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Engineer Network

Warrington Township, Pennsylvania, United States
May 23, 2019

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Warrington PA *****

267-***-**** Cell

Topologies: Gig Ethernet, IP Multicast,

Network Protocols: TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, Frame Relay, PPP, DLSw+/SDLC and HDLC, IPSec, QoS, VoIP

Routing Protocols: OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, BGP, MPLS

Hardware: Juniper 4300 Stacks, Cisco Catalyst 2900, 3600, 3800, 9000 Stacks.

Operating Systems: Junos, Cisco IOS, Cisco CatOS, Linux

Network Tools: Sniffer, Ethereal/Wire Shark, NetMiko, Ansible

Comp. Languages: Python, C/C++,

Applications: Visio, MS Excel, MS Word,


Summary: AT&T / DuPont / Implementation Network Engineer (March 2018 – Current)

Provided pre-sales engineering and analysis to DuPont locations supporting various project including network device fresh, new site installations, and site expansions. Interviewed site technical contacts to gather requirements, developed and ran site Python/NetMiko discovery scripts when needed, and created network upgrade proposals. Created BOMs and implementation plans on a per site basis. Plans varied from simple rack layouts, up to and including rack hardware installation requirements, power and cooling requirements, and cable plant designs, depending on site/project needs. Tracked project deltas and followed up with tech teams on design changes conflicts. Developed final delivery documents incorporating project red lines, for final deliverables. Created Python/NetMiko scripts for switch installations, and provided remote installation support and configurations. On call for Day One support. On call for Sev One support.

Union Bank Swiss (UBS) / Network Engineer (May 2017 – November 2017)

UBS – Regional Branch Office (RBO) Network Engineer

The RBO project replaced existing branch office networks with new Juniper network infrastructure; the critical constraint being zero loss of business while supporting multiple simultaneous rollouts in various cities across the country. Created RBO rollout documentation instructing regional techs in decomming existing devices, and expediting new network installation. Installation docs were customized for each RBO location. The process included updating BOMs, tracking shipping and receiving at each RBO location, creating custom fiber and copper cable designs for each site. Working with two carriers to provide site specific redundant uplinks. Dealing with various local code and office restriction.

UBS – Campus Network Engineer

The Campus project replaced existing networks with new ow latency Juniper network infrastructure at the UBS Lincoln Harbor NJ location, and the 1285 5th Avenue NYC location. The critical constraint being zero loss of business while upgrading the network core, as well as various trading floors. Lead teams of local techs in decomming and installing new gear in IDF closets. Established and maintained working relationships with local physical plant engineers, and physical site security personnel. Handled shipping and receiving of equipment at both locations; tracked inventory changes, and RMAs; validated design elevation; redesigned elevations as needed; validated Junos versions, and upgraded devices as needed; supported Juniper stack and OOB device debugging.

Zayo Group / Fiber Engineering (December 2013 – March 2017)

Large Projects Fiber Engineer:(Allentown, PA)

East Coast Fiber Network Engineer, Nevada and Utah Metro Area Fiber Network Engineer

Validated pre-sales infrastructure regional and metro area designs, and provided pre-sales network engineering. Designed dark fiber low latency, high reliability networks supporting multiple clients using GIS packages (GE Smallworld and OSP Insight.) Created fiber Splice Engineering Packages. Created market Visio drawings that organized data for: fiber backbones, both regional and Long Haul; collector rings, for voice, data, and Small Cell data; splice enclosure, and fiber bridges. Worked with Out Side Plant to design around municipal and state restriction, when possible, as well as redesigning around construction restriction. Created and assigned Tasks to metro engineers and tracked and managed assignments through completion. Created rack and stack installation drawings tracking fiber placement, space, cooling, power & backup power utilization. Back filled documentation with OSP field red-lines. Correlated and validated GIS data.

Zayo Group / Fiber To the Tower (August 2012 – December 2013) (Allentown, PA)

Large Projects IP Regional Network Engineer, and IP Metro Area Network Engineer

Provided pre-sales network engineering. Designed regional ow latency, high reliability market telecom/cell phone core supporting multiple collector rings. Designed IP and VLAN infrastructure for new and existing markets. Provisioned customer circuits. Created Visio drawings of rack layouts that organized data for: IP, VLAN, Chassis, and Port assignments, as well as differentiating fibers by types and uses (ex. 1 Gig vs. 10 Gig). Created ISOs, Cases, and Tasks and tracked them for completion. Created rack and stack installation drawings tracking fiber placement, space, cooling, power & backup power utilization. Tracked budget use. Worked with ISP and OSP to handle unexpected changes requiring ad hoc redesigns; back filled documentation with change deltas and updated parent ISOs. Correlated and validated M6 data. Tested new custom Outside Plant rack cabinet system. Wrote Linux scripts to automate ad hoc datamining of network devices.

