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Manager Management

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
May 17, 2019

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*** ****** **** ****** ****, Tennessee 37771 Telephone: 440-***-**** Email: Linkedin: BS (Technology), Award-Winning Director of Corporate Facilities Management, with more than 20 years of multi-site Fortune 1000 experience that consistently converted organizational facilities management intent into tangible, measurable results for organizations such as: Sodexo, Helias LLC, Kent Medical Resources LLC, and IBM Corporation. Experience includes serving as Director, Facilities Operations for Sodexo in Oxnard, California, with responsibility for managing a $5+ million budget and 20 direct/20 indirect reports (across 9 functional areas) that provided facilities and maintenance operations at the Proctor & Gamble GMP plant site, consisting of a 1.3 million square foot facilities located on a 44-acre site. Instituting Cost Reduction Techniques Building High-Performing Teams Establishing Strategic Vendor Partnerships Space Planning & Asset Utilization Emergency Preparedness - Disaster Recovery Strategic Planning & Execution Project Management CAREER HIGHLIGHTS

Expanding Manufacturing Production Capacity: Entrusted by IBM senior management with executing a $320 million plant site business model across 6 business production groups by utilizing 10 managers. Consequently, implementation of new business model proved instrumental in generating a 3% increase in additional production manufacturing capacity.

Designing and Constructing New Warehouse Space: Designed and constructed from ground up a 10,000 square foot warehouse space that included favorably negotiating contract labor for build out. Subsequently, this warehouse supported 150 individual part numbers and provided pallet/pick-pack shipping capabilities with warehouse space designed to handle as separate businesses.

Achieving Production Sales Goals: Played a key management role in reaching the established first year production target for Helias LLC of $2 million by directly supporting sales initiatives through ongoing collaboration with primary supplier and coordinating internal team support.

Increasing Building Revenue: Demonstrated track record of increasing Sodexo's existing fixed contract by $500,000 while simultaneously generating additional project billings of $505,000 above yearly target by using only the existing support staff that delivered $1,005,000 of new revenue within a 1-year period. WHAT OTHERS SAY

Observing and collaborating with Jeff in the tool room at IBM, I saw his high degree of training complement his natural instincts and work ethic. He can confidently engineer and then build a tool beginning to end, because he sees all angles and approaches to a job. I consistently saw him conquer every roadblock or problem as routine. Jeff will bring a positive and polished approach to any shop."

...Kevin Scott, Owner/President at Rocky Mountain Tooling

"Jeffery takes the initiative to go above and beyond the expected parameters and has the ultimate "can do" attitude. His upbeat personality and engaging personal style enables him to interact effectively with clients, staff and the management team. Jeffery is a consummate professional and I highly recommend him for any executive position."

...Heinz Beiler, General Manager/Executive Vice-President at Helias LLC KEY COMPETENCIES

Site Selection, Design Construction & Renovations Contract Negotiations Conflict/Dispute Resolution Determining Highest & Best Use of Real Estate Assets Creating a Shared Real Estate Management Vision Ensuring Regulatory Compliance PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE & ACHIEVEMENTS

1099 Real Estate Investment and Renovations Ú Knoxville, Tennessee Ú 2017 to Present Chief Operations Officer – Scope of duties consist of managing all aspects of daily planning, scheduling, execution, quality and safety for all projects that included providing purchasing and progress reports negotiated with the CFO/Investor on a weekly basis.

Collaborated on the acquisition of 4 investment properties for 1099 Real Estate Investment that generated a 25% profitable return on investments.


Telephone: 440-***-**** Email:

Sodexo Ú Oxnard, California Ú 2016 to 2017

Director, Facilities Operations – Responsible for a combined budget of $5 million and 20 direct/20 indirect reports that provided facilities and maintenance operation at the Proctor & Gamble GMP plant site in Oxnard, California, consisting of a 1.3 million square foot facility located on a 44-acre site.

Achieved a $2 million cost savings between 'FY' 2016 -2017 for P&G facilities by providing ongoing year-to-year support that directly aligned with the overall goals of P&G cost reduction program. Helias, LLC Ú Culver City, California Ú 2012 to 2015 Director of Operations – Responsible for developing and managing processes for each department and optimizing operations for maximum efficiency and accuracy. Additionally, controlled business and profit and loss expenses.

Met the production target of $2 million the first year by directly supporting sales initiatives through collaboration with primary supplier and coordinating internal team support functions. Kent Medical Resources (Now renamed to Premier Medical Partners) Ú Akron, Ohio Ú 2001 to 2009 Facility Director – Charged with managing all facility operational aspects of a multi-complex medical business that included contractor negotiation, vetting, pre-qualifying of subcontractors, assessments of financial condition, safety record and insurance coverage.

Successfully designed and provided all required government documentation for construction of a new facility while simultaneously managing all project purchasing functions.


RBI Matthews Ú North Carolina Ú 1998 to 2000 Ú Operations Manager-Cable and Harness Manufacturing IBM Ú Charlotte, North Carolina Ú 1993 to 1998

Business Process Consultant (1996-1998); Senior Associate Process and System Analyst (1993-1996) ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS/CERTIFICATIONS & TECHNICAL SKILLS Bachelor of Science, Technology, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio Tool & Model Making Certification, IBM

Project Management Professional Certification, California State University Experience with the following applications and operating systems: Filemaker pro 12 Advanced; AutoCad 2000; Mechanical Desktop; TurboCad; Lotus Notes; Microsoft Office; Microsoft Project; Microsoft Access; Microsoft Publisher; Draw, Designer, Smart Suite, ABC flow, IBM CAD; Easy C Creator; Label Designer; Law Library, Gallery; Partition Magic; TripleDat; Tdat16; Netscape; Explorer; Microsoft Office X; DVD Pro; Final Cut Pro; Visio; Adobe Acrobat; Adobe Connect; Quickbooks Enterprise; Mac OS-X, Windows 10; NT; 2000; Vista; Dos; OS/2; AIX and Unix ENDORSEMENTS

"Even though I have been an active SCUBA diver for 25 years, I contracted Jeff's services in 2014 to boost my education and training as far as technical diving, a field that I had little experience with so far. It was apparent on our first meeting that Jeff was the outstanding professional I was looking for, and more. Jeff smoothly put together a one-on-one training that would not only meet the diving agency and his requirements, but also my expectations as a seasoned diver. Jeff made a point to go through every new piece of equipment so I was as prepared as I could be when it was time to hit the water. As expected with technical diving, we ended up in a couple of hairy situations due to challenging dive conditions; all the time spent practicing the challenging in-water skills paid off and made Jeff's training enjoyable, memorable, and extremely formative. Jeff moved away from California early 2017. I would recommend Jeff and his services to anyone in the dive industry but also as a professional as a whole."

...Emmanuel Riclet, Ph.D., Biocontrol Unit Supervisor at LADWP

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