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Social Media Graphic Designer

Merritt Island, Florida, United States
May 14, 2019

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Writer • Editor • Publisher • Creative Consultant

703-***-**** •

Professional Summary

Versatile Content Creator with 10+ years of Journalism and Publishing Experience in the Entertainment Industry with 5+ Years of Editorial, Copywriting, and Project Management Experience; including:

• Content Development • Social Media Engagement • Marketing

• Content Strategy • User Experience (UX) • Art Direction

• Graphic & Logo Design • Budget Management • Print & Digital Media

• AP Writing Experience • Public Speaking & Presentations • Video Editing Experience

Publisher, Editor, Graphic Designer, Writer • Imminent Press • 2016 – Present

• Creating Professional Branding for Publishing Graphic Novels, Web Comics, & Comics

• Established a Digital/ Print-On-Demand Business Representing 20+ Creators

• Developed & Successfully Crowd-Sourced the TERMINAL Pulp Anthology for Print

• Developed Branded Marketing Materials for Search Engine Optimization for Social Media Platforms

• Managed All Logo Design, Product Design, & Page Layout for Projects

• Developing Drupal-Based Website for Merchandising & Promotion of On-Brand Digital Content

• Developing engaging UX allowing for one-click access to regularly updating web comic content

• Developing Digital Store Front via

• Managing Customer Service Engagement & Processing of Distributed of Printed Materials

• Creating Critically-Acclaimed Product Endorsed by Acclaimed Industry Professionals

• Link to Digital Copy of Product: TERMINAL Pulp Anthology #1 Content Writing, Content Editor, Freelance Journalist • EKS Media • 2006 – Present Writing Highlights:

• 2007 - Published short comic in Sequential Suicide: SLOP by 803 Studios

• 2008 - Published short comic in NEGATIVE BURN #20 by Image Comic

• 2009 – 3rd Place in DC Comics Zuda Imprint Competition with “The Ares Imperative”

• 2010 - Published comic “Breakfast” with Top Shelf Publications & BLISTER #1 from Tin Star Studios

• 2010 - Wrote & Produced Short Film “Bouquet” with DRIPSBLACK Productions

• 2011 - Published digital comic “Haunted” with Top Shelf Publications

• 2013 - Printed “Haunted” as the featured Alum in 2013 Edition of ODRADEK: VSU Literary Arts Magazine

• 2015 - Launched & Published CANNIBAL ISLAND Web Comic & Branding/ Social Media Presence

• 2016 - Founded Imminent Press & Developed the TERMINAL Pulp Anthology project

• 2017 - Printed “GRRzly + K!nX” in TERMINAL Pulp Anthology #1

• 2018 - Began Development of “Heartbreakers” as a Television Pilot for Amazon TV

• 2018 - Pre-Press Prep for TERMINAL Pulp Anthology Issues 3 and 4 for Digital and Print Journalism Content Highlights:

• 2006 to 2012 - Leading Contributor for the Eisner-Award Winning team at

• 2006 to 2011 - Contributor at Shotgun Reviews

• 2007 to 2008 - Contributor at

• 2011 - Contributor at MTV Geek

• 2013 - Present - Contributing Senior Editor - Comics at STEVE EKSTROM

Writer • Editor • Publisher • Creative Consultant

703-***-**** •

Senior Editor, Content Developer, Social Media Manager • FreakSugar • 2013 – Present

• Implemented Recurring Columns promoting Creators in the Entertainment Industry

• Produced a wide array of content including interviews, reviews, as well as Op/Ed and expert commentary

• Coordinated and edited hundreds of projects with a staff of 10-15 writers

• Managed Multiple Social Media Accounts & Promoted SEO of Brand and Content

• Attended Numerous Trade Shows as an Established Representative of the Site Senior Copywriter • Arthritis Foundation • 2015 – 2015

• Senior Content Creator for the leading Non-Profit supporting people with Arthritis in the United States

• Versatile creator of printed articles, interviews, speeches, and memos for executive leadership as well as content for white papers, copy for press releases, and engaging web-based content

• Lead Proofreader for all internal and external documentation

• Provided Editorial Oversight for Scholarly and Science Journal-based Publications

• Created Timed Speeches for Digital Media & Advertising as well as structured content for public speakers

• Developer of National Messaging including smaller, regional educational materials and fundraising copy Editor-in-Chief • ODRADEK: Valdosta State University Literary Arts Magazine • 1999 – 2001 Positions Held:

1999 – Staff Editor, Poetry

2000 – Senior Editor, Poetry; “Editor Emeritus”

2001 – Editor-in-Chief

• Met with VSU Financial Advisory Board and increased the Odradek Budget to increase budget by 33% which increased print run by 200% and allowed for the inclusion of color photography from the School of Visual Arts

• Included Political and Editorial Cartoons in the Magazine provided by the VSU College Newspaper

• Managed 6-10 student staff including two Student Editors involved with the magazine; coordinated with collegiate advisers in regards to content; and coordinated with Student Art Director in regards to mass media

• Enforced Submission Guidelines, Proof-Read Submissions, and selected submissions fairly to allow all submittants at least one inclusively published piece in the magazine to create a wider array of styles and content

• Prepped submissions for Pre-Press production in coordination with specs from local print shop

• Organized events to promote and distribute the magazine to students and the local arts community

• Used remaining budget to enter the magazine into nationwide collegiate-level literary magazine contests Education

Bachelor of Arts in English with a Minor in Creative Writing • Valdosta State University • 2001

• 1999 – Student Organizer for the Valdosta State Writer’s Conference

• 1999 – 2001 – Literary Magazine Staff

• 2001 – Student Advisor for English Department


• Recipient of Academy of American Poets Award (2001)

• Eisner Award - Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism (2008) [As a Lead Contributor to]

• Honorarium - Valdosta State University - Guest Speaking Engagement (2018) Steve Ekstrom


Portfolio Samples & Work Synopsis

This collection of samples is a chronological highlight reel exploring the breadth of my personal Transmedia narrative as a creative content writer, digital content editor, and publisher; it also includes highlights of my secondary talents as a graphic designer, marketing strategist, and jack-of-all-trades style project manager.