Independent Consulting Contracts

Transfield Services America (October 2011 – May 2012)

Consultant – Network Architect (Philadelphia, PA)

Redesigned data centers replacing or upgrading network devices incurring minimum down time. Architected network solutions around existing workflow management systems, authored RFPs, and analyzed bids. Worked with MPLS cloud vendor to balance BGP, and QOS requirements across the cloud. Reviewed existing network support policies and procedures and aided in knowledge transfer to new support team. Designed new VOIP compliant network. Interfaced with vendors and carriers on trouble tickets. Racked and stacked routers and servers, as required. Created, and updated rack and stack installation drawings tracking fiber, space, cooling, power consumption. Created CLI installation configs; created CLI installation tests. Acted as network team lead for outsourced projects, coordinating timelines and deliverable. Supported Chilean acquisition team, including NOC workflow development.

AT&T (ATTSI) (March 2010 – October 2011)

Consultant – Technical Architect/Account Architect (Philadelphia, PA)

Validated pre-sales low latency infrastructure designs, and provided network engineering. Developed network based solutions for business delivery teams, including Layer 2 and Layer 3 network design using 802.1q, OSPF, BGP, and MPLS. Developed long term strategic plans that included Network Management, Desktop and VoIP Phone management. Network NOC Operations procedures and End User Network/VoIP support procedures. Developed Business continuity plans including Disaster Recovery. Developed Network Security procedures. Developed solutions supporting Cloud Computing models. Vetted out projects and solutions against approved ATTSI and Customer policies and goals. Racked and stacked routers and switches, as required; uploaded installation configs; ran CLI installation tests. Reviewed existing policies and goals, and recommended updates and replacements.

Comcast (September 2009 – December 2009)

Consultant – Video Network Testing Engineer (Mt Laurel, NJ)

Worked with Product Engineering to provide end to end testing for national wide Video Network Infrastructure. Remotely tested network infrastructure using Perl/Unix based tools primarily focused on the Remote Digital Video Recording (rDVR) products. Developed automated testing processes.

Branch Banking and Trust Co. (BB&T) (March 2009 – July 2009)

Consultant –Technical and Business Process Architect (Wilson, NC)

Lead engineer responsible for developing workflow processes for IP Data and VoIP NOC. Coordinated with Systems Engineers (MS for file and mail servers, IBM mainframes for cash machines, and IBM/Sun servers for financial processes) on developing Distributed Computing services support protocols and processes. Responsible for developing and writing NOC troubleshooting guide for national MPLS WAN network. Including, but not limited to, developing LAN/WAN SLA controls, SLA tracking, and SLA metrics; trouble ticketing controls, reporting, and escalation processes; vendor (MPLS/WAN) escalation tracking, controls, and metrics, End User desktop and VoIP phone support. Created CLI installation configs; created CLI installation tests; created remote CLI tests for NOC. Critical devices supported include Cisco 6509E Catalysts with Supervisor 720 modules, 3845 and 2821 routers; HP Service Center, NetQOS.

Barclays Capital (August 2008 – December 2008)

Consultant – Senior IP Network Engineer (Hanover, NJ)

Lead engineer responsible for upgrading and provisioning of mission critical low latency enterprise environment, including data center and user access layers. Given that the user community were traders, the device and network configurations developed were optimized for UDP Market Data and VoIP, and implemented with multiple redundancies. In addition to normal duties, worked with global team to merge Lehman Brothers and Barclays Capital MPLS and DLSW WANs. Updated MS Visio documentation.

Tekmark Global Solutions (March 2008 – July 2008)

Consultant – Post/Pre Sales IP Network Engineer (Redbank, NJ)

Provided pre-sales network engineering. Daily activities included interfacing with project managers and clients to develop and provide network solutions, including IP Data and VoIP designs; as well as Day One support. Duties included data/VoIP/video network design; ip address allocation and pool maintenance; wireless network design and maintenance; Cisco VPN ASA; router and switch racking; cabling design and maintenance; device racking and installation. Critical devices maintained include Cisco 6513, Juniper Netscreen Firewalls. Developed and maintained MS Visio documentation.

