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Software Development Engineer in Test(SDET) / Automation Engineer

Fairfax, Virginia, United States
May 16, 2019

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Functional Testing, Regression

Testing, Smoke Testing


Protractor, Jasmine,

WebDriverJS, Selenium

WebDriver, Cucumber


Maven, Git, GitHub, Jenkins,

Jira, JUnit, JDBC, TestNG,




JavaScript, Java, TypeScript,

SQL, POM, DDT, BDD, Jasmine,

AngularJS, Cucumber, TestNG,



IDE : Visual Studio Code,

Eclipse, PGAdmin4




Java Rest Assured Libraries,




A highly motivated and result oriented Software Development Engineer in TEST (SDET) having 6+ years of experience in IT industry with emphasis on Quality Assurance through Functional and Automation Testing of software applications. Throughout the IT career, have been practicing Test to Break Approach.

Excellent experience in each phase of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) and Defect Life Cycle (DLC).

Experience in different QA processes like Waterfall Methodology and Agile-Scrum Methodology and involved in Sprint Planning and Daily Scrums, Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives.

Ability to see from the Customers Point of View, Quality Oriented and Attentive to Details.

Solid experience in analyzing Requirement Document and providing feedback to improve the testability and acceptance criteria of the requirements. Creating Requirement Traceability Matrix by mapping together requirements and test cases to ensure Test Coverage.

Expert in identifying, assessing and reporting defects using various defect tracking tools such as JIRA.

Strong knowledge in programming languages such as JavaScript, core Java and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts for automating web-based applications.

Familiar with TypeScript programming language.

Strong experience of Protractor Automation to create an end-to-end testing framework using WebDriverJS, JavaScript, and Jasmine BDD framework for both AngularJS and non-Angular applications.

In-depth knowledge in automating Web Based Applications using Protractor with JavaScript.

Expertise in Selenium automation using Selenium WebDriver, JAVA, Maven, Junit, TestNG and Cucumber BDD.

Designed and implemented different automation frameworks from scratch, like the Page Objects framework, Behavior Driven framework, Data Driven framework and Hybrid framework utilizing JavaScript and NodeJS for a number of projects.

Proficient knowledge on SQL, HTML, CSS, DOM and able to use in Test cases.

Proven ability in developing BDD scripts with Cucumber and writing step definitions for Behavior Driven Framework.

Developed Cucumber feature files using Gherkin, fostering a clear understanding for all members involved in the project.

Maintained the Selenium WebDriver & JAVA automation code and resources in a version control system such as GIT over the time for improvements and keep track of new features.

Ability to use Continuous Integration (CI) tool like i.e., Jenkins.

Solid experience in API testing using Rest Assured library.

Expertise in writing SQL queries for Back-end testing and performing Database testing in different RDBMS like PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Executed automation scripts on different browsers/environments and reported defects/results to the team.

Performed Regression Testing, Smoke Testing, Functional Testing, Positive Testing, Negative Testing, and Database Testing in fast-faced Agile (Scrum) environment.

Worked in all phases of Black Box Testing of web-based applications starting from the preparation of Test Plan, Test Cases, and Test Scripts.

Dedicated and highly motivated and analytical Problem-Solver.

Ability to work independently as well as in team-oriented, collaborative environment with excellent interpersonal and communication skills and excellent relationship and collaboration with the team.

Extremely passionate about learning new things and staying up-to-date to the current. P R O F E S S I O N A L S U M M A R Y

BA in Electric and

Electronic Engineering





S o f t w a r e D e v e l o p m e n t E n g i n e e r i n T e s t ( S D E T ) Fairfax, VA


JP Morgan Chase, Columbus, OH

February 2017 – Current

Software Development Engineer in TEST (SDET)

Environment: Agile, JavaScript, Visual Studio, HTML, SQL, Protractor, Selenium WebDriver, WebDriverJS, Jasmine, Jira, Data Driven Development Framework, Page Object Model and Jenkins.

Developing and testing under the Agile-Scrum methodology. Participating in all the Agile ceremonies during the course of the sprint, and testing each sprint deliverables.

Actively participated in peer review meetings to ensure uniform coding standards across the automation frameworks.

Designed, developed and implemented Page Object Model (POM) based on automation-testing framework utilizing JavaScript, Protractor, WebDriverJS, and Jasmine.

Implemented Protractor / Selenium WebDriver to identify web elements locators (including custom locators) of both Angular JS and Non-Angular applications and performed operations on web elements.