2016 – Launch of Imminent Press and the TERMINAL Pulp Anthology Sample Link: [High-Res Dropbox Link] Synopsis: I launched the Imminent Press initiative in the third quarter of 2016 to provide a digital imprint/ publication hub for independent comic book creators who needed a place to produce work on the digital landscape. I successfully crowd funded TWO comics simultaneously at 150% of our funding goal on Kickstarter in 2017. We have successfully published four projects under the label to date. We are currently building a website in Drupal to use as a central point for the publication of weekly free web comic content that will eventually be monetized for digital distribution.

2015 Senior Copywriter for the Arthritis Foundation Sample Link: Synopsis: I worked at the Arthritis Foundation for a short time period because the company was in the process of a national restructuring. Most of my work was editorially- focused but I did try to help generate content for their advocacy blog. 2014 – Launch of Cannibal Island Webcomic

Sample Link: [High-Res Dropbox Link] Note: The website is defunct; ARS COMIKA was a digital incentive from the TERMINAL Kickstarter project that provided over 100 pages of free comics. Synopsis: I launched my first full-length webcomic endeavor in 2015 with artist Dino Adelinis that explored a fictionalized look at the “Nazino Affair” in the Soviet Union in 1932. I managed the marketing and distribution of our bi-monthly pages via several social media platforms and handled all of our exposure to media outlets as well.

2013 – Founding Senior Editor of

Sample Link: Synopsis: I provided a key interview with Lauded Comic Industry Writer/ Creator, Howard Chaykin (Star Wars, American Flagg) regarding his controversial depiction of racial violence in America on the cover of The Divided States of Hysteria #4.This piece allowed Howard to have an appropriate platform to speak on for the sake of balance and fairness. This might be one of my proudest moments as a journalist with more than 100K views of the piece across social. Steve Ekstrom


Sample Link: Synopsis: I wrote an Editorial piece on the passing of Stan Lee and his legacy as a purveyor of equality and social justice in the comic book industry. Sample Link: Synopsis: I wrote an Editorial piece of the passing of Leonard Nimoy and how he connected to all of the Sci Fi community as well as helped me connect with my less-than-communicative father.

Sample Link: Synopsis: This is a movie review that intellectualizes the film, EX MACHINA, and takes a look at the hard science presented behind this excellent Sci Fi Thriller. 2011 Screenwriter/ Creative Consultant for “BOUQUET” Sample Link:

Synopsis: I was asked to work with the production company DRIPSBLACK to provide a script and story consultation as well as direction for their entry into the Jacksonville 48-Hour Film Contest. We were assigned a genre, a prop, a character name, the character’s profession, and a specific line for the character to say. The film was the most well-received projects of the contest and our Director of Photography went on to work on The Walking Dead. 2006 – Various Publications

Sample Link: Synopsis: “BREAKFAST” was my first endeavor as a comic book creator. I wrote the script; procured an artist; taught myself how to use Adobe Illustrator to letter the project and I used my position at to help the small studio that produced the anthology that my story appeared in to gain exposure...all with the budget of zero dollars. This story has been published multiple times both digitally and in print. Sample Link: Synopsis: “HAUNTED” was my second endeavor as a comic book creator. I had the same creative team as “BREAKFAST”, same budget of zero dollars. This story has been published multiple times digitally and printed as the featured Alum by my Alma Mater’s Literary Arts Magazine. Sample Link:

Synopsis: Part 1 of a 5-Part Sprawling Interview about the 30 year career of Pop Culture painter, Joe Jusko as well as an exploration of a new book focusing on his work. Steve Ekstrom


Sample Link:

Synopsis: Part 5 of a 5-Part Sprawling Interview regarding the 20 Year career of Pop Culture artist, Tim Bradstreet as well as an exploration of a new book focusing on his body of work.

Note: I included these two pieces because of the discussion we had during our initial interview.

Other Notable Publications

Not Quite What I Was Expecting: Six-Word Memoirs By Writers Famous & Obscure Harper Perennial, ISBN 006******* [February 2008]

Sequential Suicide: SLOP Horror Anthology - 803 Studios [March 2008] Negative Burn #21 Anthology Series - Image Comics [July 2008] BLISTER #1 Anthology Series - Tin Star Studios [August 2009] Notes: I plan to bring a bunch of other physical samples of my work including print-outs of various ad materials I constructed in Illustrator for various social media platforms, physical copies of my products, as well as some other odds and ends from my career if Pax8 chooses to fly me out for a tour of the office.

Also, the ARS COMIKA link provides 7-8 additional samples in its entirety as a digital book I assembled as a freebie for my Kickstarter campaign.

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