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Data Developer

Anaheim, California, 92804, United States
May 17, 2019

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Software Applications Developer

**** **** **** **** ********* K5 - Anaheim, California 92804

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Goal: SQL database and SharePoint Development and Administration - Application Programming

Work Experience

Operating Systems: DOS, UNIX, LINUX, Microsoft Windows, Windows FTP

Programming Languages: Microsoft Share Point, SQL, Visual Basic, HTML5, PHP,

JavaScript, CSS, C, C++, ASP, UNIX shell scripts

Database Programming: Microsoft Access, SQL server, MySQL

Animation and Graphs: Flash, Power Point, VISIO, Microsoft Paint


Bachelor of Science in Computer Information System (Software Development)

- DeVry University, Southern California - Graduation Date: June 2000.

West Los Angeles Community College (1992 - 1994) -- Dean's List in 1994

Westchester High School – Graduation Date: June 1992.


Web Design and Programming (ASP, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, DreamWeaver)

SharePoint Administration and Programming.

User Interface Design and Programming (Visual Basic, MS Access, HTML, C/C++, Unix shell)

Database Design, programming, and Administration (SQL and Microsoft Access)

UNIX shell script programming and some UNIX Administration.

Embedding code within code and traversing through data.


Operating systems:

DOS, UNIX, and LINUX Shell Scripts, Windows 95 thru XP Professional and up.

Programming Languages:

T-SQL, Visual BASIC, Quick BASIC, C/ OOP in C++, JAVA, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PERL, PHP, Micros focus COBOL, UNIX shell scripts.

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, and Microsoft Access

Animation Tools: Director, Macromedia Flash

Presentation Tools: VISIO; Power Point

Office Tools: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point)


Ledgent Technologies

–, Costa Masa, CA

November 2018-December 2018

Title: Contract to hire: Database Admin

My Duties:

T-SQL Programming, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic Application development.

Microsoft Office tools

Automate current processes.

Manage the data currently handled by their 3rd party database Admin service.

Medical Data Exchange (Now part of Agilon Health)

– One World Trade Center, Long Beach, CA

– 2121 Rampart, Anaheim, CA

September 2014- November 2018

Title: SQL Server Database Developer

My Duties:

T-SQL Programming within SQL Server 2008r2 and 2014, and HCC Manager.

oETL/Data Warehouse work with medical benefits (Import Data from data feeds, Transformed the data then creating report layouts for our vendors).

oModifying and creating queries to pull and organize medical data for automated generation of patient correspondence letters, patient assessment forms/patient assessment reports with multiple clients and company logos.

oQuery optimization using the query analyzer, finding points in complex code that slowed processing creating bottlenecks.

oModified code that reported RAF scores, STAR measures/Quality measures and Patient data joined on Medi-span data tables.

oCollaboration in Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS).

Worked in HCC Manager (an SSRS / Crystal Report attribute incorporating, proprietary medical data reporting software) creating multi-layered reports and letters.

oCreated logos with transparent background in GIMP in order to be used in client letters and reports.

oCreated reporting prompts and conditional code to be executed for each prompt.

oCreated queries to lookup Case Managers in some of the dropdown prompts for the CM Letters and reports for each client.

oTroubleshooting reports in T-SQL and in HCC Manager.

oCommunicated with Customer Service, other programmers, and the report/software testers.

oUtilized Microsoft Office tools such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Paint, One Note, Power Point, and Visio.


Robert Half International – Technology Division in Torrance, CA

December 2012-March 2015

Software Application Developer, Web Developer, Database Administrator

Programmed in: SQL Server, Microsoft Access, SharePoint, Visual Basic.NET, Perl script.

Database Programming and Administration: SQL Server, Microsoft Access, SharePoint, Visual Basic.NET, Perl script.

Clients: Wesley Allen Inc, Victorville Transit Authority, Research Affiliates, LA Care, Beta Offshore, T3 Micro, Minow CPA, and SelfEmpower.

