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Health Admin, Policy, Nursing, Education

Sterling, Virginia, United States
May 15, 2019

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Shelia Lassiter (Hill)

***** ******* ******

Sterling, VA 20166 US

Mobile: 703-***-****



Job Type: Nursing Management, Leadership, or Coordination of Educational Programs, or Health Policies via On-site, On-line, or Telework

Work Schedule: full-time, part-time; flex-time; or temporary

Desired locations:

United States – Raleigh, NC; Carolina Shore, NC; Northern, VA – Sterling, Reston, Herndon, Leesburg, Great Falls, Vienna, Arlington

Work Experience:

Hueman People Solutions

Hub address: 5613 Leesburg Pike

Unit 11 Falls Church, VA 22041

11/26/2018 – 11/29/2018

Salary: $23/ hour

18.5 hours

Registered Nurse Immunization Team Member

Duties: Administer Influenza Vaccines to children and faculty attending schools in Arlington, Virginia during the month of November to assure the fullest coverage for flu prevention during the flu season. Secured and properly stored vaccines required for each school from HUB, home office. Vaccines were inventoried, and monitored hourly. School Principles were contacted upon school arrivals and room allocated for immunization was set-up clinically. List of student/parental consents retrieved either electronically or from school authorities. Team Coordinator and team nurses assessed health and insurance status for each student reporting to receive flu vaccines. Education provided to each individual regarding side effects and post immunization care. Vaccines administered or not administered were documented. Clinical site cleaned, and remaining vaccines inventoried and taken to HUB at the end of day. Team Coordinator inventoried, documented and reported vaccines given per school per day.

POC: Alex Acree, Workforce Specialist; 904-***-****

Federal Bureau of Investigations

935 Penn Ave, NW

Washington, DC 20535-0001 United States

02/2013 – 3/2014

Salary: 120,000.00 USD Per Year

Hours per week: 80

Series: 0610 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 14

Supervisory Nurse Consultant (This is a federal job)

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Manage daily activities of the headquarters Fitness-for-Duty (FFD) subunit of 9 Occupational Health Nurses (OHN) and 3 Medical Technicians. Assign work associated with Physical Exams evaluations of employees (Special Agents and Support). Monitored programs within FFD (Applicant, Special Teams, Medical Mandates, Hearing Conservation, Legat, Blood-Borne Pathogens, Lead and Tuberculosis) for effectiveness and documented accountability. Write and update policies for FFD and Medical Records Disposition. Consult with Leadership, Wellness Program, Human Resource Recruitment, Workman Compensation, Drug Deterrence Program, Regional Occupational Medicine Program Managers and Medical Officers to improve strategies for FFD processing.

Analyze daily time and attendance, approve leave requests and certify employee worked hours biweekly through electronic system of WebTA. Monitor budget line items for FFD at headquarters and Quantico Clinic, as the Government Purchase Card Certifying Officer. Evaluate employee performance and write mid-year and annual Performance Appraisals and disciplinary letter of referrals as needed. Monitor and provide monthly report of Special Agent Compliance Readiness status across the bureau. Approve Medical File Request release of information according to policies and standards. Retrieve and monitor practitioners' reports on employees' FFD clearance status, i.e. FD-1065(Medical Evaluations), Periodic Physicals, Immunizations, Stress Tests, Clinic Visits, Document uploads, etc.. Orient, teach and evaluate competencies on assign employees.

Supervisor: Rodney Majors 202-***-****)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

Department of Navy, BUMED

7700 Arlington Blvd

Falls Church, VA 22042 United States

12/2007 - 02/2013

Salary: 108,000.00 USD Per Year

Hours per week: 40

Series: 1720 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 13

Supervisory Training Specialist (This is a federal job)