Comcast (October 2007 – February 2008)

Consultant – Senior IP Network Engineer (Downingtown, PA)

Responsible for designing and implementing the management network at the new National QA Test Lab / Data Center in Downingtown PA. Daily activities included interfacing with various projects to provide management network support. Duties included low latency, low jitter, data/VoIP/video network design, ip address allocation, ip address pool maintenance, wireless network maintenance, Cisco VPN; router and switch racking, cabling and maintenance. Server racking and installation. Critical devices maintained include Cisco 6513, Juniper Netscreen Firewalls. Developed and maintained MS Visio documentation.

Der Lage Landen/Rabobank (December 2006 – September 2007)

Consultant - Infrastructure Architect (Wayne, PA)

Technical lead responsible for the new Internet Gateway/Beacon projects. Projects are international in scope, highly political and mission critical. Duties included providing peer review of various data, voice, and video conference enabled network designs, implementation of various date/voice/video design elements, building BoM for design components, vendor management and coordination. Duties include, but are not limited to MPLS WAN engineering, designing a voice/video enabled MDF/IDF, and implementing a new voice/video capable data center core/distro/server access network; as well as, providing level three network support. Critical devices maintained include 6500s with sup. 720, FWSM, CSM with SSL, and 7604 with sup. 720, maintaining MS Visio drawings.

Shire Pharmaceuticals (September 2006 – December 2006)

Consultant - Infrastructure Architect (Chesterbrook, PA)

Technical lead responsible for coordinating, supporting and troubleshooting new implementation of an Windows based, I-many CARS, and Medicaid system; install MKS Took Kit, and I-many Kshell environment; run Pre, and Post installation Korn shell / SQL*Plus scripts. Additionally, produce SOX / technical documentation.

Wilmington Finance (June 2006 – August 2006)

Consultant - Sr. WAN Engineer (Plymouth Meeting, PA)

Responsible for supporting and troubleshooting Cisco CSS 11500 load balancers. Implement Citrix Teros L7 Firewall. Test and implement Citrix NetScaler load balancer. Troubleshoot Cisco Catalyst 6500/5500 network. Additional skills utilized included high availability router/switch configuration, Cisco network management, and MS Visio.

AT&T / Merill Lynch (October 2005 – May 2006)

Consultant - Network Implementation Engineer (Levittown, PA)

Responsible for implementing various low latency, high reliability network designs at the new Merill Lynch Data Center in Levittown PA. Daily activities included reviewing project Detail Designs, developing implementation plans, following up on implementation details with various groups and trades involved in implementations, as well as developing local Detail Designs. Assignment requires extensive client managements skills, high reliability data/VoIP network design and redesign skills, as well as knowledge of Cisco routing, switching; Netscreen/Juniper firewalls; general technical troubleshooting. Additional skills utilized included high availability router/switch configuration, Cisco network management, and MS Visio.

New York State Office For Technology (OFT) (July 2004 – October 2005)

Consultant - Sr. Network Engineer (Albany, NY)

Responsible for implementing a new, highly secure, high reliability internetwork, known as the Enterprise Infrastructure Core (EI Core), interconnecting data centers in the Albany/Capital District. The EI Core provides/carries network IP based data, VoIP, and streaming, services for various NY State Government agencies. Assignment requires extensive client management, various project management skill, network design and redesign skills, as well as knowledge of Cisco routing, switching, content sensitive switching; QoS and VoIP/video ; Netscreen/Juniper firewalls; general technical troubleshooting. Additional skills utilized included protocol analysis, fully redundant route/switch configuration, Cisco network management, and extensive MS Visio.

Financial Times Interactive Data/Interactive Data Corp. (FTID) (December 2003 – April 2004)

Consultant - Sr. Network Engineer (Waltham, MA)

Responsible for validating and implementing a new multicast network that consolidated reception and management of multiple UDP based Market Data feeds (SIAC, NASDAQ, Etc.), redistributed the new consolidated feeds across FTID’s new multicast intranet. Assignment required managing conflicting technical and business needs, as well as knowledge of Cisco multicast, QoS, and troubleshooting. Additional skills utilized included protocol analysis, fully redundant route/switch configuration, disaster planning, technical and non-technical vendor relations, UNIX/Linux systems administration, and Cisco network management.

