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Excel/VBA, contract-jobs

Corona, New York, United States
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May 14, 2019

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Edward Gomez

**-** ** ******, **** Elmhurst, NY 11369

Black C. Systems Consultants.




Systems & Business Administration /IT Support/ Excel VBA Programming /Project Managing/Billing Management/Black Car Fleet & Dispatch Systems Management/Dispatch Data Analyst/Excel Web Scraping & Data Handling/Customer MIS Support Via API or HTML, XML Parsing, JSON/CSV


Highly experienced and battle-tested 35+ years veteran of the computer industry, especially in the Transportation Business area and Cost Accounting, VB and SQL scripting and Excel proficiency using VBA and JSON,XML,and CSV data handling,Office & billing Manager, Fleet Administrator, and systems analysis and design and always ready for today’s events & trends, constantly facing new challenges with innovating new ideas and with a stellar set of interpersonal, operational, and logistic skills in the computer lore and office systems and administration plus a meticulous attention to details and innate ability to pick up new systems and ideas in a pint-sized time frame, and always with a can-do attitude and the ability to solve a wide variety of problems creatively and quickly.

It is this time in my career that I would prefer a relationship with your Company as a consultant/full time contractor, freelance is very welcomed ! I have my business established, and I just finished a contract with my employer. In NO extent this type of relationship will go in detriment of my duties, tasks, loyalty and level of commitment to your Company 24/7 all along the year in the administrative field.

I am always driven by results, don’t leave any unfinished business behind and strive towards the Firm’s goals, regardless of the employment accord whether employee or not.

Contact me, info above, I look forward in teaming up and add to the success of your Company, I know for a fact that I will be very resourceful for your Firm.

Best !

Ed G


Systems Administrator

Systems Analysis & Design

Billing Manager

Network Management Support & Windows/Exchange Administration

SQL/VBA Scripting

Excel Ribbon Design/Customization Via XML Script

Excel VBA Macro Programming

Excel Programming VBA, master level

Fleet Manager Taxi Industry

Dispatch Systems Management Black Car Industry

Fleet Management/Support/TLC Compliance/Retention/Inspections

Full knowledge of the following dispatch systems:

Aleph Dispatch System

Ground Widgets


Mobile Knowledge

Dispatch Data Analyst, SQL QUERY Data Handling & Reporting

IIS & Website Maintenance, via, Word Press

HTML Basics

Google + & Facebook, SEO Admin.

Accounts Receivable/Accounting/General Management.

Amex’s Purchase Express Software Mapping VBA

Billing Management & Customer MIS Support/HR Support

Web data scraping via VBA

RPG IV and Free RPG AS400 programmer

Systems Analyst IBM Mid-Range Systems

Data Analyst Black Car Industry.




IT Support/Systems Administrator/Programmer at Prime Time Transportation – Jan-2012 – Sept- 2018

Long Island City NY

Responsibilities and some tasks:

Network Management Support

Blackberry Server Management/Admin (BES)

Windows / Linux Servers Admin

Windows Exchange Migration to Cloud Provider

Aleph-to-Ground Widgets Migration Project Manager

IIS & Website Management via WordPress.

Migration to new VOIP Mitel Phone System.

SQL/VBA/EXCEL scripting

Credit Card Systems Management

Google+, Facebook & YP Marketing Tools Setup/Maintenance

Business Facebook page design.

Facebook's Tab Pages Setup

Aleph System Maintenance

Customer Service & Corp IT Support

Ipad Network Management using Cisco's Meraky

Summit Qwest Integration/Billing Programming VB

Automated Reporting Using VBA/SQL

Setup Medical Billing using Solace Software.

Accounting, and Tax Auditing.

Hardware/Software/Systems Contracts Reviews/Auditing, yield savings $240K yearly

Project Manager moving the Aleph, dispatch system to ETG in Brooklyn.

Developed a set of automated VBA programs to access TLC and DMV and Vehicle DB data to check for drivers compliance. Print all TLC transfer forms automatically.