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

As Nurse Educator and Training Specialist, I support BUMED, Navy Medicine Headquarters Command's overarching mission of providing readiness training to health care personnel who deliver patient care to military and beneficiaries. Provide guidance according to higher authorities from nursing or health care perspective. Provide policy updates guidance and direction to Navy Medicine personnel across the enterprise. Monitor training compliance related Command Orientation and Clinical Education and Training Programs utilizing analyzed reports from Defense Medical Human Resources System-Internet, e-Learning Management System and Fleet Training Management and Planning System. Assure learning program objectives align and support the BUMED mission. Assure training and education initiatives support policy requirements. Perform administrative functions in developing policies, formatting, editing, uploading into Electronic system, (i.e. enterprise knowledge management), routing and tracking directive packages through the Secretariat’s Office for the Surgeon General's approval. Collaborate with specialty leaders and key stakeholders in mitigating circumstances to resolve education and training issues. Analyze and successfully complete projects as assigned or identified, such as, congressional or Department of Defense (DoD) tasks. Interact with Tri-service DoD and Veteran Health services’ through the Health Executive Committee (HEC)workgroup, Shared Training Council (STC), Joint Health Operations Council, and etc. in order to integrate education and training initiatives and resources. Communicate and advocate for education and training resources as needed from the Navy Medicine headquarters, Health Affairs and Department of Defense.

Supervisor: CAPT Gee 703-***-****)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Contact me first

Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Washington, DC United States

09/2006 - 12/2007

Salary: 72,000.00 USD Per Year

Hours per week: 40

Pay Plan: Other

Continuing Education Director (This is a federal job)

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Serve as a teacher, consultant and director for Nursing Continuing Education at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. I review and evaluate learning activities to award Continuing Education(CE) contact hours for healthcare professionals at the Walter Reed Health Care System and other military constituents I provide guidance for nurses, medical technicians and many other healthcare disciplines regarding lesson plans, behavior objectives and requirements for curriculum and course development. I collaborate and coordinate training assignments for affiliated civilian, military and other federal agencies for Walter Army Medical Center(WRAMC). I coordinate and manage the civilian tuition assistant program. I chair the Continuing Education and In-service Committee. Represent WRAMC in Nursing Education and Staff Development at the Tri-service Command Orientation Committee. Coordinate the WRAMC Instructor Training Program sponsored through AMEDD Center and School. Coordinator for the Pediatric Short Course(Phase I and II) CE Program. Teach a variety of classes as requested and needed for the Hospital Education and Staff Department (HESD), i.e., the Preceptor Program, Critical Care Course and Instructor Training Course.

Supervisor: LTC Little (202-***-****)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

Walter Reed Army Medical Center

NA, United States

12/2005 - 09/2006

Hours per week: 40

Series: 0610 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 12

Nurse Manager and Educator (This is a federal job)

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Coordinated the daily activities and provided specialized care to patients in the Endocrine Clinic and the Diabetes Institute. Served as the patient education coordinator, providing individual, family teaching and counseling in self-administration of subcutaneous and intramuscular injections. Coordinated patient appointments for infusion therapies and other medications administered in the clinic. Supervised, evaluated skill-performance, managed work load and identified training needs for soldiers, nurses and technicians assigned to the clinic. Provided general research assistance and support to augment the role of the physician research investigators.

Walter Reed Army Medical Center

NA, United States

08/2001 - 10/2005

Hours per week: 40

Pay Plan: GS 12

Nurse Educator/Assistant Head Nurse (This is a federal job)