Implemented Visual Studio IDE to develop JavaScript scripts using Protractor and Jasmine.

Designed and implemented automation test cases utilizing Protractor, Jasmine, and JavaScript.

Automated test cases in Visual Studio IDE and maintained JavaScript and Protractor automation code and resources in Git as a distributed version control tool.

Extensively using Selenium and Protractor Web Element Locators to test the web application under test.

Creating Protractor Custom Locators whenever required and available.

Implemented automated execution of Smoke and Regression testing using CI tool Jenkins.

Logged defects in Jira with defect type and detailed information about the defect.

Performed Regression Testing, Smoke Testing, Functional Testing, Positive Testing, Negative Testing, and Database Testing in an Agile (Scrum) environment.

Expertise in Database Testing, Data Manipulation using SQL queries and PostgreSQL to interact with Relational Databases.

Developed Data Driven Framework based on the Page Object Model by creating a connection between Protractor, Jasmine and PostgreSQL Database Server.

Identifying, assessing and reporting defects using JIRA. Properly following up with the concerned developer until the defect is fixed.

Worked closely with development team to identify and resolve any application-related problems; discussed solutions, implemented and tested those solutions.

Developed Reusable Functions for better maintenance and simplicity of the framework, that could be used throughout all the pages of an application under test.

Mentored other team members on entry-level automation on the planned basis on testing principles and automation testing fundamentals.

Everest Tech, Columbus, OH

June 2015 – January 2017

Automation Engineer

Environment: Agile, Eclipse, Java, HTML, SQL, Selenium WebDriver, Maven, Jira, TestNG, Cucumber, Jenkins, GIT, Data Driven, and Page Object Model Frameworks. P R O F E S S I O N A L E X P E R I E N C E


Analyzed Business Requirements and Functional Specifications based on SMART criteria and involved in the preparation of the Test Plan, developed detailed Test Scenarios and Test Cases.

Followed Agile-Scrum Methodology and participated in all the Agile ceremonies during the course of the sprint, such as Sprint Planning Meeting, Daily Stand-up Meeting, Sprint Demo / Review Meeting, and Sprint Retrospective Meeting.

Working with development team to fix and retest identified issues.

Executed functional, regression, smoke, and end-to-end testing during the various phases of the application testing.

Designed, developed and implemented Page Object Model (POM) based automation-testing framework utilizing Java, Maven, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG and Cucumber (Gherkin).

Used Project Object Model (pom.xml) file for managing required dependencies.

Extensively used web element locators such as ID, Name, XPath, and CSS Selector in HTML code and Selenium Web Driver to test the web applications

Experienced in Eclipse IDE to develop Java scripts using Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber.

Proven knowledge of Gherkin language to read and write feature files for Cucumber.

Created custom assertions using TestNG and Junit assertions.

Performed database testing by creating connection between MySQL Database Server and Selenium through Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) and writing SQL DML query statements on MySQL and verifying that database data matches with the data on web application

Executed automated back-end testing (RESTful API Web Service) by using Java libraries, such as REST-Assured.

Maintained Java and Selenium automation code and resources in Version Control System GIT.

Executed Regression Test Suite before every release and Smoke Test on daily basis automatically through CI tool i.e., Jenkins

Participated in Peer Reviews of automated Test Cases. Fast Switch, Columbus, OH

September 2013 – June 2015

Quality Assurance Analyst

Performed extensive manual testing for internal applications.

Responsible for analyzing Requirement Documents and providing feedback to improve the testability and acceptance criteria of the requirements.

Prepared the Requirement Traceability Matrix to ensure adequate test coverage.

Identified and designed Test Data for Test Scenarios and Test Cases.

Involved in creation and execution of manual test cases for checking the flow of the application functionality.

Performed Positive and Negative testing to verify the validity of the failed test cases, logged the defects and assigned them.

Involved in updating and executing test cases per requirements.

To be passionate about learning new technologies and tools led me to learn Java and Selenium. So, I was given an opportunity to start developing and executing basic automation scripts using Java and Selenium WebDriver.

Used element locators, such as ID, Name, Class Name, Tag Name, Link Text, Partial Link Text, XPath, and CSS, to locate web elements.

Reported and tracked defects using JIRA.

Attended weekly requirement review meetings, business status meetings, conference calls and evaluation meetings.

Interacted with the development team to assure that all the defects/quality problems are addressed.

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