Worked on over 9 projects, repairing corrupted databases and reports. Backed up databases and gave work estimates for new projects. Modified and created Forms, Queries, Tables, Reports, Modules, Macros, Stored Procedures, Cursors, Triggers, Database security through password protection, Visual Basic Functions and Subroutines. Backfilled Bloomberg financial data, back to December of 2007 into SQL Server 2008R2. Verified that the records where uploaded using SSIS, checked record counts, and noted any discrepancies in the data being pushed to SQL Server. I created time stamp code for a batch script that backfilled data (Insert and updated historical data). I created a Perl script to concatenate individual date logs into a full log (parsing all dated data files within a date range keyed in a prompt). I also created a 2nd Perl script to create a formatted Excel file, with font and cell color options and calculations, from that full log file. Setup clustered and non-clustered indexes, also worked on fail over cluster, upgraded the passive node that was not running a SQL Server instance then manually failover from active node to the upgraded node. Once the newly active node as set, upgraded the passive node, then put the newly upgraded original back. Used Query analyzer and optimization tool to find points of heavy processing and speed up performance. I also mapped out much of client’s pre-existing workflow processes. (Created Dataflow diagrams and entity relationship diagrams), I created VBA scripts and Visual Basic.NET code to import and export files to and from access and SQL Server. I created queries to search for member data, finding members that were not showing in the system. I created queries to merge updated data with daily other data received daily and add up data. I created a small electrical power conversion database from a pre-existing Lotus 123 spreadsheet which I converted and imported through Excel to get fields and calculations to create a database and function modules in Visual Basic Application code for each calculation, and macros. Worked with data from Covered California. Created A product inventory tracking database with barcode scanning and barcode label printing from a pre-existing Excel multi tabbed spreadsheet file. I created entity relationships among the tables with primary and composite foreign keys to be uses to lookup indexed data quickly. I used Visual Basic.NET to create reports and forms, linking them to their parent reports and forms. I used VBA code to query the tables and pull field information from multiple tables, to auto populate fields within forms, by scanning barcodes, for easier data entry. Form and report objects utilized: Textboxes, queried dropdowns, single and multiple section checkboxes, record navigation buttons. Microsoft Access 2013 and SharePoint2013 on windows 10 and Windows 8 Operating systems. Linking data tables from SharePoint 2013 within Microsoft Office365 on the Cloud to Microsoft Access 2013. Created a database from ground up to track workflow and change management for the expansion of multiple retail stores throughout the United States. Created queries, forms, macros, and reports. Forms and reports utilizing VBA scripts, Visual Basic(.NET), SQL utilized joins, append, update, Create Table, and Alter Table queries. Created detailed, uniformed reports with subtotals and buttons to manually refresh SharePoint linked data and database tables, and update the date last refreshed with was displayed on the main menu form and the report page footers.

Created technical Documentation in Power Point and Visio with screen shots and step by step instructions on the new features of the database and the preexisting features for the client’s records (where there was no previous documentation or data models), also made recommendations for future maintenance of the system. Also created graphs for the clients (Line graphs, pie charts with data tags connected to line totals and column titles)

-Websites: and

One Touch Legal - Corporate Headquarters in LaMirada, CA

August 2012-December 2012

Jr. Software Application Developer -- My core duties:

SQL Server/Visual Basic.NET Software Development in Visual Studio

Created and modified Visual Basic.NET programs connected to SQL server 2005, for both the Check Processing and the Mass client email program.

Created and modified T-SQL Queries and added new client account setups.

Creating and modifying Crystal Reports and linking to SQL Server 2005

Additional workload:

Fix printing and PC issues on both the local printers and the networks big Minolta 1050 and 1200 printers.

PC setups with XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 8, and in-house applications.

Blackberry setup with Telenav and Beamsuite software.

Replacing Optical Reader on HP 9080C Document Scanner.

Retransmitted legal documents for staff that did not transmit correctly into the system.


Mercury Insurance Group - Headquarters in Brea, CA

July 2005-August 2012

Technical Support Specialist - NOC/OCC SharePoint and Database Admin-- My core duties:

Monitoring Network and running batch job processes (using Tivoli, Argent, Foglight, and Avaya), addressing and escalating problems. Operations team over role as problem management handling management of a few rollouts. Receiving and transmitting client policy data, backups, restores, troubleshooting network issues. Using LINUX systems, Windows XP, 2003 and Windows 8 systems, HP mainframe, TIVOLI job scheduler, AVAYA, Foglight, and ARGENT administrator console, PING, Tracert, and finger…, some collaboration in Team Foundation Server (TFS).

Additional workload As OPS Web, SharePoint, and Database Developer/Administrator.:

I programed/maintained Access 97, 2003, 2010 databases, & SQL Server SSIS/SSRS.