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

I served as a Nurse Educator and Consultant performing multiple roles for the Walter Reed Health Care System's National Capital Region and National Vaccine Health Care (NVHC). I managed the Ambulatory Clinic in the absence of the head nurse, which occurred frequently due to medical and family emergencies of the head nurse. I supervised five nurses and five medical techs in the day-day operation of the clinic, Soldier Readiness Program(SRP) for immunizations and during annual flu drives. I provided ongoing communication to military soldiers, family members and various organizations about vaccine safety, policies and training issues via and askAllergy mail groups. As Nurse Educator, I coordinate education and staff development activities in the Allergy and Immunology (AI) Department. The department consists of the Ambulatory Clinic, Extract Laboratory, Vaccine Health Care Center and the Immunology and the Allergy Specialty Technician Training Course (91WY8). My duties included, but were not limited to direct patient care procedures, patient education, staff development, maintaining/developing staff competency training records, course curriculum development for Immunology/Allergy Specialty Training Course(Y8), teaching, training students/staff, as well as, other administrative duties in leadership. I presented new and updated information at weekly and quarterly meetings. Monitored and presented quality improvement results quarterly on smallpox vaccinator “take” readings and medication error rates. Created Standard Operational Procedures (SOP's) and other educational documents in accordance with (IAW) military and hospital standards. Developed 91WY8 course objectives for contact hours. Reviewed and evaluated course materials for clarity, adequacy and accomplishment of objectives for the 91WY8 program and the Project Immune Readiness (PIR) Distance Learning Program. Developed task summaries utilizing the Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) regulations. As administrator for the Automated Systems Approach to Training (ASAT) computer system, I accessed, changed and created program changes for the Y8 curriculum. I have created multiple posters, bulletin boards, pamphlets and other educational materials for the department. Co-author a trifold patient education pamphlet on “Anaphylaxis”. Wrote a chapter in the Immunology and Allergy Manual on “Patient and Family Education”. Leadership duties included supervising and orienting nurses, technicians and students in the administration of allergy shots, immune globulin, food challenges, vaccines, skin testing, venipunctures, pulmonary function studies, bronchial nebulizers and emergency management of anaphylactic reactions. Provided a variety of learning methods and tools to patients/clinical personnel in allergen avoidance, effective environmental control measures, asthma management, vaccines, other medications and treatment regimes.

National Naval Medical Center

NA, United States

07/1999 - 08/2001

Salary: 63,000.00 USD Per Year

Hours per week: 40

Pay Plan: GS 11

Nurse Educator/Cystic Fibrosis Nurse Coordinator (This is a federal job)

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Assumed primary responsibility for determining the medical and educational needs of children, adolescents and adults with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Acted as a nurse advocate and care provider for patients seeking assistance. This role included scheduling appointments, writing orders, reviewing and tracking diagnostic test results as well as tracking discharge summaries. Utilized CIS and CHCS (computer system networks) to retrieve and place hospital orders. Collaborated with the interdisciplinary health care professionals on a daily basis. Planned bimonthly patient visits and coordinated post-clinical conferences with specialists such as, pulmonologists, nutritionists, respiratory therapist, gastroenterologist, social workers and pharmaceutical representatives to manage the multi-system disease of Cystic Fibrosis patients. Coordinated and ordered home care therapies and devices as needed. Served as Coordinator for the Asthma Education Program, responsibilities included, educating hospital staff, referred patients and the general public on the asthma goals and management plan. Performed pulmonary function studies when required. Provided one-on-one and group training for staff on how to use the pulmonary function machine and other respiratory equipment. Taught and provided educational materials, counseling, telephone triage and nursing care to patients in the Adolescent Clinic as well as Pediatric Primary Patient Care Clinic.

Supervisor: LTC/CPT Perry/Ms Robinson (301-***-****)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

Veteran Health Administration

NA, United States

03/1999 - 07/1999

Salary: 62,000.00 USD Per Year

Hours per week: 40

Pay Plan: II

Utilization Review and Quality Management Manager (This is a federal job)

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Provided several in-services and facilitated educational preparation for JCAHO in multiple departments, hospital-wide. Assisted Hospital Service Departments establish goals and create data base to track outcome variances. Performed clinical reviews, pre admission, screening, continued stay reviews and third party reimbursement referrals. Maintained the files for staff education and professional development utilizing a hospital computer tracking system for the Quality Management Office

Supervisor: Ms Sheehy (202-***-**** ext 7135)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

National Institutes of Health

NA, United States

07/1991 - 06/1999

Salary: 60,000.00 USD Per Year

Hours per week: 40

Pay Plan: GS

Unit Coordinator and Staff Nurse (This is a federal job)

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Coordinated nursing assignments and functioned as the liaison between physicians and nurses in the Department of Adults and Pediatric Endocrine and Genetics. I provided quality patient care according to specialized research guidelines. As a nurse working in a research environment, collected blood and urine samples, organized and assisted in the analysis of data. Served as an investigator in a nursing research study, “Accuracy in Height Measurements”. Wrote protocol abridgment and consulted with various physician investigators on many phase I and phase II studies. Coordinated and conducted unit-based nursing research studies while enrolled in graduate school.