WAMNET Government Services/ Navy Marine Corp Intranet (NMCI) (April 2003 –August 2003)

Consultant - Network Engineer III (Philadelphia, PA)

Responsible for implementing NMCI Base Area Network designs as per DoD/DoN defined guidelines. Assignment required interacting with multiple vendors to meet multiple, and often, conflicting deadlines. Coordinated with NOCs for final testing and hand off. Processed and maintained NMCI / DoD documentation. Worked with Cisco 7500 and 7200 routers, Catalyst 3500, 4000 and 6500 switches; PIX/FWSM, Checkpoint and Netscreen firewalls; OSPF and BGP routing protocols; FlexWAN with ATM and Sonet modules; Fastethernet and Gigabit Ethernet. Responsible for level III network support for Philadelphia Naval District bases. Lead engineer responsible for coordinating and mentoring junior engineers and technicians.

XAND Corporation (January 2001 - September 2002)

Consultant - Senior Network Engineer (Elmsford, NY)

Designed and implemented a low latency Data/VoIP network using OSPF high availability backbone composed of fully redundant Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches using HSRP, with ISL and 802.1q trunks, to a distribution layer composed of Catalyst 4000 switches. Reconfigured border layer routers, composed of Cisco 7500s using ATM and Sonet, extending BGP redistribution into the core, and implemented IP Multicast. This network was systematically phased in replacing the existing Nortel based network. Given existing contracted SLAs, near zero downtime was allowable. Additional WAN connectivity was provided utilizing Cisco 2500, 2600, 3600, 7500 series routers, and Baynetworks/NORTEL switches. Managed junior engineers and coordinated support activities (moves/adds/changes) with Data Center Management and implemented QoS. Supported PIX, Checkpoint and Netscreen firewalls and VPNs, Arrowpoint/CSS load balancers. Established network security procedures.

MimEcom/Totality (April 2000 - January 4, 2001)

Consultant - Senior Network Engineer (New York, NY)

Designed and maintained high performance, conventional and multicast, e-commerce sites for Garden.Com, and Tavolo.Com. Provided pre-sales architecture and network engineering for clients such as VitaminShoppe.Com, YachtWorld.Com, MarthaStewart.Com.

DNA Computing Inc. (October 1999 - April 2000)

Consultant - Senior Network Architect (New York, NY)

Lead network engineer for Premier Compaq/Cisco VAR LAN/WAN. Provided business process and network analysis, technical support for routers, switches and firewalls.

Health Insurance Plans of NY and FL (March 1999 - August 1999)

Consultant - Senior Network Management (New York, NY)

Lead network engineer providing LAN/WAN planning, analysis, and management for New York administration and data center.

J.P. Morgan/CSC (April 1998 - March 1999)

Consultant - Network Management (New York, NY)

Provided network management, analysis, and level 3 tech support for the high speed switched environment at J.P. Morgan’s NY Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).

New York City - Health & Hospitals Corporation (February 1997 - February 1998)

Consultant - Network Architect (New York, NY)

Designed new frame relay network connecting all NYC HHC facilities and hospitals.

American International Group (October 1996 - November 1996)

Consultant – C/C++ Programmer Analyst (New York, NY)

Reverse engineered AIG’s mission critical insurance premium calculation application in preparation for the development of a new application suite.

Volvo Cars of North America (September 1995 - September 1996)

Consultant - Network Engineer / LAN Administrator (New York, NY)

Implemented a new network for Volvo Cars of North America and Volvo Trucks.

Skandia America Group (June 1995 - August 1995)

Consultant - Network Engineer / LAN Administrator (New York, NY)

Provided WAN/LAN technical support.

Bear Stearns & Co. Inc. (March 1995 - June 1995)

Consultant - LAN Administrator / Network Engineer (New York, NY)

Developed business processes.

Pfizer International Inc. (November 1993 - December 1994)

Consultant - LAN Administrator (New York, NY)

Provided LAN administration and support.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (September 1993 - October 1993)

Consultant - LAN Administrator (New York, NY)

Redesigned LAN/WAN environment. Developed BOMS and SOW for outsourcing

Ernst & Young (April 1992 - August 1993)

Consultant WAN/LAN Technical Support (New York, NY)

Provided support for E&Y proprietary internal accounting applications.

Education: Academic coursework toward B.S.M.E (Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering)

Languages: Bilingual English/Spanish

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