using Sentiment Analysis and Machine Learning Techniques: Example from “What Happened” written by Hillary Clinton Dec 2018

• Scrapped raw data of book reviews from the Goodreads website using rvest and RSelenium packages in R

• Cleaned data using dplyr; Visualized distribution of book ratings, review lengths, etc. with bar plots, histograms and box plots using ggplot2; Conducted sentimental analysis using stringr, tm, textcat, tidytext and RTextTools packages

• Constructed document-term matrices for unigrams and bigrams using cast_dtm command; Used term frequencies as features to construct Logistic and random forest models and evaluate their performances on sentiment predictions Spatial Statistics Project on NYC “Stop-and-frisk” Data Sept-Oct 2018

• Plotted choropleth maps of stop rates by tract and by PUMA from 2010 to 2012; Conducted Geary and Moran tests of stop rates for each year using constructed spatial weights and found violation of complete spatial randomness

• Fit lagged Poisson regression model to identify spatial autocorrelation of stop rates after controlling for previous year’s stop rate, and confirmed spatial autocorrelation by the results of Geary and Moran tests on model residuals Rural In-System Environmental Rights Protection, Social Capital, SES, and Social Identity Jan-May 2018

• Constructed Ordered-Logit Model on China's General Social Survey data to explore influencing factors that caused dilemma in rural environmental rights protection behaviors, and provided applicable policy suggestions

• Discovered that lack of social capital including networking resources and trust, scarcity of material wealth and comparative disadvantage in social economic status contributed jointly to rural residents' vulnerability in seeking environmental rights through in-system approaches

• Inquired into the problem quantitatively to supplement existing qualitative researches, providing empirical evidence for how China's urban-rural dual structure intensified social gap and reinforced rural residents' underprivileged status Corporate Personnel Attrition Prediction based on Different Supervised Learning Algorithms Apr-May 2018

• Conducted EDA in R and visualized the relationships between personnel attrition and its various influencing factors

• Fit model using various machine learning algorithms including logistic regression, linear discrimination analysis, KNN, decision tree, random forest, support vector machine and stochastic gradient boosting s on the training set and compared their prediction performances on the test set Share Option Incentives and Corporate Performances: Based on Fixed Effect Modeling of Panel Data Dec 2016

• Applied factor analysis and principle component analysis to construct a comprehensive performance index

• Fit regression model in Stata with time and individual fixed effects, confirming share option stimulates performance SKILLS

• Technical Skills: R, STATA, SPSS, EViews, Github; ABBYY FineReader, Equidox (OCR); Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint; Google Docs/Sheets/Slides; UFIDA ERP Software

• Language Skills: Proficient in written and verbal English; Native in Mandarin Chinese

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