Supervisor: Lomar Yapps (unknown)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

National Institutes of Health

NA, United States

08/1990 - 08/1991

Salary: 58,000.00 USD Per Year

Hours per week: 40

Pay Plan: GS Grade: 11

Clinical Nurse and Team Leader (This is a federal job)

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Coordinated staff assignments and provided patient care while working on the Ambulatory Pediatric Oncology and HIV Clinic. Facilitated acute and scheduled in patient admissions and monitored patients' health status while hospitalized. Initiated post-hospital follow-up calls to assess home care needs, evaluated wellness status, made recommendations for improvements as needed and scheduled post-hospital clinical visits.

Supervisor: Barb Corey/Arnette Wright (unknown)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

National Institutes of Health

NA, United States

08/1987 - 08/1990

Salary: 50,000.00 USD Per Year

Hours per week: 40

Pay Plan: GS

Clinical Nurse in Research (This is a federal job)

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

I provided nursing care, to include the administration of medications, monitoring of vital statistics, chemotherapy effects and assisting with other health care needs according to specialized research protocols on the Pediatric Oncology and HIV in patient unit. As charge nurse, coordinated daily staffing and patient care activities and provided treatment according to standards.

Supervisor: Shelia Santicrochi (unknown)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

Walter Reed Army Medical Center

NA, United States

02/1986 - 07/1987

Salary: 45,000.00 USD Per Year

Hours per week: 40

Pay Plan: GS

Staff Nurse /Team Leader (This is a federal job)

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Coordinated, supervised and provided nursing care. Collaborated with physicians and other interdisciplinary team members in facilitating the most efficient care for patients admitted on a general pediatric ward. Provided training and in-services to nurses and corps staff to meet learning needs. Performed quarterly Mock Code drills on how to respond to medical emergencies.

Supervisor: MAJ Smicht202 782-1700

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

US Army

NA, United States

06/1983 - 02/1986

Salary: 40,000.00 USD Per Year

Hours per week: 40

Chemical Officer and Nurse

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Performed Toxic fumes studies on personnel driving armored vehicles. Analyzed blood and air samples for carbon dioxide. Wrote multiple technical reports for healthy recommendations from data collected. Worked in the Kirk Army Emergency room, caring for patients from infancy to adulthood with minor injuries more severe injuries. Assisted in the transfers or medivacs to larger local hospitals or medical Centers.

Supervisor: COL Hite/MAJ Slimawick (unknown)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes


Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota United States

Doctor of Philosophy 2/11/2018

GPA: 4.0 of a maximum 4.0

Credits Earned: 122 Quarter hours

Major: Public Policy and Administration (Health Policy)

Relevant Coursework, Licenses and Certifications:

Degree- Completed; Published Dissertation: Reducing Health Disparities in African American Communities through Church and Federal Partnerships

Marymount University Arlington, VA United States

Masters’ of Science Degree 05/1998

GPA: 3.246 of a maximum 4.0

Credits Earned: 37 Quarter hours

Major: Nursing Education Minor: Primary Care Nursing

Relevant Coursework, Licenses and Certifications:

Nursing 501 Trends in Nursing practice;

Nursing 590 Data Analysis Nursing Research;

Nursing 591 Nursing Research Design I

Nursing 550 & 551 Advance Pathophysiology I and II;

Nursing 552 Pharmacology;

Nursing 503 Nursing Education I, II and III

Health Care Management 510 .