I created and modify Visual Basic(.NET) and VBscript to created user interfaces connecting to the databases and to execute scripts on the network shared drives, transfer and creating HTML change management summary table on the fly.

I administered, programmed, and maintaining websites, both in Share Point and standalone, for Mercury’s: Network Operations Center and Operations Command: Programmed in Dream Weaver, Microsoft Notepad, and Visual Studio to create a combination of HTML5, CSS, PHP, ASP(.NET), and JavaScript to connect to network systems and insert our daily tasks, documentation, and databases into the websites.

Maintained and provided technical documentation on NOC/OCC’s SharePoint sites, Operations web portal, and Databases.

Maintained databases for the Material Damage Department Initial programming was done before hire while temping at Helpmates staffing.

These databases utilize the SQL and visual basic programming language interfaces within the Microsoft Access Programming environment.

- Website:

Helpmates Staffing Service

January 2005-July 2005

Senior Support II -- Temping for Mercury Insurance Group's Material Damage Department

My duties included:

Microsoft Access database development (designing and programming graphical user interfaces to collect data and generate reports and organization charts).

Programmed SQL queries to create tables, to update tables, to delete data from tables, to compare data in tables, and to append data to tables, and created dynamically generated reports.

Programmed forms and reports that connected to these queries allowing both forms and reports to search for data and pull up similar records.

Creating monthly agent productivity reports and organizational charts within Microsoft Access using SQL and Visual Basic Application source code on the back end. These reports have been viewed by the senior executives at Mercury and lead to me being hired at Mercury Insurance and contributed to the promotion of my supervisor’s boss Mike Hall to regional manager for the West Coast.

Additional duties also included basic Local Area Network and PC troubleshooting, fixing printer issues, Microsoft Outlook issues as well as other technical issues.

- Website:

Dawn Enterprises

September 2003 - January 2005

Software Developer/Programmer -- Part time:


Designed and programmed databases and web pages for Dawn Enterprises clients.

Designed and programmed reporting databases in Microsoft Access 97, 2003

Designed and programmed dynamic web pages in PHP / HTML with JavaScript and Macromedia Flash.

- Website:

Perot Systems Corporation - Culver City and Beverly Hills, CA

July 2000-September 2003

Software Developer / Benefits Analyst --


Helped administer a UNIX, Novell, and Windows system environment. ETL/Data Warehouse work with medical benefits (Import Data feeds, Transformed the data then creating report layouts for our vendors).

Modified and created HTML, C programs, UNIX shell scripts that sorted and reformatted data to create monthly and weekly reports and data files for our clients in the healthcare industry across the United States.

Created and Modified Databases used for HIPAA compliance, monthly employee head count reports, and managing production task.

Assisted in designing and programming of a fully functional password protected Website on Apache server which connected to our Benefits data within our UNIX server.

Programming languages used while at Perot include UNIX shell scripts, C shell within the UNIX environment using the VI editor. Within Windows environment I programmed in Microsoft Visual Studio’s C/C++, HTML, JavaScript, SQL server 2000, Visual Basic, VB for Microsoft Access, and SQL within Access. While at Perot I trained others in Benefits Service Unit (BSU) production processes for our clients (Tenet Healthcare, Blue Cross, CIGNA, VSP, and Merck Medco). While at Perot I have designed/programmed/modified databases, web applications, GUI - front-ends, created presentations, flow chart, and documentation using VISIO and Power Point. Also, during my time at Perot, I have setup workstations for users, setup exchange, and POP inbox profiles; I assisted users in configuring CISCO wireless leap and VPN connections.

Used the Exceed emulator and telnet to work in our IBM Sequent Unix server and Exceed FTP / Dos FTP to migrate data form the UNIX environment into the Windows Office environment in which macros were ran in Word and Excel for further formatting.

Imported and exported data to and from Access97, 2000, and Access2003 Professional databases as well as Excel. Also created data file import specs in UNIX and C and created programs used to manipulate data while separating one large data file into smaller files by client accounts for healthcare, dental, and our vision providers.

System backups on Sequent UNIX box each Friday night.

Microsoft office tools used Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, and Ms Exchange.

- Website:

My references, Degree, Perot Systems Corporation, Mercury Insurance Group, Robert Half Technology, Agilon health, employment, verification letters are available upon request.

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