Fleet management programs.

Vba/Excel program to extract data from DB and load into an Amex’s program to process credit card filling level III reporting data for the customer’s statements.

The last 2 years I worked on the capacity as a Consultant, developing some VBA programs and migrating all systems and data to another Company, another system.


Systems Administration at UTOG, 2011

Long Island City, New York, 1 year Contract


Project Manager, Installation of Mobile Knowledge Dispatch System, Presidential Division.

Aleph and general network maintenance.

Excel/VBA programming


Billing Manager, Systems Administration and VB Programming at Charge & Ride 1995-2010

Long Island City, NY

Responsibilities and some tasks:

Billing System Design and Programming IBM/S36, IBM UNIX AIX/RS/6000, ASNAS’ RPG IV

Dispatch System Maintenance/Redesign IBM/S36, IBM UNIX AIX/RS/6000

Redesigned all systems and moved them to AIX RS/6000, RPG/400

CAMD System Admin for the Goldman Sachs account

Credit Card processing Systems, SDK programming for ICVERIFY and for Purchase Express

Customer Service and MIS support for major client Corporations.

Aleph System Maintenance

Excel VBA programming

Billing Manager/Customer Relations

Billing Migration from RS/6000 to GT3's Odyssey


IBM Programmer/Systems Administration/Systems Analyst at Concord Limousine 1990-2000

Brooklyn, NY

Systems Analyst & Programmer IBM S36/IBM UNIX RS6000

IT and Systems Management

Redesigned and programmed Billing Systems using RPG/400

Aleph Dispatch System Maintenance

Customer Service and MIS Support for Investment Corporations

Consultancy Services for other Car Groups in NY City


Phelps Dodge/ Conducen Subsidiary in Costa Rica, Panama

Programmer IBM/S36 and AS/400 RPG II, III


Designed/implemented Payroll System, installed in other countries

Designed, developed and implemented Sales/Inventory/AR system for manufacturing.


Basic and Business Basic programmer/teacher in the 80s.


1979-1983 Business Administration, Universidad Autonoma of CA

IBM COMMON Group User, Mid-range Mainframes Seminars Attendee, LA, Denver, Atlanta, Montreal, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1999

1998, IBM of NY, UNIX RS/6000 Certification.

Universal Software. Montreal 1997, RPG IV for UNIX RS 6000

2003-2004 New York Institute of Technology.




Using Excel VBA, extracted all vehicle and driver information for the TLC data base via JSON parsing and the DMV registration last updated CSV and appointments.

Basically there is no need to navigate thru many CSV files and data sets to check driver and vehicle compliance, Excel does all the heavy lifting, and using the VIN# from the TLC data sets access all detailed vehicle information from the National Federal Vehicle DB.

It also prints all the transfer forms for the driver, Base,Plate, or Vehicle transfer and just at the click of a button checks the whole fleet’s license and registration status and emails via Outlook or private mail (gmail, Hotmail) any anomalies found, the whole process is voice driven.


For any period, daily or weekly, extract and analyze the dispatch data from the dispatch data base and parse it into the Purchase Express software, loading and customizing all the transaction detail to appear in the final customer statement.


Excel movie catalog, scraping all the movie websites, IMDB, OMDB extract all movie information, poster, backdrops, trivia, full cast list etc,.

Build queries by year, actor, director, genre, etc show movie posters for different screen sizes, all data is shown on web pages and Iframes build dynamically within VBA based on user selections.

Customized ribbon tab for easy access

Preset searches for best desired actress or actors, HTML pages build also dynamically.


Automated payments systems for the staff based on patient sessions,

Using VBA imported data from another system and built schedule of

Payments, with 1099 printing, ACH and automated stubs via email.

4 months contract.


Literature, the classic type, writing, 1 book written in Spanish

Spanish language tutor.

Music all genres

And the good old Cinema.. film-noir freak !

Learning and practicing French

Learning and practicing new computer languages.

Reading about data technology

Yes, hablo Español

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