Master of Science Degree Certificate

Central Michigan University Extended Regional Center Aberdeen, MD United States

Some College Coursework Completed 12/1983

GPA: 3.35 of a maximum 3.5

Credits Earned: 6 Semester hours

Major: Healthcare Management

Relevant Coursework, Licenses and Certifications:

- Managerial Economics

- Survey of Computer Technology

George Mason University Fairfax, VA United States

Some College Coursework Completed 12/1993

GPA: 3.0 of a maximum 4.0

Credits Earned: 3 Semester hours

Major: Nursing

Relevant Coursework, Licenses and Certifications:

Research Dimensions: Research

North Carolina A & T State University Greensboro, NC United States

Bachelors’ of Science Degree 06/1981

GPA: 2.335 of a maximum 3.5

Credits Earned: 168 Semester hours

Major: Nursing

Relevant Coursework, Licenses and Certifications:

Nursing Orientation, Ideas and their Expressions, General Chemistry IV and V; Zoology: MathmaticsI/II; World Civilization: Historical Perspective of Nursing, Nursing Competency Lab I/II/III; U.S Airforce Today; Speech Fund; Principles of Sociology; Nursing process; Humanities; Psychology, Community Health; Military Science II/III/IV:Abnormal Psychology; General Microbiology;Nursing Practice I/II/III; Pat ho physical Needs of Man I/II; Health Needs of Nuclear Man I/II; Nursing Leadership ;Nursing Seminar and Speech Fundamentals

Job Related Training:

Military Immunizations: Education & Readiness Conference 2005Health Risk Communications Orlando, FLImproving Teaching/Presentation Strategies 1 week Allergy and Immunology Specialty Training Course 2001 5 weeks Washington, DC Walter Reed Army Medical Center Automated System Approach to Training (ASAT) 20041 week Silver Springs, MDWalter Reed Army Medical CenterForest Glen Area Instructor Training Course 2001 Sponsored: AMEDD Center and School Washington, DC Walter Reed Army Medical Center Charge Nurse Workshop 1998 (8.1 contact hours) NIH Nursing Department Administrative Responsibilities Bethesda, MD Taking Charge of your Career 1998 (6.5 contact hours) Bethesda, MD Communicating for Results 1998 (6.5 contact hours) Bethesda, MD Getting Up to Speak 1997 (6.5 contact hours) Bethesda, MD COMP USA Computer Training 1997 Microsoft Word Processing Bethesda, MD Power Point Fundamentals Excel Fundamentals Internet Introduction Health Care Management 1997 (3 credit hours) graduate Marymount University Arlington, VA Nursing Research Design I 1996 (3 credit hours) graduate Marymount University Arlington, VA Data Analysis Nursing Research 1995 (3 credit hours) Marymount University Arlington, VA Nursing Research 1994 (3 credit hours) George Mason University Fairfax, VA Statistics 1994 (3 credit hours) undergraduate Sterling, VA Northern Virginia Community College Managerial Economics 1983 (3 credit hours) graduate Aberdeen, MD Central Michigan University Survey Computer Science 1983 (3 credit hour

Language Skills:










Walter Reed Army Education Committee - Representative for Ambulatory Services

Membership of National League of Nursing (NLN) - Member

WRAMC Allergy/Immunology Quality Assurance - Departmental Representative

Virginia Multistate Licensure - Registered Nurse

American Red Cross - Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructor

AMEDD Center and School - Certified Instructor and Trainer

DoD Smallpox Train the Trainer - Presenter and Instructor

Professional Publications:

Investigator in Nursing Research Study for " Height Measurements in Pediatrics Patients". Published article and presented the poster at the National Endocrine Conference.







Rev Dr Tate Heritage Fellowship Church

Senior Pastor


Glenda Bell-Cotton

Catholic Charities

Case Manager


Barbara Speller-Brown

Washington Hospital Center

Nurse Practitioner

202-***-**** Indicates professional reference

Additional Information:

Awarded for Excellence by the Commanding General Department of the Army Achievement Medal Achievement Medal for Civilian Service Surgeon General ¦s Certificate in Nursing Specialty Nursing Service Award at National Institutes of Health Letter of Commendation from National Institutes of Health Nursing Supervisor Recognition/Appreciation of Special Achievements at National Institutes of Health Army Commendation Medal Letter of Appreciation for precepting student nurses Army Service Medal

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