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Mental Health Medical

Muscat Governorate, Muscat Governorate, Oman
May 24, 2019

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Dr. Nashat Shams, PHD,(Health Psychologist) MA& MBBS 317-***-****,968-***-*****

Curriculum Vitae

Dedicated and versatile health psychologist with 12 years’ experience educating multicultural communities about mental health and providing exceptional counseling services to adolescents and families. Articulate lecturer, motivator, and communicator who can simplify complex medical and psychological information and deliver it to wide audiences in an engaging and instructive manner. Passionate about teaching and motivating students to reach their potential and develop expertise. Committed to conducting high-quality, cutting-edge research in the health psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) fields. Vast experience counselling individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and age groups and treating psychiatric and health psychological conditions. Devoted physician who provides the highest level of patient care, with emphasis on stress management, behavioral therapy, and treating the psychosocial factors of mental illness. Exemplary skills in critical thinking, writing, public speaking, crafting audiovisual presentations, and facilitating group discussions. Fluent in English, Arabic, and Hindi.

Education and Credentials

Licensed Professional in Clinical Counseling (LCPC) Chicago, Illinois,USA

Ph.D. in Health Psychology, 2019– Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Master’s in Professional Counseling – Illinois School of Psychology, Chicago, Illinois

Bachelor’s in Medicine and Bachelor’s in Surgery – Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Pakistan

Research Accomplishments

Research Study on Post-Traumatic Growth in Omani Women with Breast Cancer (2018 to 2019)

First of its kind study in Arab literature, which confirmed the dimensions of Calhoun and Tedeschi Theory of post traumatic growth in Omani breast cancer survivors.

Shed light on the complete, complex, and distinctive experiences inherent in trauma and will enable healthcare teams to provide quality and holistic care to cancer patients in Oman.

A Pilot Study of a Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) Group Program for Omani Women with Breast Cancer (2017 to 2018)

First Omani study to analyze the effects of CBT on cancer patients during their cancer treatment trajectory. All the six women in the present case study, regardless of the time since diagnosis, achieved significant clinical improvement in two measures of distress at either the post-treatment or at the follow-up stages

Results of study can be applied across the spectrum during the breast cancer treatment and post-treatment phase.

Professional Experience


Primary Representative Counselor, May 2012 to Present

Conduct psycho-evaluations, establish treatment plans, and provide superior clinical services to diverse populations with psychological and non-psychological disorders. Lead group therapy sessions with key emphasis on health psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness. Manage and prioritize an average caseload of 10 to 15, while generating documentation for counseling sessions, treatment plans, and utilization reviews.

Organized and delivered informative lectures, seminars, and workshops on health psychology topics to nonclinical communities, using simple, clear, and effective language to convey complex medical ideas.

Used fluency in Arabic to educate clients about psychological illnesses, which increased awareness of mental health, drugs, and stress reduction strategies among international and multicultural audiences.

Maintained successful client retention rate of 95%.

Attended lectures on mindfulness and CBT, integrating evidence-based intervention into counseling practice.


Counselor, September 2015 to Present

Educate patients and families on depression, stress-coping skills, and parenting through engaging and insightful lectures. Treat the psychosocial aspects of mental illness with exemplary care and attention to detail. Design programs and prepare individualized seminar topic materials addressing health needs in a multicultural community.

Educated blue collar Hindi populations about the relationship between medical conditions and mental health, using proficiency in their native tongue to build connections and further understanding.


Administrator – High Medical Committee, October 2012 to Present

Assembled patient feedback reports for review by Higher Management of Health Care system in Oman. Coordinated with Health Care system leadership and support staff to ensure efficient delivery of healthcare reports to Oman’s judicial system.

Managed, trained, and supervised 12 to 15 staff members and guided their performance growth.


Psychologist, September 2011 to July 2012

Fostered a safe and therapeutic environment and assisted in patient admission, care, transfer, and discharge, documenting all necessary information at each stage.

Facilitated psychoeducation on mind-body connection to relieve patients with chronic pain and illnesses such as chronic gastrointestinal disease.

Provided outstanding counseling treatment to patients with health psychological conditions.


Mental Health Supervisor – Children and Adolescent Unit, April 2003 to August 2005

Assessed, diagnosed, and counseled individuals and families with behavioral disorders. Organized and presented instructional seminars, providing patients with knowledge, support, and skills needed to maintain mental health.

Residency and Training


Medical Residency, August 1996 to November 1996

Diagnosed medical conditions and devised safe and effective treatment plans. Assisted attending physicians with clinical care. Attended CBT and counseling seminars, and participated in conferences, rotations, period testing, and advisor meeting.

Conducted survey to illustrate effect of distress in diabetic ulcer patients. A five-point Likert scale [50] was used to rate wound healing, and the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) [51] was used to measure depression and anxiety. Results of survey reported a statistically-significant correlation between higher HADS scores and a delay in ulcer healing.

Publications and journal article

1.Nashat Shams, “Psychological Issues of People in Oman,” Sultan Qaboos University Hospital.

2.Nashat Shams, “Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavior Therapy on Omani Women with Breast Cancer,” American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering, Technology, and Sciences. 10 May 2018.

Relevant Coursework & Seminars Attended

Certificate on Mindful Cognitive Therapy, 2019

American Psychology Association USA Certificate Course, Continuing Education Unit (CEU), 2017

How to Help Client with Depression and Anxiety, 2016

Mental Health Counselor Course, CEU

Methods of Counseling Clients, CEU

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Courses, CEU

Teach and Counsel Women with stress level in Cancer, Royal Hospital, Muscat, Oman

Seminar on Prevention of Suicide in Adolescents, IBN Sina Hospital

Community Service

Volunteer Counselor, ROYAL HOSPITAL (2016)

Counseled cancer patients within the Oncology Unit and presented methods to help them mitigate stress. Educated families and caregivers of cancer patients about stress relief strategies.


Shield Awards – 2016, 2017, 2018

Awarded for lectures on stress impacting Indian high school students.

Awarded for presentation on stress coping mechanisms for caregivers of breast cancer patients.

Awarded for seminar on stress mitigation for mothers of special need children.

Professional Associations

American Counseling Association

American Psychology